A nun’s Life


Jane is a former Nun turned sex slave.

Jane carefully watched the girl in the video as she jiggled her as left and right and up and down. She was trying to get the move right before her master came home. If she pleased him she might be ably to sleep in the bed with him. If not she would be punished in an embarrassing way. Just thinking about punishment made her feel her sore ass. She took a look at the clock and squeezed her old nun uniform over curvy body. It was made to fit the old her: a Bcup with a flat ass, now she had hug 34DD tits (natural) and asscheeks the size of basketballs. She stroked her long raven black hair out of her eye and continued to watch the video.

The door opened as her master walked in. “What do you have for me today”
“This” she said showing off her old nun uniform
“and this” as she removed her hood showing her beautiful face covered in slutty make-up just the way her master liked it with bright red lipstick and deep blue mascara.
“aaandd” she turned around and began to Jiggle her ass in-front of him like the girl in the video.

“That’s great” he said as he pulled a big dildo out of his bag “I got you this”
She gasped at it. “For me?” she asked as she rubbed her pussy. He hit a switch and it began to vibrate “for you” he stuck it on the coffee table and tugged her long raven black hair. She yelped from the pain and mounted the vibrating dildo groaning as it went deep into her pussy. “One more thing” he said. Before she could ask what it was he stuck a water balloon full of cum in her mouth. She gagged as the balloon filled her mouth. It was all she could do not to bite down and burst the cum balloon.
She whimpered as He stuck his massive cock into her ass. He gave her Bubble butt a hard slap and began to thrust deep into her without lube or warning.
She groaned in pain and pleasure as he thrust his dick into her ass faster and faster. She shivered in pleasure from the vibrating dido and her master’s cock pumping her ass. Unable to contain herself she bit down on the balloon causing the cum to explode in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she orgasmed, cum pouring out of her mouth and onto her tits as her juices covered the dildo. She spit out the remains of the balloon then gargled the rest of the cum before swallowing as her ass was pounded by her masters huge cock.

Unable to stand the pounding on her ass she cried out in pain as her arms collapsed impaling her pussy on the huge vibrating dildo. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore her master cummed into her ass. She sighed as she heard and felt a wet plop as the cock was pulled out. She smiled in slutly glee as her master cummed all over her back and hair. She rolled over and squeezed some of the cum out of her hair and drank it. He shot one more load onto her breast as she licked her hair free of what she loved so much.
“Did I do well?” she asked as she licked cum off her tits.
“You did well” he said as he walked upstairs “clean up and meet me in the hot tub upstairs”

“Yes master” she called excitedly. She knew that she had done very well; the hot tub was the gold medal of sex Olympics. It was something that she would only get by making a perfect day for her master: starting with getting up at five in the morning to start breakfast and get her make-up done then a wake-up blow-job followed by finishing making breakfast and serving it to him in bed. Then after he got dressed and left she practiced her sex moves and learned new tricks to impress him when he got home. She hopped in the shower and began to clean the cum off her body to get ready for the hot-tub. She knew she shouldn’t get to cocky because she could still mess up. She had to admit this was much more interesting life than being a nun….

Jane walked upstairs and got into the hot-tub slowly. While she was waiting for her master she thought back to her last days at the monastery. The church had been very low on cash and needed a way to pay rent. Jane and a few other nuns had offered to be maids for hire and the church agreed to do it. The next day the church found people willing to pay for them. Little did she know that she would become a sexually slave, unfortunately she (and the church) hadn’t read the contract she signed. At first she tried to resist her sexual duties but she quickly learned that would lead to whipping and electrotherapy. Lost in thought Jane didn’t notice a thin Asian girl slip into the hot tub. Jane looked around and let out a small yelp when she saw the Asian girl on the other side of the hot tub.

“I’m Riley” said the women. Riley looked like she was 18 or 19 years old Jane guessed. She had visible abs and C cup tits that were dwarfed by a gigantic ass that rivaled Jane’s ass .Riley’s ass looked even bigger on her small teenage body. Her long blue hair came straight down to her belly button and her bangs covered her forehead.

Before Jane could reply Riley ducked under the water. Jane suddenly felt Riley’s hands push her thighs apart. Jane groaned as Riley began to lick her pussy. Riley switched to fingering her pussy as she motorboated Jane’s massive tits. Jane grabbed Riley’s massive ass and groaned with pleasure. she knew what she was doing was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying it. Riley continued to motorboat as her master walked in carrying a strap-on in one hand and a video camera in the other.

“Starting without me” he asked as he set up the camera on a tripod.
“I… she… ohhhhh godddd” Jane moaned in reply as Riley began sucking on her nipples while increasing her fingering now with her pinky in her anus.

Riley gave Jane a small kiss and got out of the tub. She walked over to master and put on the strap-on. Jane watched as she inserted the smaller tube-like part into vagina and then pulled the straps tight. Riley gave the rubber tip a small flick with her finger and let out a soft groan as she felt its reaction.

“Doggy style” her master commanded and Jane obediently got on her hands and knees half way out of the hot tub. She felt Riley put her hands on her hips and the tip of the strap-on resting on her ass.

She was about to turn around when she was slapped across the face by her master’s cock. She opened her mouth and began to suck on the tip. Her master grabbed her hair and began to shove his fat cock in and out of her mouth. Riley gave Jane’s ass a slap and started thrusting the strap-on into her ass. The combination of the cock in her mouth and the strap-on in her sent her into waves of pleasure and pain.
“Take it bitch! ” Riley shouted as she beat Jane’s ass like a drum. Jane wept in pain as Riley dominated her ass.
“you! Are! My! Bitch!” Riley shouted slapping her ass with each word. Just when she was about to pass out from the pain her master Cummed in her mouth sending loads of seed down her throat. Riley then pulled out of her ass ripped of her dildo and switched over to 69ing Jane. they both cummed over each other’s faces as The master shot anther load of sperm on to Jane’s face.
“Now make out” he said and they began to stick their tongues down their throats as they played with each-others tits. Riley greedily licked the cum off Jane’s face. Riley twisted Jane’s nipple causing her to open her mouth in pain, quickly Riley spit the cum down Jane’s throat causing her to swallow. Tired and defeated Jane collapsed in Riley’s arms. Riley went downstairs with Jane and her master went to bed. Everyone was satisfied and Jane and Riley had to get up early to please her master. If you want more let me know!