A Super Life


A teen girl discovers sexy super powers!

A Super Life

When I was growing up things seemed pretty normal, although these days it is hard to define what a normal family is. My father was a very decent man. He was hard working, loved my family and was devoted to making sure we had opportunities he never did. My mother was kind, if a bit neurotic about house keeping. She was also very focused on making sure I did not fall in with “Bad Company” and get myself into trouble with pregnancy. Dating was to be put off until I was 18. Since she was easily worked up and stressed I soon learned to just not tell her certain things and take the “What she doesn’t know what hurt her.” approach.

My older brother was all my parents could hope for. He was popular, athletic, and a credit to the family. He was handsome, strong and always treated me kindly.

As for me… I was always a tiny girl. I never looked my age. When I was 12 years old people thought I was 8. It really pissed me off sometimes. People would remark at how small and cute I was. I looked like a little doll, and when my parents would have me wear traditional Japanese attire it only made matters worse. I looked like a four foot tall museum quality doll. Very detailed, very beautiful, but a doll. Something to be kept and cared for. All my life every single person I met took a caring and protective view of me. When some girls at school started bullying me the guys got really upset. The most violent tough guy at the school came to my defence and protected me. He helped me off the ground and was simply gentle and nice, a side no one had seen before. I could not figure out why.

When puberty hit it was like a whirlwind. Over the course of the summer my body became curvy, I grew like a weed, and my breasts became full and looked perfect. I spent a lot of time caressing and touching myself. Admiring my body in the mirror became something I did a lot. I liked this new me. Discovering the joy of masturbation was like a gift from heaven. I did it a lot. Believe it or not that was what helped me realize that I was not entirely normal.

I came home late in the summer to an empty house. My parents were at work and as far as I know my brother was still at camp. I went up to my room and stripped off my clothes for some special private time. I spent an hour masturbating and climaxing. I could come easily. My nipples had grown long and my clit had begun to protrude more than a centimetre from it’s hood. It was my magic button and I loved touching it. I discovered I was a squirter and loved that too. I loved looking at porn on the internet and learning all I could about pleasure.

I had just finished orgasming for about the eighth time when my bedroom door opened suddenly. My brother walked in. He had a book in his hand and was saying “Hey Eriko, I just found this….” and when he looked and saw me laying naked on my bed he stopped.

I had two fingers buried inside my pussy and was using my other to pinch my clit. I was covered in a soft sheen of glistening sweat. He dropped the book and just stood there staring at me. I saw him breathing deeply and a strange look came over his face. He looked like he was hypnotized, completely unable to look away from me. His hard cock was visibly hardening inside his shorts. He just stood there, immobile and unable to take his eyes off me.

“Hiro are you okay?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Yes Eriko.” he replied in a voice that sounded a hundred miles away.

“Do you like what you see brother?” I was so turned on knowing he was staring.

He answered immediately “You’re so beautiful. I never imagined you looked like this. This is so wrong you’re my sister.” He was breathing heavily and I saw a wet spot appearing on his shorts where his cock was straining so hard for release. I knew he was leaking precum… and all just from looking at me.

“Hiro, I want to see you cock. Show it to me.” I commanded.

I was thrilled when he immediately unfastened his shorts and shoved them down, along with his boxers. His hard cock was standing proud and I could see it throbbing, a long drop of pre cum came out and was hanging from the end of his cock. He did not say anything but was just staring at my pretty bald glistening cunt.

“Hiro, come closer please.” He shuffled over with his shorts around his ankles and stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes never leaving my pussy.

I got up on my knees on the bed and leaned forward looking at his hard cock. It throbbed the moment my face was about six inches from it. I looked up at Hiro and he was staring at me, not moving or saying anything.

“Can I suck your cock Hiro? Can I touch it.” I asked him.

“Yes, whatever you want.” he replied. I looked closer and he definitely had a look like he was kind of out of it.

I reached up and wrapped my small soft hand around his cock. He immediately moaned and his hips jerked forward. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was iron hard but soft and so hot to the touch. His precum was leaking out and a long strand hung from it. I gathered it on my finger and put in between my lips, tasting him. An electric surge of energy seemed to fill me and I felt really good. I loved the taste of it. Not wanting to wait any longer I leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. He moaned in pleasure as I slid my brother’s long hard cock into my mouth. I wanted it all and was shocked when I was able to slide all six inches into my mouth without and trouble at all. I could not believe I did not gag.

More importantly, I loved having his cock in my mouth. The first cock I had ever seen in person, ever touched. I began sucking on it, moving my head back and forth. I could hear him panting like a steam engine above me. I gently cradled his balls in my hand. They seemed so hot, so heavy and I could feel them twitching. I knew he was going to cum in my mouth and I wanted that. I wanted my brother to shoot his hot cum into my mouth. I slid his turgid cock from my mouth and looked up at him.

“Do you want to come in my mouth Hiro?” I asked in a seductive voice I barely recognized as my own.

“Yes.” He replied simply.

“I want you to… I want to eat your cum” I said as I then began to suck his cock with a vengeance, fucking my face onto it.

I felt his balls jump and he screamed in pleasure as he began filling my mouth with his cum. Shot after shot of his hot load flew into my mouth. There was so much I could barely drink it all. It tasted like heaven in hot liquid form and made me feel so good, so powerful. I loved it… I loved the taste of cum so much.

After he came my brothers shaking legs gave out and he fell on the floor on his back. His chest was heaving and his body was covered in sweat. I licked my lips clean as I watched him trying to recover. I was especially happy to see his cock was still so hard.

This was so fucking hot. He looked so appealing laying there. I crawled of the bed and straddled his waist. Looking down at him I saw the glassy eyed expression and said “Hiro… do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes.” he replied, still in that far away voice.

“Have you done this before?” I asked him.


“Who have you fucked?” I asked him as I leaned down and licked his chest. I loved the salty taste of his skin.

“I fucked Amanda, Beth, and Mrs. Watson” he replied.

“Amanda I get, you dated her… but you fucked Beth Thompson?” I asked.

“Yes” he said.

“Isn’t she your buddy Tom’s older sister? When did you do that?”

“I fucked her at her house a three month’s ago, after Tom’s birthday party.” he said simply. This was shocking news to me. She was hot and had headed off to college. I wondered if her football playing boyfriend knew she had fucked my brother.

“What about Mrs. Watson… who is that? Tell me about it.” I asked.

“She is Dave Watson’s mother. Since she had no husband she gets horny. I fucked her during a sleepover. She sucked my cock and we fucked in the kitchen. Dave doesn’t know.” he said.

“Holy shit, I never knew you were that bad…. that is so kinky… do you want to fuck me now?” I asked him

“Yes I want to fuck you Eriko.” he said simply staring into my eyes.

“But I’m your sister… isn’t that wrong?”

“I know but I can’t help it. I want to fuck you.” he replied.

“Hiro, I want you to fuck me like they do in porn movies. I want to cum and cum… I want you to fuck me and keep fucking me until I tell you to stop. Do it now.” I ordered.

I have no idea what kind of porn my brother had seen, but he went insane. He flipped me off him, bent me over, and pushed my upper body down bending me over the bed. He slapped my ass and I was surprised I liked that. What I loved was when he slammed his cock into my virgin pussy.

It didn’t hurt at all! I could not believe it. All that I felt was wave after wave of pussy rocking pleasure as he pounded my tight hole. He was spanking my ass and pulling my hair and it was so nasty and so hot and so fucking dirty. When he slid his hands to my tits and began pulling on my nipples and pinching them I came like a hurricane. I screamed in lust as he made me cum all over his powerful cock.

He abruptly pulled out of my pussy and picked me up, throwing me onto the bed on my back. He crawled between my legs and lifted them up, lined up his hard cock, and drove it into my pussy again. My tight cunt welcomed his hot fleshy invader and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I didn’t want to stop it. He was fucking me like his personal sex toy and I loved it. He kept mauling my firm tits and was grunting with the force of his hard fucking. I was soon screaming out another hot and wet orgasm as my brother kept fucking me like a man possessed.

After my orgasm he again pulled out and bent me up and began fucking me in the pile drive position. His cock was hitting so deep into my little pussy that he was battering at my cervix. He was screaming and grunting with pleasure and exertion, sweat dripping off him onto my body as he kept violating my tight cunt. I came hard and was shocked when breast milk suddenly squirted out of my tits, spraying all over me.

Hiro grabbed me and lifted me off the bed, slamming my back into the wall. He grabbed my ass and slid his cock back inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and surrendered to the unbelievable feeling of pleasure washing over me. He looked like he was running a marathon and somehow I knew he needed to cum. He had been fucking me like a machine for close to an hour. My orgasms had all been body rocking.

“Cum for me Hiro, shoot your cum inside me… I want you to fill me with it.” I begged him.

Within seconds he began cumming inside me. It was so fucking hot knowing my brother was filling my cunt with his cum that I orgasmed with him. We both screamed out our pleasure as we shared this trip to heaven together.

After he came he staggered and fell backwards, landing on his back on the bed. The impact caused his cock to jar my pussy hard again and I came once more. My hypersensitive pussy was addicted to his cock.

I felt a strange feeling, like a hot warmth flow through my body. It felt like I was so full of energy. I shook as it made my body feel so fucking good. It was so much more than the orgasm I had felt, this was something different.

Looking down at Hiro I saw he had passed out. I felt… simply more alive than I had ever felt before. I climbed off of Hiro and looked down at him. His cock had gone soft, but I still leaned down and licked it clean. I loved the taste of our combined juices. Feeling sorry for him I kissed his lips lightly and slid a sheet over him to keep him warm. He was sleeping peacefully with such a cute expression on his face.

It was hard to fathom what had happened. I began processing this as I went into the bathroom. I caught my reflection in the mirror and was shocked by what I saw there. I was positively radiant. My eyes were shining brightly, my skin gently flushed. I looked like the picture of health. Never in my life had I ever looked this good and I had just had hot nasty sex with my brother. My whole body felt so alive, so healthy and strong. Remembering what I had seen, how my tits had squirted breast milk I gently massaged them and tugged on the nipple. It felt so erotic and so hot. When droplets of milk began slowly leaking out it caused me to gasp in surprise.

Managing to tear myself away from beginning another session of self gratification I sat down on the toilet and thought about what had happened. Hiro was a decent guy, he had never looked at me like a sex toy ever. He had never done anything to make me think he was sexually attracted to me. Why didn’t he just back out of the room when he caught me? Why did he do everything I told him to do? Why the hell did his cum make me feel so fucking good? I knew that I would have to carefully examine this and maybe experiment a little.

When I came out of the bathroom about a half hour later I was shocked to see Hiro was gone off my bed. I panicked immediately. What if he had run because of guilt?

I also noticed something else, my room smelled… different. I could not put my finger on it. It was a very peasant smell. It was not just the odour of sex… it was something else. I sniffed around and realized it was my odour! I touched a finger to my pussy and sniffed it. It was a very pleasant smell and it made me feel warm again. It hit me like a ton of bricks at that point. Pheromones… my pheromones had somehow made this all happen.

It made sense… I had been masturbating when he came in. I had been at it for some time and he got hard almost without an provocation at all. He also was totally open to my suggestions.

But what about his cum? His cum made me feel like a Goddess and I looked hotter than I ever had before. My breasts also seemed fuller, my entire appearance was enchanting. It also dawned on me that I had not leaked out any of his cum. I checked myself closely… yes, all his cum had been absorbed somehow.

I sat on my bed thinking about all of this and after about an hour I realized I still did not know where Hiro was.

Searching the house failed to locate him. I put on shorts, a tank top and sandals and went outside to look for him. It did not take long, I eventually found him sitting in the garage attic. This was a place where he would go when he needed to think, hide or just feel safe. It had been the Boys Club Fort when he was younger.

When I reached the top of the ladder I saw him sitting there, staring into space. When he saw me he blushed deep red and began stammering out an apology, how bad he felt for raping me, for using his sister like some kind of a whore. I was shocked… he did not rape me. I wanted it, probably way more than he did.

I went to him and knelt down beside him hugging him as tight as I could and telling him how much I loved him and how he did not hurt me, that it had been the most amazing experience of my life. I kissed his cheek and kept hugging him. He seemed very surprised by my reaction and after talking for a while we both agreed it had been amazing, but he told me he would not do it again, it was wrong. I promised him I would not tell anyone about it. I really didn’t want to, it was too magical to sully it by sharing. I began to feel a little guilty inside. I knew that in reality I had driven him to do something he never would have. Because of me he had been feeling terrible guilt.

It was just like Peter Parker’s Uncle had said to him… “With great power comes great responsibility.”

I resolved at that point to be more careful. This was awesome, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone. It occurred to me that I could probably seduce anyone. Of course that lead to all sorts of nasty thoughts. I was one horny girl and knowing the world had become a sexual candy store for me was intoxicating.

Over the weeks that followed I carefully experimented with my abilities.

I found that if I was worked up and turned on the people around me were aroused, even if they didn’t know why. I could accomplish this best if I was standing near a person or if I took the extra step of rubbing some pussy juice onto my breasts and neck. I would dab it on just like perfume.

Another pleasant discovery was that when they were aroused people were very open to any suggestion I made and would willingly do whatever I wanted. Talk about tempting… I convinced a guy to give me all the money he had one him. I gave it back, but he had been so happy to help. Women were not immune to me either… I convinced a teacher to change a mark on my test. She did so happily and was totally flushed with sexual excitement when I left the room.

It was the feeling I got after tasting the sexual juices of another person that I had to test. My improved looks and enhanced charm had people paying more attention to me than usual. I loved it. I had gone from the cute little doll to the powerful seductress in such a short time. I needed a test subject and chose carefully.

I finally selected a geeky genius at my school named Matt. Matt was a slightly effeminate guy, who it was widely speculated was gay. I figured he would be a good test as he may not particularly be interested in girls.

One day I saw him sitting alone in the library studying. I quickly went to the bathroom and played with my pussy. I anointed my breasts and neck with my pussy juices and went back to the library to see if I could seduce this guy.

When I sat down next to him Matt looked mildly annoyed. Good, I wanted to know I could overcome some resistance. I leaned closer to him and began asking him questions about a science project we had been assigned. At first he was speaking down to me, like I was not worthy of his time. Within the span of a few breaths his demeanour began to change. He was breathing deeply and looking a bit flushed.

I glanced down and was happy to see his cock was tenting his pants in a most appealing fashion. He may have been a geek, but it looked like he was packing a pretty nice piece of meat there.

“Matt, could you come with me? I want to show you something.” I said suggestively.

“Sure.” he said simply and walked behind me as I lead him into the Government section of the stacks. No one goes there and it is kind of isolated.

I stooped walking when we were far enough in and turned to face him. His face was flushed and he was breathing deeply. His hard cock was straining his pants.

“Matt, can I ask you something?” I said gently as I ran a hand along the front of his shirt, gently caressing him.

“Okay.” he replied in a breathy voice.

“Do you like girls, sexually I mean.” I questioned as I stared up into his eyes.

“Girls are pretty but can’t please like a man can.” he said

“Have you ever been with a girl Matt?” I asked softly.

“No. My Uncle said they will only disappoint me.” He replied, clearly aroused.

“Do you have sex with your Uncle?” I asked him mildly surprised.

“He likes sucking my cock, and lets me fuck his ass.” Matt said as I noticed he had a small trickle of sweat running from his brow.

That was interesting and kind of different. Not that I was in a position to judge, I lost my virginity to my brother.

“Would you let me…” I said and kissed his neck “suck your cock Matt?”

“Yes.” he said lustfully.

“Why me Matt? I thought you didn’t like girls.” I questioned.

“You’re just so fucking hot… I don’t know… I want you.” he said

I kissed him and he passionately returned it. After duelling tongues with him I slid to my knees and released his cock from the confines of his pants. It was a full seven inches long and throbbing. I didn’t waste time and slipped his hot cock into my mouth. Knowing I could do it, I slipped the full length into my mouth, welcoming it into my throat.

I heard him gasp as I sucked him deeply and began moving my head back and forth. His cock tasted like heaven in my mouth and I realized I missed having a cock in my mouth. Seeing the pleasure on his face as I looked up at him made me feel so good. Knowing that I was blowing his mind, along with his cock, made me feel so sexy and powerful. My pussy was getting soaking wet as I worked his hard cock in and out of my throat.

“Please cum in my mouth Matt, I want to taste you.” I said after I popped his cock out of my mouth.

He moaned in pleasure as I slid him back into my hot wet mouth, my tongue curling around his dick as I slid him deep inside. It was so fucking hot having his male taste filling me up. His dick tasted divine to me and I wanted that cum badly.

I did not have to wait long, he barely contained himself as he began shooting jet after jet of hot thick cum into my mouth. I felt the surge of strength and power flood over me as I sucked up every drop of his hot cock juice.

Matt was leaning back against the book stack with a look of unbelievable happiness on his face.

My pussy was soaked and I needed to cum too. I looked around and no one seemed to be paying us any attention.

“Matt… can I ask you for a favour?” I asked him softly as I knelt before him.

“Yes… anything.” he said.

“Will you please fuck me Matt… I want you to put that big beautiful cock in my ass.” I said as I turned around getting on my hands and knees. Matt knelt behind me and flipped my school kilt up. He slid my panties down and began licking my asshole. That was a new and very pleasant sensation. I had never been fucked in the ass before, but somehow I knew I was going to love it.

Matt got my little rosebud all wet and warmed up. When I felt the head of his cock nudging against it I came hard. It was sudden and so hot. I felt like such a whore, letting myself get ass fucked in the library.

Matt pushed his cock into my ass and I felt it pop passed my tight ring and gradually fill me up. I could not believe this didn’t hurt either. I knew in that moment that I was meant to fuck, that it was what my body was obviously built for.

When Matt’s hand moved to my hips and he began thrusting, I could barely contain my moans of pleasure. Matt began moaning as he fucked me.

“Holy shit your fucking ass is so tight, I never knew an ass that felt this fucking good.” he said as he was thrusting faster and faster.

“Don’t speak, be quiet, fill my ass with cum.” I told him, gasping the words out.

Matt stayed silent as we had our nasty anal fuck right there, in our school library. When I felt him bury his cock deep in my ass as he filled my bowels with his load I was in heaven. I came hard and collapsed forward as the feeling of strength began flowing through me. Matt was laying on my back. I had no difficulty rolling him off of me and I straightened my clothing out. Seeing him laying there panting made me smile. I leaned down and sucked his cock clean.

“Get dressed” I told him and helped him sort himself out.

Matt appeared sort of uncomfortable. I knew what he was trying to figure out. How did that happen?

I kissed him and his arms came around me. “Thank you Matt, I have always wanted to try that. I won’t tell anyone… this, all of it, is our secret. Thank you.” I told him.

Matt smiled and said “Thanks Eriko… I never… wow that was amazing. My Uncle lied to me, you’re amazing.”

We left the stacks and he went back to his study table smiling.

I had a test I wanted to do and casually made my way to the school weight training room. Happily no one was in there. I walked over to a stack of weights. There was about 500lbs I figured on the stand. I knelt down and lifted. It actually came off the floor. I set it down quickly and looked around. No one was there so I don’t know why I panicked like that. Now I knew that having sex gave me strength and that was awesome. Suck some cock and instant powers.

Leaving there I walked to my next class. I got a lot of looks of appreciation as I walked and enjoyed all of them. It made me feel good knowing that I was considered “Uber Hot” by my fellow students.

When I got to math class I went to my desk and sat down. Class was pretty normal, although I was getting a lot of looks from Mr. Anderson, my teacher. He is a handsome guy in his thirties, fit, and pretty popular with the female students. Basically he is eye candy.

While we were doing our independent work he circulated the class like he always does. He stopped by my desk and I felt his hand on my shoulder. He leaned in and was looking at my work. His thumb began lightly caressing my shoulder. That’s when it hit me.

“Oh shit… I have pussy juice on, my panties are damp. He is going to loose it. Shit!” I thought. I mean, sure it would be fun to have his attention, but he is a nice guy. He has never done anything to anyone I know of and it will crush him afterwards for breaking his rule. He was good to his students and would never do something like that normally.

I heard him sniff my hair and my heart was racing. His attention was drawn away when someone else asked for help. He went to them and did his thing. He looked over at me and abruptly went to his desk and sat down, but not before I noticed his pants were tenting. I glanced around and no one else seemed to have noticed it, they were all working.

One of the guys in the class, Kurt, was staring at me. Kurt is a complete butt head. I had no desire to get his sperm. He always struck me as a bully and a basically cruel person. I once saw him kicking a dog on a leash outside a variety store. He is just that kind of guy.

I looked back at Mr. Anderson and he was watching me. His expression was one of lust and longing. Not good. I had no idea how to shut it off.

When class ended and Mr. Anderson told me to stay behind I was really worried. Everyone filed out saying bye to him. I stayed at my desk watching him as he closed the door and locked it. Teachers are not even supposed to close the door, let alone lock it.

He began walking slowly toward me. I got up and moved back away from him, keeping the desks between us.

“Mr. Anderson… what are you doing?” I said as calmly as I could.

“You so beautiful Eriko… I’ve never been like this… I want you so badly.” he said in a voice filled with lust.

“Mr. Anderson… STOP” I commanded.

I admit I was shocked when he froze in place, staring at me with eyes filled with desire. That made me curious and I wanted to see what I else I could do with him.

“Mr. Anderson… have you ever made a move on a student before?” I asked quietly.

“No. They look up to me, it would be wrong to betray them. I’m a teacher, not a monster.” he said with conviction.

“Why me then?” I asked.

“You’re so gorgeous Eriko… so special. I have always liked you as a student… now I want more. I can’t imagine not touching you, tasting you, worshipping every inch of your sexy body.” he replied.

“What were you planning to do?”

“I was going to pull off your clothes, lick you all over, give you more pleasure than any stupid boy your age ever could. They will never appreciate you like I can.” he said with conviction. Shit that sounds really good… maybe…. NO. I had to be strong for both of us.

“What if I don’t want you to? What if I want you to let me leave here… let things between us stay as they are?” I asked him simply.

He actually looked so sad it made my heart hurt. “I could never hurt you.” he said with true feeling. “I would never force you to do anything… I just… I wanted to please you… show you how much I care.”

“Wouldn’t you feel terrible after? Wouldn’t having sex with me make you feel guilty?” I asked.

Staring at me he said “Yes… but if I can make you happy I am willing to risk anything, do anything.”

I knew I could have him so easily. I decided to try a different tactic, one that might save his sanity after this was over. Let’s face it, I didn’t want to hurt him or ruin his life.

“Mr. Anderson, I would feel so happy and be very pleased if you just stayed my dear friend and favourite teacher. That would make me the happiest girl on the planet. Do you think you could do that?” I asked him sweetly.

He swallowed hard and looked like he had been kicked in the stomach. He nodded his head and said “Yes, for you I could do that for you” he said quietly.

“Thank you Mr. Anderson, besides this is too dangerous for you. Think about that… what would happen if you were caught. I want you to be happy and enjoy your life. Please be happy.” I said.

He smiled brightly and said “Okay Eriko.”

I left the room quickly saying goodbye as I left. That scared the hell out of me, but taught me a few things about myself and what I could do. I went directly to the bathroom and cleaned myself up to prevent any further issues that day. The down side was that it changed the way I looked at him, I had to be careful from that day forward in Mr. Anderson’s class not to get him turned on.

About two weeks later my friend Ashley invited me to her house. I really liked hanging out with Ashley. She was fun, smart and knew everything about music. Her big dream was to make it in the music industry.

When I got to her house it was a Saturday morning around 11am. I rang the doorbell and her mother answered. Ashley’s mother, Mrs. Marie Kerr, was a total MILF. She was a few inches taller than me, had long blonde hair, green eyes, and a curvy figure. Her breasts were at least DD. Her husband worked at a local College, but I have no idea doing what.

She smiled at me and invited me in. “Ashley isn’t here, she had to go with her father to the dentist. Poor thing broke a tooth this morning.” Mrs. Kerr said.

“Broke a tooth? How?” I asked worried about my friend.

“She was playing hockey in the driveway with her brother and got hit in the mouth with a stick. She will be okay, but won’t be home for a couple of hours. Her brother feels horrible, and went with them. Do you want to wait?” she asked nicely.

“Um, okay. No point in taking the bus home I guess if she will be back soon.” I said.

“If you want, why don’t you go up to her room. You can do facebook or whatever.” she said.

“Okay, thanks Mrs. Kerr.” I said as I turned to head up there.

“No problem Eriko. It’s not like you have never been here before.” she said laughing as she headed back toward the kitchen.

When I got up there I went into her room and closed the door. I went over to the computer and logged on. I had been there so many times I knew Ashley’s password. I did surf for a bit but decided I wanted to look at something more interesting, namely porn.

I was checking out some pretty hot hardcore. A hot chick was getting done hard by two guys. I slipped my hand into the front of my shorts and was idly playing with myself. When I saw the clip of that hot little slut getting DP’d I got pretty worked up.

Quietly I went to the door and listened to try and figure out where Mrs. Kerr was. I heard some banging around in the kitchen and decided it was safe to have some fun. I went back to the computer and got comfortable. I slid my shorts down and began playing with myself in earnest.

Let’s face it, I was having a great time playing with my pussy and watching porn. This is how I would have spent my time if I was alone at home. I was soon lost in watching a cute Asian girl having sex with two big white guys when the door suddenly opened and Mrs. Kerr walked in with a plate with some food on it and carrying a can of pop.

“Here’s some lunch Eriko.” Ashley’s mom said just as she realized what I was doing. Mrs. Kerr froze in place and stared at the screen, the sounds of wild sex coming from the speakers.

“Eriko… what are you doing?” she said hesitantly. I noticed she had begun to blush and had not moved.

At that point I was in full blown panic mode. I had visions of Mrs. Kerr slapping me silly, kicking me out, and calling my parents to tell them what a dirty little whore their daughter was. Thank god I didn’t panic and it wasn’t until Mrs. Kerr spoke that I realized this may not go to bad for me.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Kerr. I was just curious… I… I like looking at this stuff because it makes me feel good.” I said pretending to be scared.

“Oh.” she said simply. I noticed her eyes were now moving from between the screen and my hand buried inside my panties. “Do you… do you do this a lot?” she asked as she began setting the plate and pop down on the dresser, all the time keeping her eyes toward me and the computer.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked in a timid voice.

“No, I’m not made at you. Curiosity about sex is normal, but… you should be more careful…” her voice trailed off and I saw she was flushed and breathing hard. I had always been curious about sex with another woman, and the idea of having this hot MILF do whatever I wanted turned me on so much.

“Do you ever do this Mrs. Kerr?” I asked softly as she walked over and stood next to me, placing a soft hand on my shoulder.

“Everyone does it baby… do you like it? Do you like touching yourself?” she asked in a husky voice, here eyes glued to the two fingers I was sliding in and out of my pussy.

“I really like it Mrs. Kerr. See how wet I am?” I replied as I held my pussy juice soaked fingers up to her.

She gasped and leaned in and sniffed them. I heard her moan just before she grabbed my wrist and wrapped her hot soft lips around my fingers. I gasped as I felt her tongue circling my fingers when she was sucking my juices off them.

She slipped her mouth off my fingers and abruptly spun the chair to face her as she dropped to her knees. She grabbed my legs and spread them, bringing her sweet face to my glistening cunt. Her pink tongue reached out and she began lapping up my juices. She was eating my little pussy like her life depended on it, wrapping her arms around my thighs as she ground her face into my hot hole.

She had done this before, and it was the best oral experience of my life! In not time she had me cumming all over her face, coating it with my juices. She slid one arm from around my thighs and I looked down to see she had begun to rub the crotch of her yoga pants, stimulating her pussy. I could not watch for long, as my body arched with yet another orgasm.

I lay there panting as she stood up and pulled off her yoga pants and t-shirt. She practically tore her panties and bra off. I was not waiting either, and slipped my shorts and panties right off. I was not fast enough for Mrs. Kerr though, she grabbed my tank top and ripped it off. I managed to undue my bra as she threw my shirt aside. We were both naked now and her face was filled with burning lust.

Mrs. Kerr grabbed my arms pulling me to my feet. She then leaned forward and picked me up over her shoulder. She spanked my ass and carried me to the master bedroom. When we got there she threw me onto the bed, and jumped up next to me. She straddled me in 69 and dove back into my pussy.

Above my face was the glistening wet pussy of my friends mom. It was so pink and shaved, except for a narrow strip of blonde hair above her hot snatch. Her lips were open and so wet with pussy juice. I could not help myself. I had to taste that sweet cunt. I dove in sucking on her pussy lips and licking all over. When I began tongue fucking her hole she really liked that. The feelings she was giving me were pretty fucking hot. I knew I was going to cum hard. I caught her clit between my teeth and began flicking it with my tongue.

She went wild and we came hard together. As I arched in orgasm she flooded my mouth a face with her hot nectar. I was gasping for breath when she moved around above me. Staring up at her I could see that her beautiful eyes were shining with lust for me.

She leaned down, bringing our lips together in a hot kiss. When she slipped her tongue into my mouth I could taste my juices and wrapped my arms around her pulling her in tight against me. Oh my God that woman could kiss. We caressed each other, kissing and caressing each other.

“Wait, I want to show you something” Mrs. Kerr said. She got off the bed and went into the walk in closet. When she emerged she was wearing a strapon. She stood there biting her lower lip and stroking it like a cock. “Would you like to try this?” she asked seductively.

“Wow… you own a strapon? Why?” I asked in curiosity as I rolled and positioned myself doggie style on my knees, my tight little ass in the air as I lowered my shoulders and head to the bed.

I heard her chuckle and she said “Because sometimes my husband likes to get his tight ass fucked.” she said as she knelt behind me. One hand came to my waist as I felt the tip of the fake cock nudging at my pussy. Like a pro she lined it up and slid the big dick into me, driving it all the way inside.

I moaned uncontrollably as she started thrusting with deep and determined strokes. When I flipped my head back and screamed out my orgasm she took advantage. She grabbed onto my long hair with her hands and jerked my head back fucking me harder and faster.

“Oh fuck… you’re so fucking hot Eriko. I could get addicted to fucking your tight little pussy. You’re just so fucking hot!” She yelled out as she kept railing away at my pussy. My whole body was on fire and loved the way she was taking control and fucking me so hard.

She fucked me through multiple orgasm before pulling out and laying down on her back. “Ride it for me baby girl, climb up on Mommy’s big cock and shove it in your tight little pussy.” I did not have to be told twice, I straddled her and sank my pussy down on her phallus.

I loved it and threw my head back as it came to rest against my cervix. I began slowly riding up and down on it as she brought her hands to my breasts mauling them. She alternately began lightly spanking my tits and tugging on my nipples. Her face was a vision on unrestrained lust, flush, with beads of sweat appearing on her forward.

“I love smacking your tits baby. You like rough sex don’t you?” she asked as I was riding her.

“Fuck yes… fuck me… spank me… use my body… make me cum!” I yelled back.

I was in a cloud of lust as she inflicted abuse on my tits as began to also spank my ass as I rode away. I was cumming almost constantly, crying out my pleasure. After one particularly intense orgasm I heard her cry out and she came hard. I could not believe it, my orgasms appeared to be affecting hers. I latched my hands onto her huge tits and began fucking with purpose.

Looking into her eyes I said “You like fucking me Mrs. Kerr… you like my fucking me tight little body… playing with my tits you nasty slut?” I asked her.

“Yes” she growled back at me. “I fucking love it… I never realized how insanely hot you are… so fuckable… so damn sexy!” she moaned out as she was thrusting up into me.

I was soon having another powerful orgasm and my breasts exploded with milk, spraying all over Mrs. Kerr’s face and chest. She went wild with that and began hungrily feeding from my tits, alternating between biting and sucking my nipples.

“Oh you dear sweet little fuck… I can’t believe how twisted this is… fucking my daughter’s friend in the bed I share with my husband… all the while sucking on her hot fucking tits….oh God I’m going to cum again!”

“Cum for me… cum as hard as you can you kinky bitch!” I commanded her and she cried out, juices squirting from her pussy. Her screams got higher in pitch until she was screaming silently. Her entire body had gone rigid, her fingers gripping my breasts painfully as she climaxed. It was so fucking hot I came hard with her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and closed as she abruptly went limp. She was covered in sweat, her body trembling, and she had passed out. Her chest rose and fell with her panting breaths.

The entire room smelled of my pussy and hers. My sweat had dripped down onto her and mixed with my breast milk. Mrs. Kerr’s face slowly took on a look of complete bliss as she began settling into sleep.

I lifted myself off the strapon and got off the bed. I looked at her laying there and then at the clock. I realized we did not have much time. I removed the strapon and set it on the bedside table and covered her with a sheet. Gathering her clothes I folded them neatly and set them on a chair next to the bed. Getting dressed I was so happy. This was my first time with a woman and I had loved every second of it. I did not get quite the same energy rush… but it was still there… just different. I would have to ponder that later.

Going back to Ashley’s room I realized I needed a shower. I took a a quick body shower and dried off and dressed again.

I had just sat down at Ashley’s computer when I heard the front door open and Mr. Kerr yelled “Honey, were home.” and I heard Ashley saying she was going to her room and her brother saying something about X-Box.

“Honey?” I heard Mr. Kerr say again as I heard Ashley coming up the stairs. I got off the chair and went into the hallway.

Ashley smiled at me weakly and said “Hey, sorry about not being here.”

“It’s really okay. Your Mom let me use your computer.” I replied. “How do you feel?” I asked her. I could hear Mr. Kerr coming up the stairs, probably drawn by our voices.

“Like crap. Can we just hang out? I don’t really want to do anything.” Ashley asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Oh, Eriko. Have you seen Mrs. Kerr?” He asked as Ashley stepped by me and walked into her room.

“Yes Sir, she said she was taking a nap.” I replied as calmly as I could. I had seen her alright, more than I ever thought I would.

“Okay, thanks. I’m just going to check on her” he said as he looked at me. He stopped and said “Did you do something with you hair or something?” he asked looking at me intently. I realized he was probably being affected by the pheromones, but not enough to make him crazy. Wait until he went into his room. The thought almost made me laugh. Mrs. Kerr would not be sleeping for long!

I smiled at him brightly and said “No Sir, I’m still the same old me.”

He stared at me for a few seconds and said “Well, whatever it is keep it up. You look wonderful.” he said smiling at me warmly.

“Thank you Sir” I replied as I went into Ashley’s room.

I heard him go down the hall and into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Ashley was laying on her bed. I could tell she was still medicated from the dentists. “Did they give you something for pain?” I asked as I sat down next to her.

“Yeah, I feel funny… I’m so tired.” she replied as she yawned.

“Do you need me to get you anything?” I asked concerned for me friend.

“No. I’m okay. I’m just going to take a little nap. Sorry I’m such a waste of space right now.” she said apologizing.

“Oh my God.. don’t apologize. You got a tooth broken. Just have a rest. Do you want me to maybe come back tomorrow?” I asked her.

“No, stay… I will feel better in a couple of hours and we can watch some movies. Maybe you can sleep over.”

“Okay Ashley… rest.” I leaned down and gave her a hug. Ashley is a really good person and it was sad to see her hurting like this. She smiled and rolled over. I swear she was asleep before I stood up.

I stood there for a second before heading over to the computer desk. I had just started surfing again when I heard moans of pleasure from Mr. And Mrs. Kerr’s bedroom. That made me smile and I decided to head downstairs. I didn’t want to get all fired up again and hearing them having sex would definitely make me do that.

Going into the kitchen I went and got a drink. My thirst was a bit more than I realized and I drank three glasses of water. I had just turned off the tap when I heard a loud thump in the basement. Listening closely I was a bit surprised when it was followed up by some crashing sounds and an angry “Ah FUCK!” It was Ashley’s brother and sounded like he had hurt himself.

I rushed down the stairs and didn’t immediately see anything. Heading toward his room I heard some more cursing and knocked on his door. He didn’t answer right away, so taking a chance I opened it.

Ashley’s brother, Kyle, was sitting on his bed. His hands gripping his head. One quick look at the books and fallen shelf that had been above his bed told me what happened. What did catch me a bit by surprised was the moaning coming from his television and the fact he was just in his boxer shorts.

Kyle is a couple of years older than me and Ashley. He is an athletic guy and has a nicely muscled body. I have always thought he was really cute. His light blue eyes are always kind when he looks at me and he treats his sister like gold.

I rushed over to him and said “Kyle are you okay?” as I touched his shoulder.

“Oh fuck that hurt!” he said still gripping his head.

“Let me see, move you hands.” I said.

He moved them aside and I could see he was going to have a big bump where the shelf had hit him as it fell. He did not have a cut or anything that I could see.

“Wait here… I’m going to get you some ice.” I said as I raced from the room. As I left I did happen to notice he had been watching a porno. Jenna Jameson was getting done doggy by some guy on the hood of a car. I ran upstairs and got some ice from the ice maker and put it in a zip lock bag. I grabbed a dish towel and wrapped it around the bag, then rushed back downstairs.

When I got into the room Kyle had not moved very much. I noticed the television was now off. I went to him and gently set the ice on the bump holding it there. Taking on his hands gently I placed it on the ice pack and said “Hold this there.”

Kyle did as he was told as I moved around the bed, gathering the books and putting them in a stack. I picked the shelf up and laid it against the wall off to the side. Looking around I walked over and got a t-shirt for Kyle and brought it to him.

When I handed it to him he smiled at me and said “Karma.”

“Karma?” I asked.

“I hit my sister with a hockey stick… gravity punishes me.” he said wryly.

“It’s not like you meant to do it. Ashley sure doesn’t blame you.” I said gently “Can I get you some Advil or something?”

“Yes please… if you don’t mind.” he said looking me in the eyes.

Smiling I turned and went to get him the pills and a glass of water. When I got back to his room Kyle was standing at his mirror looking at the bump. I could not help but admire his strong legs and cute butt as he bent forward checking it.

“Here you go Kyle.” I said as I walked over and handed him the pills and water. I stood there next to him as he took them. When he was done he smiled down at me and set the glass on his dresser.

“Hey… what are you doing down here? Shouldn’t you be with Ashley?” he asked

“She is asleep… and your parents are…. busy.” I replied.

“Busy?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah… busy… you know.” I said softly.

“Huh?” he said, his face becoming a mask a clear confusion.

“Okay… the are not busy. They are getting busy.” I said giggling.

His jaw dropped and that made me laugh out loud. “Oh” he said and his face turned red as he blushed. It was so cute.

Kyle sat there staring at me. He was breathing a bit harder and he suddenly turned his head away from me. “Well, thanks… I guess… I guess you better get back to Ashley now. Thanks Eriko.”

I had not expected him to say that. I glanced down and saw that his cock was hard inside his boxers. He had moved his body to try and make it less obvious, but it is kind of hard to hide a cock that… well… hard.

“She is sleeping. The medication made her tired. She will be out cold for a couple of hours. Maybe I can hang out with you? Do you want me to turn the movie back on? What were you watching?” I said as I turned and went to the DVD player. The movie was still playing, just the TV had been shut off. My finger was reaching for the power button to turn it on when he abruptly said “Wait… I… I was not really watching. We can pick something else!” His voice was full of panic.

“What’s the matter Kyle? Don’t you feel like watching Jenna Jameson get double teamed?” I said in a playful voice as I turned to face him.

He was half off the bed as if he was going to rush the television to try and stop me from turning it on. When he heard what I said he looked completely embarrassed.

I looked at his crotch and he was till hard. My panties were getting wet. I was completely turned on, and could feel my nipples were hard as rocks. Knowing that I was finally going to get my chance to fuck Kyle, in his own bedroom, was a massive turn on. I wanted this sweet guy to fill my holes with cum and nothing was going to stop me.

Pressing my finger against the power button the screen was soon filled with the image of Jenna getting DP’d. She was moaning and crying out in her pretty voice, obviously loving getting fucked in both her holes by two big cocks.

“I can see why you like this Kyle.” I said seductively. “It is so hot watching her get fucked like that, have you ever done a girl like that?” I asked as I slowly approached him on the bed.

He saw me coming and I could see he was fighting with himself. Part of him wanted to be the decent boy scout, not wanting to fuck his sister’s cute little friend like the whore she so clearly was. The other side of him wanted exactly that. That part craved to fuck me like a blow up doll, drown me in his hot cum, use my hot body for his own personal sex toy.

“Kyle… do you think I’m sexy?” I asked as I stood near him, running my hands up my stomach and cupping my tits in my tank top.

Staring intently at my hands as they explored my body he said in a worshipful voice “I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen Eriko.”

“Kyle.. will you do something for me please… I really need your help.” I said in a plaintive voice.

“Eriko… anything.” he said still staring at my hands as I rubbed my breasts.

“Kyle… I need you to fuck me… use me… I want your hot cum inside me. Please do it to me… I want to know what it is like to get fucked by you.” I said practically begging for it.

Kyle’s resistance was more than I thought it would be. I could see his body tensing to act, but his eyes flickered and he managed to say “Are.. are you… are you sure that is what you want? What about my parents?” he asked. I could see the hunger and need filling his body and mind.

“Your parents are upstairs doing every nasty kinky thing you can imagine. I want that… I want you.” I said as I touched his cheek.

Simply put, Kyle snapped. I was not prepared for it, but I guess since he was horny and jerking off before I ever entered the room, I should have expected it.

He grabbed me and threw me onto the floor face down. His hands ripped at my tank top, tearing it to pieces as he straddled my ass, holding me in place.

My shorts he struggled with, ignoring my efforts to try and move so I could help him. When he grabbed a knife from the desk top and cut them off I swear I almost came. He had lost all control… and I loved it. My kinky side loved knowing he was going to use me… completely and utterly use my body for his personal satisfaction.

The tearing sound of my shorts and panties coming off drew me back to the present. I could hear him above me breathing very hard. After the initial violence of removing my clothes he had paused. He was running his hands over my ass and back, caressing my skin.

“Perfect… so fucking perfect.” kyle was muttering.

Suddenly he climbed off me and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me about causing me to kneel before him. He held my hair tightly and painfully, tilting my head back so I could stare up at him. Our eyes met and what I saw made my pussy gush and gave me a twinge of fear at the same time. Kyle looked like lust incarnate, pure simple lust.

“Open your mouth” he ordered.

I parted my lips, still staring into his eyes. Without any hesitation he slammed his hard 8” cock into my throat, grabbed my head with both hands, and began face fucking me. His pelvis was smashing into my face as he violently raped my mouth. I was barely able to breath and could hear him grunting from his effort. I brought my hands to his thighs as he fucked my mouth, sliding them around his body and up to his ass, cupping it.

“Oh you like this… you like getting you little mouth fucked… you hot fucking bitch… I’ve wanted to fuck your sweet Japanese cunt since I first saw you… so sweet and innocent looking… but you’re a whore at heart… you fucking whore slut.” he moaned out almost in anger, pounding my face until with one mighty thrust he buried his cock down my throat. He held me there as he shot rope after hot rope of cum deep in my throat.

After his orgasm he let go of my head and I fell backwards onto the floor, gasping for the air his fierce face fucking had denied me. At the same time though, I could feel strength flowing into me.

Kyle stood before me, breathing and sweating as if he had just run a marathon. His cock was still hard as a rock. He was looking at me laying before him. I was naked, vulnerable, and gasping for air myself.

He bent down and grabbed me around the waist. Kyle pulled me up and forced me to bend over at the end of his bed.

“Oh fuck I love that hot ass… I love watching you walk around… I’m going to love this.” he said as he began spanking my ass, raining down a flurry of slaps on it. “You fucking tease… you fucking slut… you’re so fucking nasty and all this time you made me think you were an angel. Your a fucking succubus you slut.”

I was crying by the time he stopped, but they were tears of pain and extreme pleasure.

When Kyle knelt behind me and slammed his big cock into my wet and willing cunt I screamed in pleasure. He took a firm hold of my hair and began pounding me. He tugged on my hair, using it like a horse rider uses reins. Feeling his powerful body slamming me, his hips crushing me into the bottom of the bed, had me crying out in orgasm. I could feel my breasts squirting again, my pussy flooding all over his cock and lower body. He was screaming like a man whose entire reason for being was to fuck me… to fuck me and dump as much cum as he could into me. I fucking loved it… more than I can possibly describe.

When he jerked me up, let go of my head and grabbed my tits, using the to hold me against him it made me cum again. He grabbed my nipples, milking them. I was spraying milk all over his bed.

“Holy shit that’s hot, my own fucking little cow… look at you… I want to fuck you like this forever!” he yelled. I could not stop cumming, I was having one powerful orgasm after another. He slammed into my repeatedly, painfully squeezing my nipples and using my tits to his hearts content.

He stood suddenly, bringing me with him and threw me face down on the bed, before jumping onto me. His powerful body pinned me there.

“Spread you ass cheeks bitch.” he growled, emphasizing his command by biting my shoulder.

I quickly reached back and did as I was told. Within seconds he had lined up his cock and slammed it into my ass. I screamed in surprise as he bellowed out “Fuck your ass is tight!”

He began thrusting into me, pounding me into the mattress, fucking my ass with all the pent up sexual fury I had put inside him. He laid atop me, biting me all over my neck and shoulders. His hand came up, grabbing my hair in a fist, he jerked my head back and to the side and bit my neck hard. I came in that instant, the power of my orgasm driving him over the edge. He cried out as he shot his cum deep into my ass.

That was not the end though, he kept thrusting inside me, his cum making it even easier to fuck my ass faster and faster. I was screaming incoherently with the pleasure and pain of his violating hard fuck. When he abruptly pulled out and flipped me onto my back I saw his face for the first time in awhile.

He was soaked in sweat and looked like he was exhausted, but his cock was still insanely hard, and was actually leaking precum.

I spread my legs and he sank his cock into my battered pussy. He began thrusting as he held himself in the pushup position above me. His sweat was dripping down onto my tits and face. I wrapped my legs and arms around him pulling him down onto me. Face to face as we fucked, I began kissing him. The passion in my kisses took hold and he began returning them hotly, our tongues caressing each other.

As he kept thrusting deep inside I moaned out my orgasm into his mouth. Within seconds he came as well, burying his cock against my cervix and flooding my womb with his seed.

Watching his face suffused with pleasure as he came I saw it relax and he collapsed onto me. His eyes and closed and his face was at last restful and relaxed. He had a smile on his face. I laid there under him, his cock still buried deep inside me and kissed his cheek softly.

I felt so strong… so full of power. My body was literally tingling with energy. Holding up my hand to examine it I was surprised to see what looked like little bands of golden light coursing through my veins.

Gently, but with no effort at all, I slid Kyle’s exhausted body off of me. I covered him with a sheet and walked over to his mirror.

I was shocked by what I saw there. Never in my life had I ever looked this good. My tits were so full and proud, my skin flawless and glowing with health. My eyes were clear and shining with life. I turned and slowly examined myself in detail. I could not believe how utterly perfect my body looked. My hair was the same length, but seemed to be radiating it own light.

Turning and seeing my ruined clothes discarded to the side made me smile. Wow, Kyle could be a lot wilder than I had imagined. I hoped he would not feel bad for what we did. I had done everything to make sure he knew it was what I wanted.

I saw the knife and decided I wanted to look at it I got the shock of my life. It flew into my hand with the speed of my thought. Almost dropping it in shock I barely managed not to. I set it on his desk and glanced over at Kyle.

Remembering his injury I went to check the bump on his head. It was gone. It was fucking gone. He was sleeping peacefully and apparently very happy.

Moving to the end of the bed I sat down and pondered all of this. What exactly was the limit of my powers? Obviously they were linked to sex, but just how powerful could I become? What the hell should I do with them? Seriously, you read about them in comics, see them in movies, our culture is full of super heroes and the villains they battle. But this is the real world, and what the hell should I do?

A thought occurred to me and I started laughing. What should I use for a super hero name?

The Fuckinator… watch out.. she will screw you into submission!
Super Pussy… careful, once a month she is homicidal!
Climax Girl… she is cumming for you! Bit of a double meaning there.
Booberella… Do you think you can climb the mountains?

I was actually laughing out loud as this raced through my mind. I knew of other actual comic book women who’s names were cool, but already taken. I decided to stop thinking about it. I did not even know what all I was capable of yet, I didn’t even know if I was the “Hero” type. I try to be good, but today I had already fucked Ashley’s mother, and her brother. Not to mention I fucked my own brother. I was not exactly proving to be a pure and good girl… good thing my name was not Chastity. That made me smile as well.

Sex was amazing, I adored it, and it was a source of great power.

What had Kyle called me? A Succubus? A demon who tempted men and stole their souls. Irresistible and very sexual and seductive creatures. Interesting, but also wholly evil. I don’t think I am evil as such, just really fucking horny.

After pondering everything for about an hour I felt Kyle stir as he changed position in his sleep. He still looked very content.

Getting up I looked at my ruined clothes and decided to leave them there. Kyle would probably like having my ruined panties as a token anyway.

I got one of his high school t-shirts and slid it on. It came to my mid thigh. Checking my reflection I decided I looked sexy in it and I love that feeling. Besides, it had a hint of his cologne and I have always like Kyle. Smiling at his sleeping form I left the room quietly and went upstairs. I got another drink because, lets face it, fucking like that makes a girl thirsty.

Wandering up to Ashley’s room I found her still sleeping. Her parents room was also silent. Looking through her drawers I found a pair of shorts that would fit me and put them on. I left Kyle’s t-shirt on, and decided against even trying to find a bra that would fit. My tits were too full for her bras.

I put a movie on using her computer, but barely watched it, I was thinking about everything I had learned so far about myself.

Ashley awoke and my musings were interrupted as she stretched and said “Hey.”

Turning I smiled at her and said “Feel better?”

“My mouth hurts a bit, but yeah.” Ashley replied as she sat up. “How do I look?” she asked.

Looking at her face I could see the very slight swelling, but she looked good otherwise. “Fine, you can barely tell.”

“Well it hurts.” she said as she gently touched her cheek.

“Can I get you anything?” I asked.

She was looking at me intently. “No, but… wow you look really good Eriko. Is that my brother’s shirt? Wait… you changed.” she said looking me over.

“Yeah, Kyle gave it to me.” I said

“Eriko, why are you wearing my brother’s shirt and my shorts? What happened?” she asked sitting forward.

I tilted my head and smiled at her “I visited Kyle, that’s all.” I said in a playful voice.

Her expression change to one of shock. “Eriko… did you? No… no way would Kyle do that.” she said trying to convince herself.

“Did I what Ashley?” I said playing with my hair with one hand and smiling at her.

“Holy shit! Where is your bra?” she asked staring at my protruding nipples.

“In Kyle’s room.” I said simply and playfully.

“No fucking way!” Ashley exclaimed. “My brother would not do that.” she said, but her voice hinted at doubt.

“Well he did, and I loved it.” I said. “I think he liked it too.” I concluded with a smile.

“But… I thought… I didn’t know that you had done it.” Ashley looked so cute with the lost expression on her face.

“I have, more than once. I love it… do you like to orgasm Ashley?” I asked her seductively.

I saw her body flinch slightly and she bit her lower lip. Seeing my pretty blonde classmate getting turned on made me wet. I wanted her badly, but I also wanted her to know what pleasure was.

“Yeah… but I’ve never done it with a guy.” she said helplessly.

“Why be so narrow minded…” I said as I leaned in and hugged her. “… when so many things are possible… so many ways to find pleasure.”

I felt her buddy shudder as I gently kissed her ear and flicked it with my tongue. She offered no resistance as I gently pushed her back on the bed. She lay beneath me as I brought my lips to her. Kissing her gently and flicking her lips with my tongue I felt her slender arms wrap around me as she drew us together. Our kisses became more passionate as she melded her body to me, our breasts pressing into one another.

Gently disengaging our lips, I slid her shirt off and began kissing my way down to her breasts. Her pretty pink nipples swollen with arousal as I flicked them with my tongue, kissed them, sucked on them. Her body was writhing under me and I willed her to orgasm from this. Her body tensed and arched, lifting her firm little ass off the bed as she gripped me tightly, rocked by orgasm.

As her orgasm faded, and she shuddered beneath me, I began kissing my way down her smooth white skin, loving the taste of her. I could smell her sweet pussy and I heeded it’s call. I licked and kissed my way down, bringing my self down to lay with my face between her slender thighs.

Seeing her moist pussy before me I leaned in and began gently licking it’s pretty pink folds. Ashley’s pussy was so sweet, and I delved deeply into it. Fucking her with my tongue, running my tongue all over it, I felt her shuddering again. Her soft cries of pleasure filled my ears as she was again rocked by orgasm.

Giving her no time to recover, I fastened my lips and teeth onto her lovely clit. Flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it I willed her to cum and cum again. Her soft cries of pleasure grew louder as she was rocked by orgasm after orgasm. Her sweet pussy juice covered my face and I could not get enough of it. Ashley was succulent and responsive, and I wanted this to go on and on.

Faintly I heard her begging me to please stop… that she could take no more. Reluctantly I stopped licking her, kissed her thighs and slowly kissed my way back up. When I was by her face I gently took it in my hand. Staring into her eyes and seeing the pleasure she had felt I kissed my dear friend again.

She was on fire, her hands always in motion, stroking my back and my butt, caressing my hair, cupping my breasts gently. When she found her hand wet from my breasts she looked at it, and then at my breasts. Without a word she gently rolled me onto my back and began licking my breasts and sucking on them. She caused my milk to flow again as she nursed I could see her body was shaking, on the brink of orgasm. Reaching down a hand I traced it slowly over her ass and deeper, caressing her nether lips.

Ashley responded beautifully, climaxing, locking her mouth onto my tit and writhing under my touch. Her orgasm pushed me over the edge. I squirted my hot pussy juice as I cried out. My breasts both spurted hot milk, one filling her mouth, the other spraying us in a hot shower.

As she lay panting in post orgasmic bliss, I slowly moved over her, placing my bald and dripping pussy above her face. Ashley’s eyes opened and she stared at it. Slowly she brought her lips to my sweet cunt as her hands gently encircled my ass, pulling on it, drawing me closer.

After her first lick she began devouring my pussy. Her hot tongue, lips and teeth touching it all over and leaving no part of it untouched. I gave over to it, to the hot oral worship of my beautiful friend. In not time I climaxed, flooding her mouth and face with my hot juices. This was passion, this was lovemaking, not sex just for the purpose of it.

Still, as I had tasted her juices and shared my own with her, I felt my power grow. I also felt the warmth of sharing this with her. As I lay beside her and we embraced I could see the caring in her eyes and I felt it for her as well.

We cuddled together just smiling and enjoying the warmth of intimacy. Ashley laid her head against my breast and hugged herself tightly to her as I welcomed the embrace. I also noticed that her face was no longer swollen and she seemed to be in no pain at all.

As she drifted into a pleasant sleep I considered all that had happened. I knew at that point that I was not evil. I could be “Bad” or misbehave a bit, but evil… cruel… hurtful… I doubted it.

Maybe I should figure out how exactly to use these powers for “Good”. I would have to find a way to test it, to see what I could do to influence events. I could feel an idea hovering around the corners of my mind, but could not latch onto it.

Feeling a sense of urgency, one I could not put my finger on, I slowly got out of the bed. I didn’t want to wake Ashley. Taking some time at her desk I wrote her a note thanking her for being so wonderful and the best friend a person could ever have. I told her I had to go home, but that I would see her tomorrow, and that I missed her even as I wrote this note.

Looking at it I realized I meant everything I had written, except maybe the having to go home. I think I had so much energy inside me that laying still was too difficult. My mind was racing a hundred miles a minute. Distance… I needed to get away to examine everything free from distraction.

I changed into one of her shirts. It made me smile, it was a Hello Kitty shirt I had given her a year ago. It was tight on me, but that was okay. I put the shorts on again I had borrowed earlier. Leaving as quietly as I could, I slipped my sandals on at the door. The house was all quiet. I almost laughed when I realized the only person in the house I had not fucked asleep was Mr. Anderson. Poor guy, I know he would have liked that, but I had to go. Besides, I know he would feel guilty as hell for cheating on his wife and fucking a girl the same age as his daughter. That he idea of a threesome with Mr. And Mrs. Kerr entered my mind as a solution was kinky and soooo wrong.

It was late now and the sun had already gone down. Glancing at my cell phone I saw it was already 9:30pm. I thought briefly about returning to the house, but that did not seem like a great idea. I usually was not out and about this late at night, unless I was with friends or my parents.

Walking down the street I made it to the bus stop and stood there waiting under the single street light.

Cars would go by and I saw a few slow and could see the drivers checking me out. I imagined what they saw… a young, super hot Japanese girl with tits barely restrained by her shirt, her legs on display, standing alone. I imagine it was a nice sight for them. Knowing that might be what they were thinking made my pussy tingle. Realizing this I berated myself mentally. “Seriously slut… how fucking horny can one girl be?… for the love of God… get a grip ya tramp!” I thought.

One of the cars, a newer black Mercedes, passed by and turned around and came back. It u-turned again and slowly pulled up to the curb beside me coming to a stop.

I did not move toward it, but leaned down a bit to see who the driver was. He looked familiar, but at first glance I could not place him. He was a white man, handsome, about 40 years old. He had short dark brown hair and was wearing a nice dark suit,white shirt and a red tie. He was smiling in a friendly manner. He had one hand on the steering wheel as he leaned over toward the passenger side window.

“Eriko? Jim Hunter… I work with your Dad. Do you need a ride?” He said in his nicest voice.

Jim Hunter, the man who grabbed Mom’s ass at a Christmas Party and said “Boom Boom 5 Dollar.” Oh yeah, I knew who he was. From the discussions my parents had I knew he had a wife, a mistress, and took the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” code to a new limit. Apparently he went by anything goes outside the home area code. He had also tried to screw my father over on a work dispute and lived to bang every woman he saw. I had also heard that he had knocked up a receptionist, fired her, and left her holding the bag. He actually convinced his wife he had nothing to do with it.

“Hi Mr. Hunter. It’s okay, I can take the bus.” I said leaning down toward the window. He was staring at my tits.

“That’s silly… come on… I know if I had a daughter I would not want her left standing out here. Please let me give you a lift. It will make me feel better knowing you got home safe.” he said as he reached over and opened the passenger door.

Now he was staring at my legs. Sure, he wants me safe. He wants to fuck my brains out. That was when it occurred to me that maybe I would try and see what else I could do. With my strength I knew I could take him. I was fully charged and could probably break him like a twig.

I decided to wait and see what he was about. Maybe he would be decent and just drive me home. Maybe he would hit on me, or perhaps try something more.

Getting into the car I fastened my seat belt and smiled at him saying “Thank you Mr. Hunter. This is very kind of you.”

“Not a problem at all.” he replied smiling at me. He put the car back in drive and started driving. I was concentrating and I knew I was not turned on by him. The things I had heard prevented that. That pleased me because I knew that whatever he decided to do would happen fully by his choice.

He made small talk about how school was going and such. Suddenly he said “Oh damn. I forgot I had to make a stop. Do you mind? It will be very quick… you can just wait in the car if you like.”

This aroused my suspicions but I agreed. I had to see what kind of person he was.

We drove to his home and he asked if I wanted to come inside. I declined saying I could just wait as he said he would not be long. He smiled brightly and said he would be right back.

After he went inside I noticed his home looked nice from the outside. I did not see any other vehicles and found that kind of strange. Where the hell was his wife? Maybe she was out and that’s why he was cruising around.

When he came back out he tossed a gym bag into the back seat and got into the car. He offered me a bottle of water and had one for himself. I thanked him and he promptly opened his water and took a drink before putting it in the back seat with the bag. He then started the car and began reversing out of the driveway.

I opened the water bottle and brought it to my lips. I took a sip and could tell there was something different about it. I noticed he was playing with the car’s temperature control, raising it slightly. Looking at the bottle I saw something. No way would I have been able to see this normally, but the was something in the water, it had an oily look. I put the cap back on and ran my finger tip over the top. Sure enough I felt it, the tiny puncture in the cap. He had used a syringe to put something in the water. Holy shit he was trying to drug me. I did not feel anything odd at all. Whatever it was did not seem to work on Super Eriko. The thought made me smile.

Mr. Hunter kept talking and complimented me on my smile. I smiled at him, right in the eyes and said “Thank you Mr. Hunter.” Then I opened the bottle and drank more of the drugged water. I was not sure at what point I was supposed to fall under it’s influence. I figured half the bottle would be a good idea and drank that much.

He was smiling brightly and when I let my head lay back against the head rest I heard him chuckle.

“How do you feel Eriko? You okay?” he said as he slowed the car.

“I feel… I feel…” I said as I slowly closed my eyes and let my head lull a bit to the side. I was not sure how I was supposed to be reacting, but reasoned out that he wanted me incapacitated.

“Eriko?” I heard him say loudly. I did not respond except to move my head a little bit.

He turned the car and through my barely open eyes I could see we had pulled into a mall parking lot. He pulled into a remote parking spot close by and said my name a couple of more times. I still did not respond.

When I felt his hand caressing my cheek I opened my eyes and made sure I did not give him a focused look. He turned my head to face him and was leering at me hungrily. Mr. Hunter leaned in and licked my cheek, bringing his tongue to my mouth and licking my lips before kissing me. It was a one sided kiss and I did not respond to it. That did not stop him from exploring my mouth with his tongue.

When I felt his hand start rubbing my crotch I almost flinched. I managed to force myself to sit still while this rapist ran his hands over my body.

While he was enjoying exploring my body my mind was racing. Outside of just kicking the shit out of him I wanted to ruin him. That meant evidence, going with it long enough to make sure he would be convicted.

“You sweet little bitch. I wanted to fuck your mother… but having you like this is going to be so fucking good. You are my sweet little fuck toy and you’re going to love it.” he whispered into my ear.

He sat back and started the car again. He drove me to his house and all through the drive he was touching my legs, caressing them, and occasionally squeezing my tits.

When we got to his house we pulled into the garage and the door closed behind us.

Mr. Hunter got out of the car whistling a tune as he opened the back door and got the bag from there. He came around to my side of the car and opened the door. “Come on slut… time to get you to the playroom” he said happily as he unbuckled my seat belt and lifted me out of the car. He put me over his shoulder and spanked my ass. “Oh this is going to be great.” he said as he carried me into the house.

He took me inside and down to the basement. Once there he tossed me off his shoulder and I landed on a mattress on the floor. I watched as he walked around, clearly pleased with himself.

When he opened a closet nearby and I saw what was inside it made my nervous. I could see chains, manacles, whips, a huge selection of various dildos and butt plugs. What I also noticed was the camera and tripod he took out. He set them up, turning it on. I saw the red light come on and knew he was going to record this. He put a mask on his face to disguise himself, did he have to wear a clown mask? It almost made me laugh.

He came back to the mattress and began undressing me, carefully rolling me around and removing all of my clothes. As I laid there naked he spread my thighs and licked my pussy. Standing back up he began to disrobe.

“I’m so happy you came here” he said. “Your family probably doesn’t realize how much of a whore their daughter is…. I’m going to love seeing your dad’s reaction to this. I’m going to love seeing him forced to resign and taking over from him. Maybe I will fuck your Mom as part of the deal, the one I make to keep this quiet. Having you both at the same time… that would be fun. Of course, the sound is not working on the camera… can’t have my plan ruined.”

When he was fully undressed he stood there leering down at me, his cock hard and throbbing.

“Time to have my dog join us I think.” he said smugly and walked to an adjoining room and opened the door. “Get out here bitch!” he ordered harshly.

I was shocked when I saw a woman come out of the adjoining room, crawling on her hands and knees. She had dog ears on and a tail… one I realized was attached to something he had shoved up her ass. That was all she had on. Her large breasts and shaven pussy were on display. He grabbed the leash attached to her collar and lead her over to me.

“See Bitch, I brought a little playmate for you.” he said as he caressed her hair. “Be a good doggie and welcome her.” It took no time for me to realize it was his wife! I could see her wedding rings.

Mrs. Hunter buried her face between my thighs and began licking my pussy, nuzzling it with her nose and lightly nipping at it. I was prepared and knew he would never get me turned on, but she knew how to eat my cunt and she had my juices flowing in no time. That was bad, the biggest reason being he would get turned on and who knows what he is capable of. He had drugged me, abducted me to his home, and clearly dominated his wife. I had no doubt at that point she would do whatever he told her to do.

Right now, she was sucking on my pussy and drinking and lapping up all the juices leaking out of my heated up pussy.

As she was eating me he knelt down behind her and began fucking her from behind. He brought one of his hands to the back of her head shoving it down into my cunt. She was addicted, I could tell, she was devouring my cunt and came hard all over his cock.

That pissed him off. He pulled out and screamed “You fucking bitch! You don’t come without permission!” Going to the closet he got a thick leather belt and came back. As she kept eating me he began beating her ass with it. She was screaming into my cunt as he unleashed a flurry of blows on her upturned ass.

“Fucking bitch! You forgot the rules… I’m… going… to… remind… you” he yelled, punctuating his words with hard blows on her ass. Suddenly he kicked her in the side knocking her sprawling onto the floor.

“I told you cunt… if you can’t learn the lesson your fucking sister will!” he yelled.

“Please Master… I can be better… please let me!” she cried out. I could see her face covered in tears and that her ribs where he had kicked her had a bright red mark on them. She was going to be bruised for sure.

“Shut the fuck up! Dog’s don’t talk you fucking bitch!” he yelled back at her. “Maybe I need to get a new doggie… maybe this little slut will obey and take your place. Maybe I will open a fucking kennel… you, your little sister and this sweet piece of meat.”

I heard all of this and could see the abject fear in her eyes. She wasn’t doing this for him, she was trying to protect her little sister. It made me wonder just how fucked up Mr. Hunter was.

I was snapped back to the present when he grabbed me and flipped me onto my stomach. He slapped my ass, and spit on my back. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto my knees.

“Time to breed my newest bitch.” he growled as he slapped my ass again. I felt his hand grab my hips and his cock nudging at my pussy and he drove into me. I gasped as he fucked me, pounding my cunt. He went crazy fucking away at me, grabbing my hair and pulling me up against him. His other hand came to my breasts. He grabbed on of my tits roughly as he sank his teeth into my neck hard.

He kept thrusting and was grunting through his teeth. When he punched me in the back of the head, knocking me flat, I decided I had had enough.

He rolled me over and as I rolled I bent a leg back and kicked him in the chest. When he flew backwards slamming into the wall and breaking the drywall I was shocked.

Slumping to the floor he groaned painfully.

I stood up looking at his wife. She had a look of shock on her face. I went over to her slowly and said “Are you okay?”

“Who are you?” she asked her eyes searching my face. I noticed hope in her eyes.

“Eriko… your husband works with my dad. What did he mean about your sister?” I asked.

“He… he has a tape he made, one of me fucking a bunch of guys. Some of those guys are my students. He drugged me and disguised me. They didn’t know who they were fucking, but on the tape is me being prepared. He told me if I don’t do as I’m told he will expose me through the tape. He says if I really piss him off he will get my sister and use her to make money… pimp her out as a submissive drugged whore.” she told me beginning to cry again.

“Relax, I can handle this.” I said.

She immediately stopped crying and looked hopeful.

“Do you want to stay married to him?” I asked.

“No.. I hate him. I hate him so much.” she said with complete conviction.

It dawned on me that she will do whatever I suggest. I almost forgot about that.

“Do me a favour… get the cuffs and things… were going to tie him up and make our own damn video.” I told her.

She went to the closet and began getting the things I asked for. I went to him and dragged him to the mattress. I wanted him to agree to anything, so I began masturbating while standing over him as he lay there. I then rubbed my juices all around his lips, in his mouth and under his nose. At that point I knew I owned his sorry ass.

While she bound him I went to the camera and got the microphone to work. I ejected the tape of me and put a new one in.

Mrs. Hunter said “I’m finished.” smiling at me.

“You have a lovely smile.” I said to her and she beamed at the compliment.

“Does he ever use these things on himself?” I asked gesturing at the butt plugs and vibrators.

“No, he says he is not gay and only fags do that.” she replied frankly.

“Huh, he really is an asshole. Is he homophobic?” I asked.

“Yes, he can’t stand being around them or even talking to a gay guy.” she replied.

“I happen to know a gay guy who might be willing to help me out here.” I told her. I called Matt and he was really happy to hear from me. I asked if he could help me out with a problem and he said anything. I told him that a friends husband wanted to explore man on man sex and asked him to get some friends over to help out. Matt agreed readily and said he knew some guys who would love it.

Leaving Mr. Hunter tied up on the mattress, I went upstairs with Mrs. Hunter. We went to her bedroom and showered together. I have to admit she was a beautiful woman. She kept her 5’9” frame tight and fit, had wonderfully full breasts, and beautiful long red hair.

Our shower became sensual when she began washing my back. She ran her soapy hands gently all over my body and I was soon leaning back against her as her fingers began exploring me. She cupped one of my breasts as she began fingering my pussy, bringing me to a very satisfying orgasm.

Turning around I slid a hand into her hair and drew her mouth down to mine, kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around me and cupped my ass, lifting me off the shower floor. I wrapped my legs around her waist and my arms around her neck. She was probably the best kisser I had met to that point and we were panting with the burning desire taking us both over.

“Please… I want to pleasure you.” I begged.

Lowering me down, but not breaking our kiss, she cupped my face in her soft hands. I leaned back from her breaking the kiss and lead her out of the shower.

Taking her to the king sized bed I asked her to lay on her back and she did so quickly, spreading her legs wide. She caressed her breasts with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other. She was biting her full red lips as she watched me crawl onto the bed between her legs.

Using my tongue to caress her body, I explored every inch. I licked up every drop of water I found, leaving no part of her legs unexplored. As I licked her inner thighs she came hard. Seeing her juices flowing freely I could not help myself and dove into her pussy. She tasted amazing and as I licked her folds her body began to shake.

Sliding two fingers inside her hot wet pussy made her cream all over me as she screamed out her pleasure. I loved the way this gorgeous woman orgasmed, and I wanted to give her more.

Curling my fingers I began stimulating her G spot and sucking on her clit. I lost count of how many times she came. Her last was a powerful full body orgasm. She actually squirted all over my face and hand before collapsing on the bed. I looked up at her to see the beautiful Mrs. Hunter had passed out. Her body had a sheen of sweat on it and she had the most adorable smile on her face.

I crawled up her body and gently kissed her soft mouth. It would have been nice to curl up with her, but I had a plan to implement and company coming over shortly.

Walking into their large walk in closet I found an amazing selection of clothes. I picked up some tight workout shorts and an AC/DC t-shirt.

Walking downstairs I found Mr Hunter was awake and panting. His cock was hard as steel and when he saw me he groaned in arousal, a surge of precum leaking out of his cock.

I checked the camera and saw it was all set. I turned it on to record and put my plan in motion.

“Hi Mr. Hunter. How fucking horny are you right now?”

“Oh God I need to cum… I’m really fucking horny.” he replied in a begging tone.

“I want you to tell me you love cock… love fucking it… love sucking it.” I said. I knew if I had worded it as a question he would have said he hates cock.

“I love cock… I love fucking cock…. I love sucking cock.” He replied like a good little fuckbot.

“I want you to show me… when the guys get here I want you to be a total cock hound for them… I want you to let loose and be the perfect little fucking cock slut you want to be.” I said “You want to be a cock slut for me don’t you?”

“Yes” he said in the begging tone I had grown to love.

“You want to get used by cocks” I said as a command.

“I want to get used by cocks.” he replied.

“You love cock… in fact… you want it more than you want to be married.”

“I love it more than being married.” he said.

“Beg for it!” I ordered.

“Please… please let me have cock! Please… I will be the perfect cock slut for you. I want to please you by showing what a perfect fucking cock slut I can be! Please let me… please give me cock!” he said begging.

I paused the camera and went over to him. He was struggling in his bindings, trying to get closer to me.

“Listen carefully Mr. Hunter… you are going to leave you wife… you are going to give her everything when you do. You are going to go to work and quit. You are going to admit you are a total cock whore if they ask why you are quitting. You want to be a sex slave for one of the men who comes here. You are going to admit that on camera, you are going to admit that you wanted to rape your wife’s sister, but only because you were confused and wanted to hurt women. Understand?” I asked

“Yes… anything you want.” he replied looking up at me.

I turned the camera back on and he gave an Academy Award quality performance, saying everything I asked him to. Wow, she was going to have an amazing divorce settlement, he would be disgraced, and unemployed. Everything he tried to do to me, my father, his wife and his sister. This was also revenge for his treatment of my mother. She was deeply shamed by his grabbing her ass.

When the doorbell rang I went upstairs and answered the door.

Matt smiled brightly when he saw me and gave me a hug. He introduced me to three men he had brought with him.

Dave resembled Matt. A slender and pretty effeminate guy with soft looking short blonde hair and lovely blue eyes.

Kevin was definitely a top. He was around 35 years old, had a solid build, and short dark hair cut in a flat top. His rugged jeans and leather jacket made him kind of intimidating, but his smile was very kind and he hugged me in greeting and seemed to be a nice guy.

Randall was probably one of the biggest men I had ever seen in my life. He was easily 6’5” tall and built like a football player. He was a solid mass of muscle. He had skin like dark chocolate. Looking up at him I felt even smaller than usual. Looking into his beautiful brown eyes and smiling face put me at ease. His deep baritone voice reminded me of an actor on a certain insurance add. I had no doubt any guy he got hold of would be in good hands.

I lead them all into the den and got beers from the fridge. I was just giving them each their beers when a tired looking Mrs. Hunter walked into the room wearing just her panties and a t-shirt. She looked surprised for a second and said “Oh my God, you guys came! This is fantastic!”

They all started laughing and Randall said “You do realize we’re gay right?”

Mrs. Hunter laughed happily and said “Yes… you’re here for my husband.”

Everyone laughed and Dave said “Does he get his freak on like this often?”

“No, but trust me he is really looking forward to be a total cock hound for you guys.” I said.

Kevin said “You don’t mind? I mean… we love the sitch but don’t want to make it weird for you.”

Mrs Hunter was answering him but I didn’t hear it. Matt had run his hand up my leg onto my ass as I stood next to him as he sat in a chair. Looking at it I decided his action made perfect sense. He had pounded my ass in the library and I had not showered after having sex with Mrs. Hunter.

I gently took his hand off my ass and kissed his palm. “Save it for him” I said kindly.

“Okay. I miss you though. You were really nice to me.” he said. I could see in his eyes that he meant that.

“Lets go so you can fuck the shit out of this guy!” I said happily and lead them downstairs. Before they got on camera they stripped and I gave them masks. I admit that seeing the nice cock meat each of these guys had made me wish it was me they were getting ready to gang bang.

Mrs. Hunter was watching them as well and I could see that they turned her on too.

I went into the room finding Mr. Hunter was still bound, his cock hard as a rock. I went over to him and took the cuffs off of him and ordered him to kneel, that all the cock he could want was about to come into the room.

Turning on the camera I said “Are you ready to get in touch with your cock hungry little heart Mr. Hunter?”

“Yes… please… don’t make me wait.” he begged.

The guys came in and saw him there. They laughed and walked over to him, surrounding him. Mr Hunter did exactly what I hoped. He immediately went down on Randall, sucking that big black cock as deep into his mouth as he could. His hands came up and he began stroking Dave and Matt’s cocks.

Seeing poor Kevin standing there watching this, stroking his own cock, I tossed him a bottle of lube. Kevin smiled and me and began lubing up his cock.

“Oh shit this little sissy bitch loves black cock!” Randall moaned as Mr. Hunter sucked his cock like his life depended on it.

Kevin, meanwhile, had finished lubing his cock and knelt behind Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter screamed in pleasure and pain as Kevin shoved his big thick cock into his tight asshole.

“Is this what you want Mr. Hunter?” I asked being a bit of a bitch.

Sliding his mouth off of Randall’s huge black cock he said “Yes… yes… I want this… I want to be a fucking cock slut.”

“You heard him guys, use this fucking cock slut… make him a cum dump!” I said laughing.

They forced him onto his hands and knees. Mrs. Hunter and I watched as her husband was being impaled at both ends, sucking Randall’s big black dick and getting his ass fucked hard by Kevin. Seeing him stroking Dave and Matt’s cocks at the same time sure cemented the impression that Mr. Hunter had become a dedicated cock slut.

Looking at Mrs. Hunter I saw she was panting and fingering her pussy and pinching one of her nipples.

I decided to walk over to the closet and looked at everything in there. It took a minute for me to find what I wanted, a strapon. I put it on and decided to add some spice to what the guys were doing.

I picked up nipple clamps, small whips, a ball gag, and set of cock and ball rings and tossed them onto the mattress. Looking at what was happening there I was just in time to watch Randall cum a huge load in Mr. Hunter’s mouth, while Kevin filled his ass with cum, spanking Mr. Hunter’s ass as he came.

They stepped back and Matt and Dave flipped Mr. Hunter onto his back. Matt shoved his cock deep into Mr. Hunter’s ass and Dave began fucking his wide open mouth. I was a bit surprised to see Mr. Hunter reach up and cup Dave’s ass.

My attention was drawn away by Mrs. Hunter. She had gotten on her knees in front of me and was sucking on the strapon cock.

I reached down and caressed her hair watching her work that fake dick in and out of her talented mouth. Her eyes opened and she locked eyes with me as she slid her mouth off the fake cock.

Kneeling down I pushed gently on her shoulders and Mrs. Hunter laid back spreading her legs and drawing me onto her with her hands on my shoulders. Locking my mouth onto one of her creamy white tits I began sucking and licking it as I lined the big cock up and slid it inside her hot wet hole.

She arched her back as it slid all the way in moaning “Oh yes…yessss”.

Reaching down I turned the vibrating action on and began fucking her deep and slow, feeling the bump as I hit her cervix. Mrs. Hunter was going wild under me, writing and wrapping her legs around me. She was crying out her pleasure as I worked hard to give her the fucking she deserved.

I could also hear the grunting from the guys, as the fucked Mr. Hunter.

Looking over I saw they had affixed the nipple clamps on him. His cock and balls looked painful constrained in the rings they had put on them. He was getting his ass pounded by Randall, his eyes wide open, while Matt was driving his cock into the bastard’s slutty mouth. Kevin and Dave were spanking Mr. Hunter’s ass with the whips. It looked red and totally inflamed. There was cum on his face and ass and he definitely looked like the cum bucket I wanted him to be.

Mrs. Hunter reached up and turned my face back to her. She was oblivious to the degradation of her husband. Perhaps she was much more focused on her own pleasure and did not care about him. I smiled at her and increased the speed of my thrusts into her willing cunt.

Throwing her head back in pleasure she came hard. I did not stop and kept railing her tight pussy, wanting to drive her crazy with sexual joy.

Leaning down I softly said “Do you like getting fucked like this? Do you want to cum again?’

“Oh fuck yes… I love the way your fucking me… keep making me cum… keep fucking me.” she moaned out before locking her lips against mine.

“Cum for me baby… cum for your sweet teen lover.” I said and cum she did, screaming out her pleasure.

My focus was totally on her, making her cum, giving her everything she ever wanted.

“Let me ride you please… I never get to be on top.” she begged.

Rolling us over I watched this hot red haired MILF start driving her hips back and forth, her head thrown back. She was riding that cock like a woman on a mission and I loved seeing the lust written all over her face. Her heaving breasts were flushed and when I reached up and took her nipples between my fingers she screamed and came hard again. I could feel her hot pussy juice soaking as it ran down onto my stomach and thighs. I wanted her happy and began channelling my will to make her cum harder.

Mrs. Hunter changed her movements and began bouncing up and down on the cock. I knew it was bashing against her cervix, but this just made her go insane. She was cumming again quickly and had a massive orgasm. She arched and screamed, her neck muscles straining, as she rode through the explosion of pleasure flooding her body.

I was caught a bit off guard when she collapsed forward onto me and just wrapped my arms around her holding her to me. Her chest was heaving with the force of her breaths. Reaching up, I brushed the hair from her face and kissed her softly.

We could both hear the men laughing and grunting as they wrecked her husband, but we didn’t care at that point. We were enjoying our own little corner of the world.

“Are you okay Mrs. Hunter?” I asked softly as I gently caressed her cheek.

“I’ve never been better and would you please call me Monica.” she said smiling gently down at me. The happiness she was feeling, the contentment, was showing clearly through her sexy green eyes.

We began gently kissing and Monica said “I wish you never had to leave… will you please come back?”

“For you I can do that.” I said kissing her again.

I could see she was still smouldering with desire, but decided we should take a break. We left with the guys barely noticing. I did notice that they had Mr. Hunter on his back. Dave was slapping Mr. Hunter’s cock with a whip, Matt was fucking his face, and Randall was again hammering that big black cock into Mr. Hunter’s ass. Kevin was sitting idly next to the group stroking his cock and drinking a beer while he watched them.

Mrs. Hunter, or should I saw Monica, and I went up to the kitchen. We prepared snacks for the guys and I made sure the fridge had lots of beer in it.

We sat down ourselves and had a snack. It was pretty playful, with her finding any excuse to touch me and me loving it.

When the guys came upstairs they looked beat, but also very happy. I heard them complimenting her on her husband’s enthusiastic fucking. He was apparently passed out now.

Heading downstairs I got the tape from the camera and walked over to Mr. Hunter and woke him up, not too gently either.

“How did you like that?” I asked.

“It was amazing.” he replied. He was covered in cum, welt marks, and basically looked like a well used two dollar whore.

“Time for you to pack a suitcase and leave. Your going to go and stay in a hotel. In the morning you are going to go to work and quit. Then you will call a lawyer and file for divorce. You will tell him you cheated on your wife with four men using you like a fuck puppet, that you loved it, and that you are going to let her have everything. You will also admit to abusing your wife and threatening to rape her sister. After that, leave town, and don’t try to contact your wife again. You will only talk to her through your lawyer. He will get a copy of the tape. Tell him about your tape collection. Now… leave.”

Mr. Hunter got up and did exactly as he was told. He left without saying a word to anyone. They guys watched him go and asked what was happening.

I told them that he had decided that he was too much for his wife and was outta here. They began expressing sympathy, until they saw how happy she was.

After the guys left, with Matt asking me to call him, Monica was on cloud nine. When I told her everything her husband was going to do she was thrilled. She kept hugging me and thanking me. When she asked if I would come over again I told her that I promise. I arranged for her to send the tape to whatever lawyer contacted her. It seemed prudent to have a copy made and told her to make sure she did that.

The tape of me I destroyed.

Heading home in the early morning light I had to laugh. I could not believe how my night had gone. My powers actually were useful for something other than just fucking. But I was pretty sure that I enjoyed that too.

When I got home my parents were their normal selves. They thought I had been at my friends overnight and had no idea their good little daughter had behaved so badly. I went up to my room reasoning I must be tired. Laying in bed I found I was not tired at all. Apparently all that sex had me really powered up. Getting out of bed, I headed into the shower and cleaned myself up.

When I came out of the shower I found my brother Hiro sitting on the side of my bed. He smiled at me and asked “Do you need a massage?”

I love my brother!