California Girls 1


This is part 1 in what I planned to be a 3 part series


“Fuck” thought Kate “Fuck that goddamn alarm” she rolled out of bed and squinted at the light spilling in through her bedroom window.


“GODAMMIT!” she screamed as she fell face first into her pillow and slammed down on the alarm. “Oh shit wait my alarm was on my phone” she whimpered.

“Kate, what’s all that screaming about? It’s Saturday morning what are you doing up?” yelled her mom from downstairs.

“Saturday? Had she heard that right?” Kate snatched up her phone and checked the date, smiling a Cheshire cat smile as she fell back into bed.

Usually, since she didn’t do anything Saturday morning she liked to lay in bed for a while and gaze out her window or try and drift back to sleep. But some mornings if she couldn’t sleep she’d finger herself to an orgasm. This felt like one of those mornings.

Kate stretched and yawned, watching as her perky 32C breast stretched forward, her pert little nipples pointing towards the ceiling.

“auhh” she moaned as she felt the fabric of her night-shirt rub against her erect buds.One hand played through her luscious brown hair while the other caressed her toned stomach.

“Aw man thank god its almost summer,” she thought, “tanning sounds really good.” pouting her lips childishly as she looked down at her caramel skin, watching her right hand slowly make its way to the waistband of her thong.

Kate dropped her left hand from her head and slipped it under her shirt, pinching her sensitive buds and biting her lip to suppress a moan.

Her hand slipped under the waistband and she shuddered, just barely brushing her clit. Spreading her fingers in a V shape, she ran them along her lips teasing herself, not fingering herself just yet. Her left hand played lightly with her nipples, sending small shudders through her body whenever her finger flicked the sensitive bud.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, spreading her legs, Kate curved her middle finger and slipped it into her pussy. Enjoying the warm wetness that had lubricated her entry.

She let out a deep moan as her finger rubbed her G-spot and felt her trim pubes brush against the inside of her wrist.

Slowly she began wiggling her finger inside her, opening herself up and slipping in a second. She had never been able to fit more than two in, but always felt full with just the two so she began pumping her fingers in and out of her tight hole, slowly picking up pace until her small quick strokes were visibly churning that honey out of her pussy.

“Oh my god I’m so horny” she moaned as her hand mauled her nipples, pinching and twisting the firm little peaks.

“Auhh fuck, oh, yes, oh, god ohhh” she moaned. Her hips lifted off the bed and grinded against the satisfying hand that was fucking her gooey cunt.

Kate bit her lips to hold back her moans, but her fingers felt so good… she couldn’t hold it, “AHHHH Uhh, Yes!” she screamed, flipping over to bury her face in the pillow and suppress her moans.

Kate had slowed her finger fucking, not wanting to climax yet but coming pretty close. This was her favorite position, she lifted her hips slightly, moving most of her weight to her shoulders and putting her left hand next to her head to balance herself. From there she reached under her and slipped a finger into her drooling cunt, making sure to fully coat it before pulling it out. Kate leaned into her left arm as she readjusted herself, pulling her right hand and out from under her and reaching it around to her plump ass. Those caramelized legs spread in anticipation and Kate slipped a cum coated finger into her tight asshole. She could only fit the one finger in there but it was more than enough to satisfy her as she thrust it into her tight ass.

Within a minute Kate’s face was red and she was biting her pillow, trying to hold back the tidal wave that was forming deep in her pussy. Kate loved fingering her ass, and the feeling of that finger squishing in and out of her tight hole was too much.

She exploded, burying her face into the pillow as she released in a massive, shuddering orgasm. Cum flooded out of her pussy and ran down the back of her thighs, pooling behind her knees and spilling out into her sheets. Her squirmy ass clamped down on her finger and Kate’s orgasm reached new heights as she felt the muscles in her cervix tighten and contract, pumping out wave after wave of cum.

Kate lay on her bed, shuddering as she recovered from her massive orgasm as cum still leaking from her saturated pussy.

She rolled onto her back and watched her chest rise in fall as she regained her breath before drifting back into sleep.


Kate opened one eye, glaring at the wretched phone which had woken her now twice today.

“Yes?” Kate mumbled into the phone. Bring her right hand up to wipe her eyes

“Hey Kate its Hannah…”

Kate zoned out of the conversation. “What the hell why am I sticky! It’s all over my hands! Holy shit its all over my legs and my sheets! How hard did I cum!?”

“Kate? Kate are you still there?” pleaded the person on the other end of the phone.

“Huh? Oh ya I’m here” responded Kate, snapping back to reality, “Sorry I zoned out for a sec, what’s up?”

“Well I was just saying we should go down to the pier, and maybe the beach today?” asked Hannah, sounding a little hurt.

“Ya that sounds great!” Kate sat up and smiled.

At 11 Kate found the will power to getherself out of bed. She was still covered in her own cum and stepped into the shower.

“Oh shit” she shivered. The cold water slashed against her shoulders and sent goose bumps running along her upper body. Her nipples stood on end.

Kate leaned on the far wall of the shower, waiting for the water to warm up.

“hehehe,” a small giggle escaped her a she gingerly squeezed her breasts.

“Awh man they’re so soft, and my nipples…ugh yes!” she moaned, rolling the sensitive tips in her fingers. She was soooo horny.

By that time the shower had gotten up to a reasonable temperature and Kate scooted in. The warm water running down the cleft of her breasts and down the curves of her body.

Fuck it felt good, the heavy droplets of water running down her flat stomach and dragging off her clit. Kate rolled her hips backwards and opened her legs, leaning forward and allowing the pressure of the water to shoot against her naked pussy.

“auhhh” she groaned. She slipped a hand down and immediately shoved two fingers knuckle deep in her pussy.

“aauhh yessss” Kate hissed, pulling her fingers out only to roughly shove them back in. She curved her middle finger and index finger into a C shape and shuddered as she felt the pressure on her g-spot.

“Ohhh fuck yea, oh, yes, oh that’s good, that’s, so, good!” Kate whimpered, picking up her pace and finger fucking her squirming cunt senseless.

*Knock knock*

“Shit!” she thought to herself.

“Kate hurry up you’re using all the hot water” moaned her sister Brianna. She was only a year younger, but could still be annoying as hell.

“Bri shut up!” Katie yelled, annoyed that her sister had so abruptly ended the climb to an amazing climax

“You’re wasting all the hot water! I have a birthday party I need to get ready for”

Kate shut off the water and slipped out of the shower.
At 12:30 Kate headed to the beach, clad in a modest blue bikini, covered by short shorts and a crop top.

She spotted Hannah a ways down the pier and leisurely walked to meet her.

Hannah leaned her back against the pier rails, her luscious D breasts stretching the fabric of the tiny bikini. Even from 30 feet away her nipples were visibly outlined in the thin fabric. She was an amazing sight for the groups of guys and even girls walking by.

Kate strolled up to her busty friend, who seemed totally unaware of the attention she was drawing, just leaning against the rail innocently eating an ice-cream cone.

A droplet of melted ice-cream dropped onto Hannah’s chest, rolling down the inside of her breast and sending goose bumps along her tender flesh.

She slipped her finger along the trail of melted ice cream and stuck it into her mouth, then she noticed her friend.

“Hey Kate!” she jumped and waved at her with the ice-cream holding arm, shaking more droplets onto her tits. “Oh shit!” she muttered.

A dirty thought crossed her mind: “I got that,” smiled Kate, leaning over and lapping at the cool cream melting on her chest. Giving all the people walking by a nice show.

Hannah moaned slightly at the feel of Kate’s soft tongue, “you ready to hit the beach?” Hannah asked.

The girls spent their day laying in the sand and tanning, or dipping into the water to cool off, and they stayed at the beach well into the afternoon.

Hannah sat up and turned to her friend, “Hey, Kate? can we just go hang out at your house tonight?”

“Ya” responded Kate, “My parents are out and Bri is at a friends house so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

“Great!” Hannan perked up, lets get going.

. The girls piled their stuff into Hannah’s Nissan and took off for Kate’s house, arriving in just under 10 minutes.

“Alright c’mon I want to take a shower and watch some movies.” moaned Hannah

“Alright, alright, let me just get my keys.”

Kate slipped the keys into the door and Hannah pushed past her and shot upstairs.

“Hey what’s the rush?” yelled Kate.

“Sitting in that car all the sand mashed into my crotch, I gotta take a shower.” Laughed Hannah.

Kate laughed to herself as she closed and locked the door behind her. Hannan could be crass sometimes but she loved her.

Kate ran upstairs into her room to change, stripping off the bikini, but stopping to admire herself in the mirror. She ran her hands along the lines of her body, down her stomach and over her shaved mound, feeling the slight moisture and heat building as she teased herself. Before she got too horny Kate slipped on some shorts and a tank top and headed downstairs to set up the movie and make some popcorn.

By the time Hannah came down from the bathroom it was nearly dark out and Kate was sitting on the couch waiting to play the movie

“Christ Hannah, did you wash my dog while you were in there too?” teased Kate.

“Oh shut up!” laughed Hannah, “Where is Rourke anyway?”

“I don’t know, in another room or outside.” Kate waved her hand vaguely towards the back of the house.

Hannah giggled, “Okay, let’s start the movie!”. She sprawled out on the couch and laid her head on Kate’s stomach.

The girls watched the sappy romance movie for an hour or so before getting bored and switching it off.

“That was horrific” whined Kate

“What about TV?” pleaded Hannah.

“Meh,” Kate shrugged, “We could try to download something onto the computer?”

“Ya that sounds good”

Kate ran upstairs to grab her computer and, upon returning to the couch, resumed her position as Hannah’s body pillow.

As Kate flitted through a few pirate sites Hannah, getting bored, began to trace her finger along Kate’s thighs, gliding her finger from her knee to mid-thigh and back.

“Have you found anything yet?” moaned Hannah, her finger still tracing up Kate’s right leg.

“Jennifer Aniston, Romantic comedy?” asked Kate.

“Sure” huffed Hannah.

They waited a good 20 minutes for the movie to download, just talking about school and boys and complaining about the lack of any decent men in the world. (broad statement for 11th graders).

Finally the movie started and Kate hit play. Immediately they were thrown into the middle of a lesbian porn movie.

“What the fuck!” screamed Hannah as Kate slammed the computer shut.

“I dont know, sometimes when you pirate movies they end up being porn, I’ve never had it happen I’ve just heard about it.”

“Is that the shit that guys are so obsessed about?” Hannah hissed, recovering from her earlier shock.

“Ya I guess, I don’t see what’s so great about it”

“Maybe our brains just aren’t wired that way.”

“Maybe, we did also only see a few seconds of it,” mused Hannah

“Are you suggesting we watch porn together?” whispered Kate.

“Well we don’t really have anything to do, and I’m a little curious.”

Kate turned the idea over for a few seconds before finally agreeing and turning on the computer.

The movie consisted of two gorgeous girls, a redhead with green eyes, wearing a blue thong with pink trim and a green bra also complete with pink trim, and the other girl, a curly brunette hair with blue-grey eyes, wearing only a red lace thong and moaning as the redhead sucked on the nipple of her left breast.

Kate couldn’t admit it, but watching to two girls tease and play with each other was fueling the growing heat between her legs. She wished that someone would suck on her tits like that, or play their tongue along her stomach and down to her shaved little mound and just eat her until she screamed.

Watching the two girls kiss was the most erotic thing Kate had ever seen, and when the redhead slid her tongue into the other girls mouth Kate gave an audible whimper and looked down at Hannah.

Hannah had her eyes glued to the screen from the beginning, watching the two girls as they kissed and licked had her wet in seconds. She lay on the couch up against Kate, her left leg pressed against Kate’s right leg. Hannah had her right leg splayed up on the couch to her right, effectively spreading her legs. Her right hand slid along the inside of her right thigh, stopping just underneath the leg of her pajama shorts.

When Kate looked down she saw all of this, Hannah could have practically been drooling. Her face was flushed red and her tits were heaving as her breathing became heavier and heavier. She looked so sexy. And Kate, without thinking, leaned over and planted her lips on Hannah’s.

Hannah was a little shocked, the screen was suddenly blocked, and all of a sudden she felt soft warm lips pressing against hers.

It took her a second to realize that it was her best friend, another girl, attached to the mouth kissing her. Yet that only turned her on more.

She pulled her hand off of her inner thigh and up to Kate’s cheek, pulling herself into the kiss.

Kate felt a hand on her cheek, then something warm and slippery running along her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed it access, realizing it was Hannah’s tongue that had just slid into her mouth, Kate moaned and began to suck on it, sliding her tongue over the invading one.

Kate ran her hand along Hannah’s inner thigh and now it was the blonde’s turn to moan. She could vaguely hear the girls in the porno getting a louder and broke the kiss so she could turn to look at the screen. What she saw made her gasp and she felt the heat between her legs intensify.

The redhead slowly kissed her way up the Brunette girl’s inner thigh to the soaking red lace. The brunette’s eyes were shut and her lips were curled into a strained smile of ecstasy, on verge of an orgasm but not able to reach it.

Hannah became a little disappointed at the loss of friends lips, but sat gaping at why she had turned away. Seeing the erotic show on the screen made Hannah hornier than ever.

Without Kate noticing Hannah slipped off the couch and, sitting in front of Kate, stared up her smooth, caramel thighs.

Kate jumped a little at the feeling of the soft wet kisses making their way up her leg.

“Hannah -,” she started to protest but’ “oohh please don’t stoppp” came out instead. Hannah slipped off her own shorts and continued kissing Kate’s thighs.

Hannah was purposefully slow in her kissing and it drove Kate crazy, her pussy was soaking by the time Hannah reached the juncture of Kate’s thigh and pelvis, her nose and lips pushing their way under the loose shorts.

“Why don’t we take this off” Hannah hissed, planting a deep kiss on Kate’s shorts right on her clit.

“auhh” Kate moaned at the feeling, allowing Hannah to pull the shorts off and expose the blue panties beneath. Kate hurriedly pulled her tank top off and watched as her braless breasts rolled out.

“Cute” smiled Hannah, inches away from the soaking crotch, “Is someone a little horny?”

Kate bit her lip to suppress a moan and nodded her head.

Hannah ran her tongue up the middle of Kate’s underwear, sliding the fabric along Kate’s slit and over her engorged clit, rewarded with a low moan from Kate.

“Do u want me to take these off and eat you’re little pussy out?” purred Hannah.

“Yes please” whimpered Kate, suppressing another moan.
Hannah slowly slid them off and stared at the shaved pink cunt in front of her. Kate’s lips were sparkling with juice, like dew on morning grass and her clit stood out, engorged and sensitive from the session of teasing.

“You have such a pretty pussy” whispered Hannah.

“Thank you” Kate giggled, “now eat it!” she hissed, grabbing Hannah’s head and pulling it towards her.

Hannah’s prolonged teasing had gotten Kate so horny that she could think of nothing past her own orgasm, desperate to flood Hannah’s mouth with her cum. And the moment Hannah’s lips came in contact with Kate’s she nearly came, arching her back and grabbing Hannah’s head she pushed her clit into her best friend’s mouth.

Kate squirmed and squealed under Hannah’s fantastic tongue. She ran her tongue up the middle of Kate’s slit, stopping at her clit to flick it with her tongue and suck on the fat button.

Kate twisted her nipples painfully with one hand, using other pushing Hannah’s face deeper into her cunt.

“Aauugghh yesss don’t stop I’m gonna cum.”

Kate’s words spurred Hannah on, and she pressed her lips against Kate’s clit and slid her hand up Kate’s thighs, slipping her middle finger into Kate’s virgin hole.

Hannah was so horny she could feel her cunt dripping and was tempted to use her other hand to finger herself, but thought better of it.

On the second thrust of Hannah’s fingers Kate came, “AHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSS DONT STOP, IM CUMMMINNGGG!” screamed Kate.

Hannah quickened her pace, thrusting her finger in and out faster and spraying Kate’s cum onto her chin while she lapped up the river running out of her slit and along her thighs, making a naughty wet spot on the couch.

Hannah lapped slowly as Kate slowly came off her orgasm, removing her fingers from Kate’s dripping pussy.

“Uuhhh huh?” Hannah moaned, muffled by Kate’s cunt and held there by her friends arm she tried to turn around.

Something rough, yet wet and smooth, was stroking her cunt. Hannah managed to turn a little and out of the corner of her eye saw Kate’s dog, Rourke, licking her pussy. At first Hannah was horrified, but she was already so horny and that tongue felt so good. Her pussy was in desperate need of attention and so she didn’t stop him.

“Oh my god, Rourke no!” yelled Kate, interrupting Hannah.

“Kate noooo, don’t make him stop.” moaned Hannah.

Kate looked down and saw her friends face, contorted with lust, and then up at her dog, with his nose buried in Hannah’s soaking pussy. “God that’s hot” she thought.

Rourke was a golden-brown Boxer mix, about 4 and 1/2 feet long not including his tail. He acted as the family guard dog but usually just laid outside sun bathing or chasing his own tail until it was time to eat dinner. Now he was feasting on the juices of Hannah’s pussy, lapping it up with his long, sandpapery tongue.

Kate stared down at the scene before her, listening to the moans and whimpers of her best friend and watching as her dog attacked her pussy like it was his dinner, and to her surprise, she was turned on by it. She was horny and dripping again in seconds and had already stuffed two fingers into her pussy. Letting out a long low moan as they sunk in to the knuckle.

Hannah looked up to see Kate, her tongue actually licking her lips and as she stuffed two finger into her deliciously tight cunt. The sight of her friend fingering herself coupled with the feeling of her pussy getting tongued, compounded with the sexy scene on the computer still playing, sent Hannah over the edge and she erupted in a massive, shuddering orgasm.

Rourke easily lapped up the cum flooding from Hannah’s hot pussy, continuously stimulating Hannah and carrying her orgasm even higher.

Kate watched as her friend was reduced to a pile of shuddering screaming and moaning orgasms, her pussy flooding in an endless river of cum. Then Kate came. Cum gushed out past her finger and down her legs. She bucked and moaned and whimpered in time with Hannah, riding wave after wave of cum as it visibly gushed put of her pussy and ran down her smooth tan legs. She bit her lip at Hannah and saw that it only made Hannah come more, her face red and twisted in orgasmic ecstasy.

Finally the girls wound down, smiling at each other in the afterglow of the orgasm.

“Wow!” breathed Kate

“Oh my god” gasped Hannah, “Have you let him do that to you before?” referring to letting Rourke eat her out.

“No, is it good?” asked Kate

“Incredible!” smiled Hannah, “you should try it.”

“I might, I’m still pretty horny” Kate flashed Hannah a devilish grin

“Oh I didn’t know you were such a dirty girl” cooed Hannah

“Neither did I” she smiled, and they both roared with laughter.

“What are we gonna do about Rourke?” asked Hannah once they calmed down.

“What do u mean?” asked Kate

“Look”, Hannah motioned towards Rourke, he look frustrated, pawing at the ground while his fleshy red member bobbed beneath him.

“Whoa, how big do you think he is?” smiled Kate

“I dont know, 9, maybe 10 inches” mused Hannah, “I guess two naked, sexy girls cumming and cumming is enough to even get a dog horny.” she smiled

“Dare you to blow him!” squealed Kate.

“Fuck! No way!”

“Oh c’mon it can’t be that bad”

“Then you do it!”

“Fine!” smiled Kate, “since your such a chicken.” Kate kneeled down in front of Rourke and then got on her hands and knees, trying to crawl under him.

“Rourke up!” ordered Hannah.

Rourke jumped his front paws onto Kate’s shoulders

“Hey!” yelled Kate, as Rourke’s cock hit her in the face. She heard Hannah giggle behind her.

Kate grabbed the swaying member with her hand to stop it from hitting her and Rourke walked forward on his back legs.

“Hannah can you get a towel for my back, his claws hurt.”

Hannah came back a little while later and lifted Rourke’s front legs one by one to put the towel down. “Ok” she said.

“His cock feels slimy, are guys dicks like this too?”, frowned Kate.

“I wouldn’t know I’ve never really seen one,” said Hannah, “I doubt it though.”

“Wait really!?” Kate yelled, “I didn’t think you were slut but you come off less prude than that!”

“Ya I don’t know I just never really found a guy who was worthy of it and this isn’t the time Kate.”

“Huh? Oh ya,” she smiled turning her attention back to the dog. She started jerking his penis with her hands and was delighted to see a clear fluid bubbling around the tip, “Oh my god is he cumming already?”

“No” stated Hannah, “it’s pre-cum”

“Now how would you know that?” smiled Kate

“Just shut up and pay attention to your dog, you’re gonna give him blue balls.”

Kate jerked the dick harder and Rourke walked forward and humped at her hand. Hannah giggled again, Kate ignored her, focusing on the task at hand.

A steady stream of pre-cum was coating Kate’s hand, and as any teenage girl with with a healthy curiosity, Kate wanted to know what it tasted like so she scooped some of it off the tip and stuck it in her mouth. She felt her pussy start to dampen again.

“mmmmm” she purred, “that’s salty.”

“Omg that was hot,” moaned Hannah.

Out of the corner of her eye Kate saw her rubbing her clit lightly, like Kate, Hannah must have been turned on again too.

Kate closed her eyes and sucked the dick into her mouth, nearly choking when Rourke tried to hump forward. Kate swirled her tongue around the tip, tasting the salty pre cum before pressing her lips against the shaft and pushing down the length of his dick. She used her tongue to lick his head while she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, slurping and sucking it while her left hand played with his balls.

Kate felt a knob hit her lips at the base of his cock and it took her a second to realize that this was his knot. Her mom had explained to her once when they had mated Rourke a couple years ago. When dogs knotted it was to ensure their penis’s didn’t slip out while they came and so that another dog didn’t come along and try to matre. Kate wondered how that would feel in her pussy.

Knowing that he was going go cum soon Kate increased her speed, bobbing up and down faster and faster until she felt his balls contract in her hand. A second later a fire hose released in her mouth and hot, salty cum gushed down her throat. Kate did her best to keep up with his supply but Rourke seemed to be pumping out buckets of it and she began to choke and pulled her mouth away, only to be rewarded with two more ropes of cum on face. The next rope hit her dangling tits and she gasped as the hot cum lazily made its way along the curves of breasts and slowly dripped off her nipples.

Rourke retreated to clean himself up and Kate sat back on her knees, covered in cum from her tits up.

“Omg that was unbelievably hot!” gasped Hanna, who had two fingers knuckle deep in her pussy.

Kate began using her hands to scoop the doggy cum off her face and chest and slurped it off her fingers. She gasped as she felt Hannah’s hot tongue lap at her tits, licking up the cum and sucking at her nipples.

Kate moaned and fell back, “Stop, I’m worn out,” she pleaded.

Hannah sat back too and Kate crawled into her arms. She watched as Rourke cleaned himself up. The two girls lay wordlessly on the floor.

– End Part 1 –
Hope this did what it was meant to ;). It’s my first story in a while so comments and constructive criticism would be much appreciated. If you enjoyed then part 2 is following shortly.