California Girls 2


The girls continue with their fun

California Girls Part 2

Kate sat up and pulled the computer towards her, sitting with her legs crossed she placed it on her lap and enjoyed the feeling against her naked thighs as it heated up.

“What are you doing?” mumbled Hannah.

“Just doing some research, you’re welcome to look over my shoulder if you’d like,” smiled Kate.

Hannah slowly sat up and scooted up behind Kate, her bare pussy pressed against Kate’s lower back and her tits squished against her shoulder-blades, wrapping her arms around Kate’s waist.

“Mmm you’re warm,” purred Kate.

Hannah pulled her closer and brushed some of Kate’s hair aside to look over her shoulder. Kate had logged onto a porn site and searched through the lesbian category.

“We aren’t lesbian are we?” asked Hannah.

“I’m not” Kate stated, “I’ve liked guys and you’re the only girl I’ve ever fantasized about doing stuff with, so I’m probably bi.”

“Ya same” smiled Hannah, “Wait you had fantasies about me?” added Hannah, she had to admit it was a huge turn on.

“I’m basically living one right now aren’t I.” Kate smiled.

Hannah planted a kiss on Kate’s neck, then a little higher, then instead of kissing her a 3rd time lightly nipped at her ear and Kate shuddered and smiled.

“You like that?” cooed Hannah.

“Yesss” Kate hissed, grinding against Hannah, “but save it for later.”

Kate, finding a video that satisfied her, clicked on it and made it full screen.

The scene started with a young blonde laying on a bed, clad only lingerie while another girl, taller with long wavy brunette hair, entered wearing a tight black dress.

The blonde, without saying a word, sat up on her knees and slid the dress off of her partners shoulders, letting it fall in a puddle to the floor, exposing the brunettes lavender bra and black lace thong.

At this point Kate’s cunt was drooling and she could feel a wet spot on her back from Hannah’s pussy juice and they weren’t even ten minutes in.

Kate skipped ahead, the blonde and the brunette were now sitting on the bed, their legs tangled together as they thrust towards each other in a scissor position. The sound of wet pussy slapping against wet pussy filled the speakers as the two girls pounded each other.

“let’s try that…” Kate turned to Hannah

“Yesss!” hissed Hannah, grinding her soaking cunt against Kate’s back.

Kate pushed the computer away and turned around to face her. Hannah draped her right leg over Kate’s left leg and pushed her left leg under Kate’s right leg and scooted forward. Kate shuddered as she felt Hannah’s hot sticky pussy make contact with hers. Hannah slowly grinded her hips, biting her lip as he dragged her clit down Kate’s slit. Kate followed Hannah’s lead, grinding her pussy against her friend’s.

Kate lifted her hips off the ground and pushed against Hannah, then retreated and did it another time. Hannah began to pump her hips to match Kate’s small thrusts until slowly the girls picked up speed. Kate grabbed one of Hannah’s legs and slammed into her harder.

“Aaauhhh! That feellls soooo gooood” moaned Hannah. Her eyes shut as she humped her best friend’s pussy. The room filled with the wet slurping sound sound of pussy against pussy and the hot moans of the two teens.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” screamed Kate, her pussy humping in a frenzy at Hannah’s.

“OUHHH me tooo!” Hannah moaned, grabbing Kate’s leg and slamming harder against her friends sticky cunt.



The girls simultaneously exploded, they’re squirming pink cunts gushing pussy juice out and onto each other, soaking their legs and the carpet beneath them. But still the girls humped, slamming and grinding their gushing pussies together as they road out their orgasms.

“Auhhh yesss ahhhh” Kate’s face was flushed read as she milked every bit of ecstasy from her orgasm, driven on by the sounds of Hannah’s screams.

“Dont stop, Dont stop!” Hannah begged. Kate thrust harder and Hannah’s body jerked in response a small river of cum ran down her pussy and dripped off her asshole.

“Oh god I love this!” Hannah screamed.

“Auhh me….tooo!” Kate gasped.

At long last the two girls slowed down, finally coming to a halt and falling, panting, to the carpet.

“That was incredible!” smiled Hannah.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.” gasped Kate

“Me neither” laughed Hannah

“Well we’re not done yet” giggled Kate.


Hannah looked up a to see Kate roll onto her stomach and extend her head towards her crotch. She moaned a second later as something warm and soft slid slowly up her gooey slit, dipping into her hole for a second before continuing on its path and engulfing her clit.

“Uh my god!” Hannah choked. her hands raked desperately at the carpet as Kate buried her tongue into her squirming cunt.

“Yes just like that! Oooh Kate you’re so good. Please don’t stop! Deeper. faster!” She wailed as Kate tongue fucked her flooding pussy.

Drawn my the sound of the girls, Rourke was back up and sniffing around the two lusty teenagers. Kate, who had her face buried deep in Hannah’s snatch, didn’t notice the curious dog make his way towards her pussy, but Hannah, who’s eyes had narrowed with lust, watched as Rourke sniffed his way to Kate’s behind, his red cock growing rapidly between his hind legs.

Kate jumped, something wet and cold had buried itself in the canyon of her butt cheeks and it distracted her from her licking. She heard Hannah giggle above her and gave her pussy a sharp jab with her tongue.

“Oouuuhh do that again” she moaned.

“uuuhhh yesss Rourke!” Kate moaned as the tongue dragged from her clit, up her slit, to her tight pink anus. “Aaah ya!” she squealed again, jumping up on her knees when his tongue dipped into her tight pussy.

“Rourke up!” yelled Hannah.

At Hannah’s command, almost as if he had been trained, Rourke hopped up over Kate’s upturned ass and wrapped his forelegs around her slim waist, walking forward til his paws rested just below her swaying breasts and his cock nestled between her swollen labia.

“Hannah what the fuck-” Kate started to yell but was interrupted by her own whimpering as Rourke’s thrusting cock sawed against the clit. He backed up and she squealed again as a hot jet of pre-cum sprayed against her pussy.

Kate opened her mouth to protest again but, “Oohhhh yess!” was all that came out. She tried her best to ignore the fact that she was so turned on by this; It wasn’t just the hot liquid spraying against her ass and pussy as Rourke futily humped at her, but the thought of giving herself over to her dog had Kate watering at the mouth.

Hannah sat back against the foot of the couch, rubbing her pussy as she listened to her friend’s soft moans as that massive doggie cock sprayed against her pussy and tried to impale her.

Kate looked up to see Hannah masturbating to the sight of her being mounted by her dog and finally made up her mind.

Reaching back with her hand she caught Rourke’s swaying cock and aimed it at her pussy, pushing back and quivering as his cock shot hot pre-cum onto her slit. Finally she felt the tip against her entrance shooting pre-cum into her, but before she could prepare herself Rourke humped forward and buried 3 inches of his cock into Kate’s no longer virgin pussy.

Held in place by his powerful front legs, Kate could do nothing but yelp as something hot roughly shoved itself up into her pussy. Biting her lip Kate endured Rourke’s thrusting as he tried to get his cock all the way inside of her.

By now Hannah was furiously shoving three fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched Rourke shove his cock into Kate. Hannah focused on her best friends face, a mix of pain and ecstasy as she took her first ever cock all the way into her tight cunt.

Slowly the pain turned to pleasure as Rourke’s hot, shooting cock lubricated her tunnel and began to slide in and out easily.

Kate’s virgin tightness had forced Rourke to slow his thrusts and limited the amount of cock he could bury into Kate with each thrust so his penetration was a slow process.

Finally Rourke thrust in one last time, burying the last of his cock into Kate.
“OOAAHHH!!” Kate screamed as Rourke, with one hard thrust, pushed the last 3 inches of his cock into her.

With his cock buried to the root in Kate he stopped for a moment, feeling Kate’s soaking cunt grip his cock like a glove.

Kate began to shake from the feeling of that impossibly long cock stuffed all the way up her cunt. Hot, slick pre-cum shooting into her cervix as Rourke stood there, balls deep inside her.

Slowly Rourke began to pull back, his massive cock sucking and dragging against Kate’s tightness as she let out a long low moan.

“Omg that was hot!” gasped Hannah.

Kate looked her in the eyes and moaned again, then watched happily as Hannah’s thrusting fingers tightened up with the rest of her body as she squirted, some of the cum landing in Kate’s face and head.

Before Kate could respond Rourke thrust back in, burying himself fully in again as Kate let out another moan. Soon Rourke was pounding in and out of the girl, her hot cunt and his pre-cum lubricating her so much that Rourke’s thrusts got faster and faster until his hips were a blur and all Kate could do was scream in total disbelief at the level of sexual pleasure.

Within a minute Kate’s pussy clamped down on Rourke’s cock as she came in a massive wet orgasm, flooding over his cock and creating a delicious squishing as he continued to pounded her.”Ahh uh eaah euh” she whimpered as the cock hammered her squirmy soaking cunt. Again within seconds Kate was orgasming again, never really coming down from the first.

“OH SHIT OH ROURKE YES JUST LIKE THAT!” She wailed as she came in her third orgasm in as many minutes.

Panting and exhausted from the machine gun orgasms Kate sank to the floor, her face buried in the carpet as Rourke pounded away at her upturned cunt. Then Kate noticed something that wasn’t there before, a ball of some kind was smashing against the inside of her entrance. At first it was small and slipped pleasantly in and out, adding to the friction, but as it grew Kate noticed two things. The first that as the ball grew it had more trouble getting in and out, almost as if it her lodging inside her entrance. The second, that because of the ball Rourke had slowed his humping but was thrusting harder than before.

Then the massive Knot slipped in and Rourke let loose a torrent of hot sticky cum and Kate screamed, cumming from the intense pressure of the baseball on her g-spot and the feeling of the hot semen splashing against her walls. Then she began to squirt, she wailed in pure ecstasy as her fourth orgasm completely enveloped her while her gushing juices soaked her legs, Rourke’s and the carpet while she just lay there under the dog, twitching and gasping as Rourke emptied his balls into her and that knot pressed impossibly against her g-spot, sending her into two more orgasm before Rourke was able to dismount her.

Hannah sat and watched as Rourke mercilessly fucked Kate while she came over and over again. But by the time Rourke had dumped his balls into Kate, Hannah’s pussy was hot and wet again, compelling her to roughly pump two fingers in and out of herself while watching her friend on the floor, twitching and cumming and panting while Rourke’s massive knot stretched her little pussy.

When Rourke was finally able to pull out he pulled back a little and Kate groaned, feeling the massive knot trying to free itself. With one more pull Rourke freed his cock and Kate came again as she felt the massive tool slip out of her, followed by a tidal wave of mixed human-dog cum flood out of her pussy and down her legs.

– End of Part 2 –