Chloroforming a Friend


A lesbian chloroforms her friend and enjoys herself with her new sleepy victim.

A Caring Friend

I knew she was a wreck, she was twenty three and by all standards a pretty girl, but her life was one big mess. She picked asshole boyfriends and she just couldn’t keep a job, either because her asshole boyfriends sabotaged her or because she sabotaged herself. I had been working her for a few months now, presenting myself as the shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, her friend.

It should’ve come as no surprise to me that she called me in tears. Upset because she had found out her latest jack-ass of a boyfriend had cheated on her for the third time and so I decided it was time to invite her to my house.

The moment I opened the door she was already crying, tears streaming down her cheeks.

‘I’m an idiot.’ She said shaking her head. ‘I’m a moron.’

‘Danielle please.’ I said while wrapping my arms around her and softly stroking the back of her head. ‘Don’t be harsh on yourself, you don’t deserve this.’

‘I don’t.’ She said agreeable.

I closed the door behind her and guided her into the living room. ‘You deserve better.’ I said.

‘I deserve way better.’ She nodded and with the back of her hand she wiped some tears from her cheeks.

‘You deserve someone kind and caring and respectful, someone tender and compassionate and charming.’

‘Someone like you.’ She said.

I chuckled. ‘Sure hon,’ I said as I let go off her. ‘The moment you turn lesbian and are attracted to significantly older ladies, you let me know and I’ll swoop you right up.’

‘I’m not joking.’ She said. ‘I’m just so over men, maybe I should try women for a while.’

‘That’s not how it works,’ I said. ‘You can’t just choose to be lesbian, have you ever gotten tingling lady bits from watching naked boobies, or from fantasizing about a nice pink pussy?’

‘No.’ She said regretfully shaking her head. ‘But to be fair, Beau, I don’t really get tingling lady bits from shirtless guys or a random cock either. I guess it’s not about the body for me, it’s more about feeling wanted, feeling needed. Like they’re so in love with me they can’t take another breath without missing me or thinking about me. I just have this need to be desired I guess.’

‘I guess.’ I said shrugging.

‘Come on, Beau, what’s going on with you. I’m having like a major psychological break through here.’ She said stomping my shoulder.

‘Well I desire you.’ I said teasingly, hoping it sounded ironic. She had no idea how true that statement just was. Although I didn’t desire her in the way she wanted. I had no intention to be in a relationship with her. I wanted to own her mind, own her body, own her orgasms. ‘You put the kettle on if you’d like, I’ve got to grab something.’

I stepped into the bedroom and got the bottle of chloroform out.

I didn’t care if she was ready or not. I wanted her now, helplessly drugged, for me to do with as I pleased. I found a tiny hand towel and folded it into a square, then I drenched the cloth in chloroform and silently I walked back to the kitchen. Hopefully she was so entranced by the kettle that she didn’t hear me coming and I could just surprise her from behind.

‘Beau!’ She said as I walked into the kitchen. ‘How do I turn on the stove, I tried all four knobs, but I’m guessing there’s a little trick to it.’ I walked closer toward her. Hesitantly hiding the cloth behind my back. When I was standing next to her I pretended to check the stove before I pressed the cloth into her face. She stepped backwards. Coughing. Waving her hand in front of her face.

‘What’s that?’ She asked. ‘What are you doing?’

A step closer. Another step closer. She was trapped against the fridge now.

Again the cloth against her face. Her screams muffled by the fabric, a confused look as she tried to struggle and push me away.

She hit me right in my ribcage and I bent over gasping for air. I cursed. She stumbled away. She was wavering though, her arms swaying through the air, holding on to the wall for balance, bumping into a chair. I took a deep breath and followed her. This time I grabbed her from behind. I pulled her head back against my chest, while I made sure the cloth covered her nose and mouth.

I could feel her getting weaker, her body was melting into me, surrendering to me, she was getting heavier and heavier and she started slipping away. I tried to hold her tightly but she fell down on her bum. Quite dazed and with a glassy look in her eyes she just sat there on the floor, panting and breathing.

When I approached her face with the cloth again she didn’t even speak or protest. She just let out a little whining groan.

‘Sshhh.’ I said reassuringly. ‘It’s okay, Danielle. You’re just going to take a nice long nap for auntie Beau, okay?’

Another moaning sound, no distinguishable words.

‘It’s okay, sweetheart.’ I gently placed my hand around the nape of her neck as I forced her face into the cloth, ensuring she would keep on inhaling the chloroform. She was going cross-eyed, as her eyes were rolling backwards. Until she couldn’t sit up anymore. I gently guided her onto the ground and held the cloth on her until she was fast asleep.

Then I grabbed her legs and dragged her body into the bedroom. She was so limp it was almost impossible to lift her onto the bed, she kept slipping away and when she was finally sprawled out over on the satin sheets I was panting and wiping the sweat of my forehead.

I looked down on my prize. I still had to undress her and tie her down before she would wake up again, yet I couldn’t force myself to do what needed to be done. My body just took over. She was so cute, her lips slightly parted, her cheeks flushed. I lied down on top of her and kissed her. First I kissed her rosy cheeks and her tip tilted nose and then I pressed my lips against her mouth. She was so soft, her lips denting beneath mine. I slid my tongue into her mouth and as I kissed her I felt my pussy dripping and soaking my panties. I rubbed my own pussy against her thigh and almost I came right then and there. I tensed up and took a deep breath, there was so much more I wanted to do with her tonight, tomorrow. I waited for the peeks of my arousal to fade and then I slipped my hand underneath her shirt and fondled her firm breasts.

She was grumbling, her arm swaying through the air. Yet it wasn’t that difficult to grab her wrist and keep her arms out of the way. She was waking up more and more though, coughing, moaning, stirring. I thought I had more time, I thought she would’ve been out for longer, but suddenly her eyes opened. She blinked a few times and still had kind of a loopy look in her eyes.

‘What’s happening?’ She asked with a slurred voice. She rubbed her eyes and the side of her head. ‘Beau?’ She asked. ‘Did I faint or something?’

‘Sshhh.’ I said as I picked up the cloth of chloroform and put it into her face once more.

‘What’s that?’ She asked. ‘What… whaaa…’

Soon her eyes were cross-eyed and rolling in all directions again, a moan, a helpless gasp if you will and then her face slumped to the side and she was asleep again. I unbuttoned her blouse and wrestled her limp arms out of the silk. After that her lace bra was easily removed. Now that I could actually see her breasts, they were even more distracting. A perfectly round dollop of flesh with a pinkish brown nipple protruding forward.

Such gorgeous nipples. Intuitively my thumb went to play with those little nodules, flicking it back and forth. Those boobs were waisted on the jerk-faced guys that she dated, but a dirty old lesbian like me would know what to do with them. I bend over and took her left boob in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the nipple, while my fingers were softly massaging the base of her breast. My own pussy was throbbing with excitement almost as if it was feeling left out. Without letting go of the nipple I nestle myself next to her and pulled her left leg in between my legs. I was rubbing my pussy against her sheer pantyhose while suckling on her nipple until she started moaning again. At first I hoped it was a moan of pleasure, because she was so horny and aroused by my touches that she simply couldn’t contain herself, but soon she was rubbing her face again. I was stupid, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I was just totally bewitched by that haze of horniness. Of course I should’ve put the cloth in her face right then and there, but I didn’t. I just kept on suckling her boob and dry humping her thigh, until she pushed my face away from her boob.

‘What are you doing, Beau?’ She said. ‘You know I’m not a lesbian, did you drug me?’ She tried to get up from the bed, and grabbed her head. ‘Oops.’ She mumbled. She tried to move away from me, but she stumbled over her own blouse and fell. On hands and knees she tried to crawl towards the door.

‘Come back to bed sweetheart.’ I said. ‘Just come here.’ I patted on the blankets, she looked over her shoulder and shook her head.

I got up and helped her stand up, she was grabbing my shoulder for balance. ‘I don’t feel so good.’ She said. ‘I feel… like I’m drunk and having a hangover at the same time.’

‘It’s going to be okay.’ I said. Gently I tried to guide her back to the bed.

‘No,’ she said. ‘You’re trying to trick me. Why are you trying to trick me, Beau? I thought I could trust you.’ She swatted my hands away and leaned heavy on the doorknob trying to open it, apparently she wasn’t realizing that she had to pull on the door instead of pushing.

‘You can trust me.’ I said as I reached for the chloroform. ‘I will take care of you better than any of your ex-boyfriends, I’ll teach you things about your own body, you can’t even imagine right now.’ I pressed the cloth in her face again, but apparently she was more awake and alert than I anticipated, quite forcefully she managed to shake me off.

‘Not again.’ She said. ‘No more that, whatever that is, that’s just making me…’ She reached for her own head and I put the cloth against her nose and mouth again.

‘It’s chloroform my sweet Danielle,’ I whispered in her ear. ‘It’s turning you into a malleable sleeping puppet. Now come back to bed.’ While keeping the cloth in place I dragged her towards the bed and stumbling and wavering she came with me. We fell onto the mattress together and I sat down on top of her, my knees on either side of her body, both my hands keeping the cloth in place.

‘Sshhh. Just go to sleep, sweety. It’s alright, nothing to fear.’

She stared up at me and for a moment it looked like she surrendered, but then her eyes glassed over and she was knocked-out, once more.

Now I’d learned my lesson. I unzipped her skirt, pulled her panty-hose and panties from her hips and tied her down with the leather straps already there. Spread-eagle. Her hands above her head, her legs spread apart exposing her gorgeous little pussy.

The puffy pink lips, the cute little clit. My finger reached out for her pussy and explored every little wrinkle. She was somewhat slippery and wet already, maybe that was just a physical response to me sucking her boob just now? I slowly slipped my finger into her pussy. It was tight and warm and gently I started to trust back and forth. There was no response though, she was still fully out of it. I took my own pants and panties off and tried to stick one of her limp fingers up my own cunt. It was impossible, her fingers were so limp they just slipped out of me whenever I let go.

So I laid down on top of her. My pussy stuffing her face, while I could explore every little crevice of her cute cunt with my own tongue. Swirling around her labia, around her clit, slipping my tongue deep inside of her, she tasted amazing.

Al the while I was dry humping her unconscious little face rubbing my clit against her nose and cheek. Her entire face was getting slippery with my own horniness. I sucked her clit into my mouth. Involuntarily her hips started rocking and her right leg spasmed whenever I flicked my tongue against the clit.

She started moaning and panting too and for a moment we appeared to be two women in love with each other, two women being horny and enjoying each others body. Although not long after that she was waking up again. Asking questions, protesting, struggling with her bounds trying to break loose, turning her face away from my pussy. For a moment I kept on working her pussy, hoping I would make her horny, that if her body was horny her mind would simply follow, but then I got scared that in all of her protesting she would bite off my clit or something.

I sat down next to her and gagged her with her own panties. ‘There, there,’ I said. ‘That isn’t so bad now is it, once you allow yourself to enjoy it we’re going to have a blast together.’

I couldn’t hear what she was saying because any sound she made was muffled by her own panties. I took the Hitachi and placed it onto her pussy, I could see in her eyes she was protesting and enjoying it at the same time. In a way she was protesting her own enjoyment. I leaned my pussy against the Hitachi too, the vibrations traveling through my pelvis, pleasuring my clit. My heart racing, my breathing irregular and so superficial.

Beneath me Danielle was still fighting the pleasures she was obviously feeling.

‘I’ll help you.’ I said. I picked up the cloth and her eyes grew big. She shook her head and winced.

‘Don’t worry. I won’t put you to sleep, I’ll just numb your thoughts a little, so it’s easier to give in to the arousal.’ I placed the cloth on her face for a few moments until she started to look a bit loopy then I removed the cloth again. I kept her dangling on the edge of consciousness and all the while the Hitachi was pleasuring both mine and her pussy at the same time.

Three times already I was on the edge of orgasm, but three times I postponed. I wanted to time it so we would orgasm simultaneously. She was getting there I noticed, she was panting and rocking her hips against the vibrator.

‘It’s okay.’ I said giving her another whiff of chloroform. ‘It’s okay sweetheart. You’ve got my permission to orgasm now.’ And then her whole body started trembling, she smacked her head into the mattress, her back arching. She was screaming, well, she would’ve been screaming if the panties didn’t muffle the noises.

I felt my orgasm approaching, it was like and avalanche, it just came over me, engulfing me altogether, entrapping me. My pussy warm and spasming, the arousal exploding in my body, exploding in my mind. I sank down on top of her and only when the tail of my orgasm started to subside and I was marveling in this satisfying afterglow I noticed the cloth was still covering her face and she’d gone knock-out again. I quickly removed the cloth and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

‘I’m sorry.’ I whispered into her cute little ear. ‘I know I promised I wouldn’t put you to sleep, but I just couldn’t control myself.’ I nestled my head upon her shoulder and just laid there peacefully on top of her, being rocked up and down by the rhythm of her breathing.