Going on Vacation


I go on vacation with my family and evertything changes!

When I was 15 years old, my parents decided we needed some family time. We packed all our stuff into our old beater station wagon and went to leave. It should have been no problem, a five person car with only four people in it; my mom, my dad, me, and my 16 year old brother Aaron. But when my dad had loaded the car, he hadn’t been thinking very well and left only one seat open. This was back before all the laws they have now, so it was decided that I would just sit on Aaron’s lap. Let me tell you a little about us both. I’m 5’1”, tiny; I only weigh 95 lbs, with long blond hair. I’m a cheerleader at school, and I always get picked to be the top of the pyramid. Aaron is not so tiny. He is 5’11”, big and muscular. He is on the football team at school. But I can honestly say I had never thought about him in a way other than as my brother.

We get into the car and set off. It was going to be a long car ride, at least 3 hours. It wasn’t so bad at first, but after the first hour, I wasn’t comfortable. I kept moving around, trying to find a comfortable spot, but it just wasn’t working. That’s when I noticed that I was feeling something I hadn’t felt before. There was starting to be a bump underneath me that was getting bigger with every shift my ass made. I immediately went still. My brother was getting turned on by me squirming in his lap! I told myself he couldn’t help it, teenagers and all that, but it was weird. And a little hot. Not that I wanted to do anything with him, but it felt good that he wanted to do something with me. I started moving around again, but this time purposely grinding down on his cock, which was just getting bigger and bigger.

“Sis, are you ok, do you need us to stop so you can stretch your legs?”

“Oh, sorry! I just can’t get comfortable!”

So it was decided that at the next rest area, we would stop and stretch our legs. All that rubbing had actually gotten me a bit horny, which was embarrassing, because this was my BROTHER! I went into the bathroom and noticed that my underwear were soaking wet. I decided to take them off, it would just be uncomfortable having them on, and besides, my dress was all the way down to my calves, and it wasn’t like anyone would see anything. I did a few stretches and went back out to join the family. I noticed that Aaron had changed, from his jeans to a pair of fabric shorts. Guess it was just too uncomfortable for him, I snickered to myself. We all loaded back into the car, with me sitting on his lap again, and went driving down the road.

After 20 minutes, I started squirming again. I kind of just wanted to see if I could make Aaron hard again. And it worked. But this time, without the jeans on, there was nothing stopping him from growing and growing and growing. Pretty soon it felt like I was sitting on a rock. And because I was only wearing a dress, and no underwear, I could feel him at the entrance to my pussy. I squirmed again, for a totally different reason. This was making me hot. And that’s when I felt it. The next time I squirmed, I felt where he pumped his hips forward. A little moan escaped my throat as I felt him bump up inside me, through the fabric.

Dad turned around, asking “Everything all right?”

“Yeah Dad, I’m fine, just an ache in my shoulder. But can we listen to the radio? Maybe that will make the trip go faster?”

My dad turned the radio on as Aaron put his hands on my shoulders, slowly starting to massage them.

“Here, this should make them feel better.” I could hear the laughter in his voice; he knew what I had really been moaning about. For payback, I ground my ass down on his cock, knowing no one could see with the way the car was packed. He let loose a moan of his own, but the parents couldn’t hear over the music, just like I had planned. He was putting everything he had into the massage now, and thrusting his hips up into me over and over. I swear if this had kept up much longer I would have cum just from that. But he abruptly took his hands away and stopped moving. I had a bereft feeling and actually made a protesting sound, until I felt his hands at the fabric of my dress, slowly pulling it upwards. When he got all the material to the bottom of my ass, where it couldn’t go any further, I knew this was the make or break moment. Was I willing to do this with my brother? I guess the answer was yes, because I lifted up a bit for him to continue pulling my dress up, until it was around my waist, and the only thing separating us now were his shorts. He started rubbing my stomach and sides with his hands, then lifted one up to up my breast, tweaking my already hard nipple. I was so glad that there was no way anyone could see us, with the packing job my dad had done, because there was no way I was stopping this.

His other hand came down the other side, until it was touching my hairless pussy. He pushed a finger through until it was touching my already engorged clit, slowly circling, going harder and harder. Then he added his thumb and started pinching it. I let out a little whimper, which only he could hear, and I felt him laugh a little on my back. I figured payback was only fair, and reached my hands down to the waistband of his shorts. He stopped breathing as I kept going, slowly encircling his cock with my whole hand. He shoved a finger all the way inside me as I started pumping my hand up and down on his cock. I started squeezing a little hard, and he added a second finger, pumping into me as I pumped down on him, still pinching my nipple with his other hand.

Then he removed both hands from me all together, and I was so ready for what I knew was coming next. I could feel him shifting under me as his shorts slowly lowered to his ankles, and he picked me up a little at the hips, settling me down over him. With my hands, I slowly guided his cock head to the entrance of my pussy, loving the feel of it stretching out my channel. He was big, really big, and was only able to get the head in at first. He reached around with his hand and started playing with my clit again, slowly moving his cock head around my pussy, making room. I leaned forward a bit to try to help, and shoved backward with my ass as he shoved forward with his, and suddenly he was in. I was fucking my brother.

Thankfully, the road had gotten bumpier and bumpier as we climbed higher into the mountains, so I could bounce all I wanted, and if the parents noticed anything, they would just think it was the road. I could feel him all the way inside me, and I squeezed my hot little pussy on him as I moved forward and he moved back, until he was almost all the way out of me, then he would push forward again as I went back, little movements that felt so good. I wanted him to pound the shit out of me, but we couldn’t with my parents in the front seat, so I had to settle for a long, slow fucking. Slowly sinking forward and backward, I could feel myself building to a climax. My legs started to shake, and then I was cumming! The contractions of my pussy must have set him off, because I felt super hot jets of cum streaming into my pussy, right up into my cervix!

We stayed like that for a few minutes, still connected, as he slowly shrank down. Then my mom said that we were almost to the cabin, and wouldn’t we be happy to get out of the car?

“And guys, I didn’t tell you this, because I knew you would complain and try to get out of the vacation, but there are only two bedrooms, so you will have to share. Don’t worry; there are two beds in the bedroom though.”

A whole week sharing a room with my brother? What may have been something I would complain about last week, I was so not going to complain about now! I even felt Aaron starting to get hard inside of me again. Too bad we didn’t have time to go another round right now! But hey, there’s going to be tonight now…and tomorrow night…and the rest of the week. Ahh, vacation!