I Kissed a Girl Ch. 03

Life can be funny sometimes. You think you know what you want, and you do everything in your power to get it. But life throws you a curveball that hits you smack in the face. And while you’re sitting injured on the bench, something better comes along. Something unexpected.

My ‘unexpected’ was Jenna Swallow. Even though we were classmates all through high school, we were never really friends. So naturally, we didn’t keep in touch after graduation.

It was a chance encounter three months ago that brought us back together. We have been inseparable ever since. Well, at least when we aren’t fighting because I still missed having a cock inside me every so often.

Jenna was a lesbian, but I didn’t know that until we had reconnected. Ever since, she has been doing her damndest to convert me “to the dark side.” It was looking good so far.

We had just spent the last two weeks in a rented villa in Grosetto, Tuscany. Halfway through the trip, though, I had a breakdown regarding the lack of cock in my life now which resulted in our first fight. Sure, we’d made up and enjoyed the rest of our stay trying not to bring up said topic. It had been hard, but Jenna had a way with distracting me. Her and those hands. Fingers. Lips. Teeth. And that tongue.

“Kat, are you listening to me?” Jenna snapped two of those fingers near my ear now.

I pulled my eyes away from the view outside the train’s window. It was dark except for the occasional light from a far-off house, so there really wasn’t anything to see. Only one of the lights over our seats was on, so it was fairly dark inside as well. Most of the car was actually empty, but there were a few travelers at the far end.


“I said, we’ll have a longer layover this time in Florence going back to Paris.”

I glanced at my watch. It was only about six-thirty. “How much longer?”

“Overnight. The next flight isn’t until seven-twenty in the morning. I booked us a hotel room.”

“Are you serious?” I clenched my hands in my lap, trying to control my excitement. A night in Florence!

“Hmm mmm.” Jenna nibbled on her lower lip, her eyes shiny black orbs as they watched me.

I reached across the aisle and grasped her fingers in mine. “Were you afraid I’d be disappointed?”

“I wasn’t sure.” She set her book aside and took the empty seat next to mine. “I know how bad you want to get back to Paris. We could have taken an earlier train, but I did enjoy spending the afternoon in bed with you.”

I blushed, remembering how we’d slept in, ate breakfast, had sex, slept again, ate lunch, had more sex, and then skinny-dipped in the pool before we packed and called a cab to take us to the train station. “I enjoyed it, too. Just as I’ll enjoy our one night in Florence. It’ll be special. Thank you for thinking of the hotel. For making all these extra plans.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Really?”

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers to prove it was all okay, not caring if anyone walked by and saw us. My inhibitions were getting much looser. Just two weeks ago, I was afraid to show any affection with Jenna at all in public. Now? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass, especially since I’d probably never be visiting here again.

For some reason, I was feeling especially randy. Maybe it was the excitement of a surprise overnight stay. In Italy. Maybe I was shedding my old self and letting my true person come out. Or maybe I just got really horny whenever Jenna was around, and she had teased me earlier, deciding to be naked while we packed our suitcases but not letting me touch her.

I peeked back around my seat. Yep, still dark and deserted for the most part.


I turned my head back to her just as slowly as she said my name. Except when I faced her again, I was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Her eyes squinted as she crossed her arms. “What are you up to?”

“Living on the wild side. Now, shh.”

“Oh, sweetie.” Her moan was deep and made my skin tingle. She knew. And she was for it.

I put my finger to my lips.

I heard her suck in her breath when I stood up, shut off the light, and pulled down a travel pillow and blanket from the rack above our seats. I put the pillow on the floor at her feet and knelt before her. Her hands gripped the arm rests as I unbuckled her belt and lowered her zipper. She lifted her hips, and I shimmied her shorts down to her ankles where she stepped one foot out of them.

I draped the blanket over my back. Before I covered my head and her lap, I glanced up at her. “Don’t. Make. A. Sound.”

Then I was really in the dark. It didn’t matter. I only needed the senses of touch, smell, and taste.

Starting at her knees, I slid my hands along her thighs, massaging, spreading them wider. I heard a muffled sigh as my fingers inched higher. I could smell the heady scent of her arousal. When I reached her pussy, I grinned wider. She was wearing a thong, which benefitted me in this situation.

Taking one finger, I ran it up and down over the small swatch of fabric covering her. When I pressed my finger in, pushing the material into her folds, I felt her hands rest on my head. I rubbed against her through the fabric a couple of times. I really wanted to draw this out, but I was afraid we’d be caught, or that I hadn’t allowed enough time before we reached our destination.

I kissed the inside of each thigh and then slid my index finger under the fabric, pulling it aside. After one long sniff, which made me a little dizzy, I stuck out my tongue and very slowly ran it up the length of her very wet pussy. The heat rolling off her hit my face, making me moan.

Jenna smoothed her hands over my head in small circles, her hips bucking slightly.

I took this as encouragement and got down to business. Flicking my tongue at her clit. Lapping up her fluid. Stroking all around her pussy with my fingers.

I twisted my left hand so it was palm up and penetrated her tight hole with my middle finger, still holding her thong aside with my right hand. I was getting so turned on by this myself. I half wished Jenna had taken the initiative and gone down on me. But I was having one hell of a time. I moaned and sucked her clit into my mouth, trapping it between my teeth as I thrust my finger in and out of her.

I don’t know if I was being too loud, if someone was coming, or if it was just Jenna on the verge, but she suddenly squeezed her legs around my shoulders. I clamped my mouth down tighter on her, thrusting two fingers in her now, faster and harder.

Her thighs trembled beneath my arms, and I felt her internal muscles clenching and unclenching around my fingers before I felt liquid drench them.

I lightened up on my assault as she settled down, and then slowly withdrew. I licked my fingers clean, closing my eyes and stamping down a moan of delight. She tasted so fucking good. I straightened her thong, helped her get her foot back into the other leg hole of her shorts, and then slid them up her legs until she flung the blanket off me and finished redressing herself.

I took my seat again. Jenna was breathing heavy beside me. A quick glance at her revealed she was staring straight ahead at the wall of the car and the empty seats facing us. As my eyes moved down, I bit back a laugh. There were subtle teeth impressions below her lower lip. Boy, did she listen when I gave her commands!

A few minutes later, the intercom crackled and a voice came over the line in Italian and then English that we would be arriving in Florence in ten minutes.

I stared out the window again at the night sky around us as if I hadn’t just eaten out my girlfriend’s pussy on a train traveling through two of the most romanticized countries in the world.


“Chianti. Isn’t that what Hannibal Lecter drank?” I picked up a piece of cheese and slowly nibbled at it. “With his fava beans?”

“You, sweetie, are odd.” Jenna swirled the last of the wine in her glass and then drank it. “I rather like the taste of Chianti. Besides, we’re still in Tuscany. Best to drink their signature wine.”

“Odd? I shall take that as a compliment.” I reached for another piece of cheese. “You seem pretty at ease on this trip. Like it’s nothing to just jaunt over to Italy and Paris. You’d fit in well if you lived here.”

“Yes, well, whenever I’m in the area, I try to come here to Acqua Al 2.” She refilled her glass of wine and plucked a grape off the fruit and cheese plate.

It was suddenly hard to breathe. I clutched my napkin in my fingers. No. I wasn’t hearing her right.

“I like their assaggi di primi. You know, the plate with the pasta samples on it? It’s like a mini smorgasbord. Filling, yet it leaves enough room to— Kat?”

“Whenever you’re in the area?” I tossed my napkin on the table. “How many damn times have you been to Florence, Jenna? And don’t tell me it was when you were studying abroad in college. That was years ago.”

“Kat, please. Settle down. I can explain.”

“Just…just get our check. I want to leave.” My bottom lip started to shake. I would not cry in front of all these people.

“What about the tiramisu? You love tiramisu.”

I shoved back my chair and grabbed my purse. “I’ll meet you outside.”

The room seemed to close in on me as I wove my way through the mass of chairs and tables. The sounds around me seemed muted and amplified at the same time. My head hurt so much.

The outside door crashed open and I gasped for breath as I stepped onto the sidewalk. A couple walking nearby glared at me and then continued on their way. It started misting, and I leaned my head back to let the rain touch my face.

And suddenly, I wasn’t in Florence, I was in Chicago. My girlfriend wasn’t keeping secrets from me, my fiancé had just left me. My chest hurt now, too. I collapsed to the curb, my feet dangling into street. My past was never going to leave me.

Tears mixed with the rain that plastered my hair to my face. My clothes were soaked through. And it all reminded me: If Danny hadn’t broken our engagement, I would never have been wandering in the rain…or found Maggie’s Lounge…or had Jenna take me home…or gone to Tuscany with her…or be here in Florence living in this vicious cycle that seemed more like a horror movie I couldn’t escape.

“Kat? I’ve called a cab.” Jenna’s voice was soft in my ear as she put her arms under mine and helped me to my feet. “It’s going to be all right.”

I sniffled as I leaned on her in the backseat of the cab. As we drove through the streets of Florence to our hotel. As she helped me up to our room.

I sat on the bed, barely noticing as she stripped her clothes off and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard water running. She returned to me and removed my clothes, which was a little difficult because they were stuck to my skin.

“Come on, Kat.” She helped me up once again and we stumbled to the bathroom.

The lights were off, but candles flickered on the countertop and on a shelf above the bathtub. I took a deep breath when Jenna instructed me to, and I smelled the calming sweetness of lavender. Slowly, she got me into the tub, but I wasn’t sitting all the way back. Instead, I was in the middle of the tub, leaning forward with my knees pulled up to my chest. I dropped my chin and watched my breasts as they rose and fell with my labored breathing and the bobbing water.

“Good girl, sit still.”

I felt her arm brush my shoulder, and then she climbed in behind me. Once situated with her legs on either side of mine, she gently pulled me back against her chest. My damp hair had begun to dry in clumps that now hung over my face. I didn’t care. I turned my head on her shoulder and watched the candles flickering, mesmerizing me until I had to close my eyes.

Jenna didn’t say anything. She didn’t give me any answers. She didn’t ask me any questions. I was kind of glad. I didn’t have the energy to listen or to think so I could react properly.

We had worked on sensation play within the last month. Usually, she would blindfold me and use her mouth or fingers to touch me. Sometimes she used feathers or vibrators. The point was to heighten my body’s sensitivity…my reactions to various textures and methods of touch. To arouse me sexually and increase the intensity of my orgasm. However, she had used these methods to relax me as well.

Now, spooned in an authentic Italian bathtub, she rubbed a sponge over my chest. It was very comforting, especially when she squeezed the sponge and warm water dribbled down over my chilled skin. Her other hand smoothed my ratty hair back from my face, lightly caressing my cheek.

For the longest time, she just held me as the scent of lavender invaded my nose and head. Eventually, my shuddering subsided. Then my body relaxed completely. I had tried to hold onto her arms at one point, but my muscles felt like liquid so I let my own arms plop into the water, my hands resting on her thighs.

Part of me wished she would touch me more, distract me from my thoughts. But really, I just wanted to sleep. I think she knew that, too, because she leaned me forward again and climbed out of the tub. When she pulled the stopper, I stared at the water between my legs as it swirled down the drain in a mini whirlpool.

“Come on, Kat, help me.”

I moaned softly as she flung my right arm around her neck and she wrapped her own arm around my back. I managed to push up with my feet and my left hand, cringing at the dull pain from the latter region. Although the doctor had said the bones were fine now, he was right that I’d probably suffer long-term side effects of the break. If I put too much pressure on it the wrong way, it was always going to hurt. I just knew it.

I stared into the mirror above the sink as Jenna patted my skin with a fluffy towel. It was a little comical, watching her dry all of my intimate places. I felt like laughing. And then I did let out a giggle. I got a raised eyebrow and a glare at my reflection in response. I clamped my mouth shut and let her finish in peace.

She wrapped me in a hotel robe and led me to sit on the edge of the bed. I could see city lights outside the window between the part in the curtains. When Jenna ran a comb through my hair, I closed my eyes. I loved it when she played with my hair. It was so relaxing.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I guess I must have. I woke in the dark, still wearing the robe. I was hot. And I had to pee.

I managed to slide out of bed without waking Jenna and headed to the bathroom. On the way, I dropped the robe on the floor. I chugged several glasses of water before going back to bed.

When I slid between the sheets, I faced Jenna. I loved how serene her faced looked when she slept. I wondered what she dreamed about. Did she feel guilty at all about not telling me she’d been to Florence before this trip…multiple times?

Maybe I was the guilty one. I snorted softly. Yeah, guilty for being jealous. She said she’d never wanted another woman besides me. But did that mean she hadn’t tried to be with one? Had she brought her here?

I sighed and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Her lips parted, and her breath escaped to brush against my wrist. Something in my heart fluttered. Did it really matter that she might have brought someone else before me? She didn’t resent me for my past boyfriends, for Danny. I shouldn’t fault her for her past, either. I needed to remember that she was with me now.

I lightly kissed her lips and rolled onto my stomach, drifting back to sleep with a smile on my face. Tomorrow we’d be in Paris!


“You’re in a better mood today.” Jenna gave me a quick once-over and returned to packing her bag. A moment later, she paused with a hairbrush in her hand and turned back to me. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I should—”

“No, water under the bridge.” I smiled and took the brush, pulling my hair up into a ponytail.

“Kat, I would feel better if I did explain.” She sat beside me on the bed. “Remember Tim Jacobs, my boss? Your old high school crush?”

I rolled my eyes. “Please do not tell me you came here with him.”

Jenna laughed, the sound low and musical, making me smile. “No, but the first couple of years I worked for him, he sent us all over the world for business. Whenever it was to Italy or France, I put my name in. I had my favorite places to visit when I was here in college. I love my job, I just don’t like my boss. So sometimes I would go out of my way to get down here to Florence. Visit a few old haunts. Put it on the company credit card. Over on this side of the ocean, they think nothing of going to a different country for a day. It’s not like in the U.S.”

I smiled and handed the brush back to her. “It’s okay. Really. But thank you.”

“I wasn’t trying to keep it from you. I told you I used to travel for work sometimes. At least up until last year. With the economy and new technology, they cut back on the overseas traveling and do conference calls now. I just didn’t think it would matter that I’d been here before.” She kissed me. At first it was light and soft. Then she deepened it, drawing it out. When she pulled away, her eyes locked on mine, her voice a whisper. “I’m sorry that you thought I was hiding it from you.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” I licked at her lips and kissed her back.

“Stop it, or we’ll miss our flight.” She pushed me away and groaned, but it sounded more like one of regret, not frustration. She wanted to make out…to make up.

I echoed her groan. She wasn’t the only one.


It was déjà vu stepping off a plane at the Paris airport. But this time, we didn’t have to stay in the terminal. It took less time than I expected to retrieve our bags, and soon we were in a taxi heading toward our hotel. Just like in Florence on the way to Grosetto, I plastered my face to the window, trying to drink in as much of the surroundings as possible.

I tried to imagine the two of us strolling down the sidewalks, arm in arm, giggling and pointing out the sights. Or rather, Jenna pointing them out to me. Maybe even taking me to some lesser-known haunts from her previous visits. In any case, I was glad to be here. With her.

“Merci beaucoup,”Jenna said.

I watched her hand the taxi driver some euros, then I swung my head in the other direction, staring once again at the Eiffel Tower. I mean, it was right there! Well, in the distance, but it was huge! And no more than probably a five or ten minute walk.

There was a loud bang behind me and then one directly over my head, making me jump.

Jenna leaned her head down into the doorframe. “Once again, Kat, if you don’t move your butt, I’m leaving you here to fend for yourself.”

This time, she meant it because she turned and disappeared into the hotel with her suitcases.

“Rester ou quitter?” The cabbie’s smile was missing a couple of teeth, but he had that weathered kind of face that made you think of a homely father. Plus his beret was tilted just-so that I couldn’t resist smiling back.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” I shrugged and shook my head.

“Fermer la porte.”

“Um…hold on.” I held up one finger and was reaching for my purse to find my quick translator when someone yanked on my arm and pulled me from the cab. When I was on my feet on the sidewalk, gasping for breath, I stared up at Jenna.

“I swear. You either need to learn some more common phrases or I’m leaving you in America next time.” She closed the rear door and leaned in through the passenger window. “Je suis tellement désolé au sujet de mon ami.”

“Votre petite amie est magnifique.” The cabbie waved and pulled away from the curb.

“What did you say to him?”

“I told him I was sorry for your incompetence.”

“You did not!” I rubbed my right arm where she had grabbed me. For a moment, it reminded me of how rough she could get when we had sex sometimes, and I smiled. Then I frowned again. “What did he say back?”

“He said you were a typical tourist and he’d be happy to find someone to take you off my hands.”

“He did not!” I grabbed my suitcase and followed her inside. “He said ‘magnifique.’ That means I’m magnificent.”

Jenna snorted. “No, sweetie, he said you were beautiful.”

I shrugged, beaming. “Same thing.”

She rolled her eyes at me and approached the front desk where she’d left her bags.

I was checking out a nude statue in the middle of a fountain when she returned to me, swinging a room key around her finger. “What, no key card?”

“No, this is Paris. Some things stay true to their nature. Like an old-fashioned hotel with old-fashioned technology.”

“As long as it has a hot shower and a bed, I’m good.”

“Oh, trust me, it has both.” She winked at me and led the way to the elevator on the other side of the lobby. “We’re up top. I thought we’d settle in and then grab a bite to eat. There are several bistros to choose from nearby, or we can take a cab and go somewhere a little more intimate.”

“I like intimate.”

The elevator dinged, and it was my turn to tug her after me. Once the doors closed behind us and she pushed the button for our floor, I cupped her cheeks in my palms and drew her to me. I felt my hands shaking as I pressed my lips against hers. I wanted her so bad right now.

Her gasp was louder than my moan. Especially when I turned her back against the wall and nudged my thigh between hers. She rubbed her groin against my bare knee as I brought it up, her fingers gripping my shoulders as she kissed me back. Then she turned me so I slammed against the wall, knocking the breath out of me.

“You want to fuck in an elevator? I can make that happen, Kat.” Jenna was panting now, too. She licked her lips, her eyes dark as she watched me. “But this ain’t like the movies. I don’t have a dick. I know it. You know it.”

I swallowed and glanced at the floor numbers. How slowly it took to go up to the next one. When my eyes returned to Jenna, I realized she had already unbuttoned my shorts. Was tugging them down. My panties followed.

“Jenna!” I cried as her fingers quickly slid between my thighs and thrust up inside me. I gripped her head, biting my lip when I felt her tongue licking up my arousal. My eyes darted around the upper corners of the car, hoping they didn’t have security cameras.

“You taste so fucking good.” Her fingers moved faster, harder. “Kat. Look at me. ”

I obeyed, moving my hands to grip the flat, metal bar secured to the wall behind me. Her eyes were dark orbs, so deep. Filled with passion. Lust.

“What took you so long in the cab?”

I closed my eyes for a moment, struggling to think. “I was trying to figure out what he asked me.”

“What were his words?”

“Um…” I gasped as she bumped my G-spot. “Uh… Rester… or quitter?”

“Ah…he wanted to know if you were staying or leaving.”

“Oh.” She hit it again, and I spread my legs wider. “Oh!”

“It appears you are doing neither.”

“Huh? Oh, right there!”

Jenna licked her lips and lowered her mouth again, this time to suck my clit between her teeth. Within seconds, the shudders started.

“Kat, sweetie, you’re not staying or leaving. You’re coming.”

I screamed when she bit down. I heard her own cry when my muscles clamped around her fingers, holding her tight. My head rolled back and forth against the wall, the lights flickering as my eyelids fluttered. And then her fingers were gone.

I blinked and saw her standing before me, licking her fingers clean. Her smile reached up to her eyes. Then she squatted down and helped me get dressed again.

I had never climaxed so fast before. Somehow I was able to stand upright as we reached our floor. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. I followed Jenna to the right, stumbling down the hall on shaky legs until she stopped in front of a door, unlocked it, and pushed it open.

“After you, sweetie.”

Just like at our villa in Tuscany, I was amazed by our accommodations. I had assumed it would be a typical hotel room. But this was like our own little suite. And it was almost as big as Scuderia Apartment in Grosetto.

“Jenna, it’s beautiful!” I slowly turned around, gaping. It was like walking into a home in France, but hundreds of years earlier. The light-wood furniture appeared to be antique, and the color palate was a warm, buttery yellow and crisp, sky blue. Together, they created a room that was inviting and calming at the same time.

As I stepped further into the suite, I noticed the pièce de résistance: the bed.

The pale-yellow comforter was piled high with elaborately decorated pillows in various shades of yellow and blue. The tufted headboard was massive, and four wooden posters rose to the ceiling from each corner. Across the top was a canopy made of narrow, wooden slats in a large checkerboard pattern. The whole thing was draped in pale yellow gauze. Thicker material in a darker blue was drawn back and tied off in a knot at each corner. I could only imagine them hanging loose, enclosing the bed in privacy. And with just the light of the chandelier that was centered above it all, it had to be romantic.

“I’m going to wash up. I’m starving.”

I just nodded and turned away from the bed. Only to stare out our only window…right at the Eiffel Tower! I screamed and jumped up and down. It was if our window framed it perfectly. I couldn’t wait to see it at night all lit up.

Jenna laughed behind me. “Oh, yeah, I asked for a good view.”

“Good view? My ass!” I leaned closer to the window, trying to see the top of the tower as it stretched into the heavens.

“All for you, sweetie. All for you.” Her laughter was cut off when she closed the bathroom door.

I screamed again and fell back on the bed. How could this trip get any better?


Our hunger won out over wanting to travel to a more intimate place for an early dinner. We grabbed a bite at a nearby bistro and then did some extensive window shopping. The stores seemed very modern, although smaller than in the United States. Narrow buildings squished next to each other in a row, presenting their wares to the eager tourists.

I was disappointed to find out we were only spending a couple of days here. Technically, I shouldn’t have been gone for the full two-weeks anyway since I hadn’t gotten married. I have no idea how Jenna managed to let me stay until the end of the week. I dreaded having to go back to work again on Monday. At least I hoped I still had a job to go back to.

“Do you want to see the tower in daylight first?” Jenna sipped her cinnamon dolce latte. A line of whip cream remained on her upper lip when she pulled her cup away.

Although we had found a Starbucks, I had opted for the real thing at one of the French coffee shops along the way. Smiling, I lightly ran my finger over her lips, wiping away the cream and licking my finger with a wink. “Yes, ma’am.”

Her eyes grew dark as she stared at me. The corners of her mouth twitched.

I could see the gears turning in her head. She was considering skipping the Eiffel Tower right now. Calculating how long it would take us to get back to our hotel so she could ravage me.

I just turned back to the window in front of us, admiring the lingerie on display as I sipped my own drink, a caramel macchiato. When I started picturing Jenna in some of the garments, my heart rate picked up. Hell, the way this was going, I was tempted to skip the most popular attraction in the city myself if I didn’t get my head on straight.

“I think we should go now before it gets too dark. It’s bound to be crowded.” I didn’t wait for her response but started off down the sidewalk as if I knew where I was going.

There was a loud sigh from behind me, some words mumbled in French, and then footsteps as she caught up to me.

I smiled. I loved it when I was able to get a rise out of her. This trip had done more for me than I had ever hoped it would. Including regaining my courage.


“What do you think about spending a day alone tomorrow? Apart?” Jenna asked me that night, her fingers playing with the sweaty hair around my forehead.

I turned my head so I could see her. My muscles tensed, fear building up to replace the calm that had settled upon me after our lovemaking. I guess my emotions were written all over my face because she leaned in and kissed me softly.

“Shh, Kat. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

I remembered our afternoon at the Eiffel Tower. How glorious the view was! Especially as we ate lunch at one of the tower’s restaurants. Then we strolled down the Champs-Élysées, window-shopping as well as purchasing some souvenirs. Finally, we got our intimate dinner down by the Seine. And that had only led to us coming back to our suite, drawing the curtains around the bed, and making love.

So to hear Jenna say she wanted to spend a day alone was nothing but unexpected.

“Don’t you want to be with me?” I barely heard the words as I whispered them. I wasn’t even sure I’d said them aloud.

She kissed me again and cupped my cheek as she smiled down at me. “I do. But I haven’t let you just be you for one single day on this trip. I want you to do whatever you want. No restrictions. No worrying about me and if I’m enjoying myself.”

“And what will you do?”

“Whatever I want, too. We can meet up for dinner if you choose. Just as long as we spend some time apart. I think it will be good for us.”

I closed my eyes and thought about the fact that she was right. Except for those few hours after our fight in Grosetto, we’d been together practically every blessed minute. We needed to retrain ourselves for when we got back home and had to return to our regularly scheduled lives.

Certainly I could find something to do in a city as big as Paris. There was that lingerie shop we had seen last night. I wouldn’t mind shopping for a little surprise for Jenna. Using my new-found courage, I could talk to the concierge downstairs for ideas. Things that maybe I wouldn’t have done with Jenna beside me trying to show me everything and every place she had experienced before. Time for me to make my own experiences.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay, it’s a deal. We’re on our own from the moment we decide to get up. Do you want to meet in the lobby around say six o’clock?”

“That sounds good. But right now, come here.”

I giggled as she smiled at me and pressed her lips to mine. But the sound transformed into a moan as her fingers trailed down my stomach and slipped between my thighs, searching through my increasing arousal. And then I was gasping for breath, clutching her arms as she stroked my clit with her thumb. Whimpering as her fingers dove deep inside of me, making me lose control once more.


I stretched, automatically reaching out for Jenna. But my hand found only empty sheets. My eyes popped open. The curtains were still drawn around the bed, but enough light filtered through to signify it was morning.

Rolling onto my back, I stared up at the ceiling through the canopy. We had found out last night how romantic the bed was with just the chandelier on above us and the bed covered. So much so that I lost count of how many times we’d brought each other to orgasm. I wondered if her hand got as cramped as mine did sometimes. I opened my mouth to ask her, and then remembered she wasn’t there.

Sitting up, I pushed back one corner of the curtain and saw the alarm clock. It was almost ten in the morning. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stumbled to the bathroom, flicking on the shower before I stared into the mirror above the sink.

What in the world was I going to do all day?

Refreshed and dressed an hour later, I took the elevator to the lobby. On the way down, I couldn’t help smiling as I remembered how Jenna had christened our visit to the hotel. The bell finally dinged, and I stepped out into a bustling melting pot of tourists.

Fear started to rise up in me, but I stomped it down and forced a smile to my face. I was going to have a good day, even if it killed me. And it wouldn’t be spent laying around my hotel room because I was too big of a coward to brave the streets of Paris on my own. If Jenna believed in me, so should I.

The concierge smiled warmly as I approached and greeted him in English, setting my nerves at ease. “How may I assist you, Mademoiselle?”

“I am on my own today. I’ve already seen the Eiffel Tower and walked the Champs-Élysées. I’m tired of shopping already. Are there any sights you’d recommend I see before the end of my trip?”

“Ahh, one moment.” He turned to a display rack behind him and selected a brochure. He laid it open before me and pointed to a couple of popular places, briefly explaining them to me. He retrieved another brochure and again circled the activities that might interest me.

“What about that one?” I pointed to a picture in the middle of the second brochure and tapped my finger on it. “Now that is something I could go for.”

He winked at me and picked up the phone on his desk. He conversed in French with whomever was on the other line, paused to ask for my name, and then relayed the information before writing a time, address, and a name on a card. When he hung up, he handed me the card. “You will need to take a cab. Allow thirty minutes for traffic.”

“Merci.” I smiled and stepped away with the brochures. I had seen the time he wrote down. I had at least three hours until my appointment. I still needed to find something to occupy my time.

The sun was shining when I opened the front door and emerged onto the sidewalk. I remembered a bakery we had passed on the way to where we saw the lingerie shop, so I turned right and headed up the street, hoping I didn’t look as scared as I felt inside.

It wasn’t hard to find the bakery again. However, making my decision on what to buy proved almost impossible. Everything in the display cases looked delicious, and my stomach growled at the thought of trying each and every one of them. In the end, I settled on a cinnamon scone and an iced caramel latte. I managed to snag a table outside so I could people-watch while I ate my late breakfast.

It must have rained last night as little puddles still remained on the road. But the sun was high now, and it warmed my skin despite the awning hanging over the seating area.

My thoughts turned to Jenna. I wondered what she was doing today. Was there something she had wanted to do or see without my knowledge? And just like that, the little green monster reared its ugly head. I clenched my eyes and tried to think of something else. Anything else.

What I needed to do was find something to occupy my mind for a few hours. I heard a couple of women behind me speaking in fluent French, so I assumed they must be familiar with the area. Retrieving my electronic translator from my purse, I searched for the right words and hoped I didn’t butcher their language.

When there was a lull in their conversation, I turned to find that one had gotten up and was walking back inside the bakery. I took my chance and smiled.

“Excusez-moi, mademoiselle. Parles-tu Anglais? I’m looking for a theater. Um…est un théâtre?”

“Yes, I speak English. You are looking for a theater? Movies or a play?”

I sighed inwardly. “Oh, thank you. A movie, please. Is there one nearby?”

Her companion returned at that moment and spoke to her friend in French. The woman I was speaking with answered in French. And then they went back and forth in their conversation. I was almost worried that they had forgotten I was still sitting there. Suddenly, the first woman turned back to me, smiling.

“My apologies. We were just discussing our plans for the morning. We haven’t been to a movie in a long time. We were wondering if we could join you at the theater? There is one nearby that isn’t too far to walk to. They should be having a show before noon.”

My smile widened. “If you don’t mind, I would be happy to have you join me.”

That is how I found myself seated beside two strangers in a nearly empty movie theater a couple of blocks away, watching the opening credits for an apparently-classic French film called “Emmanuelle.” There were subtitles, but they weren’t really needed.

Movies in France are nowhere near as censored as the ones in America. Although it was what I considered soft-core, it was porn nonetheless. I licked my lips and felt my pussy clench, my heartbeat thumping in my ears, especially during the girl-on-girl scenes. As tempted as I was to play with my breasts and try to have an orgasm, I resisted and squeezed my legs together to quell the building desire.

After the movie, I thanked my companions and found my way back to the main road. The lingerie shop was exactly where I’d remembered, which saved me time wandering around like a regular tourist. But choosing an outfit was actually harder than I had anticipated. I knew what I liked to wear. I knew what Jenna liked me to wear. But I still had to try on several different styles before deciding.

Just like in the theater with the uncensored film, wearing sexy French undergarments wrecked havoc on my libido. I couldn’t resist posing in front of the mirror, imagining how I’d reveal my choice to Jenna tonight. As a result, my nipples hardened painfully, the material rubbing against them, scratching them almost like Jenna’s teeth did. Thank goodness I was still wearing my bikini panties beneath the items I was trying on. Surely, I would have gotten them wet as well.

I stepped out of the shop, grabbed a sandwich from a nearby bistro, and waved down a cab. I tried to explain where I was going in English, but the driver just smiled and nodded. I don’t think he understood a word I said, so I showed him the card with the address.

“Oui! Oui!” He smiled and nodded again, then we were off.

I sat back and stared out the window, unable to stop thinking about the movie. It was silent in the car, but my head was full of my thoughts. My very dirty thoughts. I was just re-enacting one of the scenes in my head with Jenna and I as the characters when the cab pulled up to the curb and stopped. I shook off the image and handed over the correct fee.

“Merci beaucoup!” I shuffled out of the backseat, closed the door, and turned to stare at the monstrosity that towered over me: The Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.

Somehow my brain sent the right signals to my feet to move forward, although my jaw remained slack until I saw myself in the glass of the entrance. I took a deep breath, opened the door, and tried to relax as I approached the front desk after following the appropriate signs.

“Hello. My name is Kat. I have an appointment.” I placed the card from the concierge on the mahogany countertop.

“Welcome to le Spa. My name is Marie Claire.” She turned to a computer screen. After a minute of clicking on the keyboard, she gave me a brilliantly white smile. “We have you scheduled for the Serenity relaxation massage and the Well-Being hot-stone massage. They will each take approximately an hour. Jaime will be your masseur.”

“That sounds lovely.” I smiled, excited to experience Parisian massage therapy.

Another woman named Janette appeared and whisked me away to a “treatment room” where I was told to strip and lay down on my stomach on a padded bed. Candles flickered on a stone countertop against a mirror, and soft music played in the background.

As I lay there, naked save for the sheet over my back, waiting for something to happen, I mentally reviewed our trip. All the times Jena and I had had sex. The times we just spent talking as we drifted off in each other’s arms. The walks we had taken and sights we had seen.

I wondered how life was going to be once we were back in Chicago. What would I tell my coworkers when they asked about my trip? I had yet to break the news about my new-found love for being a lesbian. Would Jenna want to move in together? Would I have to “come out of the closet?”

Finally, I heard a door open and close. I tried not to jump as someone—assumedly Jaime—approached the table and gently swept my hair to the side. A hot towel was placed across the back of my neck, which made me moan softly. And then shivers raced up my back as she rolled the sheet back until it barely covered my butt.

There was a faint snapping sound as a bottle was opened. A squirting sound as the liquid was poured out. Then I heard two hands rubbing together before they rested lightly on my shoulders.

“Let me know if it’s too hot.”

My eyes shot open and I swear my body jumped a foot off of the table. Jaime was a man!

“Are you okay, Ms. Kat?”

I gulped and clenched my eyes closed again. “Yes…yes. I’m fine.” Or at least I hoped I would be.

Watching an erotic movie, trying on erotic lingerie, and now receiving a potentially erotic two-hour massage? I was probably going to combust on the spot at any minute. Maybe I should have been a hermit and stayed in the hotel room.

I snorted softly. Jenna would have had a hey-day if she knew I’d chosen to do that. But here I was, living spontaneously in Paris. I should suck it up and just enjoy the massage. I could release my pent-up desires later with Jenna.

Interestingly enough, Jamie did such a good job massaging my backside with the oil that I relaxed and stopped worrying that he wasn’t a she. Even when he moved the sheet up to cover my back so he could work on my legs and butt. I’m not saying I wasn’t turned on by the whole thing—especially when I felt his fingers pressing at the insides of my thighs and moving upwards—but it was that relaxed arousal. When you could have a person touch you that way for hours without feeling the need to orgasm.

I almost fell asleep when he covered my legs again and placed the stones down my spine. The heat felt so good. And the music was entrancing. I didn’t want him to stop.

“Ms. Kat? I need you turn over now,” he said after he removed the stones fifteen minutes later.

I must have really been out of it because I flipped the sheet back and rolled right over. If Jaime had been surprised, he didn’t let on but merely took the sheet and covered my upper body this time up to my armpits.

I should have just closed my eyes and returned to la-la land.

If I had thought that delivery man back in Grosetto was hot, this man was smoking. He looked like the Statue of David come to life…chiseled features and all. Except that he was all soft skin covering muscles which I was sure were hard as stone. It didn’t help that he was only wearing loose-fitting pants, so I was staring at his well-defined pectorals. Every inch of visible skin was tanned and toned.

I tried not to moan. I really did. But it came out all the same.

His smile lit up his face. He knew how he was affecting me.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the music. But it was so damn hard when he applied hot oil to my thighs. I was grateful when he was done and covered my legs with the sheet again.

When he was finished with the oil, I heard water running. I dared to take a peek. He was washing his hands, his back to me. I swallowed a groan at the sight of that butt, even in those loose pants. The water shut off, and then Jaime was standing behind my head, his fingers massaging my scalp and forehead.

It felt it had been days that I’d been in the room by the time he finished making my body feel like butter. Apparently the two hours were not up because he adjusted the sheet once more, just covering my abdomen through my groin. Then he adjusted my arms and legs before placing hot stones on them.

Another fiteen minutes passed, and then the stones were removed. I sighed, disappointed that the session was coming to an end. But it was probably for the best. I don’t know how I hadn’t come undone already. I mean, I may have been turning lesbian, but when you’re practically naked in the same room with a man who’s half-naked himself and he’s got his hands all over you… All I knew at that moment was that Jenna better be prepared for some hot sex tonight because I was so fucking horny.

“Just lie still until the buzzer goes off, Ms. Kat,” Jaime said as he covered me up to my neck with the sheet, his voice breaking into my thoughts of how I was going to ravish my girlfriend. Then I heard the door open and close.

The music and the relaxing scents of the oil and candles infiltrated my head. I started to drift off once more. After I got back to the hotel, I should have time for a nap…and a shower…and dinner…and…



I slowly opened my eyes. Jenna sat beside me on the bed, her fingers stroking my hair. I smiled up at her. “Hey. What time is it?”

“Six thirty.”

“Oh, no!” I tried to sit up, but my body still felt boneless. “I’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“No, sweetie.” She gently pushed my shoulder back to the bed. “I think we should order room service and stay in tonight. Just the two of us.”

I rolled over onto my back and reached my hand up to caress her cheek. Her eyes sparkled, and she was actually sucking on her lower lip. That was my nervous habit. She was hiding something. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” She kissed me and then reached for a folder on the nightstand. “So, what are you in the mood to eat?”

I groaned inwardly and licked my lips. If she only knew.


I was a nervous ninny an hour later, standing in the bathroom, adjusting my hair and outfit. I loved my purchase. I just really hoped Jenna loved it, too.

The red babydoll top was a sheer bra with a sheer skirt attached to the underside of each cup and wrapped around the back. The inverted V-gap in the front revealed most of my belly. And of course it had matching sheer panties.

“Kat, are you okay?” Jenna’s voice carried through the barrier between us.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” After one last adjustment of my breasts in the cups and a run of my fingers through my hair, I took a deep sigh. “Here goes nothing!”

I opened the door. And moaned very loudly.

Jenna was reclining on the couch in an equally stunning ensemble that consisted of a black, strapless corset, a G-string, thigh-high stockings, and a garter belt. Her hair hung in long curls over her creamy breasts. She slowly raised her head from the magazine in her lap and echoed my moan.

“Oh, Kitty Kat.” I could hear her purring even from across the room. She sashayed toward me, a hungry look in her eyes.

I blushed and glanced down at myself. Okay, I was getting used to her pet name for me. It made me feel…special. I lifted my eyes back up to hers. “You like?”

“Sweetie, I love.” She licked her lips, and I could feel the heat of her eyes roaming over my body. “So that’s what you were doing today? Buying lingerie?”

“Well first I had breakfast at that bakery we saw yesterday.” I cocked one hip against the bathroom doorway and ticked off my day on my fingers. “Then I saw an erotic French movie with two women from the bakery. After the movie, I bought the lingerie and had lunch. I finished with a two-hour hot oil and stone massage. That’s why you found me passed out.”

“Wow, you made good use of your day. I’m impressed.”

I could see her breasts rise and fall with each breath as they strained against the top of the corset. I licked my lips and reached towards one tempting swell. “So what did you do?”

She swatted my hand away and clicked her tongue. “Not yet. Come with me.”

I took her outstretched hand and followed her into the bedroom. The curtains were closed on the sides of the bed but not the end. Across from the bed on the long dresser was a large, framed mirror. Standard pieces in a hotel bedroom. But also useful if your girlfriend wanted you to see her having sex with you.

“Kneel on the bed.”

I sucked in my breath and walked towards the end of the bed, feeling my nipples harden at her command. I started to crawl onto the comforter when I saw the rope hanging down. My eyes followed it up, noticing how it was laced and tied expertly through the wooden canopy. I snapped my head around, my heart rate speeding up with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

“Trust me, Kat.” Jenna approached and ran the back of her fingers down my cheek, gently gripping my chin. She teased my lips with her tongue. When I opened my mouth, she kissed me deeply then slowly pulled back. “Now kneel on the bed and face me.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The bed shifted behind me. As I turned and knelt, Jenna crawled up next to me.

“Put your arms out in front of you, your hands together like you’re praying.”

I raised an eyebrow but did as directed.

“Good girl.” She reached up and grabbed the end of the dangling rope. She bound my wrists together and then moved behind me. The rope jerked, and then my arms were pulled upwards until they were straight above my head. “Comfortable?”

I tried not to squeak or laugh. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Now just relax. Take deep breaths.” She put her hands on the insides of my thighs and parted my legs more. Then she climbed off the bed. “Oh, my Kitty Kat. You look so beautiful.”

As I lifted my eyes to see her, I saw the mirror behind her. And my reflection in the mirror. I gasped. Restrained, vulnerable, draped in red lace, I looked damn hot. And that nickname? It no longer brought back the horrible memories of youthful teasing. Not when it was used by my lover in that sultry tone.

“Now, don’t say a word.”

Jenna approached the bed again, but from the side. She pulled the curtains back and climbed onto the mattress behind me where I could see her kneeling in the mirror. “Sweetie, while you were out relaxing today, I was busy tracking down some new toys. Getting some expert advice. Making plans.”

She leaned in and ran her tongue down the length of my neck. Her lips traced the same line with feather-light kisses.

I shuddered. My breath hitched when she raised her hands and lightly stroked my arms from wrist to shoulder and back again. A fire within my gut sparked brighter when her hands lowered to repeat the motion on my legs, moving from my feet to my bent knees and up my thighs to the edge of my panties.

“Kat?” Her breath was hot against my ear. “I want you to tell me about the movie you saw. Every. Little. Explicit. Detail.”

My mind raced, trying to remember through the haze that had settled on me since my massage and had yet to lift. It didn’t help that she stroked her hands up my sides under the material of the skirt, severely distracting me. “Um…it was old, a classic. French with subtitles.”

“That is not what I meant, and you know it.” Jenna nipped at my shoulder and then laved away the sharp pain with her tongue.

I bit back a groan. “It was called ‘Emmanuelle.’ It’s about a sexually-repressed woman and her diplomatic husband who are visiting in Bangkok. Oh!”

She cupped my breasts and brushed her thumb over each nipple. Feeling it and seeing it at the same time in the mirror only increased the level of arousal.

“Very nice.” She then pinched my nipples, rolling them between her finger and thumb. Her hands disappeared for a moment. They reappeared in the mirror, and I had to look down to see if I was imagining it or not.

I elicited a sharp cry when she secured a small, metal clamp to my left nipple, right over the material of the lingerie. My cry turned to a groan after a moment, and my clit throbbed more than I had ever felt it before. Then she secured a clamp on my right nipple and I shuddered with another cry.

Jenna caressed the undersides of my breasts ever so gently, avoiding the clamps, helping distract me from the now subtle pain. “Go on, Kat.”

The sweet torture continued for several minutes. I was panting, sweating even. I couldn’t stop looking at the two clamps on my nipples that were connected with a small chain with a large ring in the middle. I didn’t want to know what that might attach to. Somehow, I managed to describe the main character’s sexual exploits with first, her new-found female companions and finally, with an older man who would be classified as a Dominant in today’s standards.

According to my French guides I’d met, it was the first in a series of seven based on a banned novel called “The Joys of a Woman.” English versions had been created, as well. I needed to see if I could find the rest of the movies…in any language!

Jenna’s tongue traced my left ear. Her breath was hot against my sensitive skin. In the mirror, her eyes were watching our reflection as well.

I was so transfixed on her face that I didn’t realize she’d moved one hand lower and beneath the waistband of my panties until her fingers brushed my clit. Moaning, I closed my eyes and tried to spread my legs wider so I could sink further onto her hand. I grunted in frustration. The rope restraint prevented me from moving anywhere but up.

“You are so wet, Kat.” Finally, her fingers moved back, parting my folds. They dipped into my arousal and finally pressed up inside me. She stroked only a few times before withdrawing and returning to rub my clit in slow, light circles, making me whimper. “Did you enjoy the movie?”

I choked, unable to think about anything but the torture she was putting me through. Not only was she teasing me below, but also above, she ran finger along the swells just above the edge of the bra, tracing the material, occasionally brushing against my clamped nipple.

Suddenly she stopped and removed her hand from below. “Answer me, Kat.”

“Yes! Yes, I enjoyed it!” A tear escaped and trickled down my face. It felt hot. Much like the rest of my body.

“Good girl.” Her fingers returned, resuming the gentle, circular motion on my clit. “Now tell me about your massage.”

I don’t know if any of my words were comprehensible. They sounded like a mumbled mess interspersed with gasps and soft cries as she changed pressure both below and above. She paused again when I mentioned that Jaime was a man and how aroused I had gotten. But I emphasized how much I was thinking of her and what I wanted to do with her later tonight.

She rewarded me with a kiss as she turned my head to face her. “And I spent all day thinking about you, too, sweetie. About all the fun I had planned. Don’t you see what they mean when they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder?’ My body has been aching just to touch yours. Apparently yours has, too.”

“Jenna.” I moaned, my eyes closing as her fingers finally slid deeper to penetrate me again and her thumb rubbed my clit.

“Come for me, Kat. I want to see your body writhing. To feel it.” She lifted the skirt of my top in the back and pressed her chest against me, the satin material of her corset sliding against my sweaty skin. One warm arm wrapped around my belly, holding me to her. He grip moved higher after a moment, and there was a firm tug at my chest before both nipple clamps released at the same time.

I screamed and felt the ripples wash over me, ebbing and flowing. Her hands massaged my nipples that felt like they were on fire, and her mouth nuzzled my neck while she coaxed me through the orgasm. I feared I would pass out from sheer pleasure. Eventually, my brain returned to reality, but my body was still trembling from aftershocks.

Jenna eased up, both hands caressing me now, her fingers traveling up and down my sides. “I cannot stop touching your body. Your skin is intoxicating, Kat. You have no idea how much I missed you today.”

I whimpered and leaned my head against my arm. How could I have doubted her love for me? I needed to learn to be more trusting. It was hard after Danny, but still, I just had to put forth the effort. To want to.

The bed shifted once more, and when I opened my eyes, Jenna was kneeling in front of me. She was breathing hard with her mouth open, her eyes dark.

I groaned, struggling to hold back the desire to lean forward the few inches between us and kiss her. I bit my lower lip instead and stared into her eyes. Hoping she could see I was open to whatever she had planned for me.

“It’s a good thing you had that nap. It’s going to be a long night.” Jenna leaned toward me, but instead of kissing my lips, she lowered her head at the last second, tugged down the edge of the bra cup, and sucked my nipple into her mouth.

I shrieked and jerked on my restraints. If I didn’t know better, she was trying to kill me. She hadn’t given me much time to recover from the clamps, which I was still on the fence about despite the rush they had given me. Yet, I bit my tongue to stop myself from ending this right now. I could take more. I knew I could.

“I wonder…” She suckled on my nipple some more before continuing. “Did you have an orgasm during that movie? How about the massage? Did you touch yourself there? Or did you wait to come back here?”

I gulped and tried to shake my head, but she wasn’t looking at me. Instead, she was focused on stroking my pussy through the thin material of my panties. I was so sensitive I cried out.

“Oh, sweetie. You are so hot.”

I watched in the mirror as she slid my panties aside. She was right. I could feel my own heat on my thighs. Her expert fingers wasted no time in plunging deep into my pussy again, seeking out my G-spot this time.

I came within a few minutes, crying and moaning. Tugging on the rope above me. My muscles clenched around her fingers as she kept up a quick pace.

“That’s a good girl. Ride it out, baby.” Then suddenly her fingers were gone. I popped my eyes open to see her flip onto her back and slide between my legs where she lapped up my dripping liquid.

I don’t know if I had another orgasm, or if it was the same one still going. Whatever the case, I didn’t want it to stop. Her tongue…her lips…her teeth… Not to mention her hands that gripped my hips, holding me still as I tried to buck against her mouth. I was going to pass out. I almost wished for it.

“You taste amazing,” Jenna said, licking her lips as she sat up. She reached above me, then my arms went slack. She laid me down and cradled me against her, massaging my shoulders. “Rest, baby.”


The room was dark when I woke. Jenna was sleeping on her back next to me. We were both still dressed. I almost preferred it that way, at least for now. She was damn sexy in lingerie.

Taking advantage of the situation, I traced her curves with my eyes, following the crisscross details on the corset restricting her breasts. Moving down to the thin strap of her G-string curving over both hips and barely covering her shaved mound. Noticing how the garter belt hugged her waist and connected to the thigh-highs with satin ribbons.

I licked my lips. Temptation was right there. I hadn’t been able to touch her all day. Taste her. Images from the movie flitted through my mind like a flock of butterflies in flight. Trying not to wake her, I scooted down and gently slid Jenna’s legs apart.

She smelled spicy when I leaned in and sniffed. I muttered a low moan and then gently ran the back of my index finger up and down her pussy over the scrap of material. She was warm. The material gave way easily when I slid my finger under it and repeated the motion against her skin.

I twisted my finger, bending it and pressing my second knuckle between her folds. Stroking all the way down and up again to bump against her clit. Coating it with her copious fluids. Was she having a sex dream? Or was that arousal from our session?

Another lick of my lips and then I leaned down. When the tangy taste of her touched my tongue, I closed my eyes and moaned. I tugged her G-string aside and using my other hand, I held her lips apart as I lapped at her arousal. She was hot and wet and oh so wonderful.

Jenna let out a sleepy moan. She shifted slightly, and then I heard her sharp intake of breath followed by a low growl.

I smiled and settled my mouth on her clit, flicking with my tongue, nipping with my teeth. With my index finger, I traced her entrance, pressing lightly. She purred as I teased her. When I thought she’d had enough, I slid my finger inside her and began stroking.

“Oh, Kat! That feels amazing.” Her hands pressed on the back of my head. “Mmm. Right there.”

I followed her lead, stroking with two fingers now, my nose buried against her pubic bone. The smell and taste of her was driving me mad. I had gone too long without her yesterday. I needed my fix.

It only took a few minutes for Jenna to climax. When she had stopped screaming and writhing beneath me, she tugged on my arms. I crawled up to lay next to her again.

“Hey, baby.” I kissed her softly on the lips.

“That is an awesome way to wake up.” She licked my lips. “However…”

I shrieked when she pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist.

“This trip is all about you. Especially in Paris.” She smashed her mouth against mine. Forced my arms up on either side of my head and held them down. “And the night is still young.”

“Where are you going?” I sat up as she rolled off the bed, the curtains flowing back down as she moved through them.

“Stay there.”

I laid back and panted. Wanting her lips on mine again. My breasts ached. I caressed them through the material of my babydoll top, my nipples rubbing against my palms. I had to bite my lip and cross my legs to fend of the building desire.

“Close your eyes, Kat.”

I obeyed despite the fact that the room was dark. I heard fabric moving and assumed she was opening the curtains. Then light peeked through my closed lids.

“Get on your hands and knees.” The bed shifted. Jenna’s hands rested on my hips, moving me how she wanted me. “Okay, open your eyes.”

Blinking, I stared straight ahead out our window at the Eiffel Tower, all lit up against the night sky. I glanced over my shoulder and my whole body trembled. In case I had thought I was imagining the vision, the reflection in the mirror confirmed I was not dreaming.

“Take a deep breath, sweetie.” Her hands smoothed over my ass, stroking my pussy from behind.

I really tried. But my breath kept catching in the back of my throat. I gripped the sheets beneath me and struggled to stay upright.

“Kat, I wanted it to be a surprise.” Her voice shook. “Maybe I should have discussed this with you first. I’m sorry.”

“No.” I swallowed, trying to find the words to express how I was feeling. “I didn’t even think about this. It’s…it’s…genius.”

Her eyes lit up with her smile. “Really?”

“Baby, unless you only bought that to tease me, I love you so much.” God, this woman was amazing. What had I ever done to deserve her?

“Oh, I’ll be using it. Trust me.”

I followed the motion of her hand as it caressed my ass and then moved back to stroke the most glorious invention ever: a strap-on dildo. My pussy quivered just thinking about that thick length sheathed inside me.

Her hand stroked my ass again, sliding up over my lower back and hips. She lined up the dildo with my pussy, and I bucked back against her, anxious. “How do you want it, sweetie?”

“Hard and fast. Please.” I gulped and braced myself.

I screamed in delight when she plunged into me. Tears formed in my eyes at the vision of our union in the mirror. At the awed expression on Jenna’s face. At the feeling of having a cock—faux or otherwise—filling my pussy once more. And the best part was, I couldn’t get pregnant or have to deal with the mess of semen with this one.

When she began thrusting, gripping my hips, I turned my gaze out the window. Watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the distance as my girlfriend literally fucked me from behind. She must have viewed videos or gotten some tips on her adventure today because she did just as well as any guy I’d been with. I was damn proud of her.

“Fuck me, Jenna! Fuck me hard!” I cried the litany over and over again with each stroke, rocking my body back into hers until my climax ripped through me as I screamed her name.


“Are you sure, Kat?” Jenna put her hands on my shoulders and tilted her head so we were eye-to-eye. “You don’t have to do it.”

“I know. But I want to.” I took a deep breath, trying to swallow any remaining fears, and then pushed the door open. Tiny bells jingled above our heads before silence surrounded us.

A woman appeared from a curtained area, her black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looked normal enough in her T-shirt and jeans. No face piercings, no midriff top and short-shorts showing off all her skin. The only thing that was noticeable were the graceful black swirls that ran up and down both arms, disappearing under the green sleeves of her shirt that had some saying written in French emblazoned across it.

“Bienvenue. Ce qui peux vous aider avec aujourd’hui?”

Her smile put me at ease, although I didn’t have a clue what she said. I smiled back but shook my head. I was turning to Jenna for some help when the woman spoke again.

“Mi scusi. Welcome. I’m Jade.” She stepped behind a counter that held a display case of photographs and books. “What can I help you with today?”

“Hello, I’m Kat, and this is Jenna.” I shook off my nerves and reached into my purse. I laid a narrow sheet of paper on the counter. “I would like to get a tattoo.”

Jade studied it for a moment and then smiled again. “Where would you like it?”

“Right here.” I turned and Jenna pointed at my lower back right above my hipbones.

“All right. It will take a few minutes to prepare everything. We do ask for payment up front.”

I reached into my purse again, withdrawing my credit card. I held onto it for a long moment.

“You’ll do fine, sweetie.” Jenna squeezed my hand.

When we were done transacting business, Jade led us to the back of the room and behind one of the decorative screen dividers. A padded medical table sat on one side. Across from us behind another screen was a dentist’s chair.

“Lie down on your stomach.” Jade pointed to the table and began pulling opening drawers. “Pull your shirt up and your pants down.”

For just a moment, my nerves rose up again. Jenna helped me adjust my clothing and lay down. Before I could say anything, she began massaging me through my clothes, starting at my hips and working her way up. She always knew what to do for me.

“Just relax, Kat.” Her breath whispered against my ear, and I turned my head so I could see her.

“I’m scared, Jenna.” I whimpered and bit my lip.

She brushed her lips against mine. “I know, sweetie. But you’re brave. Very brave. That’s one of the things I love about you.”

I jerked when I felt something cool rubbing against my lower back.

“Cleaning the area.” Jade said. “You can keep doing that, if you want.”

I guess she meant the massage because Jenna continued rubbing my shoulders, trying to help me relax. And it worked.

I dozed off at some point. But that was after Jade had transferred the design onto my back and started doing the outline. Thank God Jenna was there, because I cried like a baby and gripped her hand so hard. But after the first minute or so, I grew used to the pinching sensation. Jenna resumed smoothing her hands all over my shoulders and upper back. And that’s the last I remembered.

“All done.” Jenna’s voice stirred me from my sleep.

I blinked as both women helped me sit up. “I don’t feel too much pain anymore.”

“That is good.” Jade laughed. She held a camera in her hands. “Do you mind if I take a picture for my books? I really love the design you chose.”

I blushed and nodded. “I drew it myself last night.”

“You did a wonderful job. It’s beautiful.”

I saw the flash behind me. Jenna said she wanted a picture, too. Then her and Jade started conversing in French. I let them go at it for a minute or two before I sighed audibly.

“Are you two done? I would like to see my tattoo.”

“Votre petite amie est tellement impatiente,” Jade said, and then laughed when Jenna did.

I rolled my eyes and sighed again, understanding only the last word. But they both helped me get up. Then Jade positioned me in front of a full-length mirror and handed me a hand-held one.

While the design on paper was one thing, actually seeing it on my body breathtaking. Especially with the blending of colors.

In the center of my lower back was a dark red heart. On either side were graceful lines and swirls that looked like wings. While the lines were black, the spaces between were colored blue and green in a way that it appeared they were shimmering…moving as I moved. But the best part was what I had sketched in at the last minute before we left the hotel.

Behind the entire design, the Eiffel Tower peeked out above and below the heart. Subtle, yet a permanent reminder of my first trip with Jenna. Hopefully, the first of many.

I sniffed. “I love it.”

“It looks amazing, sweetie.” Jenna tilted my chin up and kissed me. “It suits you. You’re letting your heart take flight again.”

I blushed and wiped at a wayward tear. “Thank you, Jade. I will always remember my trip to Paris because of my first tattoo.”

Jenna snorted. “That’s the only reason?”

I winked at her and grinned. “Oh, I could think of a few others. Just give me some time.”

“Sweetie, we have all the time in the world.” She pressed her lips against mine again, the back of her hand brushing against my nipple and breast as she lowered her arm.

I shuddered and wondered how long I’d have to wait until she could get me on my back. Then again, we could do the old-fashioned method with me leaning forward over something while she pleasured me from behind. Especially with that strap-on.

We both thanked Jade after she gave me the rundown on how to care for my new body art. The bells jingled again as I opened the door, signaling the end of our latest adventure.

As we walked away from the tattoo parlor, Jenna took my hand and laced her fingers through mine. When I leaned my head on her shoulder, she stopped us, pulled me into her arms and kissed me on the top of my head. And it was at that precise moment that it hit me.

Maybe I would never fully get over Danny. But I knew I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and embrace the next stage of my life. I mean, I had been to Tuscany! And Florence! And Paris! None of them would have been the same if I had come with anyone else.

If there was any one person in the world who could help me do this, it was Jenna Swallow.

And I was going to let her.

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 04