I Kissed a Girl Ch. 05

Six months.

That’s how long I had been enveloped in the world of being a lesbian. How long I’d been in a relationship with Jenna Swallow. How long it had taken me to accept that my life would never be the same again.

I had gone from being engaged to a man I thought I’d loved, to moving into my girlfriend’s apartment after an extended trip to Tuscany and Paris. I had flipped from enjoying a cock inside me to preferring the skillful fingers and tongue of a woman. I had gotten a tattoo on my back and had a part of my body pierced where jewelry did not really belong. I had entered the world of kinky.

We weren’t really into spanking or discipline or severe bondage. But when two women got together to make love, they had to be a little creative sometimes to keep the mood alive and fresh. And trust me, Jenna was good at both.

I was meeting her for dinner tonight. I hadn’t seen her all day, and she’d already left for work by the time I’d gotten out of the shower. She’d left me a note with instructions of what to wear and where to be this evening.

I got a little flutter in my stomach when she took control. While we didn’t really define our relationship as one of the BDSM world, we did delve into that territory occasionally. And we’d both agreed that Jenna was the Top and I was the bottom, although she wasn’t opposed to me topping her sometimes.

As typical when I had plans after work, the last hour crept by. Either that, or I was so swamped it was hard to get out the door on time after the bank closed. I did not envy the tellers who had to stay later to count the money in their drawers and the vault. When five o’clock struck, I was free to leave.

I watched the last twenty minutes tick off on the standard, circular clock with the white face and black hands. The voices of my coworkers faded away, and I contemplated something I’d heard on a talk show at lunch. I don’t usually watch them, but I had been flipping through the channels when the phone rang. After abruptly disconnecting from the telemarketer because my several polite attempts to deny I wanted their service hadn’t been successful, I’d just stared at the television.

“Have you always felt this way, or did something happen in your childhood or your adolescence that made you want to pursue a relationship with someone of the same gender?” the host had prompted his four openly gay guests.

The two men and two women beside him had shared their own opinions. At the time, I hadn’t paid much attention to their responses. But now that I was on the verge of meeting my girlfriend for dinner to celebrate our six-month anniversary, I couldn’t get the question out of my head.

I hadn’t been abused as a child. I hadn’t been bullied in school for being different. I’d actually had quite a few friends. And I had always liked guys. I went on the assumption that they’d liked me, too, even though I hadn’t been what Hollywood considered beautiful.

I tried to pinpoint something else that had happened to make me think of girls as more than just my BFFs. And then I thought of Brady McDaniel.

When I was in high school, I noticed that a lot of the girls in my class tried to flirt with the boys by the way they dressed and talked and acted. It was superficial to me, so I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I wondered if the boys could see right through their acts and didn’t care, or if they were truly oblivious.

Somehow, I went through the next four years without being in a relationship. I don’t believe I was a late bloomer or an ugly duckling. Guys just seemed to like me as their friend and nothing more.

That is until my freshman year of college when I met Brady in chemistry class. He was of the nerd variety, but he was cute, too, in that Leonard Hofstadter of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ way. No sweater-vests and pocket protectors for him. Although he did wear a pair of wire-rimmed glasses that would have put him on par with Harry Potter these days.

Our relationship had actually started when I asked him to tutor me. He lived off campus with his parents, and we met at his place three times a week to go through the lesson and any homework I was struggling on. Afterwards, we sat on the couch and watched Jeopardy. It was a strange arrangement, but his parents were rarely home as they were both professors at the college. Eventually, it became a comfortable routine.

Then one night during a commercial break, he leaned over and kissed me. I’m not talking a little peck on the lips. It was a full-blown, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation attempt where he backed me into the corner and held my head still, just like in the movies. He wasn’t half bad, but it was awkward—noses hitting as we tried to find the right angle, lips a little slobbery and our breathing a little fast.

Afterwards, he sat back and stared at my face. I felt like an experiment he was trying to analyze. I tried to get over the shock that it had taken a guy almost nineteen years to kiss me. And of all the guys who had crossed my path, it had been a science geek to accomplish it. To this day, I am certain I was the first girl he’d ever kissed, and he had been twenty-one at the time.

We escalated to heavy petting on a November evening when I convinced him to meet at my dorm room for our tutoring session right after class so I didn’t have to go back and forth to his house in the snow. I’d taken the lead that night and kissed him. When he didn’t pull away in disgust, I slowly placed his hand on my breast over my shirt. He tried his hardest. I really think he did. Yet even though it felt good, I wasn’t all that impressed. And I still felt more like a personal lab rat than a girlfriend.

One Saturday, we descended to his basement to search out supplies for our group’s midterm project. I opened a box to find it filled with girly magazines. Penthouse. Playboy. Hustler. There were at least fifty of them, if not more, and the most recent dates went back about twenty years.

I teased him…asked if they were his. He said no, they were his dad’s. He didn’t even flinch when I opened one and showed him the woman inside riding a saddle that was sitting on a hay bale.

Ms. Cowgirl was naked and facing away from the camera for the most part. Arching back towards the right-side of the page, she held onto the horn of the saddle with her left hand. The angle pushed her chest out. I could see the fullness of one large breast plunging below her left arm and the gentle slope above that ended in a rosy nipple. As if the photographer thought the appendage blocking the model’s breast made the picture more modest.

There must have been a wind machine just outside the shot as her ebony hair billowed behind her. Her right hand held the cowboy hat on her head as if riding a real, bucking horse. Her red lips were parted in a silent gasp, her green eyes shiny as they stared at the camera.

I licked my lips, my heart pitter-pattering as I stared, transfixed by that expression and the wonderment of what was hidden between her tanned thighs that hugged the worn leather. I thought these magazines always had the women all splayed on beds revealing everything they had to offer. This was a tease. No wonder men loved them. Articles my ass.

Brady only shrugged and turned back to looking at a box of junk.

I told him I had to use the restroom and snuck the magazine upstairs. I sat on that toilet seat fully-clothed, staring at Ms. Cowgirl. I reverently stroked a finger across the picture, silently wondering what it would be like to touch her breasts. To feel the curve of her back as it swept down and bumped out on that round ass. To kiss those pouting lips. And why Brady hadn’t had the same reaction when he’d seen me with my top off. Or even on, for that matter. He fondled me over my top and bra…just not like I wanted…or was wanting to do to that woman in the magazine.

The feelings I had shocked me. And yet, they brought an arousal to me that Brady never had in all the times he had touched me.

When I turned the page, I choked back a gasp at a woman kneeling on a desk. She wore a tight, white blouse that was partly unbuttoned to reveal the edge of one breast. But what drew my eye was the skimpy skirt that had been flung up over her hips so that her ass was bared to the camera.

The way she had her legs spread and ass lifted, I could see her goods full-on with just a hint of darkish blonde curls. And the way she stared back over her shoulder, her blonde hair tied up in a bun, her index finger pulling down her bottom lip with that same shiny look in her eyes as that hay-riding cowgirl…

I squeezed my own breast, just imagining running my hands over that ass. Dipping my finger down into her sex. Wondering what it would be like to lick her there.

That made me gasp louder. Where were these thoughts coming from?

When I was done pretending to use the restroom, I tore out Ms. Cowgirl’s and Ms. Secretary’s back-to-back pinup and stuffed it in my bag before going back downstairs. When Brady wasn’t looking, I replaced the magazine and proceeded to help him work on our project. He was none for the wiser.

I looked at those two pictures in private many times after that. But I really didn’t need the stolen page. I would never forget those images. Those women in those suggestive positions with luscious bodies that teased while flaunting everything men wanted.

After finals that first semester, I joined several girls for a midnight party in the public lounge of our dorm. One of them had purchased some magazines for our entertainment. For some reason, I was disappointed they weren’t the same ones I’d found at Brady’s house. This time, it was Playgirl and Sex Herald, and they were filled with men. Naked men with their cocks out and their balls cupped in their hands in various positions with the minimalist in the props department.

The girls giggled, pointed, oohed, and ahhed. And they talked of their own sexcapades, comparing their lovers to the men on the glossy pages laid out on the floor. Sure, they were interesting pictures, and the men were sexy with their six-pack abs and bulging biceps. I could even envision one of the men who posed with a suit coat over his naked shoulder—a fedora tipped to the side on his dark hair—as he took that office girl from Mr. McDaniel’s magazine doggy-style on her desk.

But I knew there was something different about me that I would have preferred to look at Ms. Secretary over Mr. Businessman with his pants down. Although, I won’t deny I got wet thinking about what that lovely specimen of a cock would feel like between my legs.

It was also at that soirée that I heard someone could be bi-sexual, as in liking both men and women in a sexual way. I wasn’t so sure I could fall into that category myself. I’d never been with a woman. And while I enjoyed looking at their suggestively naked pictures, I didn’t imagine it ever becoming a reality.

I’d also heard it was frowned upon to like people of the same gender in that way. So I steered away from buying any girly magazines myself to indulge my fantasies. Instead, I tried to drown myself in the male gender whenever possible, following the lead of my female classmates on how to dress and flirt to attract their attention.

As a result, I lost my virginity to another freshman during the spring semester. A friend invited me to a party, and I ended up drinking a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill to ease my nervousness when everyone paired up to make out and I was partnered with a guy who looked like he belonged in either a gang or the military with his tattoos, gold chains, bandana, camouflage jacket, and Army-style boots. But he was a damn good kisser. After the cops busted the party, we ended up going back to my dorm room where he slowly but surely removed each piece of my clothing, kissing each part of skin that had been revealed. Even if that’s as far as it had gone, he was miles ahead of Brady McDaniel.

The sex had been phenomenal, and I finally realized what everyone had been crowing about all these years. Yet I kept having to beg him to play with my breasts, to stroke my pussy, to touch the rest of my body again. I didn’t just want to be fucked with his cock, as nice as it was. I wanted something more, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

After college, I had a few odd jobs until I was hired at the bank as a teller. I made my way up to be a personal banker after a couple of years. I was able to purchase my own place and switched to paying on a mortgage each month instead of rent.

Then I met Danny.

It was the typical ‘boy meets girl while standing in line for coffee at Starbucks’ scene that you see in all the chick flicks. Except that in our case, boy spilled a five-dollar coffee on girl’s hundred-and-fifty-dollar cashmere sweater that had just had the tags cut off. Hot and bothered didn’t even describe my attitude that morning.

But he’d been a gentleman about it and took me down the street where he purchased me a new, more-expensive sweater as a peace offering. And then he asked me out to dinner.

We fell into a routine, and one thing led to the other as it usually does. When he asked me to marry him, I didn’t think twice. Well, I hoped I could convince him to pay more attention to my breasts and clit outside the brief foreplay I was currently used to when we had sex, but I figured that would come with time. Or else the desire would fade for me. I did love him. I truly did.

All that changed, though, when he called to tell me he didn’t want to marry me less than two months from our wedding date. When I stumbled into Maggie’s Lounge after aimlessly wandering through a downpour trying to sort out my feelings. When Jenna Swallow stood on the other side of the door to the bathroom stall where I was hiding and opened a whole new world for me.

It was a world I knew deep down had been calling to me since that day I had looked at Ms. Cowgirl in the basement of Brady’s house and wondered what it would be like to kiss and fondle those breasts…and to have mine kissed and fondled the way I’d always dreamed.

It had taken me awhile to figure out that Jenna liked me in that way. I thought she was just being friendly, as we’d been high school classmates and I was down on my luck after being dumped by my fiancé. But it took me breaking Danny’s nose—and my hand—before she made her move and I realized there was more to this equation than just friend-helping-friend.

“Kat, it’s ten after five on Friday. Go home.”

I blinked and looked around. There were two tellers behind the counter and three women walking away from my desk toward the main doors.

I shook my head and laughed. I’d heard that Brady McDaniel had come out of the closet after college and was currently living in California with his life partner, Duke DeBarge, a record producer. No wonder he didn’t know how to kiss or touch me properly. And why we’d never had sex.

I sighed and shut down my computer, locked up my desk, and grabbed my purse. I couldn’t help smiling as I took a long glance at the blotter-slash-calendar, wondering what it would be like if Jenna were to catch me here after work with no one around, forcing me to kneel on the desk like Ms. Secretary from that girly magazine and have her way with me. Damn, those stupid security cameras.


Fidgeting was not one of my nervous habits. Biting my lip? Absolutely. Worrying myself until I was sick in the stomach? It happened. But I did not fidget. Yet tonight, I’d done it numerous times.

When I arrived home from work, I changed into a red halter, knee-length dress that had a daring peek-a-boo diamond cutout in the front, revealing quite a bit of cleavage. The back was even lower and prevented me from wearing a bra of any type. Thankfully, the shiny Lycra material kept the girls in place, and there was a panel on either side in the front to prevent my erect nipples from revealing themselves to the world. Although, I was sure that Jenna would have enjoyed that immensely. I stood in front of the mirror, twisting from side to side, adjusting the girls and my curled hair until I noticed the time.

Then, I alternately tapped my fingers against the door’s armrest and then my knee on the cab ride to the restaurant while glancing right and left out the side windows. The driver must have though I was something out of the Exorcist by the time he dropped me off at the valet parking.

Once inside, I was unable to decide if I should sit or stand as I waited for Jenna to join me. I finally decided on standing ten minutes later just as I saw Jenna get out of her own cab. Slowly, I sunk down to the bench seat and let out a long breath.

She was wearing the exact same dress as I was but in a silvery gray. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back into a thick braid, which showed off her slender neck. How I loved to run my fingers—and lips—up and down that expanse of skin. And those legs…I loved how they wrapped around mine when we made out on the couch or the bed.

“Kat!” Jenna smiled as she approached and tucked her purse under one arm.

I took her outstretched hands, using them as leverage to pull myself upright. My heart thudded in my chest, and my knees wobbled a little. I felt like I was on my first date. We’d never been out in public like this before, making it obvious we were a couple.

For the briefest moment, I wanted to give up and run away. But the sweet, vanilla scent of her perfume was intoxicating and convinced me to want to finally take a walk on the wild side.

“Hey, honey,” I whispered as she hugged me and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. “I have been so nervous all day, I’m shaking.”

“Don’t be.” She squeezed my hands and led the way to the hostess station. “It’s just dinner and a little dancing. Relax.”

We were quickly seated in a quiet corner and placed our orders. As soon as we were alone, I reached out and grasped Jenna’s hands.

“It seems like I have so much to say but don’t know what to say at the same time. I have all these thoughts in my head, and they don’t always make sense.”

“It’s okay, sweetie.” She released one of my hands to sip her wine, but her other thumb rubbed the back of my hand. The soft gesture calmed me. A little. “Did something happen?”

I shook my head. “No, not really. It’s just been a long week. A long day, in fact. Very slow, and I had a lot of time to think.”

“I hope it’s nothing bad.” She started to pull away but stopped when I tightened my grip.

“No. Just processing things in my head. You know, when you have time on your hands…”

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

So over our salads, I walked her through the trail of memories I’d followed this afternoon. We’d never really talked like this. At least not out in public and not to such elaborate length. I spilled my heart out to her. Tried to explain how I’d been interested in the female figure more than most women back in college but wasn’t really sure what those feelings were so I’d suppressed them. How she’d brought those feelings back to life and helped me embrace them.

I was a rambling mess, like a lost animal roaming all over the ranch, waiting for someone to bring me back to the herd where everything made sense again and I felt safe. And the animal analogy made me laugh and tell her about the conversation I’d had with Brad and his obsession with comparing me to animals as well.

Our entrées arrived, and the waitress topped off our wine. I stared at the golden liquid in my glass, my mind a little distant.

“Do you know the first time I saw you? I mean, really saw you?” Jenna asked. She took a bite of steak and washed it down with a swig of wine. “Mr. Timms, Algebra, freshman year. You were sitting in the front row, your hair hanging around your face as we took a test. You kept tucking it behind your ear, but it wouldn’t stay. You asked Mr. Timms for either a rubber band or a pair of scissors. You were still at his desk when you swept your hair up into a ponytail. Then you dropped your pencil. When you stooped down to get it and then stood up, your eyes met mine for the briefest moments. It was like slow motion. I couldn’t breathe.”

I remembered that day. I had gone home from school and asked my mom to take me to get my hair cut. It had remained in a short, pixie style until I graduated.

“I like your hair long, sweetie.” Jenna smiled.

Without thinking, I reached up and wrapped a curl around my finger. “Can I ask ‘Why me?’ I mean, of all the girls in school, what was it about me?”

She shrugged and took another bite of her food. “I don’t know.”

I set my fork down and reached across the table to her left hand. “Yes, you do. Tell me.”

“It’s in the past. What does it matter now?”

“Jenna Swallow.”

Her eyes flitted up to mine and then returned to her plate where she was pushing the food around with her fork.

“Tell me now or we’re going home right after dinner. And I’ll cut my hair again.”

“Geesh, relax. It really is no big deal.”

“Yes, it is. You had a crush on me in high school. A crush that has lasted over twenty years. Why can’t you—”

“You stood up for me, okay?”

I blinked and sat back in my chair. “What do you mean?”

She waved her fork through the air. “A bunch of jocks were talking about me at lunch one day. If I’d be any good at giving a blow job, and if I’d swallow or not. My back was to them, but they knew it was me. They said those things so I could hear them. They did it all the time.”

“I don’t see—”

“I chose to ignore them as usual. But not you. You were sitting at the table on the other side of them. You overheard them, too. You yelled at them. I remember your words to this day. You said—”

“I know what I said.'” I tried to swallow but found it difficult with the sudden lump in my throat. “I said, ‘Scott Martini, if you and your buddies spent as much time practicing for football as you did daydreaming about Jenna Swallow, maybe we’d actually win some games this year.'”

“Yep!” Jenna grinned at me. “You told them that I wouldn’t give any of them the time of day anyway because who’d want to be with a bunch of jocks who’d already banged the entire cheerleading squad?”

My cheeks felt hot. I had no idea she’d heard me. I hadn’t realized she was sitting there behind that tall wall of gossiping testosterone. It hadn’t been the first time I’d overheard them talking about her, nor the last. But it had been the only time I’d said anything back.

“No one has ever done that for me before, Kat.” She reached for my hand and squeezed it. “That meant more to me than you will ever know. I wanted to thank you, but I didn’t know what to say. So I just kept my mouth shut. But I never forgot.”

“I’m sorry they said those things to hurt you, Jenna.” I tipped my head so I could look her straight-on. “Kids are mean. I know.”

“Yes, they are.” She took a long sip of wine. “I couldn’t help wishing you’d see me as more than just a classmate. I wanted to be friends with you, but I was afraid I’d mess it up. I’d liked girls for awhile at that time, but I hid it from everyone. I’d snuck some of my brother’s Playboys when I was in junior high before he’d left for college. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Sure, some of the pictures were full-on frontal nudity. But most of them were a tease. Wondering what was under that lace or that sheet or that skirt.”

“You certainly didn’t wait twenty years, hoping I’d come around. What did you do in the meantime?” I pushed away my empty plate and nibbled on a piece of buttered bread. “Did you date much?”

“I was almost done with college when I met Susie.”

I laughed. “I’m sorry, that just sounds like a typical lesbian name.”

Jenna laughed as well. “She was butch, if you believe it. Definitely did not go along with her name. Some friends had taken me to a gay club on a whim, not knowing I leaned that way myself. It was a fun time for them. They got drunk and danced on these platforms and boxes, oblivious to everyone else.”

“What about you?” I toed off one of my pumps and ran my bare toe along Jenna’s shin. She jumped and then smiled at me.

“I hid myself in a corner, just watching everyone. I turned down a lot of requests to dance, afraid that I would make a fool of myself and say or do something stupid.”

Her eyes drifted closed for a moment as I moved my toe higher. I was thankful for the long tablecloth and the shadows of the room.

She licked her lips, her voice soft when she continued. “Susie wandered over and offered to buy me a drink. I let her because she didn’t want to dance. She said she’d been watching me since I’d come in with my friends. That I looked out of place with them. She asked if I’d ever been to a gay club before. I admitted I hadn’t. She’d stared at me for quite awhile and then squeezed my hand, whispering that everything would be okay.”

“What did she mean?” I was licking my own lips now, trying to envision the scene in my head.

“I wasn’t sure at the time. She just sat there next to me, and we both listened to the music. No one else approached us. Not even my friends. They’d disappeared into one of the other rooms I guess. I later found out they left without me. Someone had told them it would be okay. It hadn’t been Susie because she never left my side.”

I felt a little twinge in my stomach but told myself that Jenna was with me now and her past didn’t matter. I moved my foot up under the skirt of her dress and felt her legs part. I groaned softly, pressing my toes into the soft flesh of her thigh. “Did you go back to her place?”

Jenna lowered her eyes and shook her head. Her fingers gripped the cloth napkin that she’d laid on the table, her breath coming out in soft pants. “I took her home with me, instead. She offered to share a cab, and my place was closer. I asked her to come up for a drink. Maybe to chat. We sat on the couch with a couple of beers. She told me she could tell I was a closet lesbian. That she could help me adapt to the world where I truly belonged. She told me not to be afraid, and then she kissed me.”

“That seems kind of fast.”

“It was what I needed at the time. We started hanging out at the club on the weekends. She introduced me to her roommate and a couple of friends who were gay, and I slowly let down my guard. It was refreshing not to have to hide any more.”

“I’m glad you had some support, honey.” I bit my lip when my toes touched her panties. I could feel the dampness seeping through. This conversation…what I was doing to her…it all turned her on.

“Yes,” she nodded and then gasped, biting her own lip. A soft moan escaped before her eyes opened. “But I never stopped thinking about you, Kat. Somewhere deep inside, I still prayed I would see you again. That you would see me for more than just an old classmate, as more than a potential friend.”

“I do now.” I saw the waitress heading our way and retracted my foot, pushing it back into my shoe. Jenna gaped at me, and I tilted my head a little to show her someone was coming.

“Can I get you ladies anything else?” The waitress smiled at both of us, and I wondered if she could see how flush Jenna’s cheeks were.

“No, that will be all. Thank you.” Jenna took the folder the waitress held, inserted her credit card, and then turned back to me. “After college, Susie and I parted ways. She got a job on the East coast. I wanted to stay in the area. Call it wishful thinking.”

I smiled. “Well, it paid off.”

“I had several interviews before I landed the job at Thompkins Legal Consulting.”

“And found out your boss would be my old crush, Tim Jacobs?” I finished my wine and dabbed my napkin at my lips.

“No, that wasn’t for a few more years. My boss eventually retired. I was well established in the industry when Tim was hired to head up my division, so I wasn’t about to look for another job. It was actually okay at first. But then he decided we needed to travel to sell the business. Find more clients in other states. It wasn’t until he started sending me to places like Arizona in the heart of the summer or North Dakota in winter that I realized he knew about my sexual preferences and he was punishing me.”

“Good lord, he is a jerk. I’m so glad I never hooked up with him.”

“Nope, just gay Brady,” Jenna laughed.

I groaned, wondering if I should have never told her about him.

“I dated a couple of women short-term over about the span of three years, but it never really clicked with anyone. I was grateful that Susie had helped me open up, but I was getting frustrated. I wasn’t finding anyone who compared to you, Kat. I was looking for you in everyone else.”

I was having a hell of a time swallowing and breathing tonight. “So what happened with Tim?”

“I heard that he was looking to expand overseas. A big client from France who also had a Chicago office was considering using our services. I—”

“You blackmailed him!” I covered my mouth to silence my gasp and then my laugh.

“You better believe it!” She held up a hand as the waitress reappeared with her card. When we were alone again, Jenna continued. “I told him I wouldn’t file charges for sexual harassment if he would send me to France. It worked.”

“I have to ask.” I lowered my eyes and stared at the empty tablecloth where my plate had been. All that remained were a few crumbs and my napkin. And a single question I had been wanting to ask for ages it seemed. “Did you go alone?”

“Not always.”

“Lauren?” I asked and held my breath.

Jenna hesitated, and then she sighed. “Twice.”

I nodded and slowly exhaled.

“Nothing happened, Kat. I’m sure Lauren wished it had, but nothing happened.”

“Why are you telling me this now? I thought you said the past didn’t matter?”

“I’m realizing that some things I once thought trivial are actually important in this relationship. Not that I was sent abroad for business, or that I’d been to that restaurant in Tuscany before. But that you thought you were sharing a unique experience with me, and I wanted you to know that you did. Yes, I ate dinner at that place. Yes, I had visited most of those countries. But not with the love of my life. Not for pleasure, where I could experience each moment for everything it was meant to be.”

I felt my eyes get moist. I wanted to tell her to not make me cry, but I also didn’t want her to stop.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my trips. About my adventures overseas before I met you. I am sorry, Kat. But I want to make new adventures with you. Just you. No one else.”

“Well, aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?” a masculine voice said behind me.

Jenna’s eyes looked they were going to pop out of her head, and I was certain my heart was threatening to do the exact same thing to my chest. I refused to turn around. I refused to acknowledge the person who was interrupting my lovely anniversary. Except he wouldn’t disappear just because I wanted him to.

“You look good, Kat. How’s your hand?”

I felt Jenna’s bare foot caressing my shin under the table. I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “My hand is fine now, Danny. Nothing six weeks in a cast couldn’t heal.”

He cleared his throat. “How have you been?”

I frowned, hoping he would apologize but not entirely surprised he didn’t. “I’m doing well. And you?”

“Good. I’m good.”

He stepped around to the side of the table, and I got my first look at him since I’d punched him in the face after giving him his belongings from my apartment and he wouldn’t leave. His nose had healed quite nicely. No obvious bumps or crooked lines that might detract any single ladies.

Danny clasped his hands in front of his slacks, the green tie against his black dress shirt a spot-on match for his eyes that I kept trying to avoid. He coughed and shifted his weight to his other foot. “I hope I’m not interrupting.”

I couldn’t imagine what he was up to. But he seemed to want to say something. I started to tell him to take a hike, but Jenna blocked my move.

“Not at all.” Her fingers uncurled from the napkin she’d been clutching as her eyes locked on mine. “I need to use the ladies’ room. Will you be okay, Kat?”

“Yes, go right ahead.” I tried not to frown at Danny who chose to take Jenna’s vacated seat. I watched her walk away, her hips swaying side-to-side. I wondered if my ass looked that good in this dress.

“How was Tuscany?”

“It was beautiful. Thank you for asking.” I saw the corner of Danny’s mouth twitching, and I wasn’t sure if he was nervous or trying not to laugh. Did he even know about my gender preference now? I picked up my water glass and hoped he didn’t notice my hand shaking.

“I’m sorry I missed out. I’ll have to take a trip there someday.”


He raised his hand and shook his head. “Don’t, Kat. I know it’s my fault. I’m not trying to make you feel bad or anything.”

“Then what are you trying to do, Danny? You left me, remember? It was hard, but I’ve moved on. I’d assumed you had, too.”

His lips turned down as he sighed. “I never said I wanted to end our relationship. I just said I wasn’t ready to get married.”

“Same thing. At least you had the decency to not do it while we were standing at the alter in front of my friends and family.” I took a long gulp of water and wished I’d never met him. But then again, if I hadn’t…

“It’s not the same thing. I just needed more time to think things through.”

I sat forward and set the glass down a little too hard, causing water to splash over the rim. “What things, Danny? Please, explain it to me. Because when we were that close to saying our vows—I was going to get my fucking dress fitted the next week—the thinking process is pretty much over with. You asked me to marry you, to spend the rest of my life with you. Then you changed your mind. I don’t know why. I don’t really care why anymore.”

“Would you please just give me a chance to speak?”

“Fine. Go ahead.” I crossed my arms and pressed my lips tightly together.

“I did want to marry you. I still do. I still love you, Kat. I just needed more time to get things in order. Work was hectic. I didn’t get the promotion I thought I was going to get. I’d lost some money on the stock market. I wanted to surprise you with a house, but it wasn’t going to happen right then. I was struggling to pay for the wedding as it was.”

After he was quiet for a long moment, I leaned my forearms on the table, knowing that from the angle of his head, he could see my breasts through the cutout of my dress. “Then that’s what you should have said six months ago. But you didn’t. You told me you couldn’t marry me. Over the fucking phone, Danny! You really think I was marrying you for your money? Good grief. Do I look like Kim Kardashian? And for the record, there is nothing wrong with living in an apartment. We work in the city. It’s convenient and cheaper than having a house in the suburbs.”

He sighed deeply again, his breath rustling his long bangs that fell across his forehead. Talk about sad-looking puppies. Brad would have a heyday with his metaphors.

“I’m sorry you had a change of heart. Then and now. But you can’t just jump out of someone’s life and expect them to wait around for the off-chance that you’ll jump back in. You ended it, Danny. Whatever your reasons were, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“I’m sorry, Kat.” His shoulders were slumped forward, and he just looked…tired.

“Too little, too late. I don’t know why you’re really here in this restaurant, but you did interrupt us. I was enjoying my anniversary dinner. Now, if you’ll please excuse me.” I stood and gathered my purse.

“Anniversary?” He snorted and stood as well. “For what? Six months of being single again?”

“No, Danny,” Jenna said from beside him. She stepped over to me, laced her arm through mine, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Six months of being together with me. So if you don’t mind, we need to get going to the club. We have a VIP table reserved.”

I would be an old, old woman before I would forget the expression on Danny’s face as I wiggled my fingers at him and allowed my girlfriend to escort me to the front of the restaurant. I’d never seen a jaw drop faster, or the color drain from a person’s face the way his did. Well, maybe on a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but not in real life.

I’m sure he would remember this night for a long, long time as well. It’s not every day that the woman you intended to marry basically throws it in your face that she’s over you because she’s batting for the other team.


I stared up at the castle-like building on Dearborn Street. I’d passed it on various occasions while living in the city, and I knew it had once housed the Chicagoland Historical Society. But I had never been inside the widely-popular club called Excalibur. Tonight was a night of firsts.

“They’re having a special event on the third floor tonight, sweetie,” Jenna said, hooking her arm in mine again as the cab pulled away from the curb. “We’ll fit right in.”

I just nodded and followed her inside past the sign that said “No Jeans Allowed.” When we reached the bouncer, Jenna flashed him a business card, and he let us through without asking for the covercharge I saw he’d been collecting.

The building appeared to be alive with all the flashing lights and the thumping base of the music and as we wove our way through the crowd. Some people were dancing, but most were just standing around drinking and chatting. How they could hear each other over the noise was beyond me.

No one seemed to pay us much mind as Jenna slid her hand down and grasped my hand, leading me toward an open staircase. As we ascended, I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d chosen to put on a pair of panties instead of a thong or going commando as I’d considered. Everyone below us on the stairs would be able look right up our dresses, even though it was pretty dark and they might not see much.

The music changed as we reached the second floor, but it was just as loud. I knew from what I’d heard that there were multiple rooms of entertainment with a variety of themes and music styles. Part of me wanted to check them all out, but I knew Jenna had an agenda.

We finally stopped at a closed door. A broad-shouldered man wearing all black sat on a stool against the wall. He slowly got to his feet and approached. Before he could speak, Jenna flashed the business card again, and we were allowed entrance.

“What the hell is that thing?” I laughed, trying to get a good look at it before she stuffed it back in her clutch purse. “Charlie’s Golden Ticket to the Wonka Factory?”

Jenna rolled her eyes at me. “It’s the free pass I got from Mavis at Maggie’s Lounge. She’s done a few gigs there and is good friends with the DJ for tonight’s entertainment. Would you have rather forked over twenty dollars each?”

“And you say you’re not a cheap date.” I grinned at her and gave her a kiss smack-dab on the lips. “After you, honey.”

An hour later, I was quite buzzed by the punch-flavored drink in white plastic cups that Jenna kept pulling off a passing tray and put into my hands. We’d dance, we’d sat and swayed to the music, and she’d introduced me to some women she’d gone clubbing with before we’d been reunited. They all seemed very friendly. And quite happy that Jenna had finally found me…again.

I decided to sit the next one out, and Jenna went off to dance with her friends. A girl who didn’t look old enough to even be in the club brought me the SoCo and Coke I’d ordered. I gave her a tip and then lifted the lowball glass to my forehead, sighing as the condensation cooled my hot skin.

The next three songs all ran together, and I watched my girlfriend laughing, swaying her hips to the music, and shaking her ass. Her dress shimmered under the throbbing lights, her skirt lifting up to tease as she moved. I saw several women watching her as well. A couple even joined the group.

For a single moment, I felt a jealous twinge in my heart. But it quickly dissipated as I smiled, knowing that all these women may be attracted to Jenna…they may be dancing with her now. But I was the one who was taking her home. The one who was going to ravage and be ravaged by her tonight.

The music changed to something much slower, but a steady bass still thrummed through the air. Jenna turned toward me and curled her index finger, beckoning me as she ran her tongue over her upper lip.

I gulped down the rest of my drink and boldly made my way towards her, not missing the gasps I heard along the way as the crowd parted for me. I took her outstretched hand, and she pulled me against her.

“Dance with me, Kitty Kat,” she purred in my ear. She moved her arm down to wrap around my waist, her hand caressing my ass.

How could I say no?

We danced as we felt moved by the rhythm. I moaned low and deep when she spun me out and pulled me against her so that her breasts pressed into my back. We did a slow, sultry bump-and-grind, her hands on my hips, my ass rubbing against her groin.

Her hands moved up my body until she could graze her fingers against the sides of my breasts. But she kept going, pulling my arms up into the air with hers, swaying against me. Slowly, she ran her fingertips back down my bare skin. I lowered my arms so that I could loop them behind me around her neck. As I expected, her hands returned to caress my sides, her nose buried in my hair. It was tasteful but hinted at something so naughty.

When the song changed again, I couldn’t help laughing. It was “Pornstar Dancing” by My Darkest Days.

Jenna didn’t miss a beat. She turned me around to face her, kissed me on the nose, and then did a little pole dance—with me as the pole. Her eyes never left mine as she slowly squatted down, her knees bending and separating. Then just as slowly, she slithered up my body, her own body undulating and grinding against mine.

Her breath was hot on my breasts as she passed my revealed skin in the cutout of the dress. Her tongue darted out and felt like fire scorching my skin. Then she was eye-to-eye with me again, her red lips so full and kissable. The corner of her mouth lifted up in a dare.

I took my cue and did my own little dance, gripping her shoulder with one hand and bouncing up and down to the beat. Then I walked around her, dragging my hand over her skin. When I’d completed the circle, I took her braid in my hand and gently tugged back.

Her gasp was impossible to hear, but I saw her mouth open wider. Felt the heat of her rushing breath against my face now.

“You are so goddamn sexy, honey,” I murmured against her cheek. I dipped my head a little more and flicked my tongue out to taste her neck, my nose filling with her sweet perfume as I inhaled. “I cannot wait to get you out of that dress.”

“Mmm. That sounds absolutely divine.” She was panting now. Just the way I liked it. “I think it can be arranged. As long as you join me.”

“Oh, most definitely. It has a good…ring to it.”

Jenna jerked back and froze, her eyes dark and wide under the jumping blue and red lights. “Are you saying—”

I nodded and raised waggled my eyebrows.

“Damn, Kat.” She grasped my chin and smashed her mouth to mine, her tongue pressing for entry. Our combined moans were drowned out by the music, but I felt the vibrations in my lips. I also felt her other hand slid up my spine and shivered.

“If you don’t object, I suggest we call it a night,” she murmured in my ear when she finally let me come up for air.

I slid my own hand down her spine and caressed her ass through her skirt. “No objections here.”

It felt like all eyes were on us as she took my hand and led me back to our table where we retrieved our purses before heading to the closed door that led to the rest of the club.

As soon as the cab door closed, I was back to fidgeting-mode. The driver couldn’t go fast enough, and usually I complained that they needed to slow down. Jenna held my hand in hers, but she wasn’t calming me down at all with the way her fingertip traced the lines in my palm.

I had to cross my legs to stem the desire to come, and I bit my lower lip to silence the moan rising up my throat. If we didn’t get home soon, I was going to jump Jenna right then and there in the backseat of cab number 269. And I’m sure the driver wouldn’t haven minded by the way he kept smiling at us in the rear-view mirror.


“I think you’re wearing way too much clothing,” Jenna purred.

I exhaled a shaky breath, loving how the candlelight around our bedroom flickered and made my girlfriend glow against the backdrop of the drawn shades. How her dress shimmered and hugged her curves. “I could say the same for you.”

“Come here.”

I crossed the room in five steps, stopping only when our breasts touched each other. She slid a hand over my bare shoulder to my back, smiling when I shivered. A flick of her fingers undid the clasp holding the pieces of material around my neck, and the top half of the dress went slack. She stepped back, letting gravity take its course, revealing my full breasts with puckered peaks to her.

“So very lovely.”

I groaned as her hands cupped my breasts underneath and slowly slid back and forth, her thumbs stroking my nipples until they ached. “Please, Jenna.”

“Oh, no, sweetie. You are going to have to be very, very patient. I have waited a long time for this night. I plan to make you squirm for hours. There will be no quick release…Well, maybe at first, and then quite possibly several more times over the course of the night.”

My legs trembled as I reached up and released her from her dress as well. I mimicked her, caressing her breasts. If she was going to torture me, I could torture her. Before she could stop me, I leaned in and sucked one of her perky nipples into my mouth, gently closing my teeth around it.

“Fuck, Kat!” Jenna locked her arms around my back, moaning her assent as she arched into me.

I flicked her nipple with my tongue, laving it until I felt her shuddering beneath my touch. Knowing she wouldn’t push me away now, I embraced her as well, stroking my fingers up and down the back of her shoulders, along her spine and lower back. I slid my hands further down, pushing the dress over her hips until it slunk to the floor.

I gasped as I felt her do the same to me. She took advantage of my mouth releasing her nipple to step back. For a long moment, we stared at each other, naked sans our skimpy panties and our high heels.

“On your back. Now.” Jenna pointed behind me to the bed in case I hadn’t understood.

I closed my eyes and backed up until I ran into the mattress, visions of possible scenarios running through my mind. It had been a long five weeks, waiting for my piercing to heal. A long time of her not touching my clit but bringing me to orgasm in a multitude of other ways. I craved to be touched there again…by her fingers, her mouth, her tongue.

I toed off my heels and lay back on the sheets. They smelled like lavender. I smiled, knowing she had washed the linens in preparation for tonight. And set up the candles. She must have come home after work before meeting me. I would have at least noticed the candles.

“No,” Jenna said, pushing my reaching hands above my head as she crawled onto the bed beside me. “As much as I like you touching my body, tonight is about you. I want to show you how much I love you. How happy you’ve made me this past six months since you finally came back into my life.”

“Well, unless you’ve got some scarves or a set of handcuffs—”

I gasped as I felt the cold metal circle my right wrist and then heard the ratcheting clinks as it closed.

“Too tight?” Jenna smiled down at me as she secured my left wrist.

“Nope,” I gulped.

At least she had left my arms closer together this time, just using one set of cuffs around one of the spindles of the headboard. The last time I’d been secured to the bed, she’d had me spread-eagle and used the strap-on dildo she’d bought in Paris until I was twisting from uncontrollable spasms.

“Now, I’m going to give us both a bit of relief, and then…well, we’ll see what the night has in store.”

“What ever do you mean, honey?” I adjusted my arms on the pillow and arched my hips up to her.

She moved to stand at the end of the bed and quickly pulled her panties off. Then she propped one foot up on the bed, opening herself up so I could see. She proceeded to stroke herself as she watched me.

I parted my own legs and went to move my own hand between my legs when I remembered I couldn’t. Still, I strained against the cuffs, feeling the metal bite my skin.

“Yes, baby, let me see that pussy. Let me see that lovely ring.”

I arched my hips, wishing I could feel her fingers on my clit. On my pussy. Stroking inside of me. Instead, I had to watch her do it to herself. Her other hand played with her breast, stroking her soft skin and twisting the already-swollen nipple that I’d been sucking between her finger and thumb.

It didn’t take her long before her body began shaking and her moans grew louder. Then she flung her head back and screamed my name.

A wave of shudders raced through my body, as well. I wanted to close my eyes, but I kept them focused on her. How she lay bent over the edge of the mattress now, panting and spent. I was instantly jealous. I needed more than just to watch her, though. I needed to be touched to get more release.

“Tease,” I growled.

“You better believe it.” Jenna recovered quickly, returning to my side. She leaned down and ran the length of her tongue over both of my nipples before hooking her fingers under the sides of my panties and yanking them down.

I crossed my legs and tightened my muscles. She was going to have to work for this now.

“Bitch.” She inserted a hand between my knees but was unable to part them. “Well, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to this, but…”

“Jenna?” I could feel my heart rate pick up. Was she joking or serious? For a moment, I was worried I’d gone too far. Especially when she left the room. I jerked on my restraints. “Jenna? Come back. I’m sorry. Please.”

“Oh, you will be sorry,” she said as she returned carrying a long, narrow shipping box. The top was open, and part of a plastic bag was visible. She had the widest grin on her face.

“Oh, shit. What did you buy?”

“Now, now, sweetie. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Oh, wait, you’re not wearing any panties.” Her laughter filled the air.

I moaned and licked my lips, my body’s instincts taking over. The new instincts that made me all hot and bothered whenever Jenna laughed and she had me naked and vulnerable. Just imagining what could be in that box made me even wetter.

“If you won’t part your thighs for me, I’ll make sure they stay apart.”

I almost came just watching her spill the contents of the box onto the sheet.

With a little difficulty caused intentionally by me, she managed to secure two leather, padded straps that looked like short belts around my thighs just above my knees. There was a metal buckle on top with several pea-sized, metal grommets and a thick, metal ring the size of a quarter on each cuff.

When she moved above me, I turned my head up to see her first secure a new, padded cuff to my left wrist. Then she used a chain to connect it to the headboard. It was just like the ones on my thighs except smaller. She removed the regular handcuffs and repeated the process on my right wrist. This time, my arms were about shoulder-width apart.

I squeezed my legs tighter together, mostly to quell the desire to come.

Jenna pranced around in her heels, her breasts bobbing and swinging as she moved. “You do realize that the more you fight this, the longer I’m going to torture you?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded. Oh, I couldn’t wait.

“You remember the safe word, right?”

Oh, God. I nodded again, a little slower this time.

“Say it.”

“Yes, I remember the safe word.”

Jenna rolled her eyes. “The word, Kat. What is it?”

I swallowed the growing lump in my throat. “Mercy.”

“Good girl.”

Unable to resist the breast that dangled over my face, I stretched my neck up and then my tongue out so that I could taste her.

She grasped my left leg behind the knee and pulled up, bending my leg as she went.

I gasped, realizing she’d intentionally distracted me, and I had relaxed to the point that she could separate my legs. It was too late to resist now. Besides, I was extremely curious about what she was going to do.

I noticed that she’d attached another chain to the padded cuff on my thigh. She continued to pull on my knee so that my ass rose up and my body rolled back toward the headboard. My right leg automatically rose as well. I had to bend my leg and put my foot flat on the mattress to stay somewhat comfortable.

I heard the chain rattling, looked up to see her attaching it to the cuff on my left wrist, and then she let go of my leg. But it didn’t move more than an inch or two. Fascinated, I watched her walk around the bed and do the same to my right leg. When she was done, she wedged a pillow under my lower back and then moved back to the end of the bed.

“Comfortable?” She was smiling at me, the candlelight creating an eerie, shadowy effect behind her.

I swallowed again, feeling my pussy dampen even more as I imagined what she was seeing. “Quite.”

“Good, then we shall begin.”

I had never felt more vulnerable in my life with my arms restrained above me and chained to my legs which were spread and raised so that my body had been folded back into itself, my knees practically on either side of my head. I could barely move.

My pussy was bared and completely visible to me. Another ten inches and I would have been able to lick my own clit. Damn, that thought made my muscles quake with anticipation.

Jenna disappeared into the adjoining bathroom. I heard water running for several long minutes before she returned with a basin in one hand and a razor in the other. A can of our shaving cream was tucked under one arm, a towel flung back over one shoulder.

“Now don’t fidget because I don’t want to cut you, sweetie. The most you could do is rock back and forth or side to side. Don’t.”

I closed my eyes. I took several deep breaths. But I couldn’t prevent myself from flinching as the cool cream covered my skin down there. I let out a whimper when she placed a hand against my pussy and began shaving away the hair that had grown back during the weeks my piercing had healed. She’d kept me trimmed, but we’d been unable to make me completely smooth. Until now.

I have no idea how I lasted the next several minutes as she smoothed a hand or finger over my sensitive skin after each pass with the razor. But soon I was as bald as a baby’s bottom once more. She ran a wet rag over every centimeter of skin and then dried me off before leaving me once more.

I was grateful that she had put the pillow beneath my back as I was sure I’d be sore without it. And that had only been after about twenty minutes in this position. She had yet to start playing with my pussy.

Jenna returned, removed her shoes, and crawled between my legs. She slowly parted my outer lips with her fingertips. Her eyes locked on mine, and then she lowered her head, her tongue out.

I screamed as she touched the piercing and my clit, the long-awaited orgasm hitting me so hard that my whole body shook.

“That’s it baby. Come undone for me.”

I barely heard her words over my panting and moaning. But I felt her tongue flicking the little metal ring and ball that had been inserted through the hood of my clitoris. Felt the metal rubbing against my clit.

She brought me to the edge again as her tongue laved up and down my freshly shaved pussy. A gentle tug on the ring with her teeth sent me writhing once more. I clenched my hands at the air, hot tears wetting my cheeks and dripping down into my ears.

She did that several more times, waiting until I had calmed down before beginning again. Each time, I screamed and jerked beneath her.

“Please, Jenna. Please.”

“What, sweetie? If you want me to stop, you know what to say.”

“No. Not stop. Please…”

“Tell me what you want, Kitty Kat.”

I moaned and rolled my head back and forth.

“Tell me, or I won’t do it.”

“Touch me. Your fingers,” I said between my heavy panting.

“Like this?” Her fingers stroked all around the outer skin of my pussy.

“No. My pussy. Please.”

“How about this?” She shifted her hand so that she was stroking between my swollen lips now.

“Ahh!” I shuddered from relief. I had to lick my lips before I could speak again. “More. Please. I need your fingers inside me.”

“Good girl.” She rewarded me by teasing my tight entrance and then sliding two fingers up inside me.

“Fuck! Yes!” I tried to arch up toward her hand, but I couldn’t move my body in this position.

Her fingers stretched and stroked, her thumb brushing against my clit and the piercing. I came hard again, whimpering and close to exhaustion. Suddenly, she pulled her hand away.

I struggled to open my eyes. When I finally could, I choked back a scream and started crying.

“Shh, Kat.” Jenna loomed over me now, standing upright.

I tried to keep my eyes on her face or her breasts, but they kept dropping down to where she’d attached the harness for the strap-on dildo. There were multiple attachments with the version she had purchased in Paris. The current one she had chosen had a vibrator mode.

She squatted down and rubbed the flexible tip against my clit. That motion alone had me close to the edge for what seemed like the millionth time tonight. Then I heard a soft click before the vibrator sent pulsations rocketing through my body and moans flying from my throat. I screamed through the orgasm, clenching my eyes closed.

I didn’t even have a chance to recover this time. I was still a blubbering mess of incoherent words and sounds when Jenna moved the vibrator down and penetrated me. I came again, wondering if I had a breaking point and she was trying to force me to it. The one word I didn’t want to utter was on my lips, so I bit my lower lip to silence it.

I lost track of time and thought at that point. I was just a pile of nerves on high frequency as Jenna thrusted that vibrating dildo in and out of my tight sheath. I was so wet I could hear the squishing sounds, as if someone were walking barefoot through mud.

“God, baby, you should see how hot you look like this,” Jenna panted, her arms wrapped around my legs now for support, her hands gripping my knees.

“Jenna,” I mumbled.

“Just a little longer, sweetie.”

“I can’t.” I was going to explode but didn’t know if I could survive it. “Please.”

“Come for me one last time, Kat. You can do it.”

I shook my head slowly, silently begging. I wasn’t sure if it was for her to stop or for me to reach orgasm, but something had to break.

Just when I opened my mouth to say the safe word, Jenna rubbed my piercing into my clit and I let out a silent scream, my body jerking as she tightened her hold on my legs and held me to her.

Amazingly, I did not pass out. But I felt like my body had turned to mush as she withdrew from my spasming pussy, some of my cream coming out with the vibrator and dripping down my ass and lower back. I watched her absently as she moved over me and brushed my damp hair from my eyes and kissed me until I groaned.

“Such a good girl,” Jenna whispered over and over again.

She released my wrist cuffs from the bed and then rolled me so that I was on my side. Every so gently, she lifted my wrists, unbuckled the cuffs, and laid my hands back on the bed. Then she moved down to my thighs.

I could feel her breast poking into my back, and I groaned.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Jenna asked, her breath against my ear.

I smiled and tried to laugh but it came out weak and sounded more like a pathetic snort. “I have no bones. I can’t feel a thing. Thanks.”

Jenna’s laugh filled my head. “I’m sure you can feel this.”

I groaned. “No, please, I don’t think I can—”

“Relax. I’m just going to give you a massage.”

“Oh, thank God. Because I swear if you touch my pussy or my clit anytime soon, I will kill you. As soon as I can move again, that is.” The last part was muffled because Jenna rolled me onto my stomach and I couldn’t stop my face from being smushed into the pillow. Apparently she realized this because she gently turned my head so I could breathe. “Thank you.”

She kissed my cheek. “Anything for you, Kat. Anything at all.”

I heard a snapping sound. A moment later, warm liquid covered my back. I moaned and closed my eyes. Before I forgot, I mumbled, “Happy six-month anniversary, Jenna.”

“And a very happy anniversary to you, too, Kitty Kat. I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.”

“I did, honey. I did.”

“I love you so much, Kat.” She started with my shoulders, her thumbs and the heels of her hands kneading into my muscles.

“I love you, too, Jenna.”

I didn’t hear if she responded as I finally succumbed to sleep. And a blessed, dream-filled sleep it was.