In Charge


A power-hungry teen asserts her authorit over her sister while their parents are away

Liz liked responsibility, it gave her a feeling of power and that feeling of power gave way to other feelings, which were even more intense. As her parents rushed about the house packing up so as not to miss their flight they reminded Sammy that Liz was in charge, their declaration was met with a loud complaint. “Aww, C’mon” screamed Sammy, Sammy’s complaint was nearly immediately silenced by a stern look from her father. “Bye guys!” Liz yelled from the bathroom as her parents rushed out the door. Liz stood, naked, in front of the bathroom mirror, wishing she had more estrogen. She was eighteen, and her breasts were barely more than bee-stings. She was thin, for which she was grateful, but she had narrow hips, almost no ass and, for all practical purposes, looked like a prepubescent boy. She felt mildly depressed as she slowly ran her hands over her body, wishing that it was more alluring and feminine. “Touching yourself won’t make you a girl,” Sammy taunted, leaning against the doorframe of the open bathroom door, gazing at her naked sister. “No, but you being a little bitch won’t stop me from being in charge,” Liz retorted. Sammy, said nothing she merely stepped into the bathroom and stripped down, revealing herself in the mirror, next to the reflection of Liz. Sammy was only fourteen, but already had flaring hips, perfect blonde hair, a killer ass, and breasts that made every guy stare. Sammy smirked as she compared herself to her older sister, obviously the more feminine of the two, and she walk out of the bathroom and laid claim to the couch.
Their parents went away on business almost every weekend, Liz was always left in charge, and Sammy always rebelled against her, it made her hate being ‘in charge’ because the title promised power, but never delivered because her sister was a whiny little bitch. ‘This time will be different,’ Liz thought, ‘this time; I’m going to assert my authority.’ An evil grin crept across her face and she felt a slight tingling in her groin as she made plans to be sure that Sammy obeyed. Sammy zoned out on the T.V. while Liz went back to their room to make preparations for the evening.
It was nearly midnight when Liz emerged from their room declaring it was time for Sammy to go to bed. “It’s Friday,” Sammy replied, “And mom and dad are gone, what do you care if I stay up all night?”
“I care,” Liz said sternly, “Because, I am in charge and because I have plans for us tomorrow and you’re going to need your sleep.” “Plans,” Sammy asked sarcastically as she turned from the T.V. to face her sister, “And exactly what plans do you have?” “It’s a surprise,” Liz replied coolly, “Now go to bed.”
“No!” Sammy said. “Mom and dad said I was in charge,” Liz said heatedly, “Now go to bed.” “Make me!” Sammy said tauntingly crossing her arms across her chest. Liz heart beat fast; things were going exactly according to her plan. She calmly walked up to the couch and grabbed a large handful of Sammy’s blonde hair and pulled her off the couch. Sammy screamed and wailed and swore, trying to fight her off, but Liz was the stronger of the two and easily held her grip as she dragged her back to the bedroom. “Bitch, let me go!” Sammy screamed, but she was immediately silenced as Liz slapped her forcefully across the face, and threw onto the bed. Liz had spent hours prearranging and planning this so Sammy’s bed was ready for her the moment she was thrown up it.
Liz wrestled her sister face up on the bed, pinning her down. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing mom and dad are going to…..” her protests were muffled as Liz stuffed a pair of their mothers ‘grandma panties’ into Sammy’s open, screaming mouth. Sammy struggled to free her hands from Liz’s grasp to get the cloth out of her mouth, but to no avail, Liz had her well pinned. Liz quickly wrapped the rope around Sammy’s writs, attaching it to the corners of the headboard, then wrestled against her flailing legs and pinned them to the mattress. She then tied Sammy’s ankles to the corners of the footboard, testing to make sure all of her knots were secure she got of and stared at poor helpless Sammy; tied, naked and helpless in an ‘X’ shape to her own bed.
Liz focused on properly circulating her breathing having exerted quite a bit of energy wrestling her sister, once she caught her breath and regained her composure she addressed Sammy. “Now, I am going to take the panties out of your mouth and if you scream or curse I am going to put them right back in, do you understand?” Sammy, with a hateful look in her eye, nodded in acknowledgment. Liz reached over and removed the panties from Sammy’s mouth. Sammy ran her tongue across her lips trying to moisten her parched mouth. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Sammy demanded. Liz shook her head, forced Sammy’s mouth open and, once again stuffed the panties in. She then opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a leather horsewhip. “I, dear sister,” Liz replied coldly, “Am exerting my authority.” And on the word authority Liz brought the whip down hard on the underside up Sammy’s arm. She squealed in pain and tears began to form at the corners of her eyes as Liz paced back and forth in front of the bed. “Mom and dad have put me in charge countless times,” Liz said, “And no matter what I have tried you continued to disrespect me. So now it is time for discipline.” And on the word ‘discipline’ Liz brought the whip down across the tops of Sammy’s thighs, causing her the writhe and struggle fiercely against her bonds.
“Just as a boy becomes a man after another brings him to orgasm, so a woman becomes a tramp, once another has done the same to her.” Liz explained as she began to use the whip to gently stroke Sammy’s sensitive skin. “You have always teased and mocked me for not looking womanly enough.” Liz said as she slowly stroked Sammy’s nipples with the soft, tip of the whip. “And today,” she continued, “I shall take your womanhood from you.” Liz tapped the tip of the whip on Sammy’s love mound to emphasize the word ‘womanhood.’ “I will not be gentle, I will not be loving, I care not for your pleasure, I care only to ruin your self-esteem as you have so intentionally shattered mine.” Liz continued, enjoying every second of her power, “You may beg, you may plead, you may bargain, but it will do you no good. I never asked for your criticisms, and so shall your requests be denied.” As Liz finished her small monologue she removed the panties from Sammy’s mouth. Liz stood back and felt herself being quite aroused at the sight of her sister sobbing uncontrollably.
Liz once again opened her dresser drawn and retrieved two large clothespins she held them in her hand and slowly leaned over her sister. She slowly blew her hot breath across Sammy’s nipples making them become stiff and erect, she then licked them teasingly, causing Sammy to squirm partly out of protest, partly out of arousal. ‘SNAP!’ The clothespin clamped on Sammy’s nipple, causing her to scream in pain, and Liz smiled as she teased Sammy’s other nipple with her tongue, and again opened the clothespin to its full extent and then let it go, causing it to quickly clamp onto her nipple with an audible ‘SNAP!’
Liz could barely contain herself, her sisters suffering brought her such ecstatic pleasure she could feel her pussy juices dripping from her slit and dripping down her thighs. She had hoped to last longer, but she could contain herself no more. She produced a knife from the drawer and got on the bed, standing over her sister. At the sight of the knife Sammy’s eyes went wide “Don’t worry,” Liz said, “So long as you’re good I won’t cut you. Are you sorry for what you did?” Liz asked. Sammy, afraid to speak, merely nodded, “Do you want to make me feel better?” Liz asked. Again, Sammy nodded. “Then you’re going to eat my pussy,” Liz continued. Sammy’s face went ashen white. “And you’re going to do it right, just like you’d want to be eaten out. Now if you bite me, or don’t satisfy me, I’m going to cut you.” Liz continued. “Do you understand?” Sammy nodded, her body visibly shaking. “Good,” Liz said as straddled her sisters face and squatted down onto it, her pussy lips hovering slightly above her head, dripping her sweet juices onto Sammy’s face.
Sammy hesitated, she had tasted herself after masturbating before, out of curiosity, but this was completely different and her mind swam with a thousand thoughts. Sensing Sammy’s hesitation Liz said, “The more you please me the less harsh the remainder of your punishment will be.” Upon hearing that Sammy forcefully thrust her head up, engulfing her sister’s mound in her open mouth.
She was nearly choked by the amount of juice pouring from her sister’s cunt, but she was determined to please her sister, for no other reason the self-preservation. Sammy’s heart caught in her throat as she felt the cold steel of the blade rest upon her flat belly. “You bore me,” Liz lied, barely able to keep calm as her sister’s mouth caressed her throbbing pussy, “If you don’t want any new scars you better make me cum.” Sammy was relieved to discover that Liz’s clitoris was abnormally large and as such much easier to find, as well as being more sensitive. She wrapped her lips around Liz’s erect clit and began to suck it slowly. Liz began to grind her pussy against Sammy’s face as she sucked her clit, the feeling of power over her sister, the thought of that whiny mouth in her crotch, as well as the surprisingly wonderful oral stimulation Sammy was giving her caused her to lose all control and she moaned, letting herself cum. Juices spurted forth from Liz’s cunt, shooting up Sammy’s nostrils, causing her to sputter and choke, another splash came forth from Liz’s groin drenching Sammy’s face and hair in her juices. Liz knew she was a ‘squirter’ and if her orgasm had allowed her to breath she would have laughed at the sight of Sammy nearly drowning in her cum.
When her orgasm subsided Liz got up from the bed and stared in evil glee at the sight of her sister, face dripping in pussy juice, breathing heavily. “Could have been better,” Liz lied, “But you did earn yourself some leniency.” Liz turned to once again rifle through her drawer for next ‘authoritative’ instrument.
Sammy closed her eyes and sighed with relief, she had no idea what horrid things Liz had planned for her, but any leniency was better than none, any relief she may have felt left her as she opened her eyes and saw what Liz was holding.
Liz had found it at a discount price online, thirty-two inches long and nearly four inches in diameter at its thickest points a rubber, purple, double-ended dildo. There was an evil glint in Liz’s eyes as she walked to the foot of the bed, where her sister lay, mouth agape, trembling.
“Where is that going?” Sammy asked, slightly fearful. “Where isn’t it going is a much better question,” Liz replied laughing maniacally. “And the answer to that question is: back in the drawer until you have been sufficiently punished,” Liz finished. “I thought I earned some leniency,” Sammy whimpered. “You did,” Liz replied, “I am going to lube it up before I cram it up your as. You just better hope you enjoy this in your pussy enough to sufficiently lubricate it.” Liz could barely contain her excitement and she laughed evilly as she climbed onto the bed between her sisters spread legs.
Liz knelt down between her sister parted legs and slowly let her hands explore Sammy’s hips, thighs and ass. She took the dildo in her right hand and spread Sammy’s pussy lips with her left hand and let the tip of the dildo rest at the entrance to Sammy’s virgin cunt. Liz could see the fear in Sammy’s eyes and she could not hide a grin as she forcefully thrust the dildo in Sammy’s pussy until it rammed into the back.
Sammy screamed and tears flowed down her cheeks as her tight pussy was forcefully and instantly stretched to nearly inhuman proportions. Juices began to flow from Sammy’s cunt trying to lubricate this massive member which had so suddenly filled her. Liz slowly twisted the dildo, then removed it completely, she brought it to her face smelling her sister’s sweet scent, and began to lick what little juice was on it. She again rammed it all the way into her Sammy’s slowly lubricating cunt, by Liz’s estimate her sister’s cunt had taken almost eight inches of this dildo before no more would fit.
Sammy’s cunt was throbbing in pain, she tried to focus all her energy on enjoying the stimulation, know that if she didn’t that an even greater pain would follow. Again and again Liz rammed the dildo into her sister, eventually her tight pussy was more than loose enough to accommodate the large dildo and Liz quickly moved on to the next step. She withdrew the dildo from Sammy and crammed her four fingers into her sister’s stretched cunt, stretching it even further. Very soon Liz’s entire fist was buried deep in her sister’s juicy, slick, succulent pussy and she fisted her quickly and forcefully.
Sammy had gotten over the initial shock of having her pussy stretched beyond that which should be humanly possible, and she actually began to enjoy the feeling of having her sister fuck her pussy with her fist. She started to thrust her hips against Liz’s fisting, which quickly brought her to climax. As her body shook and her muscles spasmed she was relieved to find that, she too, was a squirter when the orgasm was intense enough, and intense it was. Sammy’s pussy was nearly torn apart by Liz’s merciless stretching, but it made Sammy’s orgasm that much more powerful.
Liz’s arousal was increased exponentially as sweet, sticky juices spurted from Sammy’s pussy drenching the sheets and dripping off of Liz’s stimulating hands. She knew now, that it was time. Liz took the dildo and began to rub it in her sister’s cum, giving it as much lubrication as possible. As Liz lubricated the dildo in Sammy’s juices she begin to finger her ass hole.
Sammy knew that if she was going to survive this next bit she was going to have to relax. She slowed her breathing and tried to relax her as muscles in preparation of her inevitable anal rape.
Liz was more cautious with Sammy’s ass than she had been with her pussy, if she was too forceful she could permanently damage her sister’s ass, and that would be hard to cover up, even if her parents were never home. Liz slowly worked the tip of the dildo slowly into her sister’s ass until, after several minutes, it accommodated the full diameter of the massive dildo. She then began to slowly work the length of the dildo into her ass until nearly ten inches of it was buried deep into Sammy’s ass, she then began to slowly pull it out and slide it back in.
Sammy was surprised not only by how far that huge dildo went up her ass, but also how good it felt. She had always thought of anal sex as dirty and for perverts and would never had allowed anyone to try it. She grinned slightly, thankful that her crazy sister introduced her to this new pleasure.
As Liz fucked her sister in the ass with the dildo she bent it over on itself and forcefully thrust the other end into Sammy’s tightening pussy. She held it bent wrapping both her hands around the shafts and began to thrust it in and out, slowly at first to allow Sammy’s ass to accommodate it, then as the thrusts became less resisted by Sammy’s tight ass Liz began to thrust them furiously in and out of her sister.
Sammy’s hips bucked wildly as another orgasm overtook her body, causing the springs on the bed to squeak in to protest to her forceful body movements and squirting pussy juice in all directions.
Liz withdrew the dildo from her sister and tossed it on the floor, she crawled over her sister until they were face to face. She stared into Sammy’s eyes and asked, “Are you sorry?” “Yes,” Sammy replied. “Are you going to listen to me when mom and dad put me in charge,” Liz asked. “Yes,” Sammy replied.
Liz unbound her sister’s wrists but remain laying on her. “Tell me, honestly,” Liz demanded, “Did you enjoy yourself?” Sammy paused for a moment not sure how to respond, what with her legs still being bound, “Certain things I enjoyed very much,” she admitted. Liz smiled and slowly slid her down, letting her tongue trace a long line down Sammy’s body then she turned around, head to ass and unbound Sammy’s ankles.
She could barely contain herself, Liz’s pussy was right in front of her face, and though it had been forced on her at first, she found herself lusting after it, without thinking Sammy grabbed Liz’s hips and pulled her crotch onto her face.
Liz moaned, she had been on the verge of climax for some time now and Sammy’s eager mouth soon sent her over the edge. After her orgasm subsided she slapped her hand hard against Sammy’s love mound, “Did I say you could taste me?” “No mistress,” Sammy replied. Liz shivered with excitement at being called mistress. “Well you’re lucky I’m tired you horny little bitch,” Liz said harshly, “Or I would give your ass a sound thrashing.” “Yes mistress,” Sammy replied, “I’m sorry mistress.” Liz got up off her sister and smiled at the sight of her disheveled, juice permeated hair, as well as the several bruises and welts left by her whippings. “Now go clean up you dirty slut!” Liz said harshly. “Yes mistress,” Sammy replied as she got off her bed and stumbled towards the bathroom.
As the hot water cascaded over Sammy’s body she contemplated the nights events, she examined her bruises and welts, not too bad a price to pay for the amount of pleasure she ended up receiving. She pondered as to how easily calling her sister ‘mistress’ came up, but the more she thought about it, the more she liked the thought of being a sex slave, especially if she got to taste her sister’s pussy.
Liz heard the water shut off and waited for her sister to return to their room. She quietly got into bed, pulling her cum and sweat soaked sheets over her and said, “Good night mistress.” “Good night my little slut,” Liz replied, turning off the light. ‘Finally,’ Liz thought, ‘I can look forward to being in charge.’