Job Interview, Corporate Lesbians

Lori Kalinski — Chief Marketing Officer 8:29 am

The movie studio had recently been purchased by a global investment firm. Everyone was promised they’d keep their jobs, but when dealing with ‘the powers that be,’ you never really know.

Lori Kalinski braced herself for the new boss’s visit. Realistically, it seemed like more of an inspection after a string of high-profile flops at the box office. What was supposed to be an ordinary day at work turned into a frenzy.

After getting settled into her office, she went straight to the lounge for a strong cup of coffee because she knew what kind of morning it would be.

“I just had a brief discussion with her,” Matthew said, also coming in to the lounge room for coffee. “She’s in a real mood.”

It was understandable that meetings with the new CEO would be tense. People from global investment firms don’t mess around when it comes to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Lori winced. “Just what I needed. Could she have picked a worse time? I swear she’s doing this on purpose.”

“The impression I’m getting is that she’s here with a wrecking ball. She asked me detailed financial questions for literally 30 minutes straight.”

“Just to give you a hard time? Or was it genuine curiosity?”

“She had the precision of a serial killer,” Matthew warned. “Trust me, I’m sure this lady knows everything already. She just wanted to see if I knew the exact details from memory.”

Lori nodded, “Makes sense. To be the boss of an investment firm takes a real expertise with numbers. Especially as a woman.”

“Speaking of women, I hear the new boss is making some female employees dress up in superhero costumes for merchandise testing.”

“Yep, I helped arrange that for later this morning. With the price they paid for this studio, they’re looking to recoup every dollar, however they can. And she wants my input on how female buyers will respond.”


There was a boyish, mischievous expression on the guy’s face, and the only thing Lori could do was return the same expression.

“Don’t even say it,” she said, shutting him down.

“So… you think the rumors are true?” he asked anyway, unable to resist.

“I don’t have to think — I know the rumors are true,” she reluctantly confirmed.

He went wide-eyed and whispered, “How do you know?”

“Remember, I was part of the delegation that went to New York to meet with our new corporate overlords.”

“Did she try anything on you?” he whispered in an eager, yet shocked tone.

She laughed. “Only in your imagination. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no. Nothing like that.”

“Any details you can share?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not someone to spread gossip. Especially about the new boss.”

“How long have we been friends? You know I can keep a secret.”

She paused, then relented. “All I’ll say is this. We had a group dinner at a fancy French restaurant, which she paid for. Strictly business. Afterwards, we all split up for the night and I overheard that she was going someplace interesting with her secretary. That’s all I’m willing to divulge.”

“God that’s sexy,” he sighed.


“Either way, you’re really lucky if that’s true.”

“Why is that?”

“Look in the mirror, Lori. You’re fucking hot. If those rumors are true, then your job security is practically guaranteed. Shit, you might even get another promotion. Maybe she’ll put you in charge of this studio.”

She laughed. “Unfortunately, I’m not get-an-immediate-promotion kind of hot. There are levels to hotness.”

On cue, Matthew’s phone beeped and he checked his text message.

“I’ve gotta run to a meeting,” he said, grabbing his coffee. “And hey, you’ve got brains and beauty. Use that shit. If you’re able to get the big promotion to run this studio, take me with you. We’ve always made a hell of a team.”

The man winked as he walked away, and Lori said ‘have a good one’ to her friend. As they both knew, the movie business was a cutthroat world. It’s a ruthless line of work despite the glamorous presentation.

She stood there thinking of her friend’s advice. With all the reshuffling going on, other executives and managers were plotting on how to nab top positions or maintain their status. Maybe it was time she played the game, too?

Shanice Williams — Job Interview 9:03 am

There was an air of nervousness in the room. Job interviews have a funny way of feeling like you’re in a police interrogation, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want a good job.

“What’s your salary expectation?” Dillan asked.

By Shanice’s estimation, everything was going well. Being invited back for this second interview was a positive sign.

As a graphic artist and a young black woman, working at a prestigious movie studio like this would be a dream. It was better than a dream, it was a chance to leave a mark on this world. She had a lot to offer as a visual artist.

What she hadn’t expected, however, was that landing a full-time job in this field was next to impossible. Sure she expected roadblocks here and there, but a job hunt can become depressing after months on end. It was a miracle that she even made it into this building and she thanked her lucky stars.

“I’m flexible on salary,” she said with a rehearsed smile. “But overall I think 50 thousand a year sounds reasonable for an entry level position. Again, I’m flexible.”

“I see,” the man said, jotting down notes. “Are you also flexible in terms of hours? Can you work overtime, if requested?”

Shanice brushed off any concern. “Not an issue. Graphic design is my passion. I’m a worker bee, always have been.”

There was a knock by the side of the open door and a sophisticated older woman approached, choosing to remain in the hallway with a cup of coffee in hand.

“Mind if I take over this interview?” the woman asked. “I couldn’t help but overhear, and, well, I like what I’ve been hearing.”

Dillan sat upright. “Sure, of course, Ms. Kalinski. Shanice, it was good to meet you.”

It felt like a new phase of a job interview and Shanice gave the man a cordial handshake after they both stood. The woman with coffee stepped into the room to collect the resume and art portfolio.

She left the room with the statuesque woman and they headed down the hall for an unknown destination.

“Do you know who I am?” the woman asked, looking forward as they walked.

Mentally, Shanice chided herself for not knowing. When doing research for this job, she saw this woman’s picture online a few times, but never caught the name or job title.

“I heard him call you Ms. Kalinski. I’ve actually seen your pictures before. Sorry if I don’t know the details. This is something I should know.”

“Don’t be sorry. My name is Lori Kalinski and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer. It’s a big responsibility which holds great authority.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Shanice said in awe of who she was dealing with.

The woman turned to her and winked. “The pleasure will soon be mine, I’m sure of that.”

A conference room was empty and they entered, closing the door for privacy. Ms. Kalinski put her coffee down on the table and briefly looked through the applicant’s resume and portfolio. They both remained standing.

“Beautiful work,” Ms. Kalinski said, eyes on the pages. “I can always tell when someone is here for a paycheck, or if they have a true passion. This speaks of true passion.”

Shanice beamed at the recognition. “I’ve been an artist my whole life. Thank you.”

“Mmm Hmm. Everything looks good.”

As her portfolio was being casually examined, Shanice felt her life flashing before her eyes. This was her best work. And the woman glancing through it could be the key to a bright future.

“I have plenty more,” Shanice interjected herself. “I mean, if you need to see more, there’s more.”

The attempt at being proactive seemed to have backfired, as Ms. Kalinski instead closed the portfolio and looked right at her.

“No, that won’t be necessary. I’ve seen enough.”

Shanice gulped. “Oh, I hope you like what I offer.”

“Love it,” Ms. Kalinski said briskly, before getting to the point. “My job is to ensure this studio makes a lot of money. I’m in charge of the overall marketing strategy. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand, Ms. Kalinski.”

“Good. Are you aware that we have a new CEO from a major investment firm?”

Shanice nodded, thankful for online research. “Yes, I’ve read several articles on that.”

“Figures. You seem highly-prepared. I like that. And what are your impressions of the new CEO?”

“I know she’s extremely intelligent, respected in the industry, a natural leader. I’ve already read that her firm deals with billions of dollars annually, so she must be something special.”

“Do you think the CEO is beautiful?” Ms. Kalinski asked with the utmost seriousness.

“Well, yeah, she’s obviously beautiful,” Shanice tensed, thrown off-guard by the politically incorrect question. “I’m sure everyone thinks so.”

Ms. Kalinski slowly nodded. “Would you do anything for the CEO if hired?”

“Yes, absolutely. 100%”

“Would you do anything for me?”

“I’m a team player, if that’s what you’re asking,” Shanice replied affirmatively. “Unlike most people, I mean that literally. I played softball in high school. I know teamwork.”

The boss’s eyes went up and down Shanice’s body. “Hmm…. I can see that you’re still in great shape. Look, I really like you. You’re a talented artist. You have the right passion and drive. Ready for some straight talk?”

In a state of curiosity, Shanice nodded. “Absolutely. It would be a dream to work here.”

“I’m willing to hire you today, assuming you can prove yourself to me. Forget HR and all the other bullshit. But there’s a major caveat.”

Shanice sucked in a deep breath. “Yes? What’s the caveat?”

“If you follow me, you’ll be unpopular,” Ms. Kalinski said. “Your colleagues will think you’re kissing my ass. They’ll wonder how a young black girl with minimal experience gets to be around the big players. They’ll resent you. New friends in the office? Good luck with that.”

The whole thing sounded like an extreme over-simplification. But then again, Shanice had enough office experience to know that corporate life could be nasty. Her father worked at a big agency for decades and told her plenty of stories, too.

“And if I chose to follow you?” Shanice asked, rising to the challenge.

Ms. Kalinski smiled. “Then I’ll teach you the business. Negotiations, meetings, formalities. You’ll be an expert when I’m done with you. All I ask in return is total devotion and loyalty.”

Naturally, she thought that she was a diversity pick. Someone to bring a little more color into rooms so that the studio can highlight its inclusiveness. Could she live with that? Sure, as long as she got to live her dream.

“Did I win the lottery today?” Shanice asked in a cheeky tone, which was her polite way of finding out why she was being blessed.

“It all depends,” Ms. Kalinski said. “For starters, do you have experience with other women?”

That was the exact moment Shanice got the hint of what this was all about. There was no way a manager would ask such a question in this day and age. But then again, today was anything but usual.

“If I’m understanding this right…”

Ms. Kalinski nodded. “It’s a plain question. Answer it.”

“I’ve never dipped in that side of the pool before.”

“Would you be willing to?”

“Yes?” Shanice accidentally replied in the form of a question. “I mean, yes.”

“Life is about seizing opportunities. If you’re serious about working here, then follow me. We’ll see if you can survive the pressures of corporate leadership.”


The studio area was bustling with people from the wardrobe and makeup department. Women in their 20’s were being dressed as characters for the studio’s many film franchises. For anyone new to the world of movie productions, it was a place of wonderment. Shanice could hardly believe her eyes.

They went inside a busy dressing room which had a variety of film wardrobes hanging on racks, and an array of different makeups in front of mirrors.

Ms. Kalinski summoned two men and one woman to come over.

“I’d like you to meet Shanice Williams, my protege,” Ms. Kalinski said to them. “Give her a look. She’ll be a model this morning.”

A model? Shanice stood awkwardly as the team took measurements and assessed her figure. She’d never modeled anything before, but her athletic attributes gave her the necessary confidence.

Eventually the team decided on a science fiction look, with an outfit that consisted of raggedy, post-apocalyptic white cloth that wrapped tightly around the body. There was a belt with prop gadgets and other accessories meant to be useful in harsh terrains and battle. It was akin to something out of a Star Wars movie.

“What do you think?” Ms. Kalinski asked.

Shanice hid her inner-fangirl and kept calm. “I watch these movies with my friends and I’d force my sister to come. I think that outfit is awesome”

“Would you like to wear it?”

“It would be an honor.”

“You’d have to get naked,” Ms. Kalinski said, suppressing a smile. “Don’t worry, it’s normal. The crew has seen it all. And I want to see how you handle pressure.”

Forcing her jaw not to drop, Shanice kept composure. Naked? It was a dressing room, after all. But with a well-dressed prominent woman standing in front of her, flanked by a professional team, nudity was the last thing she expected when coming for a job interview.

“Let’s go for it,” she blurted out, wondering if her mind and her lips were on the same page when she agreed.

All she had to do was stand while the makeup and wardrobe staff peeled off her clothing. As a regular gym member, Shanice was used to being naked in a locker room with women of all ages and statuses.

Her clothes came off under the watchful eye of the woman she’d hope would become her boss. It was a nerve-wracking experience when Shanice was down to her white bra and panties. She was barefoot, too. At the moment, she was the only person in the dressing area who was in undergarments, as the other women already had their outfits on.

Shanice tried not to gasp when hands unclipped her bra and pulled her panties down. Her mocha skin was on full display and she noticed a few people in the room take glimpses of her. Her black nipples turned hard and she was glad she shaved her crotch a few days earlier.

The crew expertly dressed her in the outfit with precision speed.

“Have a look in the mirror,” Ms. Kalinski said when it was done.

When Shanice saw her reflection, she could hardly believe it. It was empowering to see herself as a character she had long adored. She kept composure as Ms. Kalinski told everyone to go to the studio area.

The CEO — Corporate Presentation 10:46 am

Ms. Meyers was a petite 5’2″ blonde, firecracker of a woman. After conquering the financial world in her mid-40’s, she set her sights on Hollywood. Once a nerd, always a nerd. She grew up watching sci-fi and the chance to lead the charge gave her a huge rush.

So when Ms. Meyers requested an update on merchandising, she was thrilled to see a row of 10 women in the studio area. Each woman represented a female character in the assortment of movie franchises she now owned.

“I can see the profit margins already.”

The CEO’s voice was feminine and could be described as high-pitched, yet it was able to garner firm attention. She was flanked by studio executives, members of the makeup and wardrobe crew, and her longtime assistants.

As she kept her eyes sharply on the women and the outfits, she heard the echo of voice around her discussing brand appeal, apparel sales, and business marketing. These outfits had been tested by focus groups, she was being told, and people liked them.

“Reports say that merchandise has been in a slump,” Ms. Meyers said. “Do you really think this will turn things around?”

The Chief Marketing Officer chimed in, “We have a number of big movies slated for next summer and winter. This is what the audience will see. I firmly believe that we’ll see a massive increase in merchandise sales and my analysis confirms that.”

“And the box office? That’s where the real money is.”

“We expect an upward trajectory compared to previous years. Our biggest franchises will be showcased with the top-tier directors.”

Ms. Meyers gave an approving nod to the CMO. She’d known Lori Kalinski for a while and they’d met several times before. In all honesty, she thought Lori was kind of a bitch, but then again they both were. It’s almost expected if you want to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

She also thought Lori was attractive, sexually speaking, but had never gotten mutual vibes in return. The fact was, if Lori Kalinski ever made a move, Ms. Meyers would have gladly entered into a long-term sexual relationship with her.

Business and sex, nothing more. Love never factors into the equation. As far as Ms. Meyers was concerned, love makes people weak. Love gets in the way of making money.

She walked down the row and meticulously inspected each woman’s outfit like a dictator inspecting the generals. Her success in finance had always come from her strict attention to detail. This was no different.

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,” Ms. Meyers said to her personal staff and movie studio execs. “I like what I’m seeing. Excellent job.”

She did her best not to ogle at these women who modeled outfits. It was unprofessional and the last thing she wanted was for salacious rumors to swirl. She prided herself on a stellar reputation, though certain people ‘in-the-know’ were aware of what got her going.

A guy named Jeffrey chimed in. “If you think this looks great, wait until you see how our actresses look on film. We have a private theater and we’d be happy to screen whatever you want.”

It was almost torture for Ms. Meyers to contain her wicked delight. If these models looked delicious in their sci-fi outfits, how must famous actresses look on the big screen?

“That would be awesome,” the CEO replied like a geek. “Maybe tomorrow night we can all sit down together and have a screening.”

Her smile was broad and highlighted the gentle touch of lines around her eyes and mouth. The group seemed charmed by her big smile, which even made the models smile as well. To them, she was a lovable, petite powerhouse.


The meeting was over and the studio execs went back to their offices. The models went back to the wardrobe department to have the outfits undone.

“I’m glad you were happy with my presentation,” Lori Kalinski said.

The team around the CEO kept their distance, as they always did, whenever the boss had a business discussion. It was how she trained them to behave.

Ms. Meyers nodded. “You’re living up to your reputation.”

“Likewise. You have such sharp eyes. Speaking of which, did any of the outfits grab your attention?”

“A few of them did.”

“How about the black girl?” Lori asked. “Her star fighter outfit is expected to be our biggest costume and merchandise seller. It’s also attached to our biggest movie next summer.”

“Did you have a hand in that?”

Lori glowed with pride. “My team did the testing for brand appeal. And the model might soon be an employee of mine. She’s actually a talented graphic artist.”

“Oh really? Do you normally have artists dress up?”

“No, but I thought she had the perfect figure and I wanted to make an impression for you.”

If the CEO hadn’t known better, she’d think Lori Kalinski was actually flirting. Maybe her instincts were wrong? Maybe this exec had a few extra tricks up her sleeves. Whatever it was, it worked.

“That one certainly left an impression,” Ms. Meyers replied, unsure of where this was going, but liking it anyway.

“Would you like to meet her?”

“I’d love to. Let’s make this quick, I have a lunch meeting at noon.”


Stepping into the dressing area was a treat for Ms. Meyers, but of course, her eyes couldn’t show it. She flashed her trademark smile around, showing the lines around her eyes, and even shook hands with anyone that wanted it.

Every so often she’d glance at a pair of bare breasts. But only when a sneaky opportunity arose. The combination of breasts and comic book outfits were almost too much to bear. She had a sudden craving for a strawberry milkshake after this was over.

They made their way to the young black woman, who unfortunately hadn’t gotten naked yet. It was a missed opportunity, Ms. Meyers thought.

“I’d like you to meet Shanice, the graphic artist,” Lori Kalinski said. “This one is so talented, you should see her portfolio.”

Ms. Meyers shook hands with the young woman and they exchanged pleasantries. She made the young woman tense, which was amusing. It was always a strange pleasure to exert power over someone taller and more fit.

They had a brief chat about art, comic books, and sci-fi movies. They were both geeks at heart and Ms. Meyers became even more aroused, which she knew how to hide in public.

How desperate she was to bury her face in between the young woman’s sex. All of the work she’d been doing left her feeling deprived, even though it had only been less than a week since her last ‘service.’

“I’d love to see your artwork sometime,” the CEO said. “That could be fun.”

Lori chimed in. “If you’re interested, we can all swing by my office for a look at the portfolio. It would be super quick.”

It was the most unusual situation of the day. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear the marketing chief was flirting again. Was this some sort of sexual offering? If it was, these were all the right steps. Her cunt was aching just looking at this young black woman.

“My schedule is tight,” Ms. Meyers said, checking her gold watch. “But… I may have a solution. You two can join our work-lunch”

The two women expressed their agreement and willingness to join, which made Ms. Meyers excited for all the necessary reasons.

The CEO added, “I hope you two enjoy steak and milkshakes. Oh, and Shanice, make sure you’re still wearing that outfit. I’d like a further review.”

Shanice Closes the Deal — 12:08 pm

Back inside the building, while everyone was dressed in business casual attire or a suit, Shanice Williams was still wearing the star fighter outfit. It was yet another strange turn of events for the job interview.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to,” Ms. Kalinski said, holding the portfolio as they walked down the halls together. “Let me do all the talking.”

“That sounds like a plan. God, she’s so intimidating. It’s like she possesses a secret weapon.”

“Make no mistake about it, the CEO is a killer, figuratively speaking. Whatever you’ve read online is nothing compared to how ruthless she can be. Having said that, she’s truly an amazing individual, in more ways than one.”

“I like that about her,” Shanice replied. “Now I’m anxious. What do you think will happen during lunch?”

Before entering the private room where the CEO and assistants would be eating, the marketing officer stopped, as if to give one last preparation.

“All I’ll say is this,” Ms. Kalinski said. “You’ll be handsomely rewarded for everything you do. If you handle yourself well, you’ll get the job. If you go above and beyond, I’ll promise you’ll get extra perks.”

“Ms. Meyers is a hardcore lesbian, isn’t she?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“All roads lead to that direction,” Shanice replied.

“Good observation. So are you still in the game?”

“If she touches me, I want my own office.”

The response was cheeky, but that was her way of dealing with stress. Having never been in a situation like this before, Shanice was becoming more aroused by the second. Her heart was pounding. She thought the CEO was alluring.

Ms. Kalinski was amused by the request. “That can be arranged. Come on, we can’t keep the boss waiting.”


When they entered the executive conference room, the CEO was sitting at the front of the long table while the assistants sat around the sides. Binders, papers, and laptops were scattered around the table. The aromas smelled fantastic as private catering was being arranged and chefs were preparing pre-cooked food on buffet trays.

“Right on time.” The CEO genuinely seemed excited by their arrival. “Sit wherever you’d like, but first, I’d love another look at that outfit.”

Shanice stood awkwardly and Ms. Kalinski nudged her to step closer towards the powerful woman. All eyes in the room seemed to focus on Shanice for a moment.

“I think she looks better than the actress,” Ms. Kalinski said flirtatiously. “And she has a different set of skills as well. Have a look.”

The portfolio was placed in front of the CEO, who gladly opened it and examined the different artwork, impressed by what she saw. Her eyebrow rose with each turn of the page.

“Quite impressive,” the boss nodded, turning her attention back to Shanice. “But I can always look at this later. I’m more curious about you.”

One of the keys to a good interview was staying calm, so Shanice remained as calm as possible as she gave a quick bio on herself, repeating all the same things she had said in previous interviews. The CEO seemed receptive to everything she was saying, which was a surprise.

“And that’s what brought me here,” she said, concluding their short conversation. “Hard work, passion, and a series of good luck.”

Ms. Meyers nodded. “Luck is everything in life and business. It’s also what brought you in front of me, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah. Having lunch with everyone in this room is the last thing I expected to happen today.”

“Shanice, can you indulge me for a moment?”

“Anything,” she replied.

“You know… I wonder…” The CEO’s voice trailed a bit. “What exactly are you wearing underneath that outfit? A normal bra? Spandex? What’s the movie-making secret?”

Ms. Kalinski was happy to answer. “It’s typically all of the above. But in this case, since the wardrobe department didn’t have time to prepare anything special for Shanice, I asked that she be topless underneath.”

“Topless, eh?”

Ms. Kalinski answered again. “Naked, to be more precise. I didn’t want any undergarment lines to be visible. The first impression needed to be perfect.”

Shanice blushed so hard as the CEO’s eyes went up and down her body. In fact, all eyes in the room seemed to give her a double-take knowing that she was naked underneath it all.

“Mind if I touch the fabric?” Ms. Meyers asked. “My mother worked for a fashion designer, so I was raised around fabrics and smooth material. This, I’ve got to feel.”

“Anything you’d like,” Shanice said, stepping forward.

She stood in front of the CEO and noticed the energy in the room change. Things were more on edge, as if the assistants knew a little secret amongst themselves.

The boss, while sitting, reached out and touched the fabric around Shanice’s stomach, then upwards around the chest.

“This must feel incredibly soft against your skin,” Ms. Meyers said.

“It does.”

“Better than a bra?” Ms. Meyers raised an eyebrow.

Shanice gulped. “It feels different than a bra.”

“I still have a hard time believing that you’ve been braless this entire time. Mind if I have a look?”

“Anything you want,” she gulped again.

Although she had been warned about this, nothing could prepare Shanice for the CEO’s fingers moving to her chest to fiddle with the fabric of the science fiction top. The power dynamic between them was unbelievable.

After a few simple maneuvers, a side of the ragged top was opened and her black nipple was exposed to everyone in that conference room. Her nipple turned hard and she breathed deeper. Was this really happening? It felt like a twisted dream. A job interview gone awry.

Her nipple was left out as the CEO held the side of her top open.

“I’ve learned a lot today,” Ms. Meyers said. “The movie business is just like every other business. And I’m glad I got to pull back the layers on how movies are made. You have a beautiful nipple, Shanice.”

“Thank you,” she said with a hoarse voice.

“Lose the outfit. I want to see you naked while I finish discussing finances with my team. Then we can all eat.”

The CEO snapped her fingers at the catering to start serving the food. Shanice was completely dumbfounded, looking over to Lori Kalinski for help or defense, but there was none. Instead, Ms. Kalinski gave subtle gestures to proceed.

With a wonderful career opportunity on the line, Shanice brought her trembling hands to her ragged outfit, assuming this would be a joke. That she’d be told to stop and that the group would laugh, courtesy of the boss’s twisted sense of humor.

That never happened. As food was being served — slices of steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables, with a milkshake on the side — Ms. Meyers looked serious while reviewing financial figures and quizzing her assistant about it.

Shanice was too slow to undress, so Lori Kalinski stepped into the fray, helping to remove the clothes. Wearing the outfit was an amazing experience, but being stripped in front of prominent people was purely sexual. Everything was taken off, including her shoes.

Barefoot and naked, Shanice resisted the urge to cover herself. She was the only black person in the room and eyes glanced in her direction, as they kept their main focus on the CEO.

Finally, once the boss was satisfied with business, she turned to Shanice and smiled.

“You’re a sexy thing,” Ms. Meyers said. “Excuse my bluntness. I’ve had a relentless day and you’re the only relief available.”

Shanice tensed so hard. “That’s okay. There’s nothing… ummm… wrong with being… nevermind.”

“No, say it. Go on. Nothing wrong with what?”

Shanice winced even harder. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just nervous.”

“No, finish your thought. I’d like to hear it.”

The icy cold expression on the CEO’s face was something to behold. This was a woman known for her cute laughter and youthful energy. Now she was a shark and Shanice felt her job opportunity slipping away.

“I was going to say, ‘there’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian.’ But that’s a really dumb thing to say. I’m nervous. I’m sorry.”

“What do you know about being a lesbian?” Ms. Meyers asked, seemingly unoffended.


“I know everything there is.”

The petite Ms. Meyers reached beneath her office skirt and pulled her panties down, placing it on the conference table beside her steak and milkshake. She leaned back on her large chair and put one foot on the table, still wearing a heel.

It resulted in her pink pussy on display. Spread wide open. Wet. And waiting to be taken care of.

As Shanice remained completely frozen in shock, eyes glued to the pussy, it was Lori Kalinski who took the initiative and dropped down on her knees. In their morning together, she never got the impression that Ms. Kalinski was a lesbian. She figured Ms. Kalinski was a woman who’d do anything to achieve success, even if that meant eating pussy.

Only the catering team seemed shocked by this as they prepared the rest of the lunch plates, neatly arranging things on the table. Everyone else seemed nonchalant. If anything, the assistants had a mild hint of arousal watching a studio executive perform oral sex on the boss.

“A perfect pre-meal relaxation,” Ms. Meyers said, looking Shanice in the eyes. “You’ll have to forgive my manners. My mind is cluttered with numbers and I couldn’t resist.”

Nervous, Shanice covered her chest. “I get it. A job like yours must have so much stress.”

“You have no idea. And please, keep your hands down. Looking at you completely naked will make me cum, while Lori is going down on me.”

Shanice put her hands down to give the CEO a full, unobstructed view of her naked body. She felt like a piece of meat standing there like that, which actually turned her on. Especially as she watched Ms. Kalinski eating pussy like a woman possessed. She figured the marketing chief was desperate for a promotion.

The CEO’s legs shivered, and her heel, still on the table, was starting to shake. Ms. Meyers had an orgasm and her face looked like she was swept away, like she had just taken a drug. One that was all-natural and healthy.

“Remarkable service,” Ms. Meyers said, looking down at her fellow businesswoman. “Now switch places. I’ve never had a black girl eat my pussy before.”

Shanice’s jaw dropped. It would be her turn. Ms. Kalinski pulled her wet mouth away from the pussy and looked at her. The pink pussy was covered in saliva and still ready for more.

Remaining still, she got an extra boost when Ms. Kalinski gently took her hand to pull her down, telling her that, ‘it would be okay.’ That it’s ‘the easiest thing in the world to do.’

It was Shanice’s turn to get down on her knees to serve the CEO. She was so close that she could feel the warmth and smell the aromas. It smelled different than the food on the table. This was all-natural and raw. It was the smell of sex.

This was also the closest she had ever gotten to another woman’s pussy. It looked gorgeous and inviting. So tempting and ready to be served again. All she had to do was give it a few good licks, along with a few sucks, and surely the job would be hers, complete with her own office.

Shanice leaned forward and licked the outer layer of the pussy, tasting the fresh coating of saliva. It wasn’t as gross as it seemed. In fact, tasting another woman’s saliva wasn’t gross at all. She was so fucking turned-on that she gave more licks around the outer side.

Her tongue moved to the center and she tasted the CEO’s pink flesh, making the boss moan. She darted her tongue around the stiff clitoris and felt the warmth when she moved her tongue down and went inside. She squeezed her hands on the thighs to get a firm grip and she pushed her tongue all the way in, fucking the boss’s pussy orally.

The boss responded by grinding her hips. Shanice’s first lesbian experience was with a woman of great influence and she wouldn’t have it any other way. And since Ms. Meyers had already cum, it seemed like a second orgasm was much easier to achieve.

“Press your mouth tight,” Ms. Meyers instructed. “This chair is expensive and I don’t want to ruin it.”

Shanice understood the caution when the boss came again and trickles of sweet fluid coated her tongue. It tasted unique. The first female orgasm in her mouth. It tasted similar to her own orgasm, but she never lost sight of the fact that she was literally drinking from another woman’s pussy.

When it was over, she pulled her mouth away, having never been so embarrassed in her entire life. While on her knees naked, she was certain that the catering and boss’s assistants had gotten a real kick out of watching the lesbian service. Who wouldn’t?

“You’re a doll,” Ms. Meyers giggled with her legs open and a foot still on the table.

It was that same charm that the CEO was known for. A big smile that revealed the lines around her eyes and mouth.

Shanice wiped her lips. “That was my first time ever doing that.”

“I could tell. You did great for a first-timer.”

“Do you do this often?” Shanice asked. “You know…”

“What? Mix business and pleasure? Not usually. I try to keep them separate. But you were too difficult to resist.”

Shanice remained on her knees, too embarrassed to move. “I’m starting to feel light-headed.”

With a mouthful of orgasm, she felt her head spinning and her heart pounding. Although her pussy was drenched and she was aroused, Shanice had reached her limit. She was a sci-fi nerd at heart, and geeks her age aren’t accustomed to sexual practices at this level.

“How can I make you feel better?”

“Well, I think I’ve just landed the job of my dreams. So I’m already starting to feel better just thinking about it.”

Ms. Meyers howled with laughter. “This was a job interview? Well in that case, welcome to the business. A celebration is now in order.”

The CEO stood and personally helped Shanice back to her feet, where everyone in the room was once again treated to the sight of her nudity. She blushed and felt mortified, having just given oral sex for employment.

She thought she’d be allowed to get dressed again, so she could sit and have lunch like a normal person. How she wanted to hold her head down in shame, hoping no one would ask her anything important. Being naked and having vaginal fluids around her mouth had given her anxiety she never knew existed.

Instead, the CEO was insistent on having her lay across the conference table, which seemed like such a bizarre request. Worse, she was expected to remain butt naked. After being asked a few times, and not wanting to argue, Shanice agreed, laying flat on her back across the table where major business deals were done.

The chefs were instructed to re-plate the food, this time across Shanice’s bare body. Steak was neatly spread across her chest, around her breasts and nipples. Vegetables across her belly. Sauce in between.

Most jarring of all, milkshake was poured over her pussy.

“Would this be considered a cherry shake, now?” Ms. Meyers said, revealing an even more devious side of herself as she stood in between the spread legs.

Lori Kalinski added, “My new employee looks like she has quite the cherry, now that you mention it. Look at her. She’s a mess. Her clitoris is throbbing.”

“The stress of running a business,” Ms. Meyers replied with a pretend sigh. “I’ll have to examine things before I can have lunch.”

The group took their food from Shanice’s body. Meanwhile, the CEO was happy to start with the milkshake, putting her mouth on Shanice’s dairy coated pussy, returning the oral favor. Shanice’s toes curled upon first touch. Being eaten by the CEO in front of everyone felt oddly empowering. Like she was someone given the stamp of approval by the most important person in the world.

And when Shanice eventually had an orgasm, her toes curled even further and her butt clenched onto the smooth surface of the table. She reached euphoria in ways she never thought possible. All she could do was keep looking at the ceiling, but in the corners of her eyes, she could see herself surrounded by business people who were enthralled by the vision of her orgasmic figure. They savored the sight of her beauty.

“You’re my employee now,” Lori Kalinski said, licking Shanice’s earlobe. “I suspect you’ll have a bright future working for me.”

Ms. Meyers clarified, “Working for us.”

With a small pool of liquid between Shanice’s thighs, the chefs were instructed to mix her orgasm into the steak sauce so that everyone could have a taste. The CEO was a firm believer that nothing should ever go to waste, especially things of great value.

The End