“I had another woman last week while you were away honey, she was very good, so good I had her three times, every day for three days. I was so horny,” I tell my man as he fucking me with his thick eight-inch erection for the first time in more than a week.

“Would you like me to tell you about it?,” I ask in the afterglow. “I took some pics on my phone, have a look,” I tell him as I show him twelve pics of Kay.”

“You chose well, good sexy body, not shy posing naked for you. I want to hear every little detail Julie,” he tells me as he licks my erect nipples as I have one hand on his now flaccid cock.

“I invited Kay around for coffee and as women do we compared our sex lives. She told me it was two years since she fucked a man, though she has strong lesbian interests, lipstick lesbians. When I told her we have sex almost every day and threesomes and even foursomes she was fascinated.

“I told her we are into edging, how you like to reach the brink and pull back once or twice, before having an orgasm. How sometimes both of us choose to edge many times before eventually letting go. And how we like edging so much that we keep doing it over and over again before letting our selves cum. I told her you have serious self control, but when you finally get there the noise you make is embarrassing, but a huge turn on for me.

“I told her how much I love you licking my cunt lips before I blow your thick, eight-inch erection, often with a male or female watching. ‘Is he really that big?’, she asked. She told me she had never had a man that big.

“She asked me lots of questions about our sex life and if you had any fetishes. She was really hooked when I told her we shave each others pubes so we are almost bald down there. When I told her about your ass fetish she wanted me to tell her about in detail. At that moment I decided to tease her and perhaps seduce her, or have her seduce me.

“I went into my dressing room with all the mirrors knowing she could see me from where we were sitting. I took all my clothes off, I was only wearing a dress and knickers, then put on the very skimpy black g-string you like. My ass did look good in all the mirrors, then my tight leather slacks and killer heels. I teased my erect nipples before I put on a silk blouse with just one button done up so my nipples were poking into the silk.

“My man loves me dressing like this for him I teased as I strutted around the room with her staring at me. I love it when he undoes the zip on my leather slacks and slides them down to my ankles.

“Can I do for you, Kay asked with a tremor in her voice. That was the very exciting moment I knew I was going to have her. Her hand was trembling as she undid the zip and slid them down to my ankles and helped me off with them as I put my shoes back on.

“You are a very exciting woman Julie, she told me as we kissed with our tongues. You really do have a glorious big ass. When does your man kiss it?

“Around this stage, he parts my legs, kneels and licks and kisses each side of my ass and slides my g-string down to my ankles.

“You have a new erection honey, I have turned you on with my little story. I haven’t told you the best part yet. I invited Kay around to meet you next Sunday afternoon. I thought I might suck your your cock while she licks my cunt lips. Are you fine with that?”

“Could be lots of fun for three people,” he moaned as he kissed my ass cheeks before he grasped them and fucked me hard, very hard from behind.

“You haven’t told me if she kissed your ass honey, did she?,” he asks with a tremor in his voice as he is slapping into it ready to orgasm.

“Yes, she did, she loved it and so did I, would you like to watch her do it to me again on Sunday,” I whisper as he cums in me.

Early on the Sunday morning Kay phoned. “My sister-in-law has arrived from out of town. I would feel awful if I left her by herself. Can I bring her along? She is two years younger than us and very attractive. I told her what we had planned for today. Did I mention she is also bisexual?”

“That fine, as long as you dress to impress us, we want to pleasure and be pleasured,” I told her even before I ran it past my man.

“Change of plans honey, we have two female guests this afternoon, not just one. Three women and just one man. Are you fine with that? I am.” His broad smile was just the answer I wanted.

Kay’s sister-in-law, Margo, is a most attractive blond model, tall and slim with a very good body. Late thirties, a few years younger than the rest of us. She has eyes only for my man as she ogles his totally tanned, taut, semi-naked body. He is wearing a business shirt with all the buttons undone and just a tiny white jock strap which accentuates the bulge of his already slightly aroused cock and he does look good I muse as want him to impress our two women guests.

“Kay told me to dress to impress for your two today. As you can see we both went to lots of trouble to dress for you today. Are you impressed?,” she smiles as they are both wearing killer heels with almost identical short black cocktail dresses to show their impressive cleavages with pencil thin straps on their shoulders. I can see Charles looking very closely to see if they are wearing bras, obviously not I note.

“Kay told me me Julie was going to suck your cock while she licked Julie’s cunt lips. Can I watch? She told me she has never watched another woman suck a man’s cock,” Margo teases as she has her hands all my mans naked chest.

“Yes you can watch,” I reply very agitated and excited at the thought of her watching me having my cunt lips licked while I suck my man.

“Show my man and Margo what you were doing to pleasure me last week Kay, they can both watch,” I tell her as we kiss like teenagers. I am rapt as my man and Margo watch her undo the zip at the back of my very short dress and help me step our of it. You could hear a pin drop as she kissed my ass cheeks and slid my g-string down to my ankles.

“Kay told me about your gorgeous ass Julie, magnificent, how do you keep it like that,” Margo asks as she watches me sit on the sofa and open my legs as Kay kneels between them and I guide Kay’s tongue to my cunt lips.

“You like watching that don’t you Charles? I do, my sister-in-law is pleasuring your lady with her tongue,” Margo is whispering as stands behind my man with her hands all over his chest. “Do you like your nipples being teased while you watch? I think so, they are like bullets.

“Kay told me me Julie was going to suck your cock while she licked Julie’s cunt lips. Do it for me Charles, now, I want to watch,” Margo tells him as I watch her help him shrug his shirt off and release his full eight-inch erection from his jock strap without taking it off as he flaunts his erection, hands on hips, for three naked women.

“Look at that Kay, he is blessed down there, eight inches and thick, this what you have been missing out on for two years. You told me you have never watched another woman suck a man’s cock, watch and enjoy,” Margo teases as she has her hands all my mans naked chest, then his erection while Kay is watching in awe.

“He is magnificent, I have never had a cock that size. That is a turn on for me,” Kay tells me as Charles kneels alongside me on the sofa and slides his throbbing erection between my pursed lips.

I do enjoy sucking my man’s erection with others watching, this time is sexual magic as Kay is licking me and watching a man, my man, having his cock sucked for the very first time in her life. And as a bonus her sexy sister-in-law is watching.

Minutes later my man and I are sitting side by side on the sofa kissing passionately with our tongues. We are both very turned on as we are being pleasured by two women.

Kay is kneeling between my legs teasing my cunt lips with the tip of her tongue. “Is she good honey,” Charles asks.

“Don’t ask, just watch, make it last for sixty minutes,” I murmur in response.

I am so turned on with my man is sitting close alongside me as I watch Margo licking his balls. “Is she good honey,” I ask as she commences sucking his very erect cock.

“Don’t ask, just watch, sixty minutes is fine by me,” he murmurs in response as we continue tongue kissing.

Wonderful sex watching another woman pleasuring my man’s erection with her lips, tongue and fingers as her sister-in-law is licking my cunt lips. I want it to last sixty minutes.

Forty minutes later I have had four small orgasms as I edge myself, I want to last sixty minutes before I have a mind blowing orgasm and squirt for three people.

“I love edging a man, or a woman Charles, a turn on and a challenge,” Margo tells him as she sucks his erect nipples.

“Julie poured cognac on my nipples last week before she rubbed them with an ice block and licked them, something I love,” Charles whispers as Margo nibbles them.

“Can Margo and I swap Julie? I haven’t had a man’s cock for two years, and I have never had a cock as big as your man.”

“Would love you to, let’s all go to the bathroom and freshen up, some more edging for us,” I smile. Four warm towels, a glass of water some lipstick and we are all refreshed as we resettle.

“Your cock is my first in two years Charles, you are magnificent, fucking awesome, worth the wait,” Kay is whispering as Charles and I tongue kiss sitting side-by-side watching Kay licking his erection. It may have been two years since Kay has sucked an erection but her technique is awesome, as I watch her lick, suck, kiss, blow as Charles is teasing his nipples and soaking up the pleasure she is providing.

“She is good honey, almost as good as you, my cock is throbbing.”

Margo is licking and teasing my cunt lips with her tongue as she looks sideways to watch Kay sucking my man’s erection. I suspect she is miffed that my man appears to be enjoying her sister-in-law more than he did her. Margo’s different technique quickly has me on my fifth small orgasm as I edge and contemplate the huge orgasm I want at the same time as my man. She appears to be hell bent on providing me with more pleasure than her sister-in-law and I am soaking it up.

“I’m getting close honey, very close,” Charles tells me as he stands front-on to my vision with Kay kneeling and sucking his erection as she scratches her nails along his ass cheeks. Looking at his erection front-on is awesome as I watch Kay pleasuring it with her lips and tongue. From experience I know Charles likes to stand when he orgasms.

“I’m so close honey, so close,” he is moaning as I watch Kay licking and sucking just the tip of his erection as she runs a fingertip along it’s full length.

“Two years since I blew a man and you are the biggest ever, magnificent, fucking magnificent,” Kay whispers as she edges him even more. “Less is more Charles, I used to be very good at edging my men,” she teases as she licks just the tip of his erection and runs a fingertip along it’s full length.

His body is trembling and shaking as Kay has him right on the brink. “So good honey, so fucking good,” he groans as he blows a huge load.

“Now watch me honey, Kay and Margo have been edging me for almost an hour while I watched you. That is exquisite Margo, so good,” I moan as she is lapping my cunt lips with her tongue. I am almost screaming as my body trembles and I have the huge orgasm I have been holding back for almost an hour.

“Now watch me squirt, watch me, watch me,” I moan as my orgasm becomes even more intense with three people watching me tease my cunt lips with a fingertip

“You had three women for your pleasure yesterday honey. Can I have an extra man for my pleasure soon?,” I ask my man the next night as we are fucking like rabbits.

“Of course honey, don’t forget the women were pleasuring you as well. Can I be pleasured by your extra man?”

“Yes honey, of course. I want a hung man, or perhaps two men, much younger than us. Would that be exciting for you?”

“Very exciting honey,” he whispers as he increases the tempo of his fucking.