Kelly was feigning sleep for the third night in a row. Now, with her eyes cracked open, she could see that her roommate, Laura, was finally getting ready for bed. She watched with tense excitement as the other girl went through the nighttime rituals of contact lens removal, teeth brushing, and hair combing. By the time that Laura had stripped down to her panties and pulled one of those long dorm shirts over her head, Kelly could feel her own wetness.

Laura and Kelly were roommates at college. They had gone to the same high school seventy miles away, and, though they weren’t really friends during that time, had decided to room together at school, rather than take a chance with strangers. It was now six weeks into their freshman year and they both knew they had made the right choice. They were best friends, and every day they discovered new similarities between them.

Three nights ago, as Kelly lay in bed, beginning to drift off to sleep, she felt something. The bed was shaking, lightly, rhythmically. At first she thought that it was only Laura shifting in the bed above her, but the movement continued, steadily, and then she heard a slight noise, a noise that was familiar to her, but one that she had only heard when she was alone. Laura was masturbating.

Her scent began to fill the room, that warm, moist, love making scent of human pleasure. Kelly was afraid to move. She was enthralled with the sounds and the movement of the bed. Gradually, after some moments, she slowly slid her hand between her thighs and spread her legs apart, touching the slippery lips with cautious, deliberate movements. She didn’t want Laura to stop, she wanted to climax when Laura did, and she didn’t want her roommate to know she was awake.

Kelly was incredibly turned on. She had masturbated before, naturally, several times a week, usually, in fact, but she had never felt as she did now. Her heart was thumping wildly, and she tried to control her breathing as she begin slipping her fingers inside the sticky recesses of her vagina. Laura must have been close to orgasm now, as the sound of fingers sliding through her lips could be heard clearly, that little soft sucking sound, and Kelly grew more bold beneath her. She started fucking herself harder, faster, rubbing the base of her palm against the erect, fleshy clit.

The bed began to quake a little faster, and then stopped moving entirely. Kelly mentally pictured Laura’s body tensing, her back arching, and she spread her lips with one hand, frantically teasing her clit with the other, as she imagined Laura climaxing, the stifled, heavy breath of orgasm above her urging her on, as she felt the waves begin to crash over her.

That was three nights ago. The routine had changed little since. After the second day, Kelly began to wonder if this had been going on all semester and she had been asleep. She wasn’t sure. It could have been. Anyway, that seemed to matter little now. She was full of sexual energy – in fact, Kelly would sometimes masturbate several times during the day as well, fueling her imagination with memories of the night before.

This morning, Kelly decided to skip her eight o’clock class. Her next one was at noon, and she wanted to play with herself again this morning after Laura left. And so once more she feigned sleep, peering from her beside her pillow as her roommate climbed down from the bed above her, smiling to herself as she caught a quick glimpse of Laura’s hairy black crotch from under the dorm shirt. As soon as Kelly heard the rush of water in the shower, she slid her hands once more under the sheets and began to lightly stroke and caress her own curly mound of hair.

She was moist and aroused by the time that Laura left for class. Kelly had licked her fingers after sliding between the tightness of her labia, stroking her clitoris to fullness. Her pussy tasted of that morning tartness – Kelly didn’t mind. She loved her own body and the pleasure that she got out of it. Her hands ran over her small firm breasts as she pulled down the sheets and exposed her naked body to the morning sun.

Kelly was idly running her hands over her thighs, buttocks, and stomach, waking her body up before she brought it to another orgasm. Lifting her legs into the air, and placed her feet on the posts that led up to her roommate’s bed and began to touch herself earnestly.

Her quim was starting to run down the smooth crack to her tight little anus, as her body brought itself to the edge of orgasm, when suddenly Kelly stopped. She had been reliving that mental picture of the quick glimpse of Laura’s vagina over and over in her mind. It didn’t seem right, and now she knew why. When she had watched Laura go to bed last night, her roommate had been wearing a pair of pink panties.

Kelly got out of bed and climbed up to her roommate’s bunk. There, tucked under the sheets, were the panties. As she lay down in Laura’s bed, rubbing herself intently, she brought the panties to her face, looking at them, examining them, smelling them. The odor was pungent and delicious. Kelly watched a solitary pubic hair fall from the crotch onto her right breast as she brought the panties to her nose. God, it was great. It felt moist to her lips as she smothered her face with the sensation. Her left hand was working furiously now between her legs.

She squirmed on the bed, the bed where Laura had pleasured herself the night before, and tentatively, tenderly, ran her tongue over the cotton fabric. The taste brought about an immediate sensation in her vagina, as if the signal passed instantly through her, making herself even more moist, more ready. Her fingers were dripping. She brought her other hand to her crotch, trying to get as much pleasure as possible out of the impending orgasm. She bit at the crotch, drawing it into her mouth, eyes closed, the image of Laura’s pussy before, the smell in her nose…and she came. She came wonderfully, and she came long, pulling the sheets between her thighs as her body rocked and twisted and undulated with pleasure.

It was only after the sensation had passed, and she was left with the tremor and relaxation, that Kelly realized that she had screamed aloud as she had climaxed. The sheets were damp. More than damp really, almost wet. Kelly smiled, and sniffed at the spot in the center of the bed and the sheets she had clutched to her crotch. It made her feel proud to know how incredibly sexual she could be.

She had just hopped down off the bed when she heard the lock turn in the door.