lesbian desires


A wicked tale

Carrie felt the hand tighten around her neck, so she struggled harder. If she didn’t get free soon she knew what was in store for her. Everyone at work had told her that Jess was a lesbian and that she would hit on her and she scolded them and tried to befriend her, which lasted for about two months worth of being ogled like a piece of meat. She had not talked to her in a while when Jess had called her out of the blue with an apology, a peace offering and a chance to make amends. To Carrie It was only supposed to have been a polite refusal, meet for a drink kind of thing and a chance to tell her off, then leave. So how was she to know what kind of Psycho Bitch Jessica was. But why dwell on the past when she had the present to think about., like Jessica attacking her right now pushing the drug laced rag to her face. She kicked out with her left leg catching her assailant in her thigh and momentarily getting free, she instantly swung herself away from Jess and took flight. As she ran across the parking lot she noticed how empty it was. No doubt Jess’s plan, her limbs felt unusually heavy, her eyelids started to droop, she felt utter doom. Trying to remove her key‘s from her jacket pocket she noticed a couple walking towards the bar from the side parking lot, hope surged ,until Jess sidled next to her whispering into her ear,” Good try babe. But the shit I bought should be taking effect by now….’,Carrie felt the rag pushed back to her face as the couple passed. She started loosing consciousness as Jess leaned close, licked her ear and whispered,” This is gonna be so fucking awesome…”, then darkness.

Upon waking Carrie felt complete and total horror, she was naked, her hand’s were cuffed and pulled to her front, and she was face down with heavy leather straps running around her upper thighs and ankles spreading her legs leaving her private parts visible for the world to see. Basically face down and ass up, Carrie tried twisting to find some sort of escape but there was none ,she pulled against the cuffs till her wrists were raw., screaming seemed to have no effect, as what seemed like hours passed with no rescue, she started to cry, knowing all to well that anytime soon Jess would return, and the real ordeal would begin. Jess entered her basement, pure lust coursed through her veins, her pussy was drenched in anticipation of the fun to come. It had taken three long months of planning to get Carrie to agree to go out for a drink with her, and another three weeks to get the chloroform from a reliable source, she smiled as she entered the soundproof room, Carrie was awake struggling, and looking oh so sexy as she did “Hey babe bet you thought I forgot about you huh?,” Carrie shifted her head to her shoulder as Jess approached her backside,” Let me the fuck go you sick fucking bitch!!” Jess slapped her harshly on the face,. Then smiling she held a ball gag up in her left hand” That’s no way for a sex slave to talk to her new owner” Before Carrie could so much as whimper Jess squeezed her cheeks apart and pushed the gag into her mouth, then quickly and tightly secured it behind her head. The sight of Carrie naked, helpless, and gagged brought heat to Jess’ pussy,” This is the way it’s going to be from now on. See I like kinky sex, and until you can learn to be a good little sex slave for me and not say such disrespectful things,.. Jess smiled as she untied the sash of the robe.., I think I’ll keep you gagged. That way I don‘t have to listen to you trying to tell me No or That you don‘t like it”,.

Jess let the robe she’d been wearing slip to the floor, Carrie screamed behind the gag as Jess moved to her front. The strap on she wore was over eight inches long and its girth almost two,”…don’t look away Carrie I bought this just for you,” Carrie’s eyes flowed with tears as Jess held the dildo and slapped it across her face. Jess felt her own juices flowing as she described the inner dildo and all the fun she was going to be having with her new little sex slave. Carrie could only cry as Jess leaned over her. Her tits pushed against her bare skin making her mumble behind the ball gag even more,”I’m gonna use you how I want to ,whenever I want to, and exactly like I’ve fantasized about, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me now”, Carrie was revulsed as Jess’ right hand slid between her legs, two fingers forced their way to her clit,” I’ll bet your little pussy is so tight and yummy….”, her tears fell as Jess squeezed her clit tightly,”I’m gonna enjoy this so much……..”. Not wanting this to happen Carrie managed through sheer will alone to twist and pull herself from her tormentors fingers. Jess’ left hand fell in a sharp brutal slap to Carrie’s bottom leaving a red handprint behind,” that’s about enough of that shit bitch!!, now stop trying to fight this…I thought you’d understand that you really don‘t have a fucking choice…,” Carries tears continued to fall as she screamed “ No” behind the rubber ball gag. Jess stood and tightened and repositioned the straps assuring that no movement was possible for her new toy, it was over half an hour latter but well worth it she thought. She stared at Carrie the entire time while setting up the digital camcorder,”O.K. babe I guess I have to explain why you’re here….since you are to stupid to understand….,”.

Jess turned the camera to record,” Jess’ personal log, ‘Today I abducted this fine piece of ass that’s on this mattress behind me….,”turning, Jess patted Carries left buttock,”….she’s here to help me live out my every sexual fantasy I‘ve ever had no matter how sick it may be, she‘s my sex slave now!!!! ”,”MMMMUUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!,” Jess laughed at her slave’s feeble attempt to deny her ,”from what I gather she’s never been with a woman before….”,Jess looked at Carries face, tears welled in the girls eyes, this only made Jess grin more,” I think I can fix that though ,so I’ll be teaching her how to be a good little sex slave for a hot and horny lesbian like myself..,” Jess bent down beyond the cameras range then back up smiling and holding a bottle of lubricant up to the camera,”… well babe,…..it looks like you’re about to be used like nothing more than a toy…..,”Carrie screamed into the gag as Jess applied lube to the dildo she wore,” it’s no use fighting or screaming you can‘t stop me…,” Jess knelt behind her rubbing the dildo lightly against her pussy lips,” UUUMMUUUM !!!!!,”,“ Like I said, you cant stop me no matter what I want to do. No matter what fantasies’ I want to finally live out. “, Grinning she then pulled back and brought both hands to Carries ass cheeks and gripped them tightly and lowered her mouth to her pussy and laughed,” lets have a little taste of this sweet fucking pussy finally..”, She pushed her tongue deeply into her sex slave. Carrie squealed and tried pulling away but the straps allowed little movement. It had been awhile since Jess had tasted something so sweet, pulling clear she licked the juices from her lips and patted Carrie’s bottom,” Not pulling away now are you Carrie?, I knew you would taste fucking good baby….,” Carrie was screaming behind the ball gag as Jess once again gripped her ass cheeks roughly spread them and pushed her tongue back into her pussy.

Every time Carrie tried moving away Jess would dig her fingers into the straps and pull her back onto to her mouth, nearly twenty minutes later, Jess removed her lips , she had already cum five or six times. Her voice slurred as if on a drug,” Goddamn Carrie your little pussy is so fucking yummy…,”she squeezed the girls ass cheeks even harder,” MMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!!!,” Jess smiled as Carrie wiggled her bottom trying to pull away , she just ignored the girls pleas and looked into the camera and licked the juices from her lips, ”So where was I, …..oh yeah !….”, Jess released a hand slapping Carrie’s ass ,..Teaching my new little sex slave how to satisfy her lesbian mistress’ desires,” Jess ran her hand along Carrie’s back down to her shoulders. The way she had secured her slave was simple yet pleasing to the eye, two thick leather belts held Carrie’s legs bent, it circled her ankles and looped at mid thigh. The locks were her own addition, her wrists were firmly cuffed and locked securely to a 360 degree bearing attached to one of the many rings sunk into the floor, the versatility of her slaves current bondage was that Jess could easily flip Carrie to her back allowing a lot more versatility as she used her. Letting her hands trail along the sides of her slave she cupped the girls breasts,” UUUMMUUMHHHHHHH! Jess smiled and turned her attention to the camera,” This is the first phase of creating a sex slave, and to me the most exciting. “Rape“. Upon hearing this Carries struggles intensified as she screamed into the gag,” UMMMGGGHHUUNNNHH!!”, Jess smiled then continued, If nothing else, a sex slave must be taught what they’re for………,” Jess released her captive’s tits, the girls sobs could be heard behind the ball gag as Jess retrieved the lubricant by the side of the mattress . Moving to her slave’s ankles she attached the cuffs to rings bolted to the basement floor, other ropes and straps guaranteed that the girl would remain in a facedown position .

”O.K Carrie what all this means is that I’m going to rape you again and again, and train you to become my sex slave, basically a fucktoy !” she chuckled “I cant expect you to like it, but I‘m alright with the idea and that‘s all that really matters..,” kneeling behind her Jess drizzled the lube between her ass cheeks,” I’ll be eating your yummy little pussy some more later,…I think right now though ,that it needs to be stuffed by some fat rubber cock ,….then your ass,…Or maybe your ass first, then your pussy?,….”, she grinned ,and fisted her dildo with the lube, “…I’m going to do them both eventually .“,Carrie screamed in rage behind the gag as Jess pushed the strap ons bulbous head between her pussy lips forcing it in over an inch deep,” NNNNNUUUGGHHUUGH!!!!!,” as Carries tears ran down her cheeks, Jess laughed and slapped her ass cheek, “ stop crying and just get used to it baby, just learn to accept it. …,” Carries eyes welled with tears as Jess forced the dildo over half way in,”UUUMMMMUUNGGG!!!!,” Jess closed her eyes, placed her palms on her slaves ass cheeks, spread her fingers wide squeezing tightly, then slowly pumped to and fro” Yeeaahh there’s ah good girl , you know you want this..” Carrie struggled against the bondage, but to no avail, Jess was in complete control of the rhythm, “UMMMUGGGHHNNN!!!”’, Jess squeezed her slaves ass cheeks tighter,” … you sure you want it all baby?…”.The camera caught her eyebrow arch and the evil smile on her face as she pushed against Carries bottom steadily sinking the strap on deeper till her tummy was bumping against Carries ass cheeks “ NNNNUUUUHHHHGGGGUUHH!!!,”.

Carrie could only cry as Jess raped her ,”…FUCK YESSSS, …OOHHH BABY THAT FEELS SO GOOD…,”her pace increased as she fucked her slave,”…YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT,….”Jess let a string of spit fall from her mouth too her slaves anus brought her thumb to the puckered orifice and trailed circles along the rim then leaned and whispered into Carries ear ”….Good toy..,” she listened to the girl’s pathetic cries as she forced it in,” …shut the fuck up and take it Slut,… you belong to me now ,” . With Carries bottom held in a bowling ball grip Jess pumped harder with the strap on, she forced her slave into a quicker rhythm until the dildo was a blur between their bodies,”….Ohhhhhh fucking GOD yes!!!.., you know your loving it..”, Carries eyes widened as Jess’ free hand fell in a stinging slap to her bottom,” UUUMMMUUMMGHH!!!” ,“Good Toy!!!!“ Jess looked down at her slaves face as she slowed her pace; she had cum another four times in the last twenty minutes, her slaves tears ran down her face mixing with the mascara ,only making Jess hotter,”…are you enjoying the ride as much as I am slave, huh?..”,Carries muffled cries went no further then the room allowed, Jess pulled the strap on from her slaves pussy and her thumb from her anus, then patted her bottom,” That was so fucking good baby, I knew you would like it, now how’s about I make you a little more comfortable”.

Jess released the thigh straps one at a time, and as she had already guessed, Carrie fought, but in the end her strength won out. She straightened her slave’s legs and excitedly bound them together., she pushed a vinyl cushion beneath her belly then secured the ankle cuffs firmly to the hook in the basement floor. And tightened the rope Moving the camera onto a tripod she looked at her slaves ass,” ..So babe I hope you ’re ready for more, because I know I am..,” she looked into the camera,” As already stated your sex slave must be repeatedly raped. I will usually keep my slave tied and gagged for the first couple of months of use, it all depends on their resilience…,” Carrie screamed and cried behind the gag as Jess straddled her upper thighs and palmed her ass cheeks and squeezed ,”..Alright babe it’s about time I finally fuck this hot piece of ass!”” Carrie screamed even harder behind the gag and twisted her bottom aside trying to resist her touch, Jess freed her grip and slapped her slave’s bottom roughly,” Knock that shit off slut!… I told you before that you need to be a good little sex slave.”, Jess proceeded to slap Carrie for the next ten minutes until both cheeks were rosy pink, Carries tears streamed down her face and her sobs echoed in the room as Jessica trailed her fingernails on the reddened flesh,” I’ve been wanting to fuck this ass ever since the first time we met,” She was absolutely powerless as Jess poured lube between her ass cheeks,” always walking around the office in your hot little skirts and your spandex leggings, oh yeah!!!!!! …and now it‘s mine to use how I want.” her cries intensified as Jess pushed a finger deeply into her anus “just learn to be a good little toy for me, now get loosened up and ready like a good little fuck slut,” Carrie squealed and tried to twist away as Jess pumped her finger in then out , then she pulled it free to slap her ass and turn to the camera.

” My own personal preference for using a sex slaves ass is immobilization…. ,”. Standing, she crossed the room and returned with a black canvas sack,” when a sex slave is properly restrained ,it leaves you the pleasure of using them exactly how you want,” Jess bent to Carries face and laughed ,”This is the part where I get to live out my fantasy about fucking your ass and using it as my own personal toy…,’ Carries muffled cries excited Jess to no end as she ran the five inch wide leather belt through carabineers sunk into the basement floor on either side of the mattress, once secured it held Carries ass stationary. Stretched from front to back Carries ass protruded into the air, Jess pulled a plastic syringe from the sack,” if you want to lube your toys ass up, its really up to your own personal discretion,” Retrieving a bottle of lubricant Jess smiled for the camera,” Injections the best way by far,”, turning the plastic bottle up she unscrewed the cap leaving the foil, next she pushed the plastic tip of the syringe through. Turning it upright she pulled the plunger filling the chamber,” Now it’s just us baby…”” UUUUNHHHHUUUHHH!” Jess chuckled as her slave screamed,” ..time to lube you up and use you up..”, she deftly pushed the tip of the syringe into her slaves anus, pushing the plunger down till lube seeped from around the edges. Jess straddled her thighs letting the strap on lay between her butt cheeks, slowly rubbing it in the pool of lube”…O.k. babe, now I’m going to use you how I’ve wanted to for the past six months..”, Carrie screamed behind the gag as Jess bent the dildos bulbous head and pressed it hard against her anus,” ….I‘m going to love this so fucking much…”, struggling helplessly against the bondage Carrie screamed as Jess forced the strapons bulbous head past her rim ,” UUUMMMUUMMPPPHH!!!”.

Jess purred with pleasure as she pushed the strap on deeper into her new slaves ass,” That’s great Carrie, …..relax and just take it all like a good little fuck toy..”, “MMMMGGHHHPPPUUMM!!!!“, Jess smiled,”…I think you misunderstand the definition of fuck toy now stop resisting and take my cock!!” she gripped her slaves ass cheeks, spreading them as she gyrated her hips sinking the dildo deeper till her inner thighs rested against Carries bottom,” Oh my God this feels so fucking good,….oh yeah..,” Carries screams echoed as Jess pumped slowly in and out of her , reaching to the harness she turned the inner vibrator to on sending shockwaves of pleasure to her pussy as she increased her pace,” Oh fuck yes!, yes, yeah, your ass feels so good, fuuucckk…..,”Jess’ pelvis slapped against her slaves bottom,“ There’s a good little toy” Carries head rocked violently against the vinyl mattress as Jess’ hips pumped frantically against her,” UMMMGGHHUUUGHHH!!,” Jess pushed her slaves head into the mattress with one hand and tightened her grip on her slaves buttock with the other,”…this is so fucking good babe, so tight ,yeah. Just fucking take it!!!!”, she came hard for what seemed like the hundredth time,” OOOOOOHHHH!!!!”, Jess looked at her slaves tear stained face and continued her assault ,” oh God babe…this is even better than I thought it would be, you were made for ass fucking, yeah, …uunnhh, …yeah, oh……. it feels so fucking good…,” Jess pushed all the way in grunting with animalistic pleasure as she orgasmed hard. Carrie could only cry as the woman crushed her weight against her pushing the strap on as deep as it would go,” Oh my fucking God Carrie you are going to blow the stockings off my friends when I let them use you…”,”OOOHHHUUUMMPHHH!!!”, Carrie struggled in vain, Jess merely smiled, patted her slaves ass cheek and pumped slowly, a look of triumph on her face ,” Oh yeah babe you can forget all about men….,you‘re for lesbian use only from now on, and when my friends watch this they’re their going to want try you out”, turning to the camera Jess smiled,” …..And that, is the first phase of creating the ideal sex slave, now, it will take a few sessions of rape to make them realize that its not going to stop, but that’s the fun part…”, pulling free and turning, Jess picked up the syringe and refilled it ,and looked directly into the camera,”… the real fun part.”, Carries ordeal began all over again. Hours later Jess closed the door, she’d left Carrie tied facedown covered in sweat, lube and tears, she smiled as she moved on wobbly legs, it was even better than she thought it would be. When she’d released the ball gag Carries tune had changed considerably , instead of demanding her release, she begged to be let go,” I wont tell anyone please…”, Jess laughed and said she knew she wouldn’t. Gagged her again ,then fucked her sweet ass some more, she had cum so many times that she had lost count, locking the door to the basement she leaned against it and smiled, her hand trailed to her thoroughly drenched pussy ,her girlfriends would be by tonight for dinner, and to help train her sex slave, her hand slowly withdrew, so little time and so much to do before the four of them showed up.

As usual Simone and Kylie were in the corner making out,” Hey girls save some of that sweet stuff for latter…,” Jess smiled and finished putting the leftovers away,”…its not everyday all five of us get to do what were about to..,” her words trailed off as her eyes fell to the basement door. Kylie grinned,” That’s true…..,we should give our meal awhile to settle” Simone smiled and added,” Which one, the one we just ate, or the one were about to..”, Kylie smiled at Simone;s reply,” …..you know what I meant Sim,” Gina had crossed the kitchen to join her friends for a drink,” I suggest we toast Jess for her generosity and willingness to share,” all five women clinked their glasses together ,” I brought the vinyl play suit and some extra goodies as well …”, Becca added, Jess smiled and thanked her, she remembered the last time they had all been together ,Becca had forced her slave to wear it, cutouts and zippers provided easy access , and the straitjacket ran lower on the stomach keeping her slaves arms down and to her sides allowing multiple hands to touch and hold her, as well a lot more variety of positions as all five of them used her as they pleased, Jess imagined Carrie in the outfit and nearly came. Snapping too, Jess smiled and unlocked the basement door,” Lets go have some fun ladies!” Jess had agreed that they would draw numbers to see in which order they would go, Gina got firsts, Jess got seconds, Becky thirds, and as usual Sim and Kylie wanted their turn together, opening the door Jess approached Carrie, earlier she had drugged her, then washed, shaven and prepared her for the nights festivities, she was face up, wrists held snuggly in the padded leather cuffs spread above her head, her ankles were held in a matching set.

The women crowded around her and started touching her before she was even fully awake, commenting on Her body, Her mouth, Her pussy, Her ass. Carrie started coming to as Gina pinched her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers,” Please stop…let me go please,” Jess laughed out loud,” Gag her if you want.,” Gina turned in response and smiled at her,” Oh no…I think Carrie and I will get along well without one for the time being…,” Gina released her nipples and slowly removed her panties,”…besides,. Why waste that pretty little mouth of hers?” Carrie sensing the woman’s intentions tried twisting her head aside as Gina straddled it.” NNNOOOUUUMMMPPPHHH!!!!!!…”. Gina pushed her pussy to the girls mouth, Carrie fought harder, moments later Gina rose and slapped her roughly across the face,” You’re gonna do what I want bitch whether you like it or not, Becky get the O Ring you brought, I think this little slut needs to be taught how to eat pussy!”, Becky handed the device over and Gina quickly inserted it, “NOOOOOHHHHGGGHHHH!!!!!….” Carries tears streamed down her face as Gina forcefully grabbed the sides of her head and straddled her face pushing her pussy tight to her mouth,” Now stick your fucking tongue out and lick my pussy like a good little lez slut.” Gina growing impatient reached back and pinched the girl’s nipple roughly,” I said lick!.,” OOOPPPHHH!” Gina smiled as she felt the girls tongue slowly push in,” that’s a good girl, see, do as you’re told and I won’t have to hurt you…”, Carrie was sickened as she tasted the woman’s pussy, but she obediently did as instructed,” Oh fuck yes…, come on slut lick faster, now twirl it around .That’s right.., yeah that’s a good girl,“.

Gina’s climax took a while to build, pinching the girls nostrils she ground her pussy onto her face and came hard, Carrie tried twisting her head aside but Gina firmly pushed her cunt harder to her mouth, and held her head clenched tightly between her thighs,” OOHH FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! Reaching back she pinched Carries nipple,” DID I SAY STOP!!…….KEEP LICKING ME SLUT!”, removing her hand she fondled the abused tit,“ Get used to the taste …., you’ll be eating pussy all night”, Carries tears flowed as Gina gyrated her hips on her face. Juices filled her mouth making her gag,” OOOGHHPPPHH! Kneeling, Gina shifted off the girls face,” see how yummy pussy is slut?” Jess and the other women watched as Gina slowly released the o ring,” Our friend Jess said we could play with you ,so if you have a difference of opinion…….well I guess that’s too fucking bad,” she pulled the ring free. Carrie chocked back her tears and wailed,” WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!…PLEASE STOP!!!!”, Gina laughed .Then slapped Carrie in the face and turning she looked at Jess,” I’ll take that Ball Gag about now”, “ NOOOO…..MMMMPPPHHHH!!!”, Carries tears flowed as Gina pinched her mouth wide and secured the gag. Jess looked to her friend and smiled,” You wanna fuck her ass?” Gina grinned, lay between Carries legs and palmed her tits ,squeezing tightly,” Ohhh…. I don’t know, you girls decide for me, while I put on Thunder.” Carrie fought as Gina crawled free and disappeared into the background,” OOOHHHHHHOOORRRR!!!!” Jess looked at Carrie and smiled, “Oh no baby ,there’s going to be lot’s more,. my friends all want a chance to play with my new fuck toy.”.

Carrie could only cry as the women tightened her bonds, two women at the front ,and Jess attaching a bar between the ankle cuffs, She had been left laying on her back, the spreader bar now insured her thighs would stay wide open. Gina had reappeared wearing a monstrous strap on,” Well alright pussy it is….”, Carrie could only whimper as the woman knelt between her out stretched legs and poured lube into her hand and brought it to her pussy slowly rubbing it in,” I’m going to use you so hard.“’ Gina stood, poured lube on the dildo, fisted it then pushed herself between her thighs, one hand came to rest on her tit the other guiding the strap on between her pussy lips,”UUMMMUNNGGHH!!!!,” Gina smiled, released the girls tit and slapped her roughly across her face,” Shut the fuck up!!..“ Carries muffled cries filled the room as Gina palmed her tit and squeezed ,“You’re gonna get fucked and used like a slave should be ,so get used to it…”, Gina drove the cock in with one thrust, Carries screams behind the gag intensified as Gina’s hips pumped harshly against her,” Ohhh!!!!! “ Gina smiled as she pounded the strap on in and out of the girl beneath her ,her tears streamed down the sides of her face, drool ran from behind the ball gag ,the girl was definitely a site,” What’s the matter slut ?” Gina released the girls tit and slid her hand beneath to cup an ass cheek roughly,” You not liking the ride, she grinned…I’m liking the ride! yeah there’s a good little toy!” Carries tears and screams behind the gag only enflamed Gina on as she slid her other hand beneath the bound girl and soon held both cheeks tightly in her grip,” UUMMMPPHHHUMMM!!!!!”, Gina pumped slowly her body crushing the smaller girl into the mattress, every time she pumped in she would squeeze the girls ass cheeks,” There’s ah good little slut….,oh this feels so good baby…”.

Carrie listened to the other women talking and laughing as the Gina raped her in front of them,” She loves it in her ass, it’s a nice tight ride ….”, she recognized Jess’ voice immediately, then another, “Good, I cant wait to fuck it…“,Gina forced her eyes straight and ran her tongue around her lips seductively ,”do you have a nice tight little ass that likes to be fucked?”, Gina continued pumping and squeezing the girls cheeks,” this sweet ass feels like it was made for fucking to me, yeah this is going to be fun…,” Gina pumped the dildo harder till Carries head rocked against the mattress , laughing Gina pulled free and stood. Carrie tried to fight but it was to no avail as all five women flipped her over ,removed the spreader bar , and bound her legs together. Soon she lay bound in much the same way as Jess had bound her for her first ass fucking, Jess watched as Gina straddled Carries bottom and couldn’t help but rub her pussy as her friend pushed the dildo slowly into her slaves anus, “NNNNGGGGHHHHHHUUUHHHH!!!,“ when Gina had sunk it all the way in she stopped, patted Carries bum and smiled ,” Good toy…,” and her ride began, Gina was brutal her hips pumped frantically against the girls bottom and in the full wave of an orgasm she slapped the girls ass and laughed, then continued to slap it as she raped her. Carrie could only lay sobbing as the woman finally stopped and pulled the strap on from her anus ,” That was fucking awesome Jess….,I wish she was going to be my sex slave..,” Jess approached and patted Carries ass,” I told you it was a sweet ride…, Gina smiled then kissed Jess hard and deep,” This is going to be so fucking great teaching her to be your toy.”, Jess smiled .”yeah I know..”. when all the women left the room Carrie knew they would eventually return, and could only tremble and cry with realization of what was happening, and what would be happening still yet to come.

Jess and Rebecca poured the drinks, as Gina , Simone and Kylie were resting in the sauna ,“You know Becca I wouldn’t mind you taking your turn next if you want??….” Jess smiled and kissed Becca lustfully,” Really ..”,Becca returned the kiss sliding her tongue over Jess’ “ I’m quite anxious to train her to be your slave….and I must say she has an incredible looking ass, which I wouldn’t mind using hard..”, Jess smiled, she knew what Becca was into, but she had to admit, she’d never hurt a slave, ” Do whatever you want, its not like she‘s going to be able to stop you“. Carries cries behind the ball gag intensified as Jessica and another woman entered the basement Jess approached her smiling “I still cant believe you’re my sex slave now Carrie“’,”MMMMMMPPPUUUUMMMNNUUPHH’, Jess smiled and patted her bottom,” Are you enjoying all of this Carrie..?, huh?, because I know I am so far,…And you can‘t do anything to stop me…”, Carrie’s scream’s only turned Becca on as she crossed the room and brought out a large black duffle bag from the corner. Laying it in front of Carries face, she emptied its contents as Jess fondled the girls ass. Becca and Jess had been on again off again lovers, and she noticed the evil smile on her friends face as she squeezed the girls cheeks tightly. She smiled as she removed the vinyl play suit,” You did say hard right?..?”, any hope Carrie had fell as Jess removed her hands and stood ,”Can I watch?”, “ I wouldn’t have it any other way”, Becca chuckled. In short order the women had unbound Carrie, put her in the playsuit, and now were making sure her arms were firmly bound to her sides,.

Carrie could only imagine the tortures that she would be subjected to as the women forced her face down, placed a wedged shape cushion beneath her hips, and tightened the belt through the carabineer ‘s in the floor, she tried one last time to fight against the abuse’s being committed against her but she was helpless to stop them. Carrie cried as the women forced her legs apart in an obscene split. Foam cushions with suction cups were placed beneath her thighs, knees and ankles , straps running through them ensured that she would not move. When the women had finally finished she was sobbing behind the gag, the vinyl suit was tight restricting even her breath, if not for all her years in dance school her legs would be cramping up from being placed in the position in which they were, her cries fell on deaf ears as Jess bent and grabbed the back of her head in her left hand ,and gripped her face with her right forcing their eyes to meet ,she smiled and licked her lips,” I’m gonna enjoy watching Becca play with you..”, she tried turning her head away, resisting ,but at this point Jess only smiled,” you cant stop this from happening so just get used to it, I told you your for lesbian use only from now on”. Never one to hesitate ,Becca pulled the paddle from her pile of sex toys and smacked it twice on Carries bottom,” SSSOOOPPP!!!OOOHHHOORRRROOOPPPmmpphhh”, Carries cries were cut short as Jess slapped her face. Looking to Becca she grinned,” I think this little toy‘s ready to be played with..”. Becca smiled as Jess went to the corner sat in a chair ,spread her legs wide and started masturbating.

Becca let her gaze travel over the young woman’s body, it had been a while since she’d had such a girl as the one bound beneath her, soft flesh ready for a little punishment. When the paddle hit the tender flesh of her butt Carrie screamed behind the ball gag,” UUUMMMMUUUMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!!!”, Becca smiled and brought it down again even harder,” OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, smiling she unzipped the crotch of the play suit exposing Carries pussy and ass,” I know you don’t like what’s being done to you Carrie but you better get used to it….,cause it’s not going to stop”, Becca rubbed her fingers up from Carries pussy too her anus before pushing a lube covered one into the girl ,” UUUMMMGGGHHUUUGHHHH!!!!,”,” Yeaahhhh……,you just need to understand what you are now………”, Becca pumped her finger slowly in and out of the bound girl , her own pussy growing wetter by the second,” you’re ah little FUCK TOY, a SEX SLAVE, nothing more than a piece of meat….,”.The paddle fell once again to Carries ass cheek,” MMMPPPHHHHUUUUMMM!!!!”, withdrawing her finger Becca looked over at Jess as she played with her pussy, she looked lost in ecstasy masturbating while she watched,” Alright Carrie, Jess keeps telling me how amazing your ass is, I guess it’s about time for me to find out personally,” Carrie felt confusion as the woman loosened her gag and immediately took advantage, “Please stop, why are you doing this to me?, please let me go, I don’t want to do this anymore more, please!!!!!!!!”, Becca’s curt reply chilled Carrie’s soul,” Scream again and I will beat the living shit out of you…”’, Carrie wailed,” STOP THIS PLEASE!!!!!”, she regretted doing so as Becca punched her savagely in the side,”…I said shut up and be a good little toy….”.

Carrie cried but tried to stay silent as Becca lowered her face to her bottom and licked her ass cheeks one after the other and then pulled away,” …I always love raping sluts like you who aren’t lesbian or even bi…, it makes me so fucking hot…”, Carrie could only whimper as Becca palmed her ass cheeks ,lowered her face, and pushed her tongue to her anus,” please stop……I don‘t like this”, Becca once again punched Carries side and pulled her face free,” I said shut the fuck up..”, Becca pushed her face back between her ass cheeks drilling her tongue deep, the girls cries and whimpers only brought more heat to her own pussy,” SLURP….,there we go baby, let me make you feel good, I’m gonna rim you up real nice…”, Carries tears streamed down her cheeks as the woman’s tongue violated her anus,”….now tell me you want a good ass fucking like a good little toy”, Carrie could barely see through her tears,” PU..,PU..,Please stop,..I,I don’t want this please….”, Becca smiled,” I’ve told you once cunt that it really is of no concern to myself or the other girls what you want, you’re a sex toy now, and like any other toy you do not get to choose who plays with you, Now tell me you want ass fucked or I can keep hurting you…..”. Carries tears streamed down her face as the realization struck that this woman really would hurt her if she kept refusing,” PPPUUH…”,Carries lips trembled as Becca grinned and patted her ass,” come on baby just say it..” Becca purred as Carrie let loose a giant sob,” Ppplease fffuck me in ttthe ass!!!!..”, Jess came incredibly hard as Carrie said the words. She watched as the girl lay crying afterwards and found herself so aroused that she started masturbating again.

Becca merely took hold of the paddle once again and brought it swiftly down with a resounding slap to Carries ass cheek ,” knock the crying off slave, or I’ll give you something to cry about….”, Carrie could only hang her head and submit, Becca set the paddle to the side, then retrieved a tube of lubricant,” Thank you so much for this Jess,” her friend smiled, looked Carrie in the eyes and laughed,” I think she forgot to say ……like a good little toy.” Becca caught her friends look and slapped her hand to Carries ass cheek ,”you know…., she’s right, now say you want me to fuck you in the ass like a good little toy”, Carrie beaten and abused could only cry as she mumbled the words,” ppppu….please fffffuck mmy ass like ahhggghh go..good to.………….., she broke down in tears ”Becca smiled she had waited long enough, slapping the girls ass she reached to her side and retrieved the ball gag,” Yeah,…, I know, you want it in the ass like a good little toy“. And with that Carrie closed her eyes in shame.

Simone and Gina lay resting in the sauna as Kylie went to fetch drinks from the main house, earlier in the evening Gina had yet once again mentioned the idea of a having sex with Kylie. For her part Simone had warmed to the idea, but Kylie had been disgusted,” I’m sorry Sim but Gina’s just not my type..”, so even after all this time Gina had still persisted,” You know Simone I still have some of those pills we used on that girl at the beach….”, Sim looked to the house, Kylie was still fixing drinks as she turned back to Gina,” Yeah but I wasn’t dating the slut at the beach…”,she left it up in the air and turned her gaze to the house , the more she thought about it the wetter she got, “…….you know that if we do this you never get to tell anyone,…right?…”, Gina flashed a smile,” But of course.”. Inside Gina was excited and nervous, after all this time she couldn’t believe that Simone was going to go along with it. When Kylie had returned with the drinks Simone asked her to go to the house again for her cigarettes , while she ran to the house on yet another errand Gina slipped two of the pills into her drink, Sim turned and looked her in the eyes ,” I’m serious Gina no ever knows about this. Especially Kylie….”, she let her words hang with clear intention ,Gina knew what Simone was capable of she’d seen her take down four guys before when they had gone to the bar.” I promise …..O.K. “, Kylie came skipping back down the path, Gina watched the young girls pert breast bounce with every move,” Here you go Sim ”,Gina smiled inwardly as the young woman took her drink and started sipping slowly ,within ten minutes Kylie’s head bobbed back and forth and if not for Gina and Sim being on either side she would have crumpled to the ground. Simone looked to Gina’s hungry eyes and nodded her approval, Gina slid her hands under Kylies bikini top and caressed the young girls nipples. Kylies face glowed with the attention of Gina’s thumb and forefinger,” How long do you figure I have?,” Simone turned to Gina and smiled,” A half hour…forty-five tops…. and no dildos, fingers and tongue only. Got it.” Gina smiled,” Thanks Sim”.

Simone moved slowly off to the lounge chair, her fingers snaking to her pussy thinking of how many times she had fantasized about watching Kylie being touched by another woman then covered herself and let her hand travel to her wet slit. Gina wasted no time getting the petite girl undressed and laid face up on a towel. Gazing upon Kylie’s body Gina ran her hands over the firm stomach up to the pert young breasts slowly fondling them,” Were going to have some fun now Kylie, just you and I.”, Sim watched and slowly fingered her self as Gina trailed her tongue from the girls ankle to her inner thigh, then to her sex. She knew what they were doing was wrong but couldn’t turn away as Gina pushed her tongue into her girlfriends pussy,” SLURRP…MMGGMM..SMACK..”, Gina savored the young pussy that she was eating and soon pulled Kylie‘s clit from between her lips” …you taste so good Kylie..”. Sim moved her finger in a faster rhythm as Gina withdrew her head from between Kylie’s legs, Her girlfriends pussy glistened from Gina’s saliva, looking to her girlfriends face Sim imagined she saw a smile upon her lips ” Oh my God Sim she tastes so sweet” . Sim could only nod her head in agreement as her first orgasm hit, Gina reached her hands up and cupped the girls tits ,” Gina’s gonna make you feel really good baby girl …” Gina slowly climbed on top of her unconscious victim, her legs pushing Kylie’s apart until her pussy pushed against the young girls mound, she started sawing her pussy against the young girl’s and soon lost herself to another orgasm..

Becca drizzled the lube emptying almost the entire bottle between Carries ass cheeks,” Are you ready for some anal action toy?..”, Carrie’s tears were the only answer that Becca needed as she squeezed the girls cheeks roughly in her hand’s, “ Well ready or not I‘m getting me some of this…”, Becca smiled when Jess got up and retrieved a digital camera and started taking snapshots. Becca looked to the camera playing it up for it, she remembered Jess’ slave album with fond memories, such lovely young women, then her mind swung back to the present. She slowly squeezed Carries ass cheek aside and pushed the fat rubber cock against the girls anus,” Stop trying to squeeze your cheeks together baby…”, the dildo’s bulbous head slowly pushed into the girls puckered rim, Carrie felt the woman’s hand dig harder into her buttock as she pushed the dildo even deeper,” UUNNGHH!!UHHH!!,” Becca laughed out loud as the girl tried telling her no ,she released her left hand and brought it down in a crashing splat to the already abused buttock,” do you really think I’m going to stop?,…,just shut the fuck up take it and let me enjoy the ride…”Carries sobs only brought laughter from Jess as she continued taking pictures, turning her gaze to Becca she smiled and said, “show her what real ass fucking’s all about”, Becca slowly rocked her hips forward,” UUUMMMPPPHHHUUMMM!!!, Jess soon abandoned the camera and traded it for her camcorder. Carries position left her looking as if she were a cheerleader doing some weird porn with her legs in a split formation, it left her ass wide and open for abuse, Jess smiled as Becca raped Carries ass, after all she was now her slave ,a fucktoy, whatever she wanted from now on, it mattered little if Carrie liked it or not. Carrie….she never cared for the name she would pick another for her slave sooner or later,… for now fucktoy worked.

Kneeling by her side Jess stretched her hands wide and gripped the girls buttocks as Becca pumped in and out and pushed her slaves bottom towards the dildo even more,” Good Fucktoy!!!”, Carrie could only cry as Jess locked eyes with her and smiled,” whatever I want whenever I want”. Becca was impressed, the girls ass was amazingly tight still, she came again as Jess pushed the girl back towards her,” YEAH…THAT’S A GOOD GIRL!!!..” her pumping hips drove the strap-on deeper and deeper as she increased her pace. Carrie cried and felt close to passing out from the pain running through her body, her screams behind the gag only enflamed the women on as they raped her, it must have been apparent to them as Jess eventually released her grip on her buttocks and untied the strap around her waist releasing the pressure on her hips, Carrie took the chance and managed to pull herself away from the dildo at least a good three inches ,SMACK!!!, she felt the blow to her bottom as Becca wrapped her hands around her thighs pulling her back onto the monstrous dildo,” No baby get back on, I’m not done playing with this sweet ass….”, Jess smiled as her slaves tears fell to the vinyl mattress, she went to the duffle bag and pulled her own strap-on from it and soon had it cinched tightly around her hips,” Hey Becca mind if I join you?….” Becca merely smiled and pulled her dildo from the girls anus,” ..why not ,the more the merrier right?….and she is your sex slave”, Carrie could barely move as the restraints were released from her body, soon Jess slid beneath her and slowly pushed her cock into her pussy, when she had it completely in she reached her hands around to rest on the girls cheeks gripping them tightly and spreading them,” …I think this sluts ass needs your cock back in it Becca…”’ Carrie could only scream behind the gag as the woman pushed the dildo back into her anus and started humping away,” what a hot little fuck slave you have here Jess..ohh yeah good toy just take it and learn to love it!!!!….”, Jess looked directly into Carries eyes as she and Becca raped both her holes, tears flowed and ran down her cheeks, she removed a hand and wrapped it in the girls hair pulling her face near and to the side she ran her tongue up along her neck and to her ear and just before she came again ,she whispered into her slaves ear,” welcome to your new life Fuck Toy….”, then reaching back she patted her ass and continued her assault. Almost four hours later Carrie was left once again in a puddle of lube, tears, and sweat, Jess and Becca had both squeezed their cocks into her anus at one point making her pass out from the pain, she lay crying at the abuses heaped upon her. As they left the room, Jess turned and winked at her,” Get some rest Fucktoy ..your gonna need it…” Carrie struggled in her bounds even more.

Sim watched as Gina walked away, she seemed very content with herself and what she had done to Kylie, turning to her unconscious girlfriend she nudged her with her foot, “ you may as well stop pretending I know your awake Ky….”, the young girl sat up and smiled, “ did you enjoy the show Sim?…I’m sorry for giving you and Gina such a hard time before, but I really wanted it to seem like rape,…and it really turned me on and I have to admit I came bucket’s..” Sim smiled, this was the reason she loved Kylie so much she was just as perverted as she was,” Well while you were living out your fantasie Jess texted that we can use her slave tomorrow…evidently she and Becca were a bit rough on the poor little thing tonight….” Kylie pushed her fingers to her pussy and and grinned,” Not as rough as we are going to be I hope?….” Sim watched as her girlfreind masturbated in front of her and chuckled,” no I think you and I can break her In to all sorts of fun and games that she’s never tried before..”.