Lori lived in the inner suburbs of Sydney, but her work necessitated travel on regular basis to most of the other major Australian cities.

She was foot loose and fancy free as she liked to tell her friends, with her children off her hands and also vaguely admitted to being around fifty.

Her European parents had ensured that her looks would make her stand out in most crowds. Olive skinned with high cheek bones and a sensational sun tan in summer and voluptuous body and long legs with an arse a number of lucky men liked to tell her was, and she loved hearing it said, ‘the absolute best.’

During her last visit to one of the cities she visited more than others, a female acquaintance had given her a card with a name and phone number, but no address and told her if she ever felt lonely to ring that number. It was a service industry based on pleasuring only female clients, she was told, and not cheap – in fact, the cost was around what the average weekly wage was for most people.

Lori had thought about her next trip here for weeks. This time she had some expense money saved from two other recent trips and her whole allowance for this trip to spend. Why not indulge myself she thought? I am a long way from home and no one will ever know. And I am as horny as hell, she mused. Perhaps her horniness was sub consciously deliberate she thought. I have been saving myself for a big night with a stranger to please me, she mused as she took her clothes off and settled into the foam bath she had prepared.

Drying herself after the bath she stood in front of the full length hotel mirror admiring what she saw. A good looking woman, with a very appealing and voluptuous ripe body. Some might say her that her breasts were perhaps too large, her nipples too prominent. No one she knew need ever know what she did in strange cities she thought admiring herself, spreading skin cream in almost ritual style over her tits, legs and arse.

She took her creamy oily tits in her hands and and pushed them forward as she dressed so that the neckline of her tight fitting dress she was going to wear framed them in fully sun tanned nakedness. The dress she was getting into had a zip at the left side which could be adjusted to suit the mood and occasion. Tonight she adjusted it at the upper limit above her hips. She stood adjusting it in the mirror and saw that if she move her legs quickly enough the dress would move and expose all of one leg and with a little effort on her part, her freshly shaved fanny as well.

She stood, swaying slightly, admiring her erotic image for long minutes, as she applied lipstick and make up. Lori felt warmth rising in her body, a puissant liquid feeling shooting through her with flashes of desire. Finally, most reluctantly she lowered the zip a few inches, so it would not be apparent that she had no panties on, and deftly moved to the bedroom, dimming the lights as she went and arranging the pillows on the bed to her satisfaction.

The doorbell rang almost at the moment she finished putting her highest heels on. Trembling slightly she went to open it. Part of her excitement was that she had had no idea what the man on the other side would look like. Lori had been assured that he was gifted, would not be possessive or too curious about her and absolute discretion was the key note.

‘We don’t send ugly men, but their looks are only secondary. The point is they can get it up and keep it up, they can really perform,’ the pleasant and business like woman who had fielded her earlier phone call told her. ‘We are talking about special talent, well worth the fee. They are all young or they couldn’t do it. Let’s face it, we know they are worth it. Our client list says so as well.’

Lori opened the door, keeping it on its chain. Better to be sure. A quick glance was all that she needed to feel pleased and open the door properly. As her man walked in, she sized him up.

He had a pleasant, scrubbed look about him, and was obviously new to all this, Lori thought appraising his height, which was a few inches more than her. He had a healthy tan, short brown hair and brood shoulders. He wore casual clothes; an open neck shirt and no coat on this warm night.

Lori closed the door and starting speaking a trifle nervously. ‘You are here to do only what I ask you or tell you to do. You cannot ask any questions. None at all. I expect you to please me. You must obey me implicitly.’ The tone of her voice left no doubt that she meant what she said.

She led the way over to the bed, noting the young man’s apparent bewilderment in obviously finding her attractive, his eyes darting at her cleavage and exposed thigh.

Before she lost her nerve Lori decided to take absolute control. ‘Take off all your clothes,’ she commanded sitting in the only chair, watching as he obeyed her, almost stumbling as he shook his feet out of his trousers and flung them to the floor.

‘Now stand with your back to the door and look straight ahead. Don’t look at me.’

Ignoring his surprised face Lori thoughtfully studied his tanned naked, body. The hair of his chest and thighs was fairly abundant and the same light brown as the hair on his head. He was powerfully built, all of his muscles were unusually well developed, and his cock, dangling heavily between his legs, was considerably shorter than average but, Lori was pleased to observe twice as thick.

As she sat impassively, betraying nothing but a steady calm interest, she could feel her rising excitement at the sight of this desirable younger man – a stud, she mused.

‘I want you to turn around and face the door, stand flat up against it and keep your feet together,’ she directed after she had looked her fill. His back was strong, his arse shapely, firm and round, the only part of his body besides his cock that wasn’t completely tanned. She got up and stood beside him, not letting her dress touch him, and ran a finger lightly down his backbone to the base of his spine, pleased by the strong reflexive shiver he couldn’t control.

Without touching him anywhere else Lori began to finger his arse, teasing with casual, caressing, roving fingertips. As her hands played with him she dictated her injunctions. ‘Stand absolutely still. Don’t move an inch from the door. You think you know what I want, but I am in control here. You think you can give it to me, but I am going to take it from you. Take it do you understand?’ She put both her hands over the solid curves of his arse, rotating it so that it created a warmly intimate friction.

‘Don’t!’ she ruled cruelly as she felt him starting to press back against her. ‘Don’t you dare! Hold still, part your feet, but stay pressed flat against the door.’ When he had complied, she worked her hand slowly, so slowly that he couldn’t restrain a moan, into the warm place between his thighs and made herself master of his balls. For minutes, while he stood shuddering with the effort not to move, she grasped them, weighing them in her fingers, pleased with their ponderous heaviness, exploring the thickness of the coarse hair at the root of his by now hugely swollen, and pleasant surprise, no longer at all short cock, that was crushed against the door.

It was all Lori could do to say how pleasantly surprised she was at the extended size of his cock, as she moved her hand up and down it, without being able to see it. From the feel of it it must be 8 or 9 inches she mused – and it felt like 3 inches in diameter.

‘Keep touching it,’ he groaned as Lori took her hand away. She smiled briefly, but as she spoke she heard only anger.

‘I told you not to ask. You have no rights. Now I won’t touch it any more. Never.’ she said doubting her ability to carry her threat through.

Lori licked all her fingers and returned to his balls, moistening them and squeezing them with the most luxuriously subtle pressure, listening to his heightened breathing as she toyed even more arousingly with him relishing the increasing difficulty he was having in preventing himself from making any noise.

‘Don’t you have any self control?’ she asked in contempt. ‘Turn around and face me. Oh, really, you should be ashamed of yourself. Look at you, you are no better than an animal. You have disregarded every word I said. Go over to the bed, lie down on you back, and get ready for your punishment’.

Despite her words Lori could not keep her eyes off his huge cock, as she drank it in for the first time. She felt sure her estimate was right. It must be 8 or 9 inches, and the diameter…

He moved stiffly towards the bed and lay down, keeping himself rigorously still, his arms at his sides, although he was panting for breath. Lori bent over him, dropping the top of her dress and freeing her hanging tits. He bit his lips at the sight of them, but prevented himself from moving. When she saw that he was managing to obey her, she turned her dress sideways, the long zip at the front now and slowly slid the zip up as far as would go, allowing him to see her fabulous legs in full and her newly shaved area between her legs, swaying her lush full hips from side to side until her provocation suddenly made him lift himself a few inches off the bed. Lori looked at his flushed face in disdain and spoke to him in a low scornful voice. ‘I was going to give you one last chance’, she said turning her dress back to its proper position, ‘but now you have thrown it away. I was going to do such good things to you, but you have blown the opportunity. Do you know what you have missed? Now put your arms over your head, spread your legs again and stay still’.

There was a flicker of fear in his eyes as he watched her take out the long chiffon scarves she had packed especially. ‘Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Deftly she fastened his wrists and ankles to the headboard and foot board, knowing that the scarves, for all their softness, were exceedingly strong. She stepped back, looking at her captor with gourmandism. His cock was a huge, twitching, aching mass that he could not reach under any circumstances, that he could not touch for relief. He was entirely at Lori’s mercy, aroused to the point that an average man would be incapable of sustaining for long, but the agency as she was finding out did not send average men. Certainly not Lori thought, eying his huge bulging cock, and she knew she could do what ever she wished, as slowly as she pleased.

She let her dress fall as noisily as possible to the floor and then took the pile of pillows that separated his head from the headboard, threw them to the floor and made a space for herself on the mattress behind his head. She perched lightly there, kneeling, watching his eyes looking backward, and take in her naked voluptuousness. Lori could sense how badly he wanted her. Restraining him was necessary for what she intended to do to him. Even the best of her lovers had trouble in keeping up with Lori.

Slowly from her kneeling position, she curved forward over him until the red tips of her dark red nipples swayed over his open mouth, just too high for him to reach them. His tongue flickered imploringly in the air as he watched Lori tease him. Now and then she allowed him to capture a nipple and suck on it for a while until she pulled back, ignoring his protestations.

Lori played this game with him as her nipples hardened into tight points, and slowly she allowed him to take more and more of each of her tits into his mouth, relishing the excruciating good steady sucking. Only when she chose not to continue to hold back did she lean far forward over him, resting on her elbows and her knees, her legs spread wide open above his head.

Slowly, ever so slowly, knowing that he was watching helplessly, now speechless with lust, she lowered herself toward his mouth. She sensed, rather than saw, his fleshy tongue straining up toward her. His tongue was blunt and wet and desperately eager and eventually after much hesitation, she finally allowed him to use it between her wonderful open thighs, and then further up to her very wet soft and fragrant, partially open lips and clitoris. She could feel him plunging his tongue between her lips, making her even wetter and parting her hair, stabbing at the slick wetness there, his chin raised as high off the bed as possible. She was aware of him trying to weaken her with his clever tricks, as she felt her own congestion grow heavy while kept her eyes on his huge club like cock, which he was unable to use.

As soon as she could move herself away from this luscious importuning, she lifted herself up again and sank backwards on her heels so that he could neither reach or see her.

‘Oh no! Please!’ he begged and she laughed and let him suck madly only on her fluttering fingertips. Soon she bent her body down over his mouth again, this time low enough so that he was able to capture her clitoris fully and work on it with his tongue and his lips and the insides of his cheeks while she circled her gorgeous arse slowly, knowingly, pushing it hard into him for an instant before she lifted up just out of reach.

Again and again Lori raised herself completely off his mouth and listened with voluptuousness at his supplications to let him put his cock into her, just to let him inside.

‘No, …never, you can’t be trusted,’ she insisted, stretching herself so far forward as she spoke, that he knew if she chose to, she could easily reach his aching cock with her tongue.

Instead she lay quiveringly still, permitting him to explore deeply, with his mouth the succulent bounty between her legs. She concentrated on his frantic lapping of her rapidly engorging clitoris.

His cock was so sternly distended in its peak of excitement that she almost took pity on herself and on him, almost letting herself touch it with her tongue, but she firmly prevented herself from yielding to that weakness.

Soon she saw signs that he was beside himself with excitement, for although he couldn’t touch his penis, or close his thighs over it, he was still free to use his pelvic muscles to clench and unclench his rear in a grinding up-and-down motion that was about to bring him to orgasm. Only then did Lori abandon herself to the tugging and pulling of his tongue on her heavy, hot, yearning clitoris, only then did she allow herself to give into the waves of lust that led her so quickly into her long, drawn out peak of release that was made all the more delicious by the sight of his sperm bursting forth into the air, but not in her.

Next day over lunch with her friend Sarah, who had given Lori the initial contact number for her game, Lori easily convinced her to try it herself.