Lost in Forever


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves brainwashing, exhibitionism, female submissive, hypnosis, lactation, lesbian sex, masturbation, squirting, and mind control, in addition to the listed themes. If you’re not into any of that, this is your last chance to navigate away. Enjoy the read!

Sunlight streamed through the curtains and danced on top of my eyes. I woke up to this bright light, as if someone had just turned on every light in my room. Looking around, I saw sunbeams illuminating the curtains that wrapped around my bed. I must have overslept for it to be this bright outside…but I had an alarm that had never failed to get me awake every morning. Where had that gone?

Trying to get up, I found that my blankets weighed down heavily on me. I had trouble trying to pull my arms and legs up to peel the blanket off of me. No matter how close my limbs came to me, the blanket just seemed to crawl higher and higher up my neck. I gave up fighting against my bed. I was pretty comfortable, after all…I was already late to rise. I couldn’t be any later than I already was.

I released the tension in my body and looked up towards the ceiling of my canopy bed. Looking from side to side, I witnessed a gentle breeze play with the curtains that enveloped me.

Something about this picture didn’t seem right to me. But I couldn’t figure out what. Curtains. Bed. Blankets. Something wasn’t adding up…But it honestly didn’t seem like a big deal to me. I was probably just tired after a long night of…studying. Or something. How late had I stayed up last night?

As I tried to remember what went down last night, the curtain on my right side was pulled back to reveal a breathtakingly beautiful brunette, dressed in a skimpy white bikini. She beamed at me, looking upon my prone form.

“Good morning Babe!” she cheered, with great emphasis placed on “morning”. “How do you feel today?” Her smile took up such a large portion of her face, I was surprised that there was room for anything else. Instantly, I thought two separate but scary thoughts.

The first was that I had no idea who this girl is or what she’s doing in my bedroom. And the second was that I felt so much better knowing she came up to check on me. I recoiled at the comfort I felt at seeing this woman, but couldn’t externalize it. I just smiled back at this happy girl.

“Gooooood…” I replied slowly. “I feel…tired.”

“Well, you certainly slept quite a while!” she said, without missing a beat. Or was she ahead of me by one? “But we got a big day today! We gotta get you all ready!”

With two hands, the girl (should I ask for her name?) took my blanket and flung it back, freeing my body completely. I felt the morning air all over my nude curves, relishing it.

Nude. Naked. Had I gone to sleep without wearing anything? I remembered brushing my teeth, checking my phone, doing some reading, but I don’t know if clothes ever got in there. I wasn’t too concerned by it, though. It was in the past…And this girl…she seemed to know best.

“My name’s Lucy, in case you forgot!” the girl said. Was she reading my mind? How did she know that I didn’t know her name?

“Oh, silly Babe! We’ve been through this before! I can read you like an open book! Don’t worry about it,” with a hard slap on my ass, “I’ll always be there for you.” She pulled my body into hers, my nose stuffed into her bra. It was a dizzying aroma, the scent of another woman. Almost intoxicating.

She pulled me away from her, and took me by the hand. I followed behind her, glad for the direction and guidance to go…wherever it is we were going. I felt at ease just being led by…Lucy, I guess that was her name, as she doted all over me.

“We’ve got to pick out your outfit for today…there’s this one dress that’s gotten all yucky in the back of your closet! And it’s gonna come out today!” This was a girl on a mission, and I was just along for the ride. And I kind of liked it! My pussy seemed to like it too, as I felt some moisture down there.

We came to a stop within a very large walk-in closet. Dresses and outfits and shoes lined every wall, with mirrors abound. The only area not covered was the doorway to this sanctuary. So many colors, outfits, designs, textures…Did I even recognize all of these clothes? I felt like I’d worn lots of them. But I couldn’t account for everything. It hurt to think about it…

My stupor was interrupted by a white sundress being wrapped around my curves. A short skirt hung around my hips, barely longer than my finger tips. Two cups pushed my boobs up, letting any observers know exactly where their attention should be focused.

“We’ve got to support your girls, Babe, they’re pretty huge!”

She’s right, my boobs were huge. I remember picking out this dress because it was one of the few that could carry my rack. It was also fun to flaunt what I had and show it off to the world.

“Lucy, do I need any…y’know…panties?” I asked quietly? I was met with a neutral glance, almost…disappointing?

“Babe, we’ve talked about this. You need to learn to have some self control down there, and that means leaving it all out there.” Lucy closed the distance between us, talking more sternly than I can ever recall. We’ve…had this conversation before. I think. Yes, we’ve had almost this exact talk before. And every time, the answer had been no.

“I know, I’m…doing my best.” I looked down at my feet, crossing my hands behind my back. I’d felt this emotion before, deep down. It was exciting, yet scary.

“Babe, believe me, I know just how hard you’re tryin’. Every day it gets a little easier.” Now she grinned at me, smiling with that smile of hers, looking so happy at me. I felt a little happy too.

Lucy picked out a pair of sandals for me to wear, and slipped them right onto my feet.

“Before we head off, do a little twirl for me, would you Babe?”

There was that “Babe” name again. Had I stopped resisting her calling me that? That wasn’t my name. I knew it wasn’t. It didn’t make me angry to hear her call me babe. I…don’t know how I felt. Annoyed. But not angry.

But I did relish in the afterglow of the spin I did for Lucy, feeling the air lap around my thighs and legs. I felt a wave of warmth wash over me, and let out a little giggle.

“Seems like someone’s all fired up! It’s time for breakfast, Babe, let’s get goin’!” I eagerly followed behind her, leaving the closet and trekking further into my house.

My house. The house. Was this my house? I recognized so much of it, the furniture and the decor and the arrangements, but it seemed distant somehow. Like a very close friend had picked it all out, and run it by me to approve. It had my style written all over it, from the rugs to the paints and the pictures, but I couldn’t recall the details of actually putting everything together. It bothered me.

I was so caught up in my surroundings that I didn’t realize we were in the kitchen until I bumped into the kitchen island. Lucy invited me to sit down while she prepared food for both of us. I sat down in a bar chair and watched her cook.

But the way I ended up sitting down was a little weird. My dress kept on riding up my hips, baring my ass to sit down on the faux leather. No matter how I adjusted my seat, the dress would not cover even part of my butt.

“Oh, Babe, I keep forgetting to get that chair fixed!” Lucy noted, jolting me as I had been so focused on my predicament. She must have been watching me for a while. “It’s so slippery and catches all sorts of ways. I’ll remember to take care of it later, but this ain’t the first time this has happened. You’ll be good, right?”

“Yeah…” I stated meekly, “this is all right.” The stove top was on the other side of the island from me, and as Lucy tended to breakfast, I couldn’t tell if she could see my pussy or not. I wasn’t really sure if I cared.

I looked out to the window on the other side of the kitchen, peering out to the backyard. A large pool took up most of the window, ringed with chairs, umbrellas, and more outdoor furniture. A covered hot tub lay to the side of the pool as well. A quaint lawn was on the other side of the hot tub, grass stretching up to a ring of trees. My view culminated with a blue, cloudless sky, the sun shining brightly up above.

The sound of a refrigerator door slamming shut caught me off guard, with Lucy holding a carton of milk in her hand, pouting over it. “Expired, don’t they make these things last longer? How much of this stuff just gets thrown out?”

Lucy looked at me, and turned her frown into a smile. Grabbing a bowl, she turned back to me and came much closer.

“Babe, dear, we’re all out of milk again. Rather than run out and grab some, would you mind helping me out?” Her eyes looked from me to my boobs. I had no idea what she was asking me to do…

“I…don’t know what you mean.” I replied softly, still trying to keep eye contact.

“Come on, Babe, I mean your boobs! You’ve got lots of the stuff to go around! No milk means no breakfast, and no breakfast makes us both all sorts of cranky.”

From my boobs? Did she mean, like, lactating into a bowl? I looked from my boobs to the bowl in her hand, then back to my boobs.

“You mean…from me?” I nearly whispered while looking down at my large mounds. Had I always been able to do that?

“Of course, dear! I know this isn’t the most comfortable thing for you to do on your own. I’ll get the milk out, but you’re gonna have to hold the bowl for me, ok?”

She held the bowl right in front of me, waiting for me to grab it from her. I’d never…I don’t think I’d ever…had milk come out of my boobs before. I couldn’t remember if I had. But I also couldn’t remember if I hadn’t. It was getting hard to think about it…it hurt to think about it. I didn’t want it to hurt.

The pain went away as I took the bowl with both hands, and held it below my right boob. With eager hands, Lucy slipped the teat out from under my dress and began to massage it gently.

The sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt, so calming and relaxing. I could feel both nipples stand erect, proud to do what it was they were made to do. What they knew how to do. What they’d done so many times before.

And just like that, a slow jet of milk began to leak from my boob. I hadn’t noticed a pressure behind them before, but upon releasing the milk, I felt it with such intensity. Such restriction. It hurt…it hurt to have milk in my breasts. But then it flowed out, along with all my worries about this. This experience. This being here.

I let out a low moan, a sight of elation, as the last of the milk escaped my right teat. Looking down, the large bowl was almost filled to the brim with milk. My milk. White milk.

Lucy took the bowl from my shaking hands, and put it down near the stove, and got a large plastic soda bottle. The two liter kind.

She held it right up to my left nipple, almost creating a sense of suction, and I latched onto it with my hands. Once again, I felt pressure and constriction leaving my boob and flowing right into the bottle. It was liquid gold, my liquid gold, flowing rig It felt so good. Having a strong hand massage and squeeze it out. Seeing milk flow into the bottle. Feeling the wetness of my milk as it leaves me.

Wetness. Wet. Something about that word echoed in my head, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I liked the sound of the word…wet. Maybe that’s what it was?

As all good things must, the bottle was released from my shaking hands, screwed tight, and put back in the fridge. “For later, Babe. Thanks for your help.” Lucy came back over to me and gave my forehead a big smooch, then turned away from me to tend to breakfast.

My mind was still caught in a thick haze, caught completely off guard by how amazing that felt. My boobs still hung outside my dress, and it occurred to me that I liked having them exposed. Letting them breathe. Letting them be free.

But Lucy talked about having self control. Learning how to fight my urges. With a grumph, I tucked my titties back inside my dress, letting my hands rest against my crotch.

Wet. Pussy. That’s why I had been so caught up on being wet. My pussy was sopping wet, leaking into the chair. Looking down, my clitoris stood proud as well.

I was afraid to touch it any further. I felt so sensitive down there. Just rubbing the chair by accident was enough to send shivers throughout my body. I didn’t want to know what would happen if I actually played with myself.

And it was like Lucy said. Self control.

I looked up from my crotch to see a large buffet breakfast set out before me. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, french toast, I could barely process all the food that was laid out in front of me. But I knew that I was hungry. Very hungry. Seeing this, smelling it, hearing a plate, knife, and fork be placed in front of me. It set off my stomach to growl. I tore into the eggs that were closest to me, shovelling them down my throat.

Everything tasted delicious. It tasted so creamy, so delightful. It had been made with my milk. I was eating my own milk. This gave me even more of a reason to just enjoy the food, eat it all. Looking up at Lucy, she also made a small plate for herself, and took her time with her comparatively smaller meal. She just watched me.

“Don’t stop on my account!” she cheered, “You’re doing so good! You need to eat a biiiiig breakfast for what we’ve got planned today.”

I needed no further invitation, and scarfed down what remained of the pancakes. The scrambled eggs were taken care of in short order, too. And, lastly, the french toast found its way being chewed by my jaws.

It all tasted so good. The hunger in my belly had quieted down, as I digested that massive meal.

“Buurrrp!” A huge burp escaped my lips, and I was too late with my hands to try and cover it up. Lucy clearly noticed, and just stared at me with wide eyes.

And then she started laughing. And I did too. And everything was all right. It wasn’t the best thing in the world to do, but if we could laugh off a massive burp as that, then I think things would be all right.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but you’ve got quite the appetite!” she said through her giggling. “Yeah…” I replied, “Need something to help out these things,” hefting up my massive boobs. They’d shrunk noticeably since being milked, but still carried a lot of weight.

I stood up to stretch, noticing some strands of liquid that connected from my pussy to the chair. I swatted them with my hand as my dress fell to cover it all up again.

I felt an ache down there, like something was now missing. Did I like the feeling of something rubbing up against me? I wasn’t sure. But my confusion was swept away by Lucy’s adoring hand grabbing mine, leading me back through the house again. There were so many rooms, so many hallways, unexplored areas with little light. Would I get the chance to explore them all?

We ended up outside, with the chairs and the pool and the sun. It shone high above us, bathing us two girls in sunlight. Two cheerful, buxom, happy girls.

We ended up on the lawn, where two yoga mats rested in the grass. They faced each other horizontally, with just a foot of grass between the edge of each.

“It’s yoga time!” Lucy announced, taking her place on the blue mat. “You remember everything from last time, right?” She cocked her head quizzically, and looked back towards me.

“Of course!” I replied in earnest, “This is partner yoga, I couldn’t have forgotten all that stuff.” Why would she question me that way? I remember all the times we’d done this together. All of them.

I stood on the pink mat, reaching out my flat hands towards hers. She reached hers out to meet mine. We were different heights, off by at least half a foot, but the two of us had worked it out so far. This should be a piece of cake.

I felt my legs begin to do all the thinking, sweeping me off my own feet as muscle memory kicked in. Push and pull. Twirl. We were two toned girls, almost dancing with each other. I could feel Lucy’s strength as my body formed a plank while she held me feet. Lucy laid on her back as her core supported mine. Taking her hands, she bent her knees and kicked me over her head, leaving me upside-down on my head and hands.

My sun dress was getting in the way. It kept getting in the way. I was so sick and tired of this stupid thing telling me what to do! Let me wear what I want to wear, not this skimpy thing that does nothing other than make people look at me.

I rolled forward onto my knees, feeling Lucy grab the shoulder straps of my dress. My eyes pleaded with hers. Asking her. Begging her to do it. Grass brushed against my pussy, and I could feel the cool air on my ass. I needed to not worry about this. I just wanted…needed to be free.

Lucy smiled, with that huge smile of hers. Her hands pushed both shoulder straps down and off of me. The cups to my dress were pushed away from my boobs. And I felt the white cloth leave my form, leaving me naked.

Naked. Nude. It felt so good to think it. This was so much more comfortable and relieving. Why did I have to wear it again? I couldn’t remember. Lucy didn’t seem to mind taking it off and throwing it somewhere. With her two hands, she pulled me down, and I came to a rest on my back. Lucy grabbed the inside of my thighs and brought me closer to her, leaving me in her lap.

Lucy’s legs rested on the outsides of mine, and her hands gently wrapped around my torso, crossing over and grabbing her opposite shoulders. I felt so excited, letting my body be free to the sunlight. Feeling warmth all over me. It almost tickled!

I sat there, in Lucy’s lap, for a while. I couldn’t tell how long. The sun didn’t seem to move too much. But I did feel Lucy’s hands gather underneath my pussy. I couldn’t see what she was doing, and I couldn’t feel it either. All I knew was that her fingers ended up my mouth, somehow, coated with something delectable. It was sugary, sweet, and so tasty. I sucked on her fingers greedily, wanting to relish in this taste. But she pulled them away after all the taste had gone.

Why was she doing this to me? I wanted more of it!

Another hand, Lucy’s other hand I realized, wafted under my nose, alerting me to its presence. It smelled divine. Did that come from me? It must have…I tasted so good.

“You’ve always wanted to know what you tasted like, Babe.” Lucy craned her head around the right side of my face, her sexy voice ringing through my ears. “Now, you’re getting just a sample. I hope you enjoy it.” And then the airplane went right into my gaping mouth, allowing me to suckle on my own juices.

How had I never done this before? I tasted so good! I would really have to do this more often, if I could ever get away from Lucy.

That thought struck a chord in my head. Getting away from Lucy. Why would such a thought even occur to me? Why would I want to, let alone feel the urge, to leave this beautiful, amazing girl? What reasons could I even have for doing so?

Lucy took my body and spun it around. My legs now wrapped around either side of her hips, and my mouth lined right up with her nipples. She must have been feeling sexy too, with her bra nowhere to be found. I felt her bare hips along the insides of my wet thighs, telling me that she was nude, too. Just like me.

“It’s time for a snack, Babe. Drink up!” Her voice rang through my ears. I knew, on a deep level, what I needed to do. I’d felt the call ever since her boobs walked into the bedroom. I needed this.

With an open mouth, I took her left teat into my mouth, and began to suck. And suck. And suck.

Milk flowed like a tap from her nipple, satisfying my urges on such a carnal level. I hadn’t known how badly I needed this until the first drop of her milk touched my tongue. This had been missing from my life for…for a long time. But knowing this existed, knowing how this tasted, made the experience almost unreal.

My arms wrapped around her back, anchoring myself to her. Like mine, her boobs were made to be big and make milk. To make people stare at her. To make people want her.

Two strong hands grabbed my ass, and I felt the ground leave my feet. Lucy held me in her arms. Her strong arms.

I looked up at her, my mouth still suckling from her boobie. She just smiled down at me, parting some hair out from in front of my eyes, and began to walk.

I couldn’t tell where we were going. I didn’t care. I just needed everything that Lucy had to give. I didn’t know how long we walked for, either. I felt like I could stay like this for…for a while.

Lucy rested me onto a soft blanket, switching to her other udder as she did so. Milk came out of her tit even faster now, and I didn’t have to suck as hard to get what I needed. She held me in her arms so tightly, smothering me, warming me, calming me.

I could still feel that warm breeze, tickling my sopping wet cunt as it leaked all over the place. What did I need to have self control for? Why bother? I’d never felt happier, more alive, than I did right now.

And yet…I still felt like something was missing. Something that could make me feel even better. But I couldn’t figure it out…I’d think of it soon. If it was important, I’d have remembered it by now!

Lucy removed my breast from her mouth, and I re…reluct…let go. I didn’t want to, but she had no more milk left.

“You’re such a good girl, Babe,” she cooed, threading her hand behind my shoulders to pull me in tight. She looked so hot. And her body felt so warm.

“You’re doing so great. You’re doing everything you need to. Just keep doing that for me, all right Babe?” Her eyes got really small and she turned her head to the side a little, looking at me funny.

“Y-y-y-yessss…Lucy…I’m doing…what a good girl…does.” I felt the words come right out, naturally. I was shaking with…shaky feelings. I felt amazing. Why wouldn’t I keep doing everything Lucy needed me to?

“Good Babe. Do you know what it means for a girl to squirt?”

“N…no…what’s that?”

“Squirting is something girls do when they’re happy. You’ve been doing it an awful lot, which means you must be a happy girl. Feel your pussy, Babe!”

Lucy guided my hand down to my crotch, resting it on the slick surface. Just my fingers gracing the surface sent a wave through my body, a shake. It felt so good! And wet! Looking down, I saw just how wet the blanket was around my cunt. Dark splotches of my happiness surrounded my pussy.

I must have been a super happy girl to squirt this much! I could feel my smile stretch across my face, and my pussy let out a huge jet of joy. Squirting made me feel even happier!

“That’s it, Babe, just relax. Let your body do the thinking. All the hard work. Feel your troubles flow right out of your pretty pussy, like a river.”

“Like…riv…rrrrrrr” More like a waterfall, as if my horny cunt was trying to challenge Lucy’s words, shooting liquid gold right out of me. I’d never felt such pleasure, this…this awesome energy.

Lucy sat me up on my ass, my limp torso feeling so loose in her arms. She planted my arms on either side of my boobs, squishing and framing them while also keeping me straight. While she spread my legs to open up the inside of my body, I took in the backyard again.

My mind was still super cloudy, and I had a hard time taking in things around me. There was a pool. Grass. A big house. A blue sky. A bright sun. A gentle breeze that made me feel funny and giggle.

“Babe, do you remember when you gave me all your milk? When I had to squeeze your titties to get it out?” I felt hands wrap around my full boobies. Full. Big. It felt so good for Lucy to hold them like this. I wanted her to squeeze them, but couldn’t find the words…

“Your horny little mouth says you do. I need you to help me by squeezing your titties together with your arms. Push your arms together,” as Lucy gripped my arms and brought them a little closer to each other, “and let your milk out.”

It sounded so hard. I was so hard. My nipples were so hard. I felt the pressure building up in my boobies again. I needed to do what Lucy said…maybe it would help?

Looking down at my teats, I slowly brought my left arm and right arm together at the same time, squishing my boobies together. I was so careful…I felt so…touchy feely.

But then, I felt it again, a tiny stream escaping through my nipples. I saw a little bit of milk shoot forward and mark the damp blanket.

It was all the invitation I needed, and I milked my big boobies hard and long. My cunt was also joining in on the fun, spraying every which way around me.

I let my milk fly wherever I happened to be pointing. Lucy just watched me. I could feel her staring at me. Seeing me. Loving me. Then she was gone, and I only caught her ass as she walked back inside the house.

Where was she going? I wanted Lucy! Needed her! I tried to stand up, but I slipped on the blanket and almost fell down. My titties were still being milky, and my pussy let down a gush of my juices. My milky tits calmed down, but still leaked from my nipples, rolling down my tummy. Cunty water came out of me, sticking to my legs and knees.

A strong, warm wind blew by me, making every part of my body feel horny. Needy. Sexy. This was a fire I couldn’t put out alone. But how?

I looked around, but Lucy had gone away. Where was she? I needed her to help me!

Then I saw the hot tub. Bubbling and steaming hot. Hot. Steamy. It was the only thing hotter than me.

I tried to move to the hottub, but felt a wave of pleasure as I took my first step. My heels and toes were moist with my liquid love. At some point my sandals had gone missing, leaving my feet caked in my own milk and pussy juice. Getting over there was going to be hard.

With a very tiny step, I got closer. I felt another burst of sexiness. But not as much as before. I took another step, and was met with even less.

By the time I got to the tub, I felt more in control. More powerful. I carefully stepped into the hot tub, sinking my entire body into it.

All my self control vanished from my body, as I sank deep into the heat. Into the jets, positioned on my boobs and near my cunt. Wrapping my body with steam. Taking me. Owning me.

I felt even greater than before, less frenzied and…crazy. These feelings were so much stronger, but I didn’t feel like I was being taken over by it. Instead, I felt like I was putting on all the sexiness and pleasure like a coat, keeping me warm.

I laid my head back and let my body do whatever it needed to do. Milk leaked a little longer into the water until it stopped. The gates to my pussy came to a close, ready to open again some other time.

Steam from the hot tub surrounded me. I closed my eyes, allowing the heat to do what it needed to.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I opened them to a bright room. Very very bright. Was I just sitting in a hot tub? No, I was in a steamy room. No water. White smoke graced my curves, my wet hair, my boobies. I stood up onto my feet, taking it all in.

No sooner did I stand up did I feel a hand on my thigh. Lucy? Was it her? Turning quickly, I faced the empty air, no pretty girl to meet. Pushing through the steam, I felt another hand on my ass. Then my tummy. Then my hair.

Everyone wanted to touch me, but I couldn’t find them. I couldn’t lean into their strong forms, lean over and let someone carry me. My feet were still ticklish, and I could only move a little bit at a time, while ghost hands felt me up.

I was scared. But I like the feelings, the grip of a hand on my thigh, a slap on my ass, the yank of my hair. It made me even more horny and giggly.

What had I been doing, again? I looked around to find an exit, but couldn’t see anything. Nothing but white steam, wisps curling around my hot body.

The only way for me to move was forward. I pushed on, enjoying all the hands touching, poking, playing with me. My every curve was just something for them to play with. And I loved it! The sound of a hand slapping my bubble butt, the feeling my hair being pulled and knotted, the scent of sexy sex. Why shouldn’t I enjoy something that made me feel so great?

And then I saw a door. I almost bumped right into it, since it was all glass and pretty fogged up. I couldn’t make out my reflection in the door at all…only shapes and colors that vaguely looked like a girl. A beautiful girl. A sexy girl. But I knew that maybe I’d…I’d get where I needed to go if I walked through the door.

I didn’t want to leave all this attention behind, but I had to…get back to doing something. I couldn’t remember what. But it had been important. I think.

With one hand I pushed through the door and entered into a much darker space. There was no sound here, no hands clawing at me, nothing at all. What was this place? I kept walking inside, my small footsteps making wet squishes on the floor.

After my eyes adjusted a little bit, I saw something in the middle of the room. It looked like one of those bondage things from pornos, with lots of straps and chains and things I couldn’t recognize. I picked it up in my hands, trying to understand how it worked. It looked so busy, like there was so much stuff going on. How could anyone even fit into something like this?

My thoughts were answered by the harness slipping out of my fingers and hovering in the air. Dark shadows manipulated this strappy cage and held it out in front of me. Testing me. Inviting me.

And then my own feet left the floor, bending at the knee as I simply hung. Dark hands gripped my legs, and held them high, and my arms were kept behind my back too.

I was so scared. I was so excited. My cunt and boobies dribbled with raw sexiness. I was going to be all wrapped and tied up! I’d known it from the moment I’d seen this prison that I belonged inside of it. It was built for me. It even had “Babe” etched into the straps! With a little heart too!

Leather began to wrap around me, tying my legs to my knees, my arms and hands to my shoulders. My pussy was cut off from the open air, ditto to my big boobies. A blindfold erased my vision, and a gag silenced my mouth. My ears were muffled and my hair was tied up and strapped to my back.

Who was doing this? How? I couldn’t tell. It all happened so quickly. And I didn’t quite mind.

And then there was stillness. Quiet. Peace. I’d offered no resistance to my capture, and felt at ease. Comfortable, on my back. Waiting for something to happen.

And then I smelled something different in the air. It smelled cleaner. Fresher. Was I outside? Where I had been resting on a hard floor, something soft cushioned me. It felt warm. I felt warm. Hot. And wet, too.

Yes, I felt the hot sun on my hot curves. The air blowing all around me. I felt so horny, so edgy, so…needy, but there was nothing I could do. I was strapped down tight. I couldn’t wiggle a single part of my body, secure as I was.

My mind raged as my body was still. I needed to feel relief, be satisfied, be filled up.

Filled up. I stopped to think about this for a moment. Had anything ever gone into me? Into my pussy or butt? Lucy had taken such good care of me, giving me so much to love and enjoy. She let me lick her fingers. But…no. I’d never had anything fill me up.

This led to another thought. No matter how good I felt, no matter how horny or relaxed or restless I was, I hadn’t had a single orgasm.

I remembered the feeling of pure bliss of waking up. Getting dressed. When I was milked. After my pussy gushed. With every step I took. In the hot tub. In the steamy place. And here. But no, I don’t think I ever came. No climax. No finale. Nothing to top it all off.

I felt empty. Missing something. Missing a big orgasm. That was the nagging I felt in the funny corner of my brain! It was telling me that I needed to cum.

So, with all my mind, I did my best to cum right then and there.

I must have looked pretty silly, a girl naked and all tied up, wildly humping the air while tied and bound. When it dawned on me that I was so empty, the feeling consumed me. Took over me. It was all I could think about. Cumming. Coming. Being filled right up by a huge…something, so it could wash all my troubles away.

No matter how much I pulled at my arms, my legs, or anything, I remained perfectly still. Secure. Out of my own control.

But wait, that was what Lucy had said, right? Something about control? I think? I just needed to…control myself. Control my slippery cunt. And my big boobies.

It was so much easier said than done. I wanted so badly to touch myself. To come. To feel the waves of sex wash over me and pull me under. But I think the only way I was going to get out of this was to calm down. And to show some control.

I kept my mind busy. Thinking about other stuff. Like…Lucy. Her hair. Her bra. The other dresses she was showing me just this morning.

My pussy almost vibrated with desire. It needed me. But I couldn’t think about it at all.

And then…I just stopped thinking. I focused on my breathing, hearing it slow. My cunt began to quiet down. I embraced the gentle breeze licking my calm form.

I rested. I was so tired from the rest of the day. My boobs hurt. My cunt was sore. Muscles throbbed and pulsed. I simply relaxed, not thinking about fighting it all. I just wanted to…be.

Time passed. The sun set, its heat leaving me. I didn’t budge an inch.

Rain poured and poured from the sky, only a little faster than my cunt could keep up. But there were no thoughts of pussy waterfalls in my mind. Just a blank slate.

Had I fallen asleep? The morning sun beat heavily on my skin again. I relished in it.

My peace was shattered by hands clamoring over me, undoing straps and buckles and snaps. I was being released from my cage. But was it a cage? Why would it be a cage if I was happy here?

And then I saw her face. Lucy. My…I wasn’t sure what the right word was. Something much stronger than a sister. Than a mother. Something I couldn’t really understand. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to…or that I even could.

She just smiled at me, watching as I regained control of my body. Long dormant muscles were flexed, kinks worked out, and soreness relieved.

My cunt had been busy, leaking a steady stream of my own pussy slobber. My titanic titties were also letting out small drips of milk, such was the pressure within them.

These thoughts were shattered when Lucy reached out her hands. She was ready to take me, now that I was free.

But was I leaving one prison and entering another?

Did I care what the answer was?

No…Not really.

I heeded the force within me to stand up and take her arms. Lucy held me in a tight embrace, then spun me about. Her arms criss-crossed over my tummy, and I relaxed in her embrace.

“Squirt.” A single word, a word I knew very well, a word I obeyed without question. My body knew just what to do, lowering the dam to my wet cunt and dribbling to the ground below.

It was barely even something I needed to think about. My cunt was like a muscle I could flex, opening and closing it. For her. For Lucy.

There was a huge puddle beneath the two of us now. Its aroma wafted up to my nose, making me even more horny. And it made me squirt even more.

“Close.” I stopped, my stream reducing itself to a trickle before sealing up tight again.

“Milk.” My boobies did what they were made to, and pushed out milk from each nipple. There was a lot of it to go around, darkening the ground under and in front of me.

Like my pussy, it released a unique smell, telling me I was doing just the right thing, goading me to do even more. To let it out.

And I did. I let my tits show just how happy I was, by spraying it all out.

“Cease.” My nipples closed off, cutting off the milk that wafted in the air. I wanted to let all of it out, but knew better. Could do better. Needed to do better.

“You’re ready,” Lucy whispered into my ear, with that sing song voice of hers. I was so ready…I didn’t know what I was ready for, but I knew that Lucy would do what was best for me. With me.

She began to walk into the house, grabbing my arm and pulling me along. I still felt the thrill, the tickle of every footstep as my juices caked my legs and feet.

I didn’t let it show. I needed to do this. For her.

Our voyage through hallways upon hallways went by in a blur for me. I wasn’t focusing on the details around me. The twists and turns. I just stared at the back of Lucy’s head, my lover. My…my everything. She was everything to me.

We came to a stop in a dark room. It was lit only by candles that circled the room like a ring. Light reflected off the floor, off of my wet body, and then was absorbed into the darkness around us.

In the center of the room was a dildo. Two dildos, one in front of the other. Two massive dildos, standing proud and tall. They shone a bright, neon pink.

The one in front had the word “BABE” spelled vertically on it. It was meant for me. My pussy got even wetter, knowing it would be full and whole soon.

And then Lucy stopped. She turned to face me, taking both my hands in hers.

“This is for you. You need to do this alone. I can’t make you do this…you have to want it.”

Her words had taken me. They’d taken me since I woke up this morning. I would do anything she asked.

“But I need to ask you some questions. To make sure you’re ready.”

I pouted and struggled in her hands. I tried to break free and plunge in, but Lucy remained strong. Whatever she needed to ask me, she was gonna ask them. Ugh.

“Do you know what lucid dreaming is?”

Nope. It sounded kinda funny, though. Like a game?

“You’re dreaming right now. You’ve been dreaming for a while. And you were in control of it. But you’ve been giving up your control, the longer you’ve been here. I’m almost in control of you, now, but this…” she pointed to the twin titanic dildos, “is something you need to do. Then you’ll be free. Of having to think. Of having to do anything you don’t want to do.”

I was getting impatient. I just wanted to get fucked. My boobies slapped all over the place as I grew antsy.

“What’s your name?”

“Babe! Of course it is!” Why would it be anything else? It was mine. It was something for me to own. My name. Babe.

“And…you want this? To be happy? Sexy? Forever and always?”

“Forever and always!” I smiled the biggest smile I could, bouncing around on my tiptoes. My boobies bounced around, and I sprayed and squired and did everything I could to show her just how happy I was. Couldn’t Lucy see that I wanted this? That I needed this? I was so happy with…being happy. I wanted her to know that. To let me do whatever it is she wanted me to do.

“I think you know what to do, then,” whispered Lucy, letting me go and gesturing to the phallic stalks. “Go on, Babe!”

I bounded to the two dicks, positioning myself right on top of them. Their twin tips barely graced the entries to me. I squatted right above them, holding myself up with one hand as the other carefully aligned the front with my cunt. My dripping wet cunt.

When the first was resting against me, I moved the dildo below my ass to be just barely gracing my asshole. I could feel them waiting to be let in. And I needed this. I needed this more than anything.

With one fast squat, I pushed down on the two dicks, allowing them to enter me fully.

All the pressure inside me, all the things I’d held back and locked away, expressed themselves as my body convulsed. I came violently, my mind unable to keep up with everything that was happening to me.

These twin titans pulsed so happily, with such heat and speed and fury. I tried to keep up with them but lost the willpower to stop. Or care. Such was my state of arousal and sensation, anything I touched set off another orgasm, one after the other after the other.

Sliding off my feet and onto my thighs, my fall meant a much greater fall for me. Falling from caring about anything else other than these feelings, this pleasure, these sensations, this sense of wetness and fullness that never seemed to go away. I had to hold onto it.

I felt the puddle underneath me grow as my cunt and butt expressed themselves, now filled to the brim with pure dick.

Time got away from me again. It had a habit of doing that, but I didn’t mind. I was feeling so amazing and sexy and horny and every good word, I didn’t care how long I spent sitting like this.

Two hands appeared on my huge boobies, squishing and evaluating them. Squish. Squeeze. Then they were smashed into each other, two fleshy orbs of milk colliding over and over again.

I convulsed through this…handling of me, cumming every time my boobies were kneaded. My moans and groans rang through the small room.

Something slippery and thick slid through my mouth and down my throat. A glance through teary eyes told me it was another dildo. A big one. It tasted goooood. I could feel it pumping its hot, thick gold down my throat.

My mind was being taken over by this bliss. By these amazing sensations. By this pure sex. I felt my milk and cunt juice be squeezed through my mouth, never ending. I felt it taking bits and pieces of my mind as it coursed through me, eventually leaking out my horny pussy. My body was locked in pleasure, barely able to hold itself up.

“Here comes the big one, Babe. No more thinking. No more worrying. Just listen to your pussy and do what it tells you to.”

Lucy was saying something about me…About thinking? It sounded difficult. It took me a while to understand what she was saying. But then I figured out how to listen to my pussy, and stopped worrying so much. I moaned around the thickness in my mouth, sucking it hard.

“Good girl. Come.”

I obeyed Lucy, violently coming and feeling myself quake with carnal pleasure. Everything faded into a white haze, unable to see anything. All I could do was feel my limbs writhe and shake and move around. Hands reached out into thin air, trying to hold to anything as all my holes sang with joy! I was coming! I’d never felt anything like this…but I didn’t know what I was feeling.

I couldn’t process anything other than pure pleasure. My eyes refused to see, my ears refused to hear. I could only feel warm skin against mine, moving me, doing things to me, putting things in me. I couldn’t control myself anymore…and it felt so good.

I could feel warm tongues licking my thick nipples, drinking my milk. I felt breath above my cunt as it sprayed, feeling fingers dig themselves deep inside of me. My hair was pulled and twisted and yanked, and I was led around by it. It hurt so good…

I was a slave inside my own body, unable to see or hear anything. Only feel. And I loved it. I came again, happy and safe, knowing that I was being taken care of by Lucy! That she would love me forever and ever. All I could do was feel…feel my wet body release its love, sense countless hands groping and clawing at me, suffocate in a sea of sex.

I sunk into the pleasure, unable and unwilling to pull myself out. Currents and waves thrashed over me, taking over me, tossing and turning me. Then, after what felt like forever, it flooded through me, and I lost sense of everything. Blackness took me, like the waves of the ocean I was now lost in.

I was lying still on a pool floatie, letting the sun warm me up. I was getting better at controlling myself, but I still had…urges. Impulses. I felt the dildos deep in my core, purring with warmth and energy.

Lucy told me that learning to resist these impulses would help me. She knew I was strong enough. But she hadn’t told me I’d be lying completely still…

The sky was a cloudless blue. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been lying here. The breeze on my naked boobies seemed to come and go, but always knew just how to tickle my nipples. It was my cunt that remained off limits, and my hands simply rested at my sides. I felt them twitching, itching to do something.

The water around me also remained still. It took so much energy for me to stay still, not fidget around or play with something. I was holding back the waves inside of me, afraid that the tide would take me out to sea.

But Lucy had been so proud of me recently…She promised me something special tonight if I could do this. I had to. For her.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Time seemed to go faster when I stopped thinking and just felt. I thought more about what was happening to me, and less about what was going on around me. My thick nipples, standing proud against the air. My horny pussy, restless and horny. My hair, wrapped up in a braid behind me. The water splashing around me. On me. Threatening to break free.

A sharp jolt in my left boob woke me up. I looked down, then up at Lucy! She’d joined me in the pool! Looking at her, feeling her, just being near her made me feel so much better. Lucy looked deep into my eyes, a huge grin on her face. She just kneaded my tit some more as she stared into me…And I stared right back, grinning happily.

I felt a jolt in my right boobie too, and saw Lucy was there as well! Two places at once, she was so good to me. Her hands kneaded my tits and scratched the area underneath them. With her free hand, Lucy and…the other Lucy reached down to my crotch, a burning heat growing down there. I thrusted against their hands, eager for any form of relief. Thick fabric separated my slit from sanctuary. I needed this! I needed this so incredibly badly please I just need it now!

I couldn’t hear Lucy whispering to me. Saying something. All I could hear was the roar in my head as I began to act, thrashing and turning and threatening to fall into the pool. Only Lucy’s hands held me in place, captive.

My heat was replaced with a sudden cold. Wet. Water. I was in the pool, being pulled by many hands. More than two. I couldn’t keep track, they were grabbing and groping and pulling and pinching me. Skin was colliding with skin, trying to dominate me. Wash over me like an angry ocean.

Until I felt my cunt become empty. I was free! Free to do what my pussy was meant to do. But my arms and hands were kept far away. Out of my control. No amount of pulling could bring them back. The more I pulled, the more I felt around me, more bodies and more warmth and more groping.

Then it all disappeared. Instantly. All the water, all the people, all the grabbing, all the everything. All that was left was me, dripping wet and kneeling on a carpeted floor. A bedroom, I could tell. Mine? I wasn’t sure.

I felt a pull at my neck, feeling the grip of a collar demanding my attention. I knew the other end of it was held by Lucy. I scrambled over the bed frame, feeling the tug of my collar and my horny need grow stronger.

Lucy lay on her back, a big thick strapon sitting between her thighs. She was naked otherwise, the leash in her hand continuing to yank on me. Her smile, her gaze, and the prize waiting between her legs, invited me forward.

I climbed on top of her, and slowly lowered myself onto her thickness. She was large. And warm. And filling. And everything I needed…

Before I could even let out a moan of happiness, Lucy attached my mouth to her nipple, and I instantly began to suck. And suck. And suck. I hummed through the milk shooting down my throat, humping Lucy furiously and wrapping my arms around her back. She wrapped her own around me, her legs mounting my hips.

This was all I needed. This is all I ever wanted. This is everything I could ever dream of. To be lost in forever…and ever.