My man Roger and I have a good sex life though before I met him I was used to one dimensional vanilla sex. Over time he introduced me to a range of sexual variations.

I am Anne, of Spanish / English descent, forty-eight years old, a voluptuous size 12-14 Libran, my olive skin is good, I still have my looks and a strong sex drive. And my legs and firm dimple free, forty-two inch arse is a huge turn on for my man.

I had never had my cunt licked to orgasm before I met him and the first time was a huge discovery of exciting new sexual pleasure for me. I loved the way he talked to me as he was licking and teasing my clitoris then my cunt lips as he slowly got me to a fantastic orgasm with his wet and strong tongue. He told me after as we were fucking he almost suffocated as I pulled his lips and tongue into my sopping wet cunt while he had his hands holding my arse cheeks.

Every week after that he would shave my pubic hair to his satisfaction, something I found very enjoyable and wonderful foreplay – none of my other lovers had ever wanted to shave me. After a few weeks all I had was a thin mohawk style strip above my cunt lips. Great fun telling my girlfriends about it and their reaction

The next time, after he had licked me for what must have been ten minutes he inserted a large vibrator in me and slowly increased the speed as I screamed, ‘fucking magic baby, don’t stop’ and squirted.

The next time he was licking my cunt he handed me my phone and asked me to phone one of my girlfriends and to talk about anything but sex. As I got closer to orgasm my girlfriend was asking me if I was alright and if something was wrong as I orgasmed.

She phoned me back the next day to ask me about that phone call. “I thought so, I wish you described what was happening. Next time tell me about while it is happening,” she said when I told her what my man was doing to me at the time.

And the next time I did with the phone on speaker so she could hear Roger talking to me as well. Very exciting.

A few weeks later he persuaded me to sit on his face for the first time while he lay on his back on the bed so I could watch him licking my cunt in the wall mirror. He had my arse cheeks in his hands as he manipulated my body so that I was sliding my cunt lips along his tongue. I could hear strange mewing noises while I enjoyed watching him pleasuring me in the mirror. As I got very close to cumming I realised it was me making the noise. And the way he fucked me for thirty minutes after that was fantastic sex.

Roger introduced many variations for our mutual pleasure as he licked me to orgasm: inserting chocolate bars in me, licking and eating them as well as me, licking champagne from my cunt lips and rubbing ice blocks along my cunt lips with them in his mouth.

While we were having regular sex, my favourite was being fucked from behind as we lay sideways on the bed, Roger would tell me, ‘would love to have another woman really turned on watching me fucking you, she could ogle your glorious arse and lick your nipples while I fuck you. And if she likes my cock, even better.’

I had been bi-curious for years and due course I agreed and we decided on a mutual acquaintance, Sandra a lipstick lesbian, who had often told us about her bisexual experiences. She was ten years younger than us and a very attractive woman who exuded sex appeal.

The deal was Sandra would sit fully clothed in a chair near the bed and watch Roger fuck me from behind as we lay sideways. Roger told her we wanted to really turn her on while she watched and she could say and do anything she liked while we fucked.

We were both very skimpily dressed and as Sandra sat down Roger slipped my gown off leaving me wearing just a small, very tight white g-string which accentuated my all over tan and arse cheeks.

“I never realised you had such a sensational arse, awesome, you are a very fuckable, sexy woman,” Sandra whispered as Roger kissed and licked both sides of it and slid my g-string off.

Roger was wearing just a pair of jeans and I stood behind him and slid them down to his ankles, teased his nipples then his very erect cock.

“What a cock, I never realised you were so well hung, I am going to enjoy this.” Sandra whispered as Roger tongue kissed me.

I love flaunting my naked body and flaunting it for a male who is about to fuck me and female who is going to watch him fucking me at the same time is very exciting for me.

“Enough foreplay, let’s fuck,” Roger smiled as we positioned ourselves on the bed with Sandra watching our every move in the wall mirrors.

“Watch and enjoy Sandra.”

He grasped my arse cheeks firmly in his hands as he slid his rock hard cock into my eager, very wet cunt.

“Wow, you two are awesome fucking like that.

“Your nipples are like bullets,” Sandra whispered as she licked them in turn.

For the first time in my life another woman’s lips and tongue have touched my naked body – and I love it with my man’s rock hard cock in me while his body is slamming into my arse cheeks.

I watched fascinated, and very turned on, as she has her skirt up around her waist, legs wide apart as she inserted a large vibrator in her neatly shaved cunt. Turning another woman on while she watches my man fucking me is heightening my sexual pleasure.

“Anne has never had a lesbian sex experience, I want her to have a full-on one while I watch one day.”

“Count me in, I would love to give her the first one, especially while you watch.

“Now fuck her really good for me, I love watching.”

And Roger did and all three of us had mind blowing simultaneous orgasms.

A week later Roger has me primed for my first lesbian experience. He has been showing me lesbian clips on XNXX featuring bi-sexual porn stars while he licks my freshly shaved cunt. I am surprised how much they enjoy their lesbian encounters, in some cases more than having sex with a man.

He has helped me choose what to wear, or not to wear, for the occasion, heels, a mini-skirt that barely covers my cunt and arse cheeks, a thin gold chain around my waist that hangs a few inches above my naked cunt and a skimpy short top completely unbuttoned to highlight my cleavage.

“You look sensational baby, and very fuckable,” he tells me in an agitated voice, his erection obvious in his tight jeans with no shirt.

“This is a big moment for both of us, a new sex experience and new sexual pleasure. Enjoy while I watch.”

Sandra arrives right on time and I am looking forward to the new sexual experience of a full on lesbian seduction from a younger, very attractive bi-sexual woman.

“Wow, love the pics of you posing naked on the walls Anne, you are very photogenic.”

“Roger is a very keen photographer and gets a buzz from photographing me naked and as you can see he has an arse fetish.”

Our first contact is electric as we tongue kiss and Sandra whispers, “I have been wet for you all week, very wet. I want to give you sapphic pleasure like you have never had,” she whispers as she undresses me and leads me to the bedroom.

She is wearing heels and a knee length skirt and as she reaches behind her it drops to the floor leaving her completely naked.

We have our hands all over each other as we kiss each other’s nipples. Hers are very erect and the sensation of her sliding her very erect nipples along mine is exquisite.

I love having the insides of thighs teased and licked and Sandra appears to be aware of it as she licks them very teasingly to a point just short of my cunt lips.

The first time I feel the tip of her tongue on my cunt lips is absolute sexual magic. And it gets even better as she finds my very engorged clitorous. I love my clit being stimulated and the new pleasure of a woman doing it with her tongue.

“I love watching you two baby, very exciting for me,” Roger mutters as I look up briefly and notice him teasing his roaring erection with his fingertips.

Sandra tells me to kneel over her face as she rubs a very erect nipple along my very wet cunt lips.

“Love licking you with my hands on your gorgeous big arse. And I love your man watching while he is teasing his big cock.

“Are you enjoying me licking your cunt lips?

“I can stop if you want me to,” Sandra teases knowing I am past the point of no return.

“Lay on your back and prop yourself on your elbows and you can watch me licking you.

“Are you getting close? I think so, your body is very tense,” Sandra whispers as she has her arms wrapped around my thighs.

I am so close to a mind blowing orgasm, my first ever from a female, that I cannot speak.

All I want to do is enjoy the mind blowing orgasm that is so close, so close I want to prolong the build-up and pleasure while my man is watching.

“Cum for me Ann, cum for me, now,” Sandra whispers as my whole body shakes and shudders.

“Again for me, again and again,” she whispers as she does wonderful things to my cunt lips with her tongue while Roger is licking my nipples.

Double pleasure as a male and female are licking my most sensitive sexual contact points.

“Love watching another woman fucking you with her tongue baby, now show Sandra what you can do,” Roger tells me as I position Sandra on her back so I can have the second part of my first ever lesbian experience.

I am hesitant at first as I lick Sandra’s very erect nipples but her reaction is a huge turn on for me.

My sexual experiences are about to take a huge leap as I prepare to lick another woman’s cunt lips for the first time as I wrap my arms around her legs.

Just as my tongue makes contact with her cunt lips I can feel Roger grasping the cheeks of my arse, then his rock-hard cock is sliding into me and he is fucking me from behind as I pleasure Sandra.

“How many times have I told you baby that I wanted to fuck you like this while you licked another woman?”

“Now we are doing it, right now.”

“You are very good Ann, very good. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?

“Love you licking my cunt lips while I watch your man fucking you.”

There is making love, straight out fucking and now this, my ultimate sexual experience as I pleasure a younger woman with my tongue while my man is slowly fucking me in sync.

I can sense Sandra is close to orgasm as I tease her cunt lips with just the tip of my tongue and enjoy the power I have over her at that moment.

“So good, fuck my cunt, so good, fuck my cunt, so fucking good, fuck my cunt,” she is almost chanting as I feel a great sense of relief at giving another woman an orgasm for the first time in my life as my man starts to increase the intensity of his long strokes as he fucks me.

By the time Ann has her fourth orgasm while I pleasure her with newly discovered tricks using my tongue, lips and fingers the three of us have totally lost our inhibitions as we urge each other to new sexual highs.

Not sure who made the most noise as they climaxed, Ann, Roger or me.

“Can I have Roger next time?” Ann asks coyly as we wind down.

“Would love to suck his big cock while you fuck me with your tongue.

“Very tempting, wait and see,” I reply.