My Husband’s Sister. My Girl Crush

“Oh no, Kaitlyn and Paul broke up?” I couldn’t believe it. Kaitlyn was my sister-in-law.

My husband Trevor nodded, “Yeah and the apartment is in his name. He wants her out this weekend.”

“That’s crazy where does he expect her to go?” I asked.

“I was thinking if you are ok with it we could let her stay in our guest room until she can find a place?”

“Of course sweetie! I think it would be great to have her stay with us.” I felt terrible for Trevor’s sister, but I was excited. I’ve always thought Kaitlyn was the coolest, but in the four years I had been with Trevor, I still had never gotten the chance to spend quality time with her. This might finally be the opportunity to find that friendship with her I had always wanted.

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity as we rushed to move all of Kaitlyn’s things into our place. We got the last of it moved over Saturday evening. It was late, so we decided just to order a pizza.

As we waited for it we all changed out of our dirty clothes. Kaitlyn came out wearing these loose fitting pink pajama bottoms with purple polka-dots and a small white tank. Her blond hair was put up into a loose ponytail. She had removed her makeup, but I found it striking how pretty she still was without it. Fair and flawless skin, full lips, and large pretty blue eyes. They were a bright blue, just like the sky in summer.

Kaitlyn looked over to me staring at her and said, “Brooke, you look so cute!”

“Really?” I asked, kinda taken by surprise. I was so busy admiring her, I wasn’t expecting the compliment. I just wore a pair of short shorts, a basic t-shirt, and had my hair in a tight ponytail. Nothing special, I thought.

Kaitlyn laughed, “Don’t act so surprised! I’ve always told Trevor here you’re too beautiful for him.” She walked past, messing up his hair and winking at me.

“Watch it lil sis, I can still kick your butt!” Trevor teased in return. I’m 26 and Trevor is 30. Kaitlyn is the same age as me, so sometimes I forget she’s his younger sister.

Kaitlyn teased back, “Nope! It’s two against one now, buttercup! Try to pick a fight now and Brooke and I will have you crying for mercy like a little baby!”

Just then the doorbell rang, and Trevor got up to get the pizza.

“Saved by the bell,” said Kaitlyn. Trevor just rolled his eyes and laughed. No doubt about it, they were definitely siblings.

She came over by me and plopped down on the couch next to me. She looked at me and with a little smile said, “This couch can be for the cool people.”

Trevor came back with the pizza. As we started eating Kaitlyn spoke up saying, “I really appreciate you guys letting me stay. It means so much! My entire world is upside down and,” she began to tear up a little. “It’s really nice not to be alone. Thank you.”

Trevor walked over, brushing a tear away and putting a hand on her shoulder. “Kaitlyn, you’re my sister and you can always count on me. I love you.” They embraced in a hug.

“I love you too,” Kaitlyn sniffled and waived me over to join the hug. “And I love you, Brooke. Thanks for being an amazing sister-in-law and letting me stay.”

“Of course,” I replied. “Kaitlyn, you are welcome with us for as long as you need.”

“Thanks,” Kaitlyn rested her hand on my knee. “You know Brooke, I’ve always wanted to get to know you better. It wasn’t always easy when I was with Paul, but maybe now we’ll finally get a chance.”

It thrilled me to hear her say that, “I was hoping for the same thing. How about tomorrow I help you unpack, give us a chance to chat a bit, you know?”

“Thank you, Brooke, I would love that!”

Soon we all turned in for the night. All the moving had us exhausted. It is a good thing I was so exhausted; I was so excited to hang out with Kaitlyn the next day I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep otherwise.

In the morning that followed, I felt like the school dork that got invited over to the cool kids’ table to hang out with the most popular girl in school. I wasn’t sure why I idealized Kaitlyn so much, but I did. She was like the kind of girl you both wanted to be and be with.

After showering and breakfast, Kaitlyn and I dove into her boxes while Trevor did yard work outside. She had her hair up again, this time in a messy top bun that was absolutely adorable. She had some ripped blue jeans and a violet t-shirt on. She was one of those girls that made any hairstyle or outfit amazing; I was always jealous of that. It also embarrassed me I was so obsessed with her, I only hoped she couldn’t tell.

I was helping Kaitlyn put away her clothes. I opened a box that was filled with different rock band shirts from various concert tours. “Have you really seen all these bands live?”

“Yeah! Paul and I used to go to a lot of concerts. He’d always buy us shirts even though they were ridiculously overpriced.” She took one shirt and looked at it. “It really was a fun five years. For now, I think this box can just go into the closet.”

“I’m sorry if I brought up hard memories.”

“No, Brooke, you are totally fine. It’s hard, but it was time for me to move on.”

“Mind if I ask how things ended? You two seemed to get along so well and then him wanting you out so fast.” I was curious and hoped she didn’t mind me asking.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind. We got along really well and I don’t know, maybe that was the problem.” She laughed at herself and continued, “Silly statement I know.. The thing is we were so in sync, had all this stuff in common, we were never bored, which is big considering all the time were together! And that should be enough, more than enough, but it wasn’t. If everything can be so perfect yet not be enough, then I wondered if I was meant for something different. Maybe what should be perfect on paper isn’t really what I want deep down.”

“What do you think you want?” I asked.

“That’s just it, I have no idea. If our perfect relationship wasn’t fulfilling me now, then I realized it never would. I knew the only way I was going to figure it out was to move on.” Kaitlyn shook her head and said, “When I explained it to Paul, he didn’t take it well. That is why he wanted me out so fast. I really didn’t want to hurt him, but I felt like I had to do this. Do I sound crazy yet?”

“No, not at all Kaitlyn!” I reassured her. “I think I that makes sense and I think you did the right thing.”

“Thank you,” Kaitlyn said. I had opened another box, this had her underwear in it. She was hanging up some shirts and nonchalantly told me, “Oh, the panties can just go in the top left drawer.”

I felt the material as I put them away and thought she had cute panties. Then realized it was really weird to think such a thing. Geez Brooke, way to be a creep! I put more away, including this sexy little black pair with like this little chain for a waistband. What did Kaitlyn look like in those panties? Oh my god! Stop it, Brooke! Stop it! I thought to myself as my internal monologue screamed at me. Quickly finishing the task at hand, I closed the drawer and began to help Kaitlyn hang the remaining shirts.

“You have great taste, I love your clothes.” I said to Kaitlyn.

“Hey girl, borrow them anytime. We’re about the same size, so I know any of this would look fantastic on you!”

I blushed at her words and replied, “Oh thanks, I wouldn’t look nearly as great as you though.”

“What are you talking about? You are so hot!”

“Me hot? Ha! I don’t think so!”

“You are! I love your butt, it’s perfect I just want to like smack it every time you walk by!”

“Thanks!” I almost didn’t know what to say except to compliment Kaitlyn in return. “Your body is amazing though. It’s so fit and I would kill to have an athletic body like you.”

“You should come to the gym with me! I can bring one guest. It’ll be a blast. We can go tomorrow after we both get out of work. What do you think?”

“I’d love to go with you, thank you!”

Trevor had just come in from outside and poked his head in, “Hey how’s everything going?”

“Oh, it’s fine. You know, just two sexy ladies unpacking and telling each other how gorgeous each other is.” Kaitlyn replied, turning and giving me a little wink.

“Hey can’t disagree with you there, except for you of course.” Trevor teased. “You’re my sister and you are sort of a hideous troll.”

“Trevor! Be nice to your sister, she’s beautiful and you know it!”

“The troll put a spell on my wife! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a shower the wash off the Troll stench.” We laughed and Kaitlyn threw a shirt at him.

Before he walked away I asked, “Hey hun, are going to head out with the boys after you get out?”

“Nah, with everything going on, I was just going to let them know I won’t be golfing today.”

“Don’t change your plans on my account! Brooke and I can keep each other company!” Kaitlyn said while putting an arm around me.

“Ok then I guess I’ll still go,” Trevor shrugged before leaving for his shower.

Kaitlyn turned to me, “So he golfs now?”

“Kind of,” I replied chuckling a little, “Him and his friends golf a few times a month. From what I gather, they aren’t very good. It’s mostly day drinking, sometimes followed by dinner and more drinking.”

“Do you ever go?”

I shook my, “No, I find golf so boring.”

“That’s ok, we can have our own fun. We can day drink without them. Does wine, old movies that we’re watching but not really watching, and talking about nothing in particular sound good to you? I think you’ll discover I’m the fun sibling anyway.”

“Yes! Sounds like a much better afternoon than golf!”

We finished unpacking, said goodbye to Trevor and had a small lunch. Kaitlyn and I each brought out a bottle of wine. We decided to watch 80’s teen movies.

“I wish we had lived in the same town growing up, we would have been in the same grade and would’ve been friends back in high school.”

“I don’t know if you would have even wanted to hang out with me. I was definitely the outcast. You are like cool, smart, funny, and beautiful!” I replied.

“So are you! How don’t you see it? You are this awesome, sweet, silly, wonderful, and sexy girl. You are exactly the girl I would have wanted to be friends with.”

“Even if I was this awkward chick who was so weird with weird thoughts, weird clothes, weird friends, and weird.. Everything?!” I asked.

“Oh, especially with an awesomely weird and unique girl! Those are the ones that actually have something interesting to say. I hope my brother knows how lucky he is to be with you.”

“That’s sweet, but I am pretty lucky myself. Trevor is sweet, caring, strong, smart, handsome and an all-around great guy. I can’t imagine a better man.”

Kaitlyn nodded, “Yeah Trevor is a good bro, he likes to play it safe compared to me, but one of us has to be!”

I agreed, “Yeah, I admit I wish he was a little more adventurous.”

Kaitlyn leaned forward, “ok so what’s something you wish he’d do?”

“I don’t know just in certain situations. Like, for example. I accompanied Trevor to a strip club a couple years ago.”

“Wait, what?” Kaitlyn asked in surprise.

“Yeah, his friends kept pestering him and I was like I wanna go too! So girls drank free, and I was tipsy and tried taking my top off and dancing on stage. I would have too if Trevor hadn’t stopped me.” I winced in embarrassment as I told the story.

Kaitlyn laughed, “Oh my god! I knew not to underestimate you! Why didn’t he let you do it? That would have been so hot!”

“Well, he didn’t want the guys there to see my boobs.”

Kaitlyn laughed, “oh but the girls seeing them was ok?”

“I guess so. I mean, we’ve discussed doing a threesome before, the other girl would obviously see me naked then.”

“No way! A three-way?” Kaitlyn seemed genuinely shocked, “first picturing my bro doing a three-way, eww. But ignoring that, do you think you are ever going to do that?”

“I don’t know, I think Trevor likes the idea of it. He’s even gone as far to say he doesn’t consider it cheating if I ever did something with another girl, but I don’t think he could go through with a threesome without losing his nerve.”

“And you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you want to try that? Having another girl involved?”

“I guess so,” I was a little embarrassed to admit, but I felt so safe talking to Kaitlyn. “It would be kind of exciting watching another girl or being watched by one. And maybe even touching and feeling another girl.” I looked back at Kaitlyn and her beautiful blue eyes looking back at me. “Would you ever try something like that?”

“Well, Paul would have never been interested. For as outgoing as he was, he preferred a vanilla sex life. But I’ve always wanted to explore that possibility. I’ve been with enough men, but I really want to know how much different it is to be with a girl.” Kaitlyn closed her eyes as if she were picturing being with another woman. “I imagine her touch is more gentle, deliberate, and sensual. The smoothness, the softness and the smell.” She opened her eyes and continued. “Who knows, I always envisioned something with a guy and another girl. But now that I’m single, maybe it would be better to explore this with another girl and forget about the guy,”

Truth is, I always have been curious what sex with another woman might be like. And hearing Kaitlyn talk about it, I couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like with her. She was just so pretty. I kept trying to tell myself to stop thinking like that. What if I let something slip and said something totally awkward to Kaitlyn?

We continued to talk into the afternoon and evening. I lost track of how much wine we drank. The next morning we both woke up with a hangover.

“You know I drank yesterday too and I feel great!” Trevor gloated. “It’s too bad you ladies are such light weights.”

“Ugh, I so wish my head would let come up with a witty comeback right now.” Kaitlyn replied, seemingly unable to lift her head off the table.

Trevor chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you two. I already made coffee and I’ll make you a greasy breakfast to help with the hangover. Take some ibuprofen before heading into work as well.” He turned to me, “Did my sister tell you she used to do the same for me when I used to sneak out in high school?”

“Woah, you snuck out in high school?” I asked, not quite believing it.

“Don’t act so surprised, but yeah, I’d sneak out and drink with some of my friends,” he replied. “I’d be hungover the next day, but Kaitlyn here would help nurse my hangover so our parents wouldn’t catch me.”

The more I learned about Kaitlyn, the more I liked her. She was genuinely a good-hearted person.

Luckily my hangover subsided, and I was off to work. A text from Kaitlyn interrupted the dulness of my Monday morning routine.

Kaitlyn – Hey sweetie, how are you feeling? Sorry about getting you so drunk last night.

Me – Oh, it’s fine! I had such a good time getting to know you, and I’m feeling way better now. How do you feel?

Kaitlyn – I feel better too. And I’m so happy to hear you say that. I can’t remember the last time I connected with someone so quickly. Are we still on for the gym tonight?

Me – Yeah, totally! I have my workout clothes in my car.

Kaitlyn – Awesome! I’ll text you the address. Meet there at five?

Me – That works for me see you then!

Kaitlyn – Can’t wait! 🙂

I pulled into the parking lot of the gym just before five. Kaitlyn was already there, waiting in her car. She quickly got out to greet me.

“Hey Brooke!”

“Hey Kaitlyn, were you waiting for long?” I asked.

“No, I just got here myself. Come on, lets go in and change!”

I grabbed my bag from my car and we went in. Seemed like a nice gym. It was clean, smelled nice, there were plants as we walked in and the staff greeted us warmly. Kaitlyn showed me the way to the women’s locker room so we could get changed.

I started to strip and felt a little nervous as I got ready to unhook my bra. I felt dumb. They were just boobs, but I was genuinely shy to let Kaitlyn see them. Still, I continued until I was down to my panties. I looked over to Kaitlyn, who was at the same level of undress. My eyes went to her breasts. They were lovely round perky breasts. Medium-sized with pretty pink nipples that almost beckoned me to reach out and touch them.

Kaitlyn turned to me and said, “Hey!” Oh no, she caught me staring at her chest, I thought. However, she continued, “We’re booby twins!”

“Huh?” I responded, being caught somewhat off guard.

“We have practically the same boobs, it’s like they are twins!” Kaitlyn said with a cute little giggle.

I looked at my chest and hers. She was right. I was on one hand proud that mine were like hers, which I had just been admiring and excited that she noticed me in that way. “Oh, my god we do!” I replied. I felt like my whole exposed body was blushing, I was really hoping Kaitlyn didn’t notice.

I got my sports bra on and the rest of my workout clothes. Kaitlyn did the same, I couldn’t help but admire her fit body perfectly displayed in her form fitting outfit.

We got to working out. I noticed many people checking us out. It made me feel sexy, and it made me feel proud that I was there with who I considered to be the hottest woman in the gym. Eventually we found ourselves on a couple ellipticals.

It was a good vantage point for people watching. It was unusual that with so many sexy and muscular men, I found myself checking out a lot of the girls. Maybe it was all my talks with Kaitlyn that had me noticing things I didn’t notice before.

I was looking at one person in particular who had gotten on a stair climber in front of us. She wore spandex yoga pants, and I was admiring her butt as she worked out on the machine. “So what do you think?” Kaitlyn asked.

“Oh! Um, she’s pretty, I guess.” I answered, a little embarrassed.

“Um, Brooke, I meant what do you think of working out with me?”

I was immediately mortified, “oh my god, Im sorry. I’m so embarrassed!” I said, covering my red face with my hands.

Kaitlyn laughed, “Don’t be embarrassed! Because you know what? She is pretty, I noticed her sexy butt the moment she climbed onto the stair machine.”

“Really?” I asked, peaking through my fingers.

“If course! It’s natural to check out beautiful people, we’re wired for it. I mean think about it you’re beautiful and it’s no surprise the guy on the treadmill behind you has been staring at your ass for the past 20 minutes.”

He must have heard Kaitlyn say that because he stumbled and fell on his treadmill! He quickly got himself up and sank away. Kaitlyn and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.

After catching our breath Kaitlyn said, “See, you clearly have nothing to be embarrassed about. But what do you think of working out with me? Do you want to be my workout buddy?”

“I would love that, but you are sure I’m not slowing you down?” I asked, wanting to make sure I wasn’t imposing.

“Not at all, I find having a partner gives me so much more motivation. I think we’ve done enough for today though. Ready to hit the showers?” Kaitlyn asked.

I nodded, and we headed back to the locker room.

We began to strip off our sweaty clothes. I hooked my thumbs on the waistband of my panties and pushed them down with a mixture of feelings. I felt so exposed yet excited too. Myself and my also naked sister-in-law walked over to the showers. Her body looked perfect, I didn’t want to stare, but I really couldn’t help it.

“Do you wax too, Brooke? You just look so smooth,” Kaitlyn asked, motioning downward.

It was strange Kaitlyn noticing my.. smoothness. I have nowhere near the amount of confidence to just talk to someone about that out of the blue. It was something I admired about her. Imagine the confidence one must have to ask that? I was also immensely flattered she was looking at me like that to begin with, and it made me feel better about having looked at her naked body. “Oh no, I just shave, I’ve always been too chicken to wax. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“A little, but not as much as you would expect it to. Besides compared to the pain in the ass of shaving, I think it’s totally worth it. You should consider trying it. Next time I go you can even come with me, the girl who does mine is great.”

I found myself picturing Kaitlyn with her legs spread. I could already see top of her pussy, but I wanted to know what the rest looked like. My own genitals stirred as my mind wondered. Then I became self-conscious, I was getting horny thinking about Kaitlyn. Brooke, stop it, I said to myself in my own head.

“I suppose it can’t hurt to try.”

“That’s the spirit girl!” Kaitlyn replied. We then wrapped up, got dressed and headed home.

I was feeling confused, I never considered myself bisexual. But I really did have a crush on Kaitlyn, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Maybe I was overthinking this, I thought. Maybe it was just an innocent girl crush and maybe my attraction was nothing more than admiration. Honestly, I really didn’t know what to think.

We continued working out together. It quickly became the highlight of my day.

Finally, Friday came and myself Kaitlyn and Trevor were sitting down for dinner. Trevor started talking about the weekend. “Hey babe, I know I just went golfing last weekend, but the boys were really hoping to try a new course tomorrow.”

“Again already?” I whined.

“Hey Brooke, while Trevor is gone, why don’t you come hiking with me?” Kaitlyn suggested. “There is a new trail I’d like to try. I have no one to go with.”

I shrugged, “Ok Trevor, have fun with the boys.”

The trail was about an hour’s drive from home, but I didn’t care as I had good company. Once we made it to the trail, it was a bit of a struggle to keep up with Kaitlyn on the hike, but she did a good job of encouraging me. As we continued, there were more and more trees and less people. Eventually we hadn’t seen another person in nearly an hour when we came upon a small clearing at the top of an outcropping of rock. It was a beautiful view, and we decided to sit down and take a break.

“This is so beautiful out here,” I commented.

Kaitlyn nodded, “I know, there is nothing as peaceful to me than a nice hike. I could stay out here for hours. With the right company, of course.” She smiled at me. “I have to tell you Brooke, I really like spending time with you. In a way, I’m mad we never did this sooner. We’ve known each other four years, and it’s like I missed out on four years with my best friend because I hadn’t gotten to know her yet. I’m sorry I know we’ve only been seriously hanging out for like a week and here I am saying you’re my bestie.”

“No, don’t apologize I feel the same way. I feel so comfortable around you. I’ve always wanted to be more outgoing and for the first time I feel brave enough to be like that, when I’m with you that is. You are without a doubt my best friend too.” I told her.

We had been sitting next to each other and Kaitlyn scooted closer and smiled, “Thank you for saying that.” She rested a hand on my thigh.

I started to get butterflies in my tummy. Kaitlyn began to lean her head in towards mine and my heart began to race. I started to lean in too. Kaitlyn closed her eyes, and I followed, then she moved forward and our lips touched.

I felt ripples shoot through my body as our lips locked in a kiss. It wasn’t like kissing a man. Her lips were softer and gentler. There was a tenderness and an eloquence to how her lips moved against mine. Soon our lips parted and our tongues met. Our tongues seemed to dance as they twirled around each other.

Eventually our kiss broke. Kaitlyn looked at me, and I looked back into her pretty blue eyes. We both smiled, then giggled. She told me, “You are a really good kisser.”

“Thanks, you are too.”

It was such a lovely moment. It wasn’t awkward, and I didn’t even feel guilty for kissing my husband’s sister. We had just shared a pure, happy moment and everything just felt right.

We headed back a short time later. The trip back we just talked like normal. It was like making out was a perfectly normal thing for best friends to do and not worth dwelling on.

We were driving home after having hiked most of the day. I got a text from Trevor.

“How is mister pro-golfer?” Kaitlyn asked.

“Well, him and his friends are already drunk, big shock. They are all just going to crash at his friend’s place tonight.”

“That’s ok, we can just make it a girl’s night.”

When we finally got home we were exhausted and plopped ourselves down in the living room.

“My muscles are so sore,” I said.

“Mine too, my whole body aches. Guess that means it was a good hike.”

“All I know is I could go for a good professional massage right now.”

“Why do we need a pro?” Kaitlyn asked. “We can take care of each other. I’ll be right back, I’m going to grab some lotion.” When she returned she said, “Ok, strip down to your panties and lie on the floor.”

By now we’d seen each other naked enough times at the gym that I was comfortable taking off my clothes in front of Kaitlyn. I did as she asked, and she stripped down as well.

Kaitlyn squirted some lotion on my back. “Oh!” I squealed as the cold lotion hit my back.

“Sorry, I’ll warm up this lotion with my hands.” She said as she started kneading my back.

“Oh my god that feels amazing,” I told Kaitlyn.

She massaged my back for several minutes before saying, “if your body is feeling as sore as mine then I’m sure your butt muscles are killing you. Let me slip these off so I don’t get them all covered in lotion as I massage you.”

I felt her fingers grasp the waistband of my panties. I raised my pelvis, and she pulled them down.

Kaitlyn’s feminine hands massaged my butt and I could feel it turning me on. After several minutes focused on my butt, they moved down to my legs and finally my feet.

“Ok cutie, flip over!” She told me. She had seen my front naked before, but this was different. She had her hands on me and I was horny, maybe more so than I had ever been. Would she be able to tell, I wondered? Would she be able to see how wet it had gotten between my legs? Any small amount of reluctance I may have felt melted away, and I flipped over.

Kaitlyn started by massaging my shoulders. Now that I was on my back, I could see her leaning over my body. I could now see she had also removed her own panties. Maybe she was as aroused as I was? Seeing her naked body above mine, it was hard to stay still, I just wanted to reach up and touch her all over.

She moved down to my sore chest. “mmmmm” I moaned as her lotioned hands massaged my breasts and rubbed my nipples.

Next Kaitlyn massaged my tummy, then legs. As she massaged my thighs, I could feel her pushing my legs apart. They slowly spread, exposing my pussy. Her hand moved between my legs and as it made contact my back arched. Her hand slowly rubbed my wet, sensitive area until she found my clit. “Mmmm. Oh yes..” I moaned as she gently pinched and massaged my clit.

It lasted a short time before she slipped two fingers into my vagina. She found my g-spot quicker than anyone ever had. “Ahhhhh!” More body roared into orgasm as I squirted on the floor between my legs. “Sorry!” I said, “I’ve never down that before.”

Kaitlyn smiled and gently patting my pussy said, “nothing to apologize for, that may have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Well now, it’s my turn to give you a massage, can you lie down for me?”

My massage of Kaitlyn proceeded much in the same way, except when I got to her pussy. It was this neat, pretty pussy, and I loved looking at it. I started massaging it from the outside spreading her lips just enough to see between them. I could see her little clit was erect and I could see the opening to her vagina. I had never seen another like this before. I’m not sure what came over me, but the sight combined with the smell I couldn’t resist and I lowered my mouth onto her pussy.

“Oh my god Brooke oh my god! That’s so good!” Kaitlyn screamed as I licked and sucked on her clit. “I want to taste your pussy too!”

I didn’t need her to ask twice. I rotated my body into a 69 position with Kaitlyn. I had never felt so amazing. When she finally came she squirted like I had and her legs trembled. She brought me to orgasm with her tongue right after.

Kaitlyn and I collapsed on the floor. Our bodies were bodies tangled and our chests heaved as we tried to catch our breath. The insides of our legs were wet and the odor of sex filled the air. We looked at each other trying to grasp what just had happened.

At a loss of words all I could come up with to say was, “I think I have a little crush on you.” I started to giggle, then Kaitlyn did and then we both laughed.

Kaitlyn and I talked and had no regrets. I wasn’t sure if or when to tell Trevor, but somehow this didn’t feel wrong. After all, Trevor himself told me that stuff with another girl wasn’t cheating, granted he may not have had his sister in mind when he said that. I’d have to deal with that eventually. For now though Kaitlyn and I decided to continue exploring our friendship.

Still naked my friend and I snuggled. We would need to do girl’s night again we agreed as we both drifted off in each other’s embrace.