My Maid Lata: The Foursome

e don’t get time together, now five whole days without you. How can I survive?”

I held her hand and said, “Even I can’t live without making love to you, Latadidi, but what can we do? It’s a part of my study.”

Lata nodded in affirmation, we then departed after another kiss, as it was getting late. Lata was in deep thoughts, whether she could turn it into an opportunity. She was figuring out what she needed to do.

And some distance away the same conversation happened between Malti and Richa, at Richa’s house. Richa’s mom had gone out to a relative’s place and the naive Richa had her face buried in Malti’s ass, her tongue licking the maid’s asshole, the second time since morning. After Malti had cum by fingering herself and made Richa lap the juices afterwards, Richa finally told her about the survey work. Malti too, just like Lata, didn’t wish to be away from Richa. She was submerged in her thoughts too, her mind planning what could be done. Richa, like an obedient slut went back to her duty, and licked Malti’s feet.

It was the day before I left for the project work. I was busy packing, and my parents were busy giving me all kinds of possible advice. I couldn’t see Lata since morning, my eyes desperately searching for her lover. I finally asked the housekeeper Seema about her and was shocked to learn that Lata had taken a few days leave, as she would be going out of town to a relative’s place. I was sad that I couldn’t meet my lover before going away. Little did I know that Lata was actually planning to meet me during my stay outside.

Next morning Richa and I sat side by side on the minibus, me still ignorant of the fact that Richa was having an affair with Malti, and also that she knew about Lata and I. We chatted as usual, our young hearts excited to hang out on our own. In addition to professor Mrs Rastogi, a cook Mala and a maid Radha also accompanied us. Four more students were also going with us. All of us were to stay at a girls only lodge, arranged by our college principal.

We reached the place by noon. The lodge was empty and arranged only for us to stay. Richa and I shared a room together. The survey was to start from the next day, in the houses of a nearby basti, where the entire population worked in the tea-garden. The survey was based on the socio-economic condition of people working as daily labourers in tea-garden.

After having our lunch most of the others took a nap, including Mrs Rastogi, and I thought of having a short walk in the neighborhood. I asked Richa if she could accompany me, but she said that being tired she needed a nap as well. So, I decided to go out alone. The place was beautiful with tea-gardens and hills, and I strolled while enjoying the scenic beauty. As I was passing by an abandoned factory I suddenly saw the figure of a woman that startled me. I just saw it for a split second, but still I was sure that I recognized her.

It was Malti, the forty-plus years old maid of my best friend Richa, who once during her stay at my house had seen my love-making with Lata, and then had forced me to lick her pussy and asshole to keep our affair a secret. What was this woman doing here? I was very curious to know, and hence I decided to go inside the deserted factory. As I moved in the darkness, only illuminated by a little sunshine from some random openings in the roof, I moved past two empty rooms, probably being offices once, but couldn’t see anyone. The huge production room was next and I went in there too. As I stepped in something caught my attention. It was a low sound of moans. I slowly moved towards the source of the sound and soon came upon a view that made me freeze.

I saw Malti fully bending her body from the belly with her upper body rested on a broken piece of furniture, and kneeling behind her was my best friend Richa, and she was licking the maid’s asshole. Malti was fully nude and was moaning in pleasure as she felt Richa’s tongue moving in her asshole. I had licked Malti’s body before, and I knew that her asshole was a real treat to lick, and I knew Richa must be enjoying herself fully at the moment.

But the scene blew my mind away, Richa licking her maid’s asshole! I had no idea that the always calm and gentle girl Richa had this side to her. She lied to me about taking a nap and was actually planning to meet Malti and have sex. More thoughts overpowered my mind, what if she knew about me and Lata? Malti must have told her everything, and also the fact that even I had licked Malti’s body once. I was feeling crazy but couldn’t move an inch from my place.

Malti’s moans had increased by now, Richa was holding onto her huge asscheeks and licking the asshole continuously. My pussy began to grow moist, I didn’t remember when I had put my hand in my skirt and started to stroke my pussy. The view of my best friend licking her maid’s asshole was turning on the heat on my body. Soon both Malti and me were fingering ourselves, while Richa was busy pushing her tongue in the ass of her maid. The orgasm built within my body and as Malti cum with a loud moan, my juices started to flow as well, and I muffled my mouth so that my sounds didn’t alert Malti and Richa.

Almost an hour had passed since I went out for a walk, and so I rushed back to the lodge. Luckily others were still asleep then. I slid inside my blanket and pretended to sleep while Richa came back after some time. She washed herself in the washroom and then lay on her bed. As I opened my eyes she looked at me and smiled. She said, “Oh so you have come back, I was in the washroom. How was your walk?”

What a bitch she was, I thought in my mind. She was licking her maid’s asshole just a few minutes ago, and now pretending that nothing had happened. I said, “The walk was fabulous to say the least, saw beautiful scenes around.”

Richa smiled again and said, “Good to know. So what is your take on the view you saw in the factory?”

I was startled by her words. The bitch knew that I had seen their sexual encounter in the factory. And what was surprising was that Richa, who had always been a shy and gentle girl was showing no intentions to hide it. Her body language, her expressions were beaming in confidence. I asked, “Now that you know that I have seen everything, I want to ask you since when is this going on between Malti and you?”

Richa replied, “Well a few days after Lata and you started the affair.”

I wasn’t shocked by her reply, I knew that was coming. I asked her, “Did Malti tell you?”

Richa smiled at me and said, “Who else Puja? It was your story that turned my emotions around. I too was seduced by my maid, just because I saw her fingering herself having your photo in her hand, and taking your name. If I couldn’t be as good a student as you or as rich as you, I definitely wanted to be a better slut than you.”

The last remark hit me hard. I angrily stared at Richa and said, “How dare you call me a slut? Lata and me are lovers.”

Richa laughed aloud and said, “Who are you fooling Puja? The fact is your relationship is based on lust. It is not love dear, you are just a bitch of your maid, and I am of Malti. And I can confidently say I am better than you. See Malti has come all the way here to be with me. Where is Lata?”

I was fuming with anger then. This bitch can’t be better than me in any respect, even a slut. But her last question was true. Where was Lata? Didn’t she manage to come over here? A train of thoughts was running in my mind. By then Mrs Rastogi and the other girls were all awake. We were served evening tea and snacks. Mrs Rastogi reminded us about the survey tomorrow morning. As usual Richa and I were grouped for the survey. We were assigned the Eastern side of the basti.

Next morning as we reached the Eastern basti Richa and me were welcomed by Malti. God she was everywhere! She held Richa by the hand and while looking at me said, “Hello Puja. Do you remember me? Or else I should ask, remember my body?”

Before I could reply Malti said, “Don’t bother answering. Come this way.”

She took us to a relatively deserted place which was away from the basti. We entered what was an empty hut which was full of straw. I suspected it was a storage place for grains or something. As I was looking here and there I suddenly heard a familiar voice. It was Lata who said, “Ok here comes the cavalry.”

Yes, indeed it was Lata. She had come. My heart skipped a beat as I literally jumped up in joy. I ran to her and we hugged, enjoying our embrace. Then our lips met in a kiss, Lata’s lips devouring mine, my hands on her back pulling her to me. Malti and Richa were spectators to our deep, saliva-mixed kiss which seemed to last forever. Lata’s hands cupped my ass as her tongue went in my mouth, and I sucked on it. I had forgotten everything, that I was in a distant land, making out with my maid and being seen by my best friend and her maid. Only thing I remembered was that Lata was here, and I needed to eat her up.

And as my lips travelled on the body of Lata, I enjoyed her moans. I kissed the hollow of her throat, her shoulders, her cleavage. I bent on my knees to kiss her belly, paying special attention to her belly button. As I kissed I could also hear Malti’s moans, from the corner of my eye I could see Richa was licking her feet and Malti with her eyes closed was pressing her own boobs. Lata guided my head further down and it was all dark as my head entered inside her petticoat, a place where I couldn’t be since the past few days.

As my tongue met my prized location, the pussy of Lata, moans escaped my maid’s lips. Malti was moaning louder as well, and I could understand that Richa was pleasuring her by her tongue. As we two best friends tongued our respective maids the room was full of hot breaths, moans and sighs. Lata’s hand was constantly threading through my hair, and it seemed she was appreciating my efforts. My tongue, my chin and my lips were well coated with Lata’s juices as I licked on furiously like a person with days of starvation. Soon with an outcry Lata cum in my mouth and I readily lapped all her juices. She was delicious and I made sure I licked the whole of it.

Malti too had met her orgasm by then, and her cum was glistening on Richa’s mouth. All of us sat on the straw laid floor of the hut. Lata said, “Are you not surprised that I came for you baby?”

I smiled and said, “I knew you would come for me, Latadidi. I love you so much.”

Lata smiled and kissed me. Malti laughed and said, “See the love birds. For your kind information I was here the day before. My slut Richa is the best in the world in the act of pleasuring a woman. Puja is no match for her Lata.”

I was very angry on hearing those words. My cheeks burnt in anger and frustration. I said, “How dare you say so Maltididi? I had licked you one night don’t you remember? Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. You were riding my face the entire night.”

Malti said, “Of course I do my little bitch. But my slut Richa licks me everyday and everywhere possible. Can Lata say so about you?”

Richa and Malti shared a laugh as my head started boiling in anger. Lata was silent this entire time. She was thinking, and when she finally spoke, it changed the course of the game.

Lata looked towards Malti and said, “Maltididi why don’t we arrange a sex competition between our sluts and decide who’s the better one? There will be various rounds of different sexual challenges which we would throw at them and whoever wins is the best.”

Malti’s eyes lit up in excitement. The dark maid readily agreed to Lata’s proposal and said, “Brilliant Lata, absolutely brilliant. And there is a catch too. The loser in every round will perform a task as ordered by her opposition’s maid. For example, if Puja loses she does what I tell her.”

Richa said, “Sounds fun. I am ready.”

I looked towards Lata and said, “Me too. Bring it on.”

Malti said, “Ok task number one is something that seems easy to hear but hard to execute. The first task is to strip yourself naked.”

Richa was off to a flyer with this task, showing that she was really good at it, maybe with ample practice! Before I could get myself in lingerie, all of Richa’s clothes had come off and was lying on the straw-clad floor of the hut. Lata was disappointed and it showed on her face. Malti with an evil grin said, “Well done my bitch. Now I decide what Puja has to do. Puja lie down on the floor.”

I did as commanded by the dark maid. As I laid my body on the cold heaps of straw, Malti came over and sat on my face, blocking the light from my vision. I could only hear her words, “Puja will lick my ass now, and in the meantime Lata and Richa will make out. It will continue till I say so. And don’t worry Puja I shall be giving you live updates about their making out so that you don’t miss the action.”

I took out my tongue and licked the sides of Malti’s asshole. I could remember the smell and salty taste of the asshole that I have licked earlier as well. My tongue started to move rapidly now, flickering the puckered hole of the huge black maid as my ears listened to her moans with live commentary of how Richa was kissing Lata’s lips, throat, belly and then down to her thighs. Malti started to put the pressure of her ass on my face now, making it really uncomfortable for me, but I had to bear with my punishment.

I could understand from Malti’s words that Richa was now kissing Lata’s feet now and according to Malti Lata was really enjoying it. I felt a little jealous in my mind but couldn’t think much of it, my tongue was restlessly licking Malti’s asshole. I tried to push my tongue further in the asshole and this made Malti moan louder. She murmured, “Lata your bitch is teasing me well, oh yes oh yes more of it bitch. O what do we have here? Richa is now sucking Lata’s boobs. Yes Richa, my bitch, make me proud, show Lata how good a slut you are.”

I was getting frustrated at how long this was going to continue, a part of me really liked licking Malti’s asshole, and another part was jealous of Richa making out with my lover Lata. Malti was moving her asscheeks to and fro on my face now and moaning loudly. I could hear some deep sighs and moans of Lata too and could understand that Richa was pleasuring her. In frustration I reached out blindly and found my hand in Malti’s pussy, and started to rub her hairy snatch. My tongue licked around the walls of the asshole of the maid, and I used my fingers to good effect on her pussy.

Malti’s commentary stopped and she was only moaning now. She could feel my tongue wiggling up in her asshole and my fingers were sending jolts of electricity in her body. She could feel the orgasm building in her body and her pressure on my face increased. I was literally getting suffocated now but my tongue restlessly moved in Malti’s asshole. Soon the trick worked and Malti reached her orgasm with a loud moan. As soon as she got up from my face, Richa also had to stop pleasuring Lata. Fresh air came upon my face and I could see the light around.

Malti while panting heavily said, “Well that was awesome wasn’t it Lata? Now the next task for you bitches. Lata will assign the task this time.”

I looked towards Lata. She was all sweaty due to the heat, and also being charged up due to Richa’s sexual advances. She stood up, her black skin glistening with sweat, even from a certain distance I could feel the scent of her sweat and I was dying to pound up in her. Lata had a small bag with her, which I failed to notice earlier. She took out a few pet jars from it, they contained jam, butter and molten chocolate, each of them in pairs.

Lata said, “Your next task will be to lick and finish these edibles. But there is a catch. You need to smear them on my body and then lick it off. You can choose any body part that you like, however the three edibles need to be licked from three different places. If two of you decide to move to the same body part at one time, whoever reaches there first would have to kiss the place and remain there kissing till Maltididi decides who got there first. Whoever licks all the edibles off first will be the winner.”

I remembered how once I had licked chocolate ice cream off Lata’s ass. I was confident of completing this task much before Richa could do. Malti said, “Oh Lata what a great idea. But you are going to get all the fun huh? And I would just be a referee?”

Lata smiled and said, “Ok Maltididi fair enough. You get to punish the loser by your means and I won’t be a part of that.”

Malti laughed and said, “Deal.”

So Lata got laid on the ground and I quickly stretched her left arm to reveal her sweaty and hairy armpit. I smeared the butter on it and began to lick, my tongue tracing the butter mixed with the salty, tangy sweat from the armpit. The scent of her sweat was driving me crazy and I was licking like a mad person. Richa had decided to spread the jam first on Lata’s dark belly and she was licking from there. Malti was busy cheering us up and Lata was moaning in ecstasy.

The sound of the lid of the pet jar attracted my attention. Richa had already finished licking the jam and she had now opened her butter. I started to suck off the butter now and with it sucked in a few hair from Lata’s armpit. I swallowed the whole and then smeared my jam on Lata’s boobs. Richa had smeared the butter on Lata’s dark foot and was licking it from there. My tongue moved on Lata’s tits and her big,dark areolas, lapping up the smeared jam. Oh this was the tastiest food of my life! Lata was moaning loudly due to double attention two tongues were giving to her body that time.

I had consumed the jam completely by then and rushed with the remaining molten chocolate to Lata’s ass. Richa too had completed licking the butter off Lata’s feet and she rushed to the same spot. By a whisker I reached Lata’s ass first and planted the kiss on Lata’s asshole, and kept myself in the kissing position. Richa too got there but was ruled out second by the referee Malti. Richa decided to go to Lata’s hairy pussy instead.

I smeared the chocolate all over Lata’s dark asscheeks in one go and took out my tongue to start licking them. Lata was lying on the ground sideways so that both Richa would be able to lick her pussy and ass respectively without any problem. My tongue was untiringly moving on the big black asscheeks lapping up the chocolate, while Richa was doing the same on Lata’s pussy. Lata was moaning, her body shaking due to the double sexual assault. I could sense her orgasm building in her body while my tongue was traveling on her asscheeks to her asshole. On seeing this orgy Malti was turned on as well. She sat on the ground fingering herself and moaning abuses.

Soon everything happened altogether, I finished off the final trace of the chocolate from Lata’s asshole, Lata cum on Richa’s mouth and Malti too met her orgasm. As I took my mouth off Lata’s ass I could see Richa was unable to finish off the chocolate yet. Malti declared me the winner of this round. She said, “My bitch lost and she has pissed me off. So the punishment for Richa will be 10 spanks on her cute ass. She needs to count every time I spank her. One count missed means I start from the beginning. After the ten count she needs to finish the remaining chocolate from my ass. But that should be within twenty seconds or there will be twenty more spanks.”

Richa hung her head in embarrassment. I felt bad for her, after all she really gave it her best. On Malti’s instructions Richa lay on Lata’s lap with her ass showing upwards. Malti sat behind her and raised her hand sufficiently high. Then the hand came down with a loud thud on the left butt of Richa.

“Ah! One.” These were the words that escaped Richa’s mouth. The pain of the spank was obvious on her face, and more was the expectation of the next. And then Malti’s hand came down once more, this time on the right butt and Richa cried out the number two in pain as usual. Spank! Spank! Spank! Soon Richa’s bottom was a mess with angry red marks. I didn’t expect Richa to be so resilient but she made through the ten spanks, counting every time correctly. The poor girl’s ass was fully red, her eyes were teary, but still she didn’t show any complaint.

Richa stood up with the remaining chocolate left in her pet jar and as Malti lay down, she smeared the chocolate in Malti’s thighs. Lata counted from one and Richa vigorously licked the chocolate from Malti’s dark thighs. Her efforts were truly praisable, as she moved up and down, and right to left, her tongue rapidly moving on Malti’s sinewy dark thighs. Richa succeeded in completing the task as Lata reached eighteen on her count. After this was over Richa lay down on the ground, almost fainted due to fatigue. The maids decided to take a break and we washed ourselves. Richa after some time too gained some energy and washed herself.

I sat beside Richa and said, “Really sorry that you had to endure that pain, Richa.”

Richa winked at me and replied, “Thanks but the spanking actually is a turn on for me. I love to be spanked by Maltididi. The pleasure that comes with the pain is beautiful. I was only a bit tired due to fatigue. See I am so much worked up.”

Richa took my hand in hers and guided my fingers to her mound. Yes she was dripping wet in the pussy, ready to cum any time. Yet in Richa’s words she couldn’t, because she could only cum when Malti allowed her so. I could see the naive and gentle Richa had really turned into a submissive slut to her maid Malti. Something nobody could ever expect her to be.

Malti and Lata too sat beside us now and Malti said, “Enough rest for you. It’s time for the third round bitches. This time I decide what to do.”

Richa and I were quick to our feet, awaiting the orders of Malti. Malti had a word with Lata and then announced, “This round will be a test of your loyalty. I know you sluts love to sniff our ass, so we just want to see how long you can do that. Lata and I will stand with our behind protruding towards you. You two bitches will fit in your pretty little noses in our asshole and sniff in our ass scent. Remember your hands will be tied behind your backs, and so you have to use your mouth and nose only to get in our ass. We won’t be separating the asscheeks for you. Find your way in and stay as long as you could, this makes you the winner.”

Lata had by then tied our hands behind using a rope. Both the maids leaned on the wall of the hut, protruding their huge, dark asses before us. Richa and I knelt behind Malti and Lata respectively. I started to blow in some air from my mouth to the asscheeks of Lata, especially targeting the centre. I started to plant soft kisses on Lata’s black asscheeks, something I loved doing on a regular basis. Lata was moaning softly and so was Malti. From the corner of my eye I could see Richa, with hands tied just like me, was using her tongue to try and separate Malti’s asscheeks.

This task wasn’t easy at all, as neither of the maids were willing to separate their asscheeks to provide us easy access to their asshole. I was kissing all around Lata’s ass, trying to please her in every way possible. I was licking her asscheeks too like a remote controlled robot but to no avail. I had tried to slide in my nose once but couldn’t find the target as Lata refused to flex her muscles or spread her thighs a bit, and hence didn’t allow me a way in. Malti was doing a similar job to Richa and we were both getting frustrated at not being allowed to put our nose inside their butthole.

I started to bite now in frustration, I put in my teeth marks on Lata’s ass, nibbling her rough skin. Lata moaned in painful pleasure and I bit more and more. Then I took out my tongue and moved it on the bite marks, putting a lotion of my saliva on them. Lata purred in satisfaction and involuntarily flexed her muscles, spreading her asscheeks a bit. Finally her butthole was unhidden, I could see my prized target, a puckered pink hole with some odd, curly hair around. I didn’t waste any time and pushed my nose in the asshole. The scent of Lata’s ass filled my senses and I started to inhale my oxygen from there.

Lata had bent herself fully now and I was able to stick in my nose between the asscheeks and inhaled her ass scent, continuously. Richa, on the other hand, wasn’t able to access Malti’s asshole till now and she was groaning in frustration. I couldn’t look towards her fearing that my nose may be off position, but what I could understand was that she was trying her level best but to failure. Several minutes had passed like that, my tied hands were paining now, but I dared not move an inch, my nostrils were inhaling the continuous supply of the scent of Lata’s asshole. Malti didn’t mention when the round could end so I had to continue sniffing Lata’s ass. I could hear Malti’s moans as she was really getting pleasured by Richa in her efforts to find access to her butthole.

Gradually I was falling short of breath, inhaling from the ass continuously, my tied hands giving me pain and discomfort. My head seemed very heavy and I was finding it extremely difficult to keep myself in the kneeling position. A few more minutes and I would have fainted, but the voice of Malti brought me back to my senses. Richa’s big, dark maid was standing by my side as she announced, “You have won bitch. Richa had given up.”

Slowly I withdrew my nose from Lata’s ass and looked towards my side. Richa’s head was hung in shame, I could understand that she failed in her endeavors and had given up. I really felt sorry for her. I said, “There is no winner and loser here Maltididi. We both have proved that we dedicate ourselves to serve you as your submissive sluts, we do as you command. Can’t you see Maltididi how much dedication Richa has towards serving your whims? Richa has proven it and hence we both are winners.”

Lata looked towards me in approval. She was happy, her eyes said so. Malti said, “Well said bitch. You are right, but you can’t change the rules of my game. Since the rule said that punishment is to be given to the loser, it is to be given. Since Puja said there is no winner here, I consider both as losers and there will be equal punishment for both.”

Lata untied our hands and we stood up, still unable to feel our arms. Malti came near me, the sweaty odour of her body entered my nostrils. She put her nose on my jawline, sniffing me all the way to my ear. She then breathed out in my ear, tickling me and I closed my eyes. She whispered, “The punishment is that we maids are now going our dear sluts cum.”

I was surprised by her words and opened my eyes. Malti was smiling, and so was Lata. Malti’s full lips met mine and we kissed passionately, hugging each other in a deep embrace. Lata started to make out with Richa and soon all of us laid on the ground. Malti sucked my boobs, her tongue teasing around my nipples, her teeth sinking into my areolas. I held her head and moaned in deep pleasure. Beside us Lata was licking Richa’s belly, my best friend had her eyes closed, moaning and arching her body as the maid’s tongue sent shivers in her body. Malti was giving me bite marks everywhere on my boobs and I was loudly moaning.

The maids decided to go further down now, and both simultaneously reached our dripping pussys. As I saw Lata’s face disappearing in Richa’s mound, I felt Malti’s tongue enter my pussy. For the first time ever my pussy was being licked, and I was moaning in the pleasing experience. Lata had never done it to me, she only tribbed or fingered me. So the pleasure of a tongue moving in my pussy was new to me, and it was extraordinary. Malti’s tongue went up and down in my pussy and I was literally shaking in pleasure. Richa was too moaning loudly as Lata was giving her a similar experience.

The maids switched themselves next, and Lata’s mouth was on my pussy. She winked and smiled at me and then started to lap my cunt. She sucked at my clit, sending a continuous wave of pleasure in my body. From the corner of my eye I could see Malti had turned Richa on all fours and licking her pussy from behind. Richa’s eyeballs had grown big, her moans were increasing and soon she met her orgasm, a thundering one, and as Malti’s face was unhidden, I could see her well-coated with Richa’s juices.

All of them came upon me now, Richa and Malti were on my sides, both starting to suck my boobs. A triple layer of pleasure shook my body as three mouths sucked and licked my boobs and pussy. Lata’s tongue was moving rapidly in my pussy, exploring everything I had to offer. Malti was busy licking around my left nipple, while Richa was sucking my right boob. They interchanged positions again, and this time Richa started to lick my pussy, Malti licked my right boob and I called Lata to sit on my face so that I could lick her. I couldn’t leave my tongue idle!

So the orgy continued, Lata rode on my face as my tongue moved from her pussy to asshole in a continuous fashion. Malti was biting my boobs again, the boobs were burning at the awake of each bite. Richa’s tongue was lapping my juices from my pussy. As I met my orgasm in a few minutes Richa made sure she lapped up every bit of my cum. Lata was still riding my face and my ever eager tongue was giving her all kinds of pleasure. Soon she was cumming too, and I got the full taste of her cum. As she came down from my face, Malti sat on it. Her big ass again engulfed my face, and I stuck out my tongue and found her pussy.

Lata and Richa sat by my side and sucked Malti’s boobs while I licked her pussy. My tongue was restlessly tasting cum since morning and I had no idea that I could go a whole day like that. Sighs, abuses, moans filled the hut as our orgy refused to stop, it seemed that we were provided with an infinite amount of energy for the same. Malti’s pussy tasted heavenly, the sticky gel-like juices from her cunt was delicious. I was licking her non-stop. Soon Malti had shifted her entire entire weight on my face, an indication that she wasn’t far from her orgasm. I speeded up my tongue movement and reached further in the maid’s cunt. With a loud outcry Malti came in my mouth and as usual I devoured her squirt.

It has been three full hours of sexual encounters since morning, our bodies were exhausted and paining. As all of us tried to catch our breaths, I suddenly remembered our survey. I asked Richa about it and she said that Lata’s friend had already arranged for everything, and we could complete the five day survey work in just three days with her help. After washing ourselves thoroughly we put on our clothes and went back to our lodge. Malti and Lata were staying in Lata’s friend’s house. Needless to say we had plenty of sex sessions in our next five days there.

Lata and my affair continued for the next few years. Later in 2004 when I got my first job I had to move to a new town. That was the first time we were fully separated. Richa and Malti too met a similar fate. As years passed by our meetings became more and more rare, we met only during our holidays. Lata quit her job as a maid in my house. My parents insisted on my marriage but I didn’t. After two more years I brought Lata with me to my new town where I worked. Whenever our parents visited me Lata resided in my colleague’s house serving as a maid there. We never ever revealed our relationship to my parents. In those days in an Indian society lesbianism was quite a taboo, and I couldn’t reveal it to my parents.

I kept in touch with Richa through online means, she took the position of vice-president in a reputed international company and was settled in Russia. Since Malti was married and had a family with her, I assumed that Richa couldn’t take Malti with her.

With the use of internet Lata and me found newer ways of having sex, and we experimented together. On Sundays especially I became her full-time slave and she made me lick her pussy, feet and ass for hours. We never stopped loving each other, though with age the lustful physical relationship became less significant. Lata was almost double my age and hence grew old with time. But our bond was never weakened. We were together, that was most important. (The end)