Opening up


MARGOSSECRET (not my real handle): Do you mind if I ask, how did you two start having an open marriage and all this swinging stuff? If my husband wanted to do that, I’d jump at it. I hate having all my secrets.

NORMOPENGUY (not his real handle): Well it all happened rather suddenly.

(Author’s note: So this story is a greatly enhanced version of his response. Let’s call it “Based on a true story.” I’ll try writing in from his perspective.)

I had been transferred to Cleveland a few months before this happened and my wife, Monica (Shortened to Nicka after the Bill Clinton affair), and I were renting a house in an old neighborhood while we gave ourselves a chance to look at houses and neighborhoods. Nicka hadn’t been able to find full time work after our move, though my promotion more than made up for that financially.

On this day, I unexpectedly got the afternoon off and pulled my Mini into our tiny garage from the alley behind the house. I walked 30 feet across our “back yard” and up the back steps. Our entrance was through a back porch and into the kitchen which had been upgraded 20 years ago.

I wasn’t trying to be quiet, but I guess I didn’t make a lot of noise. I heard a woman moaning and for a second thought it must have been a soap opera on the TV. But as I made it through the dining room I began to think it was no TV program. “What the fuck,” I muttered to myself. And there they were, in the living room, Shana, the woman who lived next door with her husband, sprawled crookedly on the sofa, and Nicka, with her head and one hand buried between Shana’s legs. Both were naked. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I exclaimed.

Both women jumped to their feet and grabbed articles of clothing to try to cover themselves; even Nicka did that. Shana held a tee shirt over her boobs that didn’t go much past her belly button down below. I was immediately furious, “You’ve been cheating on me! And with a girl!”

“I’m so sorry. Oh Norman. I’m so sorry. But it isn’t the same is it?” she begged.

Shana cowered in a corner while we argued. Funny thing is, I hardly noticed her shaved pussy. She couldn’t escape, I realized, because I was practically standing on the pile which made up the rest of her clothes. Shana was a petite, slender girl with black hair, and small but not tiny tits that were the perfect size for her small frame.

“You told me you weren’t really bi. You only experimented, you told me,” I continued to blow off steam.

We’d been arguing for a few minutes when Shana began moving closer – to get to her clothes? “It doesn’t have to be all bad,” she offered seductively. And I realized she was reaching for my crotch, not her clothes. Nicka’s head whipped around and stared, mouth agape, at Shana. Shana’s tee shirt dropped to the floor and she pressed her boobs against my arm.

“What the …,” I started to mutter.

“Shana!” Nicka exclaimed.

“Fair is fair,” Shana added. My dick was still limp, but she was massaging it anyway.

“Oh!” Nicka barely uttered as her hand went up to her mouth.

Shana kissed me on the cheek and snuggled her face into my neck. I turned toward her and let her kiss me on the lips. I could taste Nicka’s pussy on her face. And she was pushing me back toward the sofa. Nicka stood there frozen with her mouth still covered as Shana shoved me down to a sitting position and started working on my belt. Soon she had my only slightly engorged dick out and was about to take it in her mouth.

She turned briefly to Nicka and told her, “You better kiss him and make up.” The feeling of Shana’s mouth sucking my dick in and the taste of the other woman’s pussy on Nicka’s face was enough to bring my erection to full attention.

I felt and heard Shana slurping away as Nicka’s tongue played in my mouth and her two fingers also wrapped around my dick. She was obviously getting into it. Was she hoping to make it OK with me? I tried to stay pissed off.

Well, I was the only one with clothes on, and both ladies went to work undressing me. Shana pulled my trousers down and slipped off my jockeys as Nicka took off my shoes. I got the message and slipped out of my shirt.

Both girls started stroking and licking my cock which they held upright while they also sucked my balls. They took turns taking my tip in their mouths, but Shana wanted it all to herself. “I know how much you like to have your pussy licked,” she suggested to Nicka with a grin.

As Nicka’s knees straddled my chest, I felt Shana’s mouth enveloping my cock. Nicka wiggled her way up until her cheating pussy was over my mouth. At least it didn’t have another man’s shit dripping out of it. I started licking as I felt and heard Shana’s slurping oral attention to my organ. Oh yes that felt good.

Nicka’s orgasm started to build and her moans grew louder and more urgent. I noticed Shana had stopped sucking on my dick and it flopped like a stone against my belly. I felt her climb over my legs. The moist lips of her pussy wrapped around my shaft. She was sliding forward and backward along it, which felt absolutely wonderful.

It wasn’t long before Shana took my cock in her hand and held it upright again. I felt the tip stroking between her pussy lips and then her hot wet vagina slid down over it. I pushed up into each of Shana’s downward strokes as she rode me like a rodeo champ. Oh yes. OH YES!!!

I urged Nicka’s writhing body to sit up slightly and pushed two fingers deep into her cheating love hole. I wasn’t trying to hold off my own climax as the electricity built in my cock. I guess the cheating part was less important at that moment.

The first electric impulse shot my cum into Shana’s pussy. Then another and another and another. I felt my own juices oozing down over my shaft. And even after I had no more to give, Shana kept rocking down and up over my cock until it finally shrank and popped out of her pussy. Nicka’s juices were running down my hand and finally she was also spent.

The two girls flopped down in the sofa next to each other as I wiggled out from under them. It was an amazing sight. A blob of my semen was oozing down toward Shana’s asshole. Nicka’s pussy was still wet and swollen. Both girls’ eyes were closed and they were massaging their own tits.

Thing was, I found myself wanting to enjoy the taste of Shana’s sex more directly after having sensing its aura off Nicka’s face earlier. I moved on my knees between Shana’s legs and started sucking on her dark nipples. Down down her chest and belly, my kisses moved to her legs. Her aroma was wonderful as I pushed her legs apart and licked the inside of her thighs. I got closer and closer to her beautiful cunt.

Shana started moaning as my tongue licked the area between her leg and her labia. Her taste filled my mouth as my tongue slid into her crack. She let out a gasp when I found her clit. I worked there until her whole body was shaking. At that point, I buried my face between her pussy lips and drove my tongue as far as it would go into her vagina. The taste and aroma of both of our juices filled my mouth and my nose. Hips rocked spastically up and down.

“Fuck me. Fuck me again,” she begged. I realized I was hard once more. As I climbed over her, I saw Nicka’s hand caressing one of Shana’s tits as she lay sideways watching us. As I drove my cock into Shana’s opening, I noticed a tear running sideways over Nicka’s cheek. Feeling sorry for her, I gently stroked her hip and slid my hand between her legs. My fingers pushed in as my strokes inside Shana became harder and faster.

It took me a lot longer to cum this time, and by the time I filled Shana a second time, we were all exhausted. The three of us squeezed in next to each other on the sofa.

“How long have you two, you know, been … had this … had this thing going?” I finally asked.

“Pretty much right after we moved here,” Nicka replied.

I turned to Shana. “I hope you can keep this secret from your husband. Especially, you know, uh, today,” I offered.

“It’s ok. I’ll actually tell him. We have an open marriage,” Shana told me.

Suddenly a panic came over me and I looked aghast at Nicka. “You and Martin?” I started to ask the obvious.

“NO. NO. NO.” both girls replied.

“Just me and Shana,” Nicka emphasized.

There was silence as I took this in and try to decide if I believed them.

Then Shana spoke up, “You know, it might be fun if the four of us did get together sometime.”

My eyes and mouth opened wide. But you know what? The first time I’d seen Nicka, long before we started dating, was at a wild party that somehow turned into an orgy. I’d watched across the room as two guys took turns fucking her. I was having my own fun, too, so I’d managed to compartmentalize that memory. And you know what else? I really enjoyed fucking Shana. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad; maybe even exciting to let another man have Nicka.

“I’m not bi, you know. I mean, I guess its OK if you girls have your fun, but count me out.” I tried to use as an excuse.

“He way isn’t, either,” Shana replied. “Anyway, it’s probably time for me to leave you two alone.” She picked up her pile of clothes and ducked into the bathroom.

By the time, Shana came out, Nicka, still naked, was sitting sideways on my lap. We were kissing and she was stroking my dick. My fingers were deep in her cunt. I took a moment to smile impishly at Shana as she smiled back at me and slipped out the door. Nicka slid over and sat on my cock. As I exploded inside her, I thought, “Things are good. Oh God I love that woman.”

We started swinging with Shana and Martin. A bit after that, agreed we’d enjoy having other lovers from time to time as long as we told all to each other. That turned out to be incredibly exciting, both in the doing and in the telling. Well, I mostly told her, except when I fucked her 17 year old niece, LOL.

NORMOPENGUY : So Margo, you wanted to know how we ended up having an open marriage. There it is.

MARGOSSECRET: Wow. That really got my juices flowing, Norm. My fingers taste so good!!!!!! xoxoxoxo