Party toy part 1


Me getting molested again but this time at a party!

Hi, I am a 22 year old girl and this story took place at my bf’s 30th birthday party 2 weeks ago. If you like part one, post something and I will post part two 🙂

I walked through the gate and up the path to the house. I walked in to find about 15 guys and 10 girls there at the party. They all stared at me as I entered like they were waiting for me to arrive. As if the nights entertainment had arrived. All looking at me and whispering amongst themselves. I head straight for the bar and down a drink before asking my bf, “So babe, what’s going on here”? He tells me, “You will know when it happens”. So I was like “What do you mean? Can you at least give me a hint?” All he replied back to me was “You will know when it happens and you will do it if you love me”. So I was like “Ok babe”.

So I kept drinking for like another hour and was getting a wee bit drunk. Someone put some Lady Gaga on the mp3 player and I started dancing in the lounge with the other people in my black see-thru tutu, black bra, white panties and black 5” heels.
I saw my bf nod to a few of his friends and they came over and started dancing around me in a circle. There was some whispering between the girls as they looked at me. Within a few minutes I realized I was the only girl on the dance floor and that nearly all the guys were dancing with me while my bf watched. I started sort of getting closer to a few of them in a flirty way and as soon as I did felt hands on my ass. I then felt hands sliding up the inside of my thighs and hands groping my breasts. The touching was really rough and sudden so I moved my hands to between my legs and over my ass to stop them or least slow them down.

That’s when the whole tone of what was happening changed. One guy grabbed on of my arm at the wrist and another guy grabbed my other and held them out so the guys could keep playing with my ass and rubbing my pussy through my panties. All the girls started cheering when they did this and my bf started laughing. I tried to struggle free but it just tightened there grip. One guy came around in front of me, knelt down and slid his hands up the outside of my thighs to my panties and pulled them down and off before I knew what was happening. I tried to stop him but the guys were to strong. I felt two hands rubbing my pussy really hard and rough as the guy who had removed my panties stood up and told me to open my mouth. I did and he quickly jammed my panties into my mouth. “That should keep her quite”, he said. As everyone laughed.

My bf looked over at his mate who was leading the whole thing; with his finger he drew a 180 degree circle. I didn’t know what it meant but before I could digest what the meaning, three of the guys picked me up and turned me upside down. One guy held my waste and two other guys pulled my legs apart holding them open. I was shocked and felt so exposed. Upside down, panties stuffed in my mouth spread open and out of control of the situation. They girls cheered again at this sight.

Next thing my bf comes over to me. He has a bag with him. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a huge black dildo like 14” long and 3” wide. My eyes must have widened with shock and fear when I saw the size of it cause one of the guys knelt down to my upside down face, grabbed my hair pulling my face to him and said “Oh what’s the matter babe, worried the boys will tear you a new one? Well my dear….your right, we are going to”. He then slapped me across my face really hard causing me to let out a muffled scream. My cheek felt hot and stung like hell.
I struggled again but it just seemed to make them hold me tighter. He reached back into the back and started laying the items out onto the coffee table for everyone to see. First a bottle of lube, then a silver speculum, a string of 4 giant 3”anal beads, some sort of device that had two thin rods wired to a box with a meter on it, (I later found out it was a electric shock making thingy) a huge butt plug like I mean 5” at it’s widest point, a hand full of cloths pegs and our pussy vacuum pump and cock pump. Each time he placed an item on the table the crowd cheered.

“Where to begin”? My bf said. “Oh I know” he replied as he picked up the cloths pegs. “You can’t have pleasure without pain now can we babe.” He took the pegs into one hand and started to take them out one by one like someone eating nuts. The first peg he opened then motioned to one of the guys not holding me to remove my bra. The guy just grabbed at it and ripped it off leaving a red mark across my back as it snapped and I winced.
He then took the open wooden cloths peg and put it onto my left nipple. It hurt so badly as it tightened on my soft nipple and I again released a muffled scream. Next came the right nipple. It hurt just as much.
He then started to flick the pegs which sent shivers of pain through my breasts and hurt sooooo bad! I could tell he and the others liked seeing me in pain as I saw some of the guys harden in their pants. I was confused at first when my bf took another peg from his cupped hand as to where he was going to put it. He looked at me and said, “Baby, you think those hurt, wait till you feel these” as he opened it up and pegged it to my left pussy lip. I screamed as loud as I could from the intense pain but it just made the crowd more excited. God it hurt like nothing I had felt before. The pain from this peg made me completely forget the pegs on my nipples till another guy flicked them reminding me. He took more pegs, spreading them and placing them on my lips till there were 4 on each side. The pain was unbearable! I was wriggling, writhing and screaming but to no avail. The guys just started flicking the pegs on my pussy and nipples making my sensitive areas hurt so fucking much..

When after a few minutes (what seemed like hours because of the pain) my bf began to remove the pegs one at a time, I thought the pain would stop as they were removed but it was still there when he began rubbing my pussy. As he rubbed he looked at his tools lined up on the coffee table and asked the crowd what he should use next. One girl starting repeating “Pump her up…pump her up…..pump her up”. others joined in the chant as he picked up the pussy pump and said to me, “We have to give the people what the people want babe”..
He moved the pump into position on my pussy and pressed it down to create a seal. He took the pump end of the device and instead of being in control of it himself as I had expected he said “Who wants first turn” to the crowd. I didn’t want someone I didn’t know controlling my pussy so I wriggled and tried to show this with my face and eyes but he just looked at me and laughed. I had been reminded I had not control over what was happening here tonight.
A guy I had never seen took the pump and began pumping it very fast. I was used to it being used slowly and when it sucked my pussy up and filled the device I thought he would stop and wait a while but the crowd began their “Pump her up” Chant again and he just kept going at the same speed. It hurt so bad I thought my pussy was going to explode! When it would pump no more he released the valve and removed the device. I looked up at my pussy as far as I could see it from my position.. People cheered when they saw just how inflated I was! My pussy was swollen huge, bigger than it had ever been before.
Someone started rubbing it and the increased sensitivity drove me mad with a mix of pleasure and pain till I came and squirted a little cum to everyone’s excitement. I thought to myself “thank God that parts over”, when I herd my bf take the pump again, hold it out in his palm and say “Who’s next”?……

Want part two? Leave me a message and if enough people want to know what else happened I will post more!
Thaks for reading guys 🙂

Party Toy Part 2