Public but Secret

I don’t know how this ever started. It all seems totally ridiculous now. I have dated lots of guys and always enjoyed great sex with most of them. I am now 32 and I suppose I became more demanding in what I like because it becomes such a waste of time when you are with a guy, decided to take him home and he turns out to be a dud.

Well, a few years ago I found one guy who was totally oral! All he wanted to do was go down on me. He was in his forties, good looking but a complete pussy freak. The first time we went to bed his just slid down, entered himself on my pussy and over the next few hours, must have given me 50 orgasms! We seemed a perfectly matched pair. He was willing to go without fucking me because of his fetish about pussy. That night as he was leaving at my door, I felt guilty and gave him a blow job at the door! He kissed me goodnight with his cum still in my mouth!

Well of course I went on with him for quite a time, and he always just wanted to eat my pussy. It became so great for me I began to seek other guys who were into oral sex too. I even advertised on Craigslist, men for women and women for men. But that often resulted in a guy just wanting ME to blow HIM!

So over the years I have been told I had a gourmet pussy. I keep a triangle trim that seems to turn them on more than a shaved one. And I get so juicy with any foreplay or even anticipation if I know he’s going to want to go down there! I am fairly voluptuous but not the least fat. Have nice tits and a good face. Nice long legs that I use to attract guys with. I have found there are lots of guys who want to lick a slit like mine! I am usually quite vocal too because it just gets to me once I start. And I begin to orgasm quickly and it then won’t stop. Even after being licked and sucked to orgasm, I can come little ripples for hours afterwards!

One guy would go down on me for an hour until I had maybe 10 orgasms and then take me to dinner just to observe the following tremors. A touch under the table always brings them about. Seems to me there are hundreds of guys who get off on making a woman cum!

So my job is to review certain papers and allow entry to a training facility in a mall. I work in a small cubicle like a theater booth ticket seller. A glass partition around me and between me and the client. You bring your paperwork to me, and I okay it and give you your pass. There is a counter between us. I sit on a raised stool and you can only see me from the waist up. I do wear sweaters a lot and often get guys lingering to look at my breasts. It was my regular guy who visited me once at work. A busy day with lots of people passing. We talked a bit and he had this bright idea.

He wanted to enter my booth and pretend he was fixing something, and then when he got the chance, he would move beneath the counter. I was wet in seconds. Crazy with the idea. I let him in and he pretended to be fixing wires beside me until he sipped out of view and sat on the floor between my legs. Then I felt my panties coming off, even raising my ass to allow it. Next thing I knew he was snuggled between my thighs kissing my pussy! Gawd what a feeling! He did it so slowly that I was in a state of arousal right away. And his mouth was at my pussy and licking so slowly and gently. Didn’t matter, I came in seconds! And he stayed there as I served customers! Just centered my clit between his lips and sucked it so beautifully that it was pulsing and twithing the whole time. If you bought our product and saw my eyelids flutter it was probably me having orgasms while looking at you!

So this is ongoing because that boyfriend who started all this, must have hinted at what I would do and told others because now I have four regular guys who come just to give me orgasms at work. And about 5 more who seem to know what is going on and try to sneak a look to see if a mouth is on my pussy while they are there. If a guy stands at the side of my booth he could see that someone was dining on my pussy. Sometimes I can hear hi sucking audibly and at first tried to cover the sound but now I like a great looking guy to hear it. One young man looked very strange at me and I just grinned. I don’t bother wearing panties to work anymore but always have a moist towel in my bag. My first guy who started this said I have the nicest tasting pussy he even tasted!

One guy fucked me under there with a huge dildo too and that was just lovely. And no one knew anything except I might have been breathless for a bit! haha.
I think I am testing the limits of female orgasm because I think I have about 30 a day! And everyone of them earth shaking too. I don’t even want this to stop but am looking for other situation that could induce my constant state of high arousal too. A friend said he knew a lesbian girl who would love to participate and when I said that was exciting, he proposed it to her and she agreed right away. So now I am waiting for a big smile from a woman stranger who happens by.

I get so much oral sex from these guys I know and with always more guys wanting the same thing and would love to find a similar situation where I could sneak under the table or something and suck off guys too secretly. Doing it like this is ultimately exciting!