Maria was studying in her dorm room when Lillian, her best friend and roommate, burst in, drunk as a skunk.

“Maria!! Girl…iss Friday night!” Lillian slurred as she stumbled across the room, kicking off her heels in the process. “You shou…should be pardying with me!” Lillian giggled.

Maria couldn’t help but scrunch up her nose as she got closer. She smelled of alcohol and cigarettes.

“Thanks Lilly, but you know I don’t drink. And I have that test on Monday that I really want to be prepared for!”

Lillian sat on Maria’s bed, forcing Maria to scoot over, though she couldn’t much since it was just a twin size bed.

“Marrriiaaaa! I’m sure you know that stuff bedder den the prof..professor.” Lillian leaned on Maria as she looked at the three notebooks Maria had open before her.

“How was the party?” Maria changed the subject because she didn’t want to get into what a work-a-holic she was again. It was the same thing every weekend. Lillian would stumble in and start ranting about how Maria missed a great party. Maria preferred a quiet night in her dorm to a loud party full of drunken college students anytime!

“Oh man! I’m so pissssed off! Mike wasn’t there, Andy wasn’t der.. I’m soo horny!”

Maria slid off the bed. Though she was used to Lilly being a highly sexual being, she couldn’t help but blush anytime she talked about her sexual exploits. She went to their little shared fridge and got a bottle of water for Lilly. She opened it and handed it to Lilly.

Lilly took a long sip, drinking half of it in one shot. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked up at Maria. “You always take such good care of me! What would I do without you?” She patted the bed next to her so Maria could sit on her own bed. Maria climbed back on and scooted to the other side so she could resume her studies. Lilly leaned back against the headboard. “I love you Maria. You’re the bestest friend!” and she let out a huge yawn. Her eyes began closing. This was also common behavior for Lilly. Maria would let her sleep for a little while and then wake her up and take her to her own bed. Sometimes she would just scoot closer to Maria and Maria had no choice but to let her sleep with her.

After about an hour and a half, Maria had enough of studying. She touched Lilly’s arm, gently shaking her. “Lilly, wake up. Go take a shower and go to your own bed.”

Lilly woke up and seemed almost wide awake. “You done studying?”

“For tonight I am” Maria removed her glasses.

“Good. Lay down for a bit!” Maria scooted down and laid down next to her best friend. They laid in silence for a while. After some time, Maria’s eyes closed. A few minutes later, she felt Lilly’s finger gliding up and down her arm.

“Your skin is so soft Maria” Maria froze, feeling goosebumps rising on her skin.

“Maria?” Lilly asked


“You ever wonder what pussy tastes like?”

“WHAT?? No! I’m not a lesbian!” Maria tried to sound aghast, but she really was used to Lilly always talking about something out of the ordinary.

“Oh my God Maria! You don’t have to be a lesbian to wonder! I wonder. I wanna know!” All this time, her, she kept rubbing Maria’s arm. She had turned to face Maria while Maria was facing up.


“Nope. Do not involve me!”

“Maria. You don’t have to do anything, just lay there. Let me taste your pussy!”

“WHAT? Are you crazy?” Lilly had quickly jumped up to straddle Maria, pinning her on the bed beneath her. “Lilly, get off!”

“Come on! You can just lay there and close your eyes! Pretend it’s a guy! You’ve have a guy lick your pussy before, right?”

Maria could feel her cheeks burning. She turned her head to not look into Lilly’s eyes.

“Oh my God! Really? No man has ever had the taste of Maria on his tongue?? Oh Maria! You’re going to love this! Come on, let me just lick it a little bit!”

“No! absolutely not! Get off of me!” Maria could feel her panties getting wet. How embarrassing for her. She wasn’t a lesbian, but the thought of someone putting their tongue on her private parts was tantalizing.

“Come on! I’m so horny and I wanna know what pussy taste like! I know yours is clean! I know you! Let me just get a quick taste! Pleeease!” Lilly grinded her pussy against Maria’s. Though Maria was wearing shorts, Lilly’s dress had ridden up so the only thing covering her was a thin black lace thong. One glance down and Maria was able to see Lilly’s clit through her panties. It looked swollen. Again, she grinded it against Maria’s shorts.

Lilly slid down Maria’s legs a little. She started rubbing Maria’s thighs. Bringing her hands closer and closer to her apex. Finally, she ran her hand over maria’s mound. Maria gasped. Lilly smiled and ran her thumbs over her shorts, feeling her clit underneath. She did that a few times. Maria couldn’t help but move her hips back and forth.

“Ohhhh you like that!” Lilly whispered. She then slid Maria’s shorts to the side, exposing her very wet , hairless and shiny pink pussy lips.

“ohhh..that’s such a pretty pussy!” and she slid her finger up and down from her opening to her clit. Maria jolted when she felt this. She didn’t dare say a word though. Lilly took her silence for acceptance. She continued to slide her finger up and down Maria’s swollen pussy.

“You’re so wet!” she said quietly. When she looked up at Maria, her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. She was clearly enjoying the sensation.

Lilly slid further down and brought her nose close to Maria’s pussy. She inhaled deeply. “Mmmmm it smells so good!” with one hand she held Maria’s shorts to one side and with the other hand she opened her pussy lips. She stuck her tongue out and gave her quick lick, not sure what to expect.

“OH wow! That tastes so good! It’s sweet!” She licked her again, this time taking a longer swipe with her tongue, causing Maria to moan. She found Maria’s clit and licked circles around it until she opened her mouth and sucked it in. Maria’s legs opened wider automatically, but Lilly closed them and quickly pulled Maria’s short off.

“Let’s just get these out of the way!” Then before she laid back down, she quickly removed her own skirt and underwear. She climbed back on and opened Maria’s legs.

“you… you said it was a quick lick! Just a taste!” Maria stuttered, making Lilly smile and lean back down. With Maria’s legs spread so wide, her pink pussy was fully exposed. Once again, Lilly took Maria’s clit into her mouth. “Mmmmm, so good!” She said around her clit.

Maria couldn’t help but moan and move her hips. Lilly slid her fingers up and down Maria’s pussy, wetting her fingers and then sliding them over her clit. Maria grasped the bed sheet beneath her and moaned. Lilly pushed her tongue into her opening as far as she could. “mmm..that feels so fucking tight! I wish I was a guy right now! I would love to have a cock so I could stick it up that tight little pussy of yours! I’ll just put my fingers in though!”

Lilly took first one finger and slid it in and out of Maria’s pussy. Then she slid another finger in. She could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing against her fingers. She brought her mouth down and sucked each one of Maria’s pussy lips, which were swollen with her arousal. She sped up the in and out motion of her fingers and Maria increased the movement of her hips to keep up.

Lilly’s own pussy was throbbing. She sat up, removing her fingers from Maria’s pussy. She slid her body up, lining up her pussy with Maria’s. Maria’s clit was big and sticking out from it’s hood. Lilly slid her own clit against Maria’s. The sudden pleasure she felt nearly made her come in that instant.

Maria’s eyes popped open. Her hips began moving of their own accord. She grabbed Lilly by her hips and began sliding her back and forth, making their clits grind together. Both girls shut their eyes and moaned loudly. Lilly brought her hands up and under Maria’s shirt. Thank goodness she wasn’t wearing a bra. She grabbed her large breasts and started squeezing them.

“Those tits feel so fucking good in my hands” She pushed the shirt up so she could see Maria’s breasts. Her dark pink nipples stood at attention, so hard and just begging to be sucked. She leaned down and sucked one hard nipple into her mouth. Maria gasped but she didn’t stop the friction between their clits. Both women were breathing hard now.

Lilly pinched Maria’s other nipple and rolled it between her fingers. “You like that my little slut?” She was out of breath but sucked the nipple into her mouth again. She pushed her pussy harder against Maria’s pussy. She knew she was close to coming. They both were.

The sounds of wet pussies rubbing together along with their hard breathing was all that could be heard in the tiny room.

“Don’t stop.. don’t stop!” Maria commanded. She was frantically moving her own hips up and down in rhythm with Lilly’s movements. Lilly brought her lips to Maria’s and kissed her. She slid her tongue against Maria’s soft lips and she quickly responded and opened up for her. Each girl swallowing the other’s moans and panting. Their tongues battled for a few seconds, then Lilly licked her way down to Maria’s neck, biting her gently.

Maria couldn’t stop the cry that escaped her. The pleasure was intense.

“OH yeah.. oh yeah.. fuck that pussy.. I’m gonna come Maria!” Lilly called out! Maria pulled her down hard into her pussy, making sure their clits grinded hard against one another. Lilly could feel Maria’s big and hard clit sliding between her pussy lips and against her own smaller clit. The sensation was overwhelming. The wetness between them increased and they each neared their own climax.

Lilly suddenly sat up and pulled her pussy away and Maria couldn’t stop herself from shouting “NO!” But Lilly raised one of Maria’s legs and angled herself so that their pussies were even closer now and the grinding felt even better because their pussy lips were now able to fully touch. Again, Maria grabbed her hips hard and pushed and pulled as fast as she could, raising her own hips to keep the friction close and hard.

Suddenly Maria stopped moving but kept her body stiff while Lilly kept grinding hard.

“Yes.. yes… ohhhhh fuck yes!” Maria chanted over and over as she came.

“Oh oh.. mmmmmm….” Lilly followed her as she kept sliding her pussy across Maria’s. “Ohhh yeahhhh”

She slowed her movements and Maria resumed her movements as well, keeping them slow also. Lilly licked Maria’s leg, making Maria moan some more. Neither girl stopped moving yet.

They kept the slow pace not wanting to stop. Their clits were sensitive, but it still felt so good to keep grinding them together. The moisture was everywhere now. Making the sound of rubbing wet pussies louder.

“MMmmmm don’t stop yet” Maria moaned.

“Nooo it feels so good” Lilly answered her. Lilly reached down and put her fingers between them, letting both their clits move between her fingers. Maria started speeding her movements up, once again pulling on Lilly’s hips to bring them closer together and controlling their speed. Their second climax was quickly on them. The frantic grinding finally slowing down until Lilly leaned down and kissed Maria.

“mmm… that was so good! I’ve never felt anything that good before! You have an amazing pussy Maria!”

The look on Maria’s face said she was in awe of what just happened She couldn’t believe the amazing sensations she felt.

Lilly stood up and pulled Maria up with her.

“Come on, lets clean up and get some rest so we an do this again in the morning!”