Seducing the Kid Sister Part 2

Pulling into the driveway Holly put her Focus in park but left the car in silent mode with just the battery running. The blonde’s hips squirmed a little as she smiled to herself thinking about how much fun the night would be with the hottest sisters in town.

Holly giggled to herself as she honked her horn. Swinging her legs out of the car she was pretty sure she flashed Shauna a clear view of her cream panties underneath her black leather skirt. On top of that she wore a red silk blouse with a couple buttons undone hoping to tease her friend a little and was rewarded by an extra long hug as she stood up.

Shauna had showered and put on some short jean shorts with the pockets visible an inch or two beneath the material. They were so tight the crotch left little to the imagination riding up into the teen girl’s cunt. Shauna also wore a black t-shirt with grrls printed in sparkles over her firm titties.

“No funny stuff Holly the neighbors can see us.”

“Can they hear us?” she asked with a little smile. A little confused Shauna shook her head a little.

“In that case…Shauna I want your fingers in my pussy so bad and I want to feel you rubbing and pinching my clit.” She added in her sexiest voice but to anyone watching they would think they were just talking as they slowly walked to the door.

“Oh fuck Holly I love the way you talk so fucking dirty. I want you to finger my pussy I want you to slide your middle finger deep into me and fuck me so fucking good.”

“I’m going to make you moan so loud you won’t stop moaning my name.”

“We can’t be too loud Lisa is here you know.”

That stopped Holly’s naughty mind as it dawned on her Shauna was super vocal on the phone more so than usual “I wonder…” she thought to herself.

“Well then we can wait till she goes to bed for the moaning but until then…” she trailed off as they got to the door as she brushed some of Shauna’s hair from her neck, leaned in, and lightly bit then licked her friend’s bare neck right around her rose tattoo. Moaning softly with one hand on the door Lisa turned to face her friend smiling as her free hand inconspicuously slid under her friend’s skirt and brushed her fingertips over her panties.

“Oh Holly I can feel how warm and damp you are you must have been having some fun” she smiled before opening the door and stepping in ahead of her. Not to be outdone Holly playfully slapped and squeezed Shauna’s ass as she followed her in and saw Lisa watching them from the kitchen and saw her eyes widen a little then look away. Shauna self-consciously pushed Holly’s hand away but she barely noticed as Lisa walked over and gave Holly a friendly hug.

“Hey Lisa how are you?”

“I’m great, nice to finally have someone to hang out with other than my sister.”

“Wow right in the back huh Lisa?” Shauna asked with a grin before she leaped to her sister tickling her stomach and sides. Lisa lost control and giggling as she felt her sister’s fingertips. Pushing her hands away she headed back to the kitchen.

“We’re making our own pizzas so I hope you weren’t expecting anything to fancy,” said Lisa.

Shauna took Holly’s bag “I’ll throw this in one of the rooms.” and after flashing a smile she was off. From the kitchen Lisa glanced up and gave Holly a smile while making sure everything was setup for the pizzas. She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of black cotton shorts that barely covered perfect little teen ass.

“So let’s see what we have to choose from,” Holly looked over the toppings as she stood next to Lisa.

“Wow you didn’t hold back did you” she said teasing her friend’s sister a little.

As she reached to see what was under the towel Lisa reached over too “that’s the dough it’s still rising a little.” Lisa’s fingertips brushed over the back of Holly’s hand before pulling back, blushing a little.

“What’s wrong Lisa? We’re been friends for a while you’re acting like I peed in your lemonade.”

Lisa stared at the counter top as she just mumbled something trying to focus on getting her toppings ready for her pizza. Not wanting to embarrass Lisa she checked over her shoulder but didn’t see Shauna coming in yet.

“You heard us on the phone earlier didn’t you, you horney little bitch!?” She asked as casually as she could watch to see her friend’s reaction and she got it when Lisa dropped a couple olives and blushed.

She opened her mouth to tell her it was alright when Shauna came in and their conversation was cut short as they started to make their pizzas. As they sat at the table Holly felt Shauna’s hand lightly resting on her bare thigh and couldn’t help smiling at her a little but seeing Lisa watching them she tried to hide the smile.

When he pizza’s came oven, Holly realized that Lisa had fear in her eyes, was worried that holly would tell Shauna about the eavesdropping on their phone sex.

But as Holley she took a bite of her pizza she realized Lisa face also held curious look as if she were speculating what would happen next. Holly reached up and ran her fingers through Shauna’s hair pretending to be getting something out of it and saw Lisa watching intently.

When Shauna answered her ringing phone and started and talking to a friend Holly decided to take another chance. Running her fingers through her own hair to get Lisa’s attention she let her fingers trail to the top of her blouse pretending to straighten it but actually moving her neckline around a little to show her cleavage off. Pleased with herself as Lisa’s eyes snapped to her cleavage then up to her eyes with a little smile before looking back at her breasts.

Slipping a sandal off Holly slid her foot across the floor till hers bumped into Lisa’s and she could see the younger girl’s eyes widen a little but she didn’t move her foot. She lightly rubbed the ball of her foot over the top of Lisa’s and then started to slide up her calf a little. Smiling to herself she let her foot slide up her leg even more up to her knee when she noticed a nervous look on Lisa’s face and it made her hesitate. She was about to pull her foot back when she felt Lisa’s soft fingers on her foot not only holding it in place but rubbing it a little against her thigh. Lisa’s face flushed a little but there was crocked little smile on her face.

Holly could feel her friend’s sister pulling on her foot knowing she wanted to be closer but she was only so tall. She tried to slip down in her chair a little without Shauna noticing but found herself slipping as the heel of her foot pressing against Lisa’s crotch. Lisa jerked slightly then slowly began bucking her hips so against Holly’s foot made full contact with the crotch of her shorts.

Shauna had no idea what they were up to but her call was important so she got up and walked into the kitchen. Holly sat back up straight smiling at Lisa, and got a smile in return but noticed her Lisa’s eyes were fixed on Shauna’s ass.

“She has a great ass doesn’t she?” she asked in a whisper making Lisa look horrified at first but then giggled and nodded her head. Looking over her shoulder then back she smiled as she hooked her foot around Lisa’s pulling her leg towards her, and a moment later she felt Lisa’s bare foot on her own leg slowly sliding up and down her calf.

“So what did you think about the phone conversation earlier?” She felt the foot on her calf freeze in place then start rubbing again.

“I really liked being able to listen,” said Lisa in a breathy voice.

“Was it weird hearing your sister moaning for me?”

“Kinda…but it really turned me on after a little while.”

“How much did it turn you on?” Holly asked teasingly.

As an answer she felt Lisa’s foot slide her leg up and rub on her inner thigh as she stretched her long slender leg and set her foot on the chair right between her legs. Staring into each others eyes Holly slipped her hand onto her Lisa’s foot pulling herself a little closer pressing her crotch into the hot teen’s foot. Holly’s hand guided the foot it a little rubbing the side of the foot up and down her weeping cunt. All they could do was smile at each other.

“So what did you like on the phone?” she asked curiously.

“I liked hearing you moan and talk about what you’d to each other.”

“Just me moaning or your sister too?”

“Yeah her too” Lisa admitted blushing.

“That’s so hot Lisa.” She noticed that Lisa only had one hand on the table. “So what’s your other hand up to?”

“I think you know”

“I think I do too but I want you to tell me.”

“You want me to….” blushing a little Lisa took a breath “Well I’m touching myself a little…I’m playing with my pussy” she giggled a little but seeing the look in Holly’s eyes and feeling her grind her pussy on her foot her giggle turned into a moan.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about.” Holly hissed.

“I’m thinking about watching you and….you and Shauna together.”

“And what are we doing together?”

“You’re on Shauna’s bed making out finger fucking then I think about you on your knees kissing and licking her cunt.”

Hearing her friend’s little sister blurt this out turned her on and made her own pussy twitch.

“Do you ever think about kissing her?” she asked before thinking it through and was about to say something when Shauna came back into the room. Holly felt Lisa pulling her foot back as they tried to compose themselves.

Lisa hopped up “I’m going to go to bed you guys, can hang…sooo… have a good night.”

Flustered Holly turned in her seat “Lisa I’m sorry if that was weird to ask” trying to set things right without making Shauna suspicious.

“It’s ok” Lisa said “And the answer is yes.”

That sent Holly’s mind racing with the vision of the two sisters making out. Turning back in her seat she heard Shauna whisper “finally” and the next thing she knew her lips where pressed to hers.

Holly could taste the cinnamon lip gloss and smiled into the kiss returning it just as passionately. Breaking the kiss both catching their breath “wow” Shauna whispered as she slid her hand onto Holly’s bare thigh sliding it up and down her soft skin.

Looking into each other’s eyes Holly ran her fingers over the neckline of her blouse and once Shauna was watching she slowly undid the next button on her blouse so Shauna could see that Holly wasn’t wearing a bra and could see the curve of her teen boobs. She felt her panties being pulled to the side already wet and warm from Lisa’s attentions. Shauna’s touch was magic, making her moan as she felt her friend’s finger slip inside of her wet cunt.

“Oh that feels good I was wondering when you’d do this tonight I was starting to think I’d have to hook up with your little sister.”

“Oh you know I can make you feel better than my hot little virgin sister can.”

“I don’t know she seems pretty sexy to me,” said Holly with a sigh.

“Of course she’s sexy she’s related to me, ” Shauna added giggling.

Their lips met again their tongues swirling and playing as Holly guided her friend’s lips to her neck moaning softly.

“Oh your lips are so soft” Holly could feel little jolts of electricity with each kiss.

“I was thinking about how fun it would be to make out with her and make you watch.” said Holly with a mischievous grin on her face.

“You’re so bad, such a dirty mind, such a tease, that’s why you turn me on,” said Shauna breathing more heavily.

With a smile Holly undid the rest of her shirt exposing her bare breasts “Me? A tease? Never.”

Running her fingers through her friend’s hair guiding her lips to her pink, stiff nipples

“That’s it Shaun lick my nipples suck on them,” Holly moaned as she felt two fingers slide back into her she spread her legs more. “Oh fuck yeah finger me slide it in deep baby.”

Looking up she saw Lisa peeking from the hallway smiling and watching but as soon as she knew she was spotted she disappeared back to her room.

Grabbing Shauna’s hand she pulled her after her as they headed into a bathroom closing the door behind them. Holly helped Shauna pull her t-shirt up and off revealing a black and purple lace bra before pushing her up against the door holding her arms by her sides. Slow soft teasing kisses from her lips, across her cheek, and slowly down her neck until kissing the soft flesh of her breasts.

“Tonight we’re going to have some fun,” hissed Holly smiling, stepped back she turned the water on in the shower letting it warm up

“You better get undressed”

Shauna smiled back As her slender fingers unbuttoned her shorts slowly pushing them down till she could kick them off revealing matching panties. Reaching behind her to unhook her bra and sliding the straps off her shoulders before hooking her thumbs around the elastic of her panties and wiggling them down to the floor.

An idea coming to Holly’s mind “Shaun where did you put my bag I have a surprise for us.”

“Really? What?” Shauna asked with a smile.

“Well it’s a surprise will you get my bag?” Shauna opened the door and grabbing a towel to cover up just in case she headed down the hall and around the corner.

Holly still in the black leather skirt and red blouse hanging open hurried the other way down the hall and into Lisa’s room without knocking.

“Ok here’s the deal…” she started to say as she turned around and her eyes went wide as she saw Lisa on the bed with her hand down her shorts fingering wildly making Holly moan when she could actually hear how wet this girl was. Holly smiled as Lisa’s eyes took in her naked breasts and smears of her sister’s lip gloss on her skin.

“Holly what’s it like to kiss her?” Lisa said in a sigh.

Without hesitating Holly stepped to her bed and pressed her lips to friend’s little sister’s.

“The cinnamon lip-gloss is hers” She saw the look of understanding on Lisa’s face and smiled as she watched her lick her lips.

“Listen I don’t have long” looking over her shoulder to the door “You can try to listen to us in the shower but if you want to watch us find somewhere to hide in her room by the time you hear the shower stop alright?”

Without waiting for an answer she ran for the door. Making it back into the bathroom just a moment before Shauna “So what’s the surprise?” she asked excitedly.

“The surprise is for later”

Pulling her in for another kiss letting her hands run over her friend’s body exploring the bare skin. Pulling back and smiling as she felt Shauna’s hands unzipping her skirt and then watched as she got on her knees pulling her panties down and leaning in just inches away from her clit and weeping cunt lips lightly blowing on them, making her shiver.

“Oh fuck” she moaned as she pulled her up for a kiss as they both stepped into the shower.

The water nice and warm throwing off some steam falling on their bodies. Shauna wrapped her arms around Holly’s waist from behind kissing her neck and bare shoulders as she slid her hands over her friend’s bare tight stomach. Sliding a hand down slowly between her legs her middling finger running over her clit then up and down it again before sliding her middle two fingers into her shaved cunt, pressing them in deep.

“You like it when I fuck you don’t you Holly? Do you wish it was my sister doing this to you?”

Shocked by the words all she could do was moan in response.

“Yeah? You want her fingering your pussy just like this? Fuck I would love to watch you kiss my hot young sis!”

Holly managed to moan out before turning to face each other and sliding her hand down, parting Shawn’s wet lips and twisting two fingers deep inside her. They finger fucked each other looking each other in the eye.

“You want to see me kiss my little sister?” Shauna said breathing hard, feeling Holly’s fingers in her pussy. “Oh fuck Holly, fuck me just like that, oh yes, want me to kiss lil Lisa don’t you, you sick bitch. Oh fuck, don’t stop fucking me.”

“Say her name Shaun I want to hear you say it” Holly hair stuck to their skin her nipples hard poking into Shauna’s boobs as they increased the speed of their fingers moving deep inside each other.

Holly was about to repeat herself when she heard Shauna’s quiet whispers of “Lisa oh Lisa right there sis don’t stop it feels so good Lisa”

Incredibly turned on by this Holly pressed her clit to Shauna’s thigh and made sure Shauna was pressing her cunt on her thigh as they started grinding and rubbing on each other. Both girls were lost in their own lustful thoughts, as the moaning became louder and higher pitched.

“Oh Lisa your body feels so good, my cunt on your leg lil sis, it’s going to make me cum! I can’t stop it Lisa, it feels too fucking good.” their bodies slammed together as their cunts rode over smooth wet skin.

Shauna’s body began trembling and jerking uncontrollably as Holly felt a torrent of her girl cum wash over her tight and down her leg. Shauna’s legs buckled but Holly grabbed her slick ass lifting her continuing to grind her cunt on her friends tanned thigh.

Seconds later it was Holly’s turn to lose it her hips thrusting uncontrollably as her cunt squirted cum up and down her friend’s leg. Both girls clutched to each other shaking as they step out of the shower Holly reached in to turn the water off and smiled hearing quiet footsteps in the hallway.

Holly and Shauna dried each other off enjoying feeling and exploring each other with their hands. With just their robes on and even those hanging open so they could still admire each other’s bodies. Holly reached into her bag pulling out what looked to Shauna to be a handful of material straps but then she saw the pink dildo attached to it

“A strap-on? Really Holly you want me to fuck me with one of those?”

“No Shaun I’m going to use it on you until you cum so hard you forget your name.” Shauna’s eyes widened but then a smile appeared on her face………