Sharon & Amy

Sharon was a 55 year old mother of two who until last year led a very much ordinary life with her husband Fred of many years . They had an average sex life & would fuck two or three times a month . She was a realtor & 59 year old Fred was a high school principal . That all changed when she met 21 year old Amy at the grocery store . Amy was a dyke who loved enslaving older married females . They chatted for a few minutes near the English cucumber section for a few minutes & then Amy invited the now hypnotized cumslut back to her house for drinks . Amy bought a few cucumbers of different sizes (for use later , she smirked )

Chapter 1

Awww that feels so good Mistress Amy Sharon moaned as Amy fucked her ass & cunt with nine & ten inch cucumbers . Amy had brought her home about 25 minutes earlier & after have a glass of wine each , Amy was now fuckin her new momma bitch with the veggies . Once Sharon reached orgasmic bliss , Amy sat on the stacked old hags face , Sharon had 40d natural slightly saggy tits , which she slapped while Sharon ate cunt . Sharon was an expert pussy licker , often she would lick pussy after work , some of her co-workers loved her tongue & would let her eat their 20something pussies before they went home to their young inexperienced husbands (who didnt know the basics of eating cunt ) Amy didnt take long to reach orgasm , & realized that Sharon would useful in eating the pussies of her other lezzie slaves .

Amy grabbed Sharon by her dark hair & led her to the bathroom where , she had the completely naked mother of 2 lie down on her back on the floor & she immediately gave the 55 year old slut her first golden shower ever . To further the humiliation she told her to get mop & clean up the piss . And she said call your husband Fred & tell him you’ll be a couple hours late

Chapter 2

Amy loved it , Sharon had her tongue up her ass & was licking the 21 year old’ s asshole , it had been nearly a week since the beginning of Sharon’s sexual slavery & Amy had also brainwashed Sharon’ s husband Fred . So now he was a cuckold , who was turned by knowing his wife was a sexslave to her new femdom. Today was the first day Amy dominated Sharon at her place. Amy was on Sharon’s bed in the doggy position while her submissive Sharon , who was collared & leashed with spike heels was eating feminine ass. Amy turned around & spreadeagled as Sharon began licking Amy’s clit. Sharon thought the natural blonde Amy tasted delicious . Sharon & Amy were total opposites, age gap , Sharon had raven hair big tits & ass and was 5ft3 , Amy on the other hand had an athletic body (she worked out daily ) she was 5ft 9 with a small ass & medium size tits . Licking her pussy lips Amy began to squirt in Sharon’s mouth .Mistress Amy realized Sharon was now completely at her beck & call and she could use as she wished

Chapter 3

It was a month later , & Amy had become somewhat bored with Amy , & had now pimped her out to two young men & make some porn & cash by starting a new website. Sharon signed the contract (she was brainwashed after all ) and would receive 49% of the profits fon her xxx scene.

Chad & JACK were 20 year old friends of Amy who she new would love to fuck Sharon . When they arrived , the two skinny dudes , were filmed side by side receiving expert blowjobs from Sharon , they both came all over Sharon’s face. Covered in jism , Sharon posed for pics , & walked casually around the room with cum dripping off her face. That was the end of scene 1

Scene 2 started with Chad , fisting Sharon’s matronly cunt , as Jack put on her Cumslave dog-collar on ,ballgagged her & leashed her . Since Sharon had a fenced outdoor inground pool . The next scene featured Sharon being led crawling like a dog outside . Where Chad & Jack dpd the houseowner who was screaming underneath the ballgag. Both Sharon’s ass & pussy gaped because together she was stuffed like a xxxmas goose. Over 20inches of cock , Sharon had never had so much penis . The final scene was the nastiest , after Chad & Jack had downed some drinks , , Amy told Sharon to open her mouth as she filmed the once respectable housewife drink young man urine, afterwards they covered Sharon in pee (all over tits, & hair ) & the final few minutes showed Sharon being led like a dog(collared& leashed) thru her living room by her Mistress Amy who was wearing a mask , to the bathroom where this time Sharon opened her mouth & drank female piss

Chapter 4

Sharon was at Amy’s apartment licking Amy’s moms pussy . Joyce was a dyke slave to her wicked daughter , she was a 49 year old redhead who was married to her second husband Philip , Philip knew about her & Amy’s relationship ( he like the others was a cuckold ) Sharon was slobbering & licking Joyce’s clit . Joyce had already orgasmed twice today , once when Amy had strapon dildo fucked her , & now from Sharon’s experienced tonge

Amy loved watching her slaves enjoying themselves & would soon have her mom join them on a sex adventure.