So Happy I Could Die


My first short story. Please go easy on the judging. This story is really about a teen named Rachel and her boyfriend. Girls, I left him without a name so he could be wherever you want him to be. Thanks for reading!

I was so glad when he had asked me out. I felt that my world had changed. An older guy. He was seventeen, I was fifteen. For a couple of months, everything was very ‘easy-going’. We held hands, we made out some and it was just the perfect teenage relationship.

About eight months into our relationship, we went to this nearby pizza parlor. We were their for about an hour, joking around, talking and all the rest. His house was about a ten minute walk from the pizza parlor. My parents let me go to his house, only because they thought it was an innocent relationship. They had never expected me to.. you know.. do it with him. And honestly, I never expected me to either.

When we got to his place, we discovered that his parents weren’t home. He had remembered later on that they were going out to dinner, it was a Friday night after all. It was about 5:30pm, and because my parents trusted me, I didn’t have to be home until 7:00pm. After ten minutes of looking for something to watch on t.v, we decided that there was nothing good to watch.
Now, you have two teens, with a strong physical attraction to each other. And their hormones are running, and they have nothing to do.
You know the rest.

“So, Rach..” he said quietly, “what do you wanna do?”
He seemed quiter than usual.
“What is there to do?” I asked. Suddenly, a grin formed on his face.
“Well, you know I really care about you, right?”
Oh God, I thought to myself. What did he have planned? In shock and slowly, I nodded. I could feel my heart beating fast.
“So, I really want to…” he cut himself off, “If you’re ready..”
I could feel my heart beating faster.
“I’m not sure.” I told him

He slowly got closer to me, and he kissed my neck. I have to admit, it felt good. Without me realizing, I placed my hand on his crotch. He looked at me, as if he were shocked. To be honest, I was shocked too. But, I went along with it.

As we continued kissing, I felt his crotch get hard. Damn, it became a rock. As we continued, I felt my ‘pussy’ start to ‘pulse’. I had never felt this way before. Before you know it, things got hot.

“Um, wanna head to my room?” he said
Speechless, I nodded my head. He sat up from the couch, grabbed my hand & led me upstairs.
I was nervous & I felt butterflies in my stomach, but I also felt wet. I’d rather give in to the horny side of me.

As we entered he room, he sat me down on his bed.
“Wait here.” he said
It had been a good two minutes until he came back. With a ‘magic safe square’.
“My parents are horny f*cks.” We both giggled, then went back to kissing.

It wasn’t long until he helped me remove me shirt and camisole, leaving me with just my bra on.
Then before I knew it, he took of his shirt and unbuckled his belt. His chest looked so nice and muscular, and he was sweating. I moved my hands up and down his chest. Okay, horny teenage girl was really coming out.

Soon he had removed my pants, and his. Then his boxers. When I saw his dick, I looked about seven inches. And yes, he was circumcised. Not bad. I reached for it, until he stopped me.
“We have to be careful & quick.” he said
He opened the condom, started applying it on, and grabbed my hand to slide it down his shaft.

I grabbed it, and before I knew it, I started sucking on his man meat. Damn, it tasted good. But the condom did get in the way. After five minutes, he removed my panties. Good thing I liked to shave.
“Damn, you are wet!” he told me
“Dude, just f*ck me.” my horny self replied
Slowly, he started fingering me. It hurt.

Shortly after, he set me down flatt & spread my legs. Missionary.
He grabbed his cock & slowly lead it into me.
“I’ll be slow.” he moaned

At first, it hurt like hurt like hell. With each thrust, he went in a bit deeper. And about a minute later, pain replaced my pleasure. He looked intoxicated. It was hot. It was a very intense moment, feeling that cock slip in me. At one point, I looked down to see blood. Not much, but an expected amount.
I let out a yell.
“Sorry…” he replied quickly
After a few minutes, he got all the way inside. It started to feel good.
He got faster. To the point where I could feel his balls slapping my pussy. And the sound of that filled the room. It still hurt, but not as much.

After awhile, he took of my bra. He started playing with my breasts. My nipples were hard. God, it felt good.
I felt goosebumps all over, as he started licking my hard nipple. Then, he sucked to suck it while playing with my other boob. He didn’t get enough & went down on me.
He licked & kissed my clit, and before I knew it, I fully cummed. All that time, I held it in but let it out & started moaning. Before I knew, I started seeing stars. So happy I could die.

After that, it was a blur. It continued much longer. But I’m not sure what happened.
Around 6:45pm, he walked me home. We kissed. He grabbed my ass and winked me.

A ran upstairs to my room, ignoring my parents.
“What’s up with her?” my father asked
My mom shrugged.