Sweet Princess Chapter 2 The Desk


The Life Story of a Horney Rich Girl Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Desk

After the reading of my father’s will I was awarded the keys to mansion, they unlocked to complete wonders of the house. Lucy, whom was with me during the will, drove me home. During the whole journey home I twiddled the keys between my fingers, I was wondering if I held the key to my father’s secret room.

As we came up the gravel drive I noticed a small brass key that didn’t look big enough to open a door but instead a cabinet or desk. I got out the car and wondered aimlessly towards the door, Lucy was hot on my heels always looking to comfort me. I wandered through the lifeless hallways until I came to the door of my father’s office. I stretched out my hand and wrapped around the cold brass handle, it sent a shiver through my body.

I twisted the handle and walked in it was cold in the room on either wall were giant floor to ceiling bookcases filled with first addition books. At the far end of the room was my father’s oak desk, behind it was a giant glass wall that looked out over the grounds, gardeners were almost dancing in the way they worked the flowers making it look like an art.

I slunk into the chair behind the desk, Lucy walked behind me and massaged my shoulders. I ran my fingers over the desk and flicked on the small writing lamp. The desk was perfect not a scratch or mark on it. I slowly slid open the draw to my left it was neatly arranged with writing utensils on the left and perfectly stacked writing paper on the right, I slide the draw back in and tried the one on my right it didn’t move.

I leant forward and examined the draw, there was a small hole next to the handle. I remembered the small brass key and removed it from my pocket, it slid straight into hole, I twisted the key and a click rang through the great room. I gripped the handle and pulled, the draw slid straight out and stopped me dead in my tracks. In the draw was a picture of my mother holding me as a child. I lifted out and put it on the desk, under it was a golden key.

Lucy grabbed it and held it to the light “we found it!” she whispered. She leant across and kissed me, she took the photo of my mother and put it back in the draw and closed it, took the key and slid it into the pocket of my jacket. She sat on the edge of the desk, her mini skirt rolled up revealing her small black thong, it was riding up in to her cunt making a cute little camel toe.

She leant forward with her hands on my thighs, her arms pushing her tits out of her tight white shirt. She pushed her fore head against and tilted her head to kiss me, her lips were soft and warm, it sent a shiver right to my clit. I slid my hands up her thighs and under her little black skirt, I gripped the string of her thong and rolled it down.

I ran my finger between her lips, they were wet and ready. I reached down to my left and slid open the utensil draw. I rolled my fingers over the contents, I found exactly what I was looking for; a great big thick pen and a long hard wood ruler, I placed them on the desk and she looked at me, her eyes full of curiosity. I took her hands and lead her to the front of the desk; I bent her over it and told her not to take her hands off it until I was finished with her.

I pulled her thong down from above her knees and made her step out of it, I forced it into her mouth to muffle her screams from her coming punishment. I rolled her little black skirt over her ass; the sight of her wet cunt thrilled me. I lifted the ruler from the desk and raised it into the air, I could hear her pants waiting for the strike, I brought the ruler down to meet her ass as hard and fast as I could swing it. She jolted forward and curled her fingers into fists to accept the pain, her muffled scream excited me, the red line on her ass throbbing. I beat her other cheek ,her screams taunted me to do it again and again to the point where I almost drew blood.

I put the ruler down, I could hear her muffled whimpers and see the tears running down her cheeks from the pain. At that point I knew the perfect thing to spend my father’s inheritance on, I would become… A mistress. I picked up the pen and rolled it between my fingers it was too thick to waste on her cunt, I spread her bruised and batter ass cheeks, she flinched from my touch her ass sore from the beating. I rolled the tip of the pen on her tight little ass hole, she squirmed begging for anything but in the ass. I removed the lid off the marker and wrote ‘cum slut’ and ‘fuck me’ on her legs and ass.

I placed the pen back on her tight little rim and slow pushed it in she screamed from the pain of the dry penetration, her screams just made me push it deeper. Her rim reached the lid and I stopped and left it in her ass. I stuck three fingers deep into her wet, throbbing cunt and leant forward to whisper in her ear “stay here and don’t move until I return.”

I left her there with both hands on the desk and the marker sticking out of her ass, I also left the office room door open in hopes someone would get curios and enter to find her bending over and take advantage of her sweet cunt. When I returned to her in the morning she was barely standing and cover head to toe in cum her blouse had been torn off and the marker pushed in deeper as if to hold in a huge load of steaming cum. Her ass cheeks had bruised and were now a purplish black.

I turned me on to see her like this, I walked over and crouched down behind her, cum was running out of her cunt, I couldn’t help myself I leant forward and licked her cunt clean it tasted so good. I needed more, I licked the cum from her thighs and ass she shivered every time I ran my tongue up her legs. Finally I pulled the marker from her ass, she squirmed and whimpered I could hear her muffled begs of “No more… Please”. The marker popped out leaving her ass agape, a cum load rolled out and I wanted it, I spread her cheeks and licked it from her ass but as I did my tongue slid into her rim she jolted forward, it excited my so I did it again and again she jolted forward but this time I left my tongue in her ass and wiggled it, I could feel her soft inside rubbing on my tongue.

I could feel myself moistening, keeping my tongue in her ass I removed my dressing gown and pushed myself right up against her, I could feel her cum running down her legs and over my breasts. I decided it was my turn to cum, I stopped licking her ass and walked around in front of her and sat in the chair so she could see me, I stroked her hair and whispered “my turn… come here and make me cum” I swivelled round on the chair and looked out the window. I heard a thud as she collapsed to the floor and crawled round in front of me. By this time the gardeners had noticed me sat naked with my legs spread in the window they were subtly watching me and waiting to see what would happen next.

She knelt in front of me staring in my eyes I slid my hand around the back her head and ran my fingers through her hair, I rolled it around my hand making a small ponytail, I gripped it like a handle to control her head. I slowly pulled her head closer to my cunt I could feel her breath on my clit. I pulled her tighter; my mind flashed with thoughts of suffocating her in my cunt, every movement of her jerking her head and gasping for air excited me and sent tingles through my clit. I pulled her head away from my clit, she looked up at me with her wide puppy dog eyes, I knew then I was in charge, finally sitting on my father’s throne.

I stood up and began to leave the room, before reaching for the door I turned and told her to follow me she rose to her feet and accompanied my by the door. As I opened the door she grabbed me and whispered “but we’re naked!”
I turned and to her, grasping her wrists “You do as I say!” she looked down to the floor “UNDERSTOOD?”
“I’m sorry” her eyes widened looking into mine.
“From now on you refer to me as Mistress!” She looked at me confused and took a moment to think about it “why?” I brought my hand up level with my head and struck her across her cheek with the back of my hand, she whimpered down towards the floor, I was overcome with power and I loved it!

I slid my hand down between her legs and slipped two fingers in her cunt like a hook and pulled her out through the door, she screamed in pain, a maid down the hall shouted to question if everything was I nodded and she left quickly. I continued to drag her down the hall by her cunt, her screams of pain attracting the attention of every member of staff, some wolf whistled other where stunned yet they all couldn’t stop staring. As we reached our room I threw her to the floor and demanded her to clean herself up. She looked at with me with fear in her eyes “yes Mistress!”