Swim Team Rivals


Julia is an ultra-competitive abrasive bitch on the swim team. Brad gets tired of her attitude and plans on how to break her mentally and physically.

I was inspired to write this story because we are in a heat wave, with temperatures in the high 90’s. Hopefully this story about swimming will help you mentally cool off, while also getting you hot at the same time!

Julia was the ‘Queen Bee’ of the women’s swim team at her university. She had been the valedictorian of her high school and won a scholarship based upon her swimming championships and academic achievements. She had the ideal woman swimmer’s body; 6’-0” tall with a long torso, strong shoulders and ankles, and very lean. She could be very feminine when she dressed up, but she preferred to dress casual and of course wore a swimsuit much of the time. Julia could be very intimidating to other women on the team, other women in the university, and also to men, because of not only her height and athletic body, but also her abrasive personality.

She was quick to criticize other people and even spread untrue rumors. She was an excellent student and starting her junior year at college. Like in high school, she absorbed new information quickly so had plenty of time for socializing, although she was not much of a drinker, which could negatively affect her swimming races. But she could not pick up social cues, and most people put up with her but did not like her because she could be very loud and obnoxious.

Paul had just transferred from a two-year school on a swimming and academic scholarship and was new to the men’s team. He had also been the valedictorian at his high school and also had an ideal swimmer’s body. He was 6’-3” tall, very broad and flexible shoulders, a long torso, with large hands and feet, just like his Olympic swimming idols. He was very disciplined in both his swimming training and his studies. Unlike Julia, he had to work hard to get his grades and be a champion swimmer, as academic work and swimming skills did not come as quickly to him as it did to Julia.

Julia easily won practice races against other women on the team, and often came in first or second place when her team was competing against other schools. Paul struggled more and had very uneven results, often because he didn’t have confidence in his abilities and did not have the competitive drive to win that Julia did. He was very shy, keeping to himself most of the time, but he was well liked. He had a few girlfriends in high school and in his first two years of college and he was usually introduced to a girl by friends or family, but they often got bored with his passive, introverted personality. They wanted the bad boy. Also, the girls he dated very often very petite and he had a very large thick cock, which small girls found very intimidating along with his height, broad chest and large biceps.

Paul and Julia were in some of the same classes, both studying the same major, and Julia saw him as a rival as soon as she was introduced to him the first day of the semester. “Hi, my name’s Julia. What’s your name?”

He looked down a little and replied, “Hi, I’m Paul.”

“I understand you are on the swim team too?”

“Yes, I am looking forward to enjoying my studies here and helping my team win.”

“Paul, you have the wrong attitude. Except for relay races, you need to focus on your own victories, not how good the team does. You are here to get a high GPA, not actually enjoy your studies. It is only about building a strong academic resume to be able to get a high paying job. Unless you want to be an Olympic athlete, swimming is a just a resume builder to get that top job.”

“Julia, I believe that a person should want to be strong in school and sports to build their character, learn to work well in groups, and build mental toughness to be able to weather the ups and downs of life.”

“Well, I don’t expect to have any obstacles in life get in my way. I’ll just ram through them and anyone who gets in my way, they better watch out. I am going to a party Saturday with all the right people, who might be able to help me get a job after I graduate. Do you want to come? I can get you invited with my connections.”

“No, I am going to just study my classes and rest after this week’s practices.”

She looked at him with a slight feeling of disgust. “Well, people are going to look at you as a nerdy loser if you don’t socialize, and I would agree with them.”

“That is not a very nice thing to say to someone you just met.”

“Well get over it. Only the strong survive. Stop being such a sensitive baby.”

At the first practices, Paul did well in his practice races against his other team members but did not come in first. Julia came in first against all her teammates, and she let him know it. “Paul, all your studying and resting on the weekends is not helping you with your swimming. You are pretty good, but I am better than you and always will be.”

Paul was flabbergasted at how rude Julia was. “I am happy that my swimming is getting better and better. I am not trying to be an Olympic athlete.”

“Paul, I could an Olympic athlete if I wanted to be, but even if I don’t want to be one I need to beat everyone, since it is practice for my being able to climb my way over everyone to get to the top of the corporate ladder.”

Over the next couple of weeks he was not trying to compete with her, but when he got a test back and she asked him what he got, he told her he received a 95 grade, but she would brag that she got higher. When they competed against other teams, he would usually come in third and she often would come at least in second and belittle him for not being as good as her. She was trying to be the fastest woman swimmer at the university ever in many race categories, but he had little desire to beat school speed records.

Besides her atrocious behavior mocking him about his grades and swimming abilities, she started spreading rumors about him. First, it got back to him that she was telling people he only dated men. Then he heard that she said that people didn’t want to date him because he had a tiny penis.

Towards the middle of the season he had finally gotten sick of her bragging about her academic and swimming triumphs and making up rumors about him. He had a plan to show her he was as good as her. He had grown to really hate this woman and that was not in his nature to have such strong emotions.

“Julia, I have a friend who works at the university swimming center and will leave it open for us at night after everyone leaves. I get distracted by everyone when I am trying to set time records in races. Why don’t we swim against each other alone tomorrow night and see how fast we each swim compared to our best time.”

“You think you can swim faster for a man than I can for a woman? No way. I’ll kick your ass like I kick your ass in our classes.”

Paul was seething now but did not let his anger show. “Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow at 11:00 pm at the swim center.”

They both met at the swim center and his friend had left a side door open, which they locked after they entered. His friend would hang around outside the building for his shift until it ended at 7:00 am in case anyone came by, and he was hoping Paul would beat Julia, since his friend hated her too.

“Paul, glad to see you weren’t afraid to show up so I can show you how a real champion does it.” These two looked like a couple you would see on a cereal box, with their bathing suits clinging to their muscular bodies. But Paul was not smiling, and Julia had her usual smug look on her face. He was able to hide his emotions, so he always just looked disinterested, but not angry. He did want badly to be faster than her to shut her up once and for all.

They got on the blocks and took off for an 800-meter race, which is 16 laps, with them both smoothly cutting through the water. While Paul got to the final wall first, his time was not as fast as hers, adjusting for man vs. woman speed abilities. They were exhausted when they got out of the water.

“Hey Paul, I told you I would beat you. I will always be better than you.” Paul felt defeated but had another idea to show her up.

“Julia let’s go up on the high dive. I am a very good diver and will do a more difficult dive than you.” She looked at him sheepishly.

“Paul, I am not a very good diver off a low board, and I am deathly afraid of heights, so I never go off the high dive.”

“So, it looks like I win by default.”

Her mind couldn’t deal with losing, so she grudgingly decided to overcome her fears, and quickly snapped back, “even though I don’t like high diving I will do it and will still kick your ass.”

“Tell you what Julia. We’ll dive off the women’s high diving platform, which is only 75 feet, instead of the men’s high diving platform, which is 90 feet.”

Her ego couldn’t deal with his letting her off easy. “No, we’ll go off the men’s high dive.”

She slowly climbed up the stairs, with her long legs shaking from fear and exhaustion from swimming a long race and nervous that she couldn’t back out now. When they got up to the platform Julia was terrified. She started getting dizzy but didn’t want to admit that Paul had defeated her.

“Ladies first, Julia. Let’s see how good a dive you can do.”

She walked out to the edge of the platform, but her fear of heights overcame her. She turned around and lied, “Paul, I don’t feel like diving. I am tired and wouldn’t do my best dive, but I would still beat your dive anyway. You are still a loser in sports and your classes and even though I don’t know for sure, I do think you probably do have a short stubby pencil dick and prefer men over women. That is unless you are a virgin.”

She had now sent him over the edge with anger. He pulled off his swim trunks and his huge cock sprang out, with a purple throbbing head bouncing up and down. Even his penis was enraged at this nasty woman.

“Paul, what are you doing? I was only teasing you to get you mad. I never meant anything I said.”

“You’ve teased and insulted me too much. It is time for you to make it up to me.”

“What do you mean? Make it up to you?” Something had snapped inside him, and he was no longer the nice passive Paul. He wanted to humiliate and hurt this bitch, like she had hurt him all semester.

He started walking towards her and she was terrified that she would fall off the platform into the water from 10 stories high. “You are going to get down on your knees and suck this ‘pencil dick’ of mine.”

“I will do no such thing. Get out of my way. I need to get off this platform. Can you please help me walk down? My legs are shaky, and I feel dizzy.”

“You are not getting past me. You are going to take it deep down your throat until you gag on it. You probably have had a lot of cocks in your mouth. Probably ones as big as mine, so this should be no problem for you.”

She looked up at him with fear in her eyes and said in a low voice, “I’ve actually never given head before and I don’t think I can even fit that in my mouth.”

“Well Julia, I guess there is a first time for everything. I am losing my patience with you.” As he snarled his words at her, she could see the veins bulging on his neck and his face and temples.

She obediently got down on his knees as he put his cock next to her lips. But she refused to open her mouth. He suddenly slapped her cheek hard, which startled her, and she tentatively opened her mouth and slowly engulfed his penis with her mouth. He got impatient with her again.

“Stop stalling and start making it up to me for your arrogance.” He grabbed her head by the back of her white swim cap and pulled it towards him, so his dick went so far into her throat that it was tickling her tonsils.

She started gagging and pulled back hard to get his phallic invader out of her mouth and started crying. “Paul, please don’t do this. You can stop and I won’t tell anyone. I’ll treat you better from now on.”

He slapped the other cheek even harder. “Too late for that apology. Open up wide. We only have until 7:00 am for you to learn that you are not better than anyone, you insufferable bitch.” She opened her mouth and he shoved his huge cock hard into her mouth again. He grabbed her head and started pulling it onto his cock, then pulled her head forward and back while he stood still. He loved the look of this snooty co-ed looking up to him with fear as she choked, with her face turning beet red and drool coming out of the sides of her mouth, as he viciously face fucked her. A few times she felt like puking.

She managed to pull off his dick one more time and cried, “please don’t cum in my mouth. I’ll choke on it.”

“Well you should have thought of that before you started your vicious campaign to humiliate me. You are going to swallow my scum and I don’t care if you choke on it and hate the taste.” He forced his engorged cock into her mouth and kept angrily face fucking her beautiful but now tear streaked face. He soon couldn’t take it anymore and exploded into her mouth, with his sticky goo sliding down her throat as she gagged on his huge load and grimaced at the taste.

She looked up at him with shame and meekly murmured, “well I hope you are happy now. I am still better than you though. I am leaving right now and reporting you to the university and the police.”

He looked at her again with the only emotion he had left, a need for more revenge.

“No one will believe you. Everyone likes me and hates you and since my friend opened the door with his access card, he will be my witness that we weren’t even here, and another friend is going to say I was at his apartment watching TV. There is no evidence. “Now take off your swimsuit,” he snarled at her.

Julia was shocked at how nasty he had become. “I will never do that. Don’t you know who I am at this school?”

“You are nothing but someone who accidentally fell off the diving platform and hit her head on the side of the pool.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“It is not a threat. It is a promise.”

She knew she was defeated for now but was determined she would get revenge on him after tonight. She slowly slid the straps of her swimsuit down over her shoulders and struggled to peel her wet swimsuit down to her ankles and slowly stepped out if it. She tried to cover her breasts and bald pussy as well as she could with her hands, but he was having none of that. He stared at her gorgeous willowy tall body. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her. He was savoring the thought of having her writhing in pain on his enormous cock.

“Get your hands down and lay flat on your back with your head at the edge of the platform.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I want. I have been waiting for this for a long time. You either let me do whatever I want, or you go over the edge of the platform and do a nice backwards flip.”

She meekly got down on the platform. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“No, just tease you like you tease me.” He straddled her waist and bent down to her face and sneered, “who is on top now, huh?”

He did something that surprised her. He gently kissed her mouth, then worked his way down to her breast, which he started licking and sucking on. He nibbled on her nipple for a while and she started getting very turned on. Her shaved cunt started to involuntarily moisten. He then worked his way up from her ankles kissing her softly and stopped at her pussy. She so desperately wanted him to put his mouth on her now soaking sex and her aching clit. She parted her legs like she was in a trance and he started licking her pussy and clit slowly, as she started moaning.

She hated the feeling of not being in control, and was afraid of falling off the platform with her head being so close to the edge, so she tried to both stay still, and also not give him the satisfaction of letting him know he was driving her crazy with desire. He kept edging her, keeping her close to orgasm and then slowing up. He kissed up and down her body while slowly fingering her engorged clit. Her head was swimming with both fear and bliss. “Paul, please make me come, I need to come.”

“Still trying to order me around?” You’ll come when I tell you to come.” As he was licking her again, he wet a finger and reached under her to insert into her clenched anus.

“Hey what are you doing? No one has ever touched me there.”

“First time for everything.”

He inserted his finger slowly into her rosebud and kept up his assault on her clit. She started to wrap her legs around his head and as he fingered her ass, she reached a shuddering orgasm, as he felt the walls of her anal cavity pulse around his finger.

After she slowly recovered, he softly said, “how did you like that?”

“I didn’t like it and you weren’t even able to make me come,” she lied. “Let’s go, you got what you wanted to try to humiliate me and you failed.”

“I haven’t got everything I wanted yet. We haven’t even warmed up yet.” He pulled her up onto her feet as she struggled to break free from him.

“What are you doing Paul, have you lost your mind?”

“No, but you are going to lose your dignity.” He pushed her face first against the railing at the side of the platform and she looked down below with fear in her eyes. As he leaned against her, he said, “It would be a shame for you to fall over the edge of the railing. Now put your hands on the railing and look forward while you pay for spreading rumors about me and for being a bully.”

She put her hands on the railing. He grabbed her around the waist to pull her back so she would be a lower height to his waiting cock, since she was so tall. “I’ve been waiting to jam this into that pretentious twat of yours for weeks now. It will probably not be tight at all though, with all the cocks that have probably been in there before mine.”

“Wait Paul, please no! I am a virgin. I’ve never had sex with anyone!”

“How can that be? You’re lying. You are a social butterfly and act like you know every guy on campus and they are all madly in love with you.”

“No one likes me. No one has ever even asked me out. They are intimidated by me. And they always think I am already going out with someone else anyway.”

“Well let’s check you to see if you are really a virgin.” He reached his hand down and felt inside her soaking pussy and reached her barrier and smiled, as she looked off into the distance with a look of humiliation in her face. “You really are a virgin. I am going to enjoy this. I’ve never had a virgin and never fucked a woman as bitchy as you whether she liked it or not.”

He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock to get more lubrication.

He slowly inserted it into her pussy a couple of inches as she started screaming, “take it out, take it out, you’ll split me in two!”

“I hope I do. That would make us even for how you’ve split open my feelings and stomped all over them.” He went in and out slowly like her pussy was an appetizer, waiting for the main course to be served to him. She started liking the feeling of teasing her, but then he reared back and plunged in fast, blasting through her hymen until he bottomed out deep into her womb, and laughed like a mad man as she shrieked in pain.

“Paul, please stop. What did I ever do to you? Please stop, it hurts so bad!”

“Still giving orders I see,” he shouted. “I hope I can last a long time. I want to fuck you so hard and long that I need to carry you down the stairs on my back because you are too sore to walk, you useless cunt!”

He started sawing in and out without mercy, as he slapped against her tight ass cheeks over an over as she wailed in pain. But just when she thought she would pass out, her virginal passage started to stretch to accommodate his wide girth and she started to push back in rhythm to his thrusts. He reached around and pulled hard on her nipples, which drove her wild with more lust, for this man who was abusing her like she wasn’t even a real person.

She sensed from his heavy breathing that he was going to come soon and tried to move forward to get away from him, putting her head even further over the railing. “Don’t you dare come in me! I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Don’t you understand? I don’t care what you want. Get ready to take your first cum load, you insolent bitch.” He reached around and started massaging her clit as he felt his cum starting to boil in his huge nut sack. He let loose with a torrent of cum as she shrieked with an intense orgasm. He felt great that he had taken her virginity from her in the most humiliating way possible.

After he softened and pulled out, he gruffly said to her, “pick up your bathing suit and I’ll help you down the stairs. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson. I bet you’ll never get fucked like that again.”

“That was nothing Paul. I will find someone who really knows how to please a woman. Your cock wasn’t that big.”

Paul shook his head. This wild pony was going to be hard to tame. He had one more idea. They walked silently to the locker rooms but as she tried to go into the women’s room, he grabbed her arm and said, “you’re showering with me, I want to make sure you’re clean before I make you dirty again.”

“What are talking about! I did everything you wanted. There’s nothing left!”

He pulled her silently into the shower and washed her body and shampooed her hair. She was puzzled why he was being so nice. In the shower she had scrubbed his cock clean and she secretly started admiring how large and thick it was and how good it felt in her pussy once she got used to the size of it. When they finished showering, she dried her long hair and put it up in a bun.

“Can I get dressed now? I need to go home and go to sleep. I have an afternoon class and an away swim meet the day after tomorrow.”

“No, we need to take some pictures that you were a willing participant in tonight’s activities.”

“I will do no such thing.”

“Then let’s go back up on the high dive platform.”

“Okay, you win again. This time.”

“Get on your knees and suck my cock so I can take a picture of that and look up at me like you love it.” She submissively got on her knees and took his penis into her mouth and acted like she loved it while he snapped a picture with his phone, but she did really love the feel of how his huge member gagged her throat.

“Now get on your hands and knees so I can take a picture of you taking it in your pussy from behind.” This time she eagerly got on her hands and knees and loved how it felt when he sunk his meaty tool into her waiting cunt, and he took another picture.

He pulled out and laid on his back and to humiliate her more he smirked, “now straddle my cock you little pony and ride me like a cowgirl. Her face was red with anger, but she was extremely turned on by him controlling her, and she quickly grabbed his dick and sunk down hard on it, and bobbed up and down and forgot what she was doing, as he took another picture. “I didn’t say for you to ride me until I came. Now lay back on the bench over there and play with yourself while I record you.”

“Are you nuts! I’ve never masturbated in front of anyone.”

“But you’ve never fell backwards off a diving board either.”

She knew she better listen to him and reluctantly sat down and leaned back as she spread her legs and started massaging her clit while she also massaged one of her tits with other hand. Paul loved filming this and she lost herself in the intense feelings of him watching her be so uninhibited and wild. She started shaking as she came hard. “It seemed like you enjoyed that Julia. Were you thinking about how much you like me now while you pleasured yourself?”

She got up off the bench and shouted, “I will never like you. You are still a nerdy loser and you will never control me. Even though your dick is big, I bet you like boys better!”

“Julia, first there is nothing wrong with being gay. I have several gay and lesbian friends. Second, I do like anal sex with women I am attracted to, but I still can’t stand you. You still never seem to be able to keep your mouth shut, so we will need to continue our lessons in civility.”

She looked at him with a paralyzing fear. “What are you going to do, you sick fuck?”

“Something someone should have done a long time ago.” He reached down into his gym bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“What are those for, you psycho!”

He didn’t answer but grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the whirlpool bath that the athletes use to relax their muscles. He handcuffed her hands around the arm at the base of the retractable faucet that is used to pinpoint water onto individual sore muscles, so that she was on her knees bent over the rim of the tub and could barely move.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I don’t know if you like rap music, but there is a lyric that I love that goes, “pass the KY, let’s get ready for some intense serious ass-fucking!”

“No, not there! Please, I promise to change. You’ll see. Please, I beg of you no. I’ll have hemorrhoids for life!”

“It’s all about you again. I only got two out of three of your virgin holes. Time for the last one. I haven’t had a good ass fuck in a while and have never hate fucked a virgin asshole. This is going to be fun. For me. But I need you to ask me to ass fuck you. I wouldn’t want to do something bad, like force you or anything,” he grinned sarcastically.

“I will never ask you to put that overgrown sausage in my cute little asshole,” she sneered in arrogance.

“Well I guess I will have to persuade you.” He reached into his gym bag again and pulled out a leather belt. Julia couldn’t look behind her to see what he was doing but became afraid again knowing he had reached into his bag for something.

She heard the sound of the belt whistle through the air as it connected the first time on her ass cheek. She cried out in pain as he kept beating her with the belt. “No, no, no, you asshole! I’ll have you killed. You can’t beat me in school or the pool, so the only way you can beat me is with a belt. You are a coward.”

“Tsk, tsk, Julia, you just can’t shut up, now can you? Time to change that.” He turned on the jets in the tub and walked up to her head and quickly pushed it down into the water. She tried to keep the water out of her mouth but took some in and started choking. He finally let her head up and she screamed again.

“So that is how you are going to conquer me, by waterboarding me! You are pathetic.”

“Wow, it is getting late. We need to speed up this process to get you to beg me to ass fuck you.”

He pulled out the belt and started hitting her again, alternating between her quickly reddening, ass checks, her back, her legs and even the bottom of her feet. She was soon a sobbing, crying mess, but she would not give in. He dunked her head again into the water a few times for effect, but still no begging by her, to be sodomized by Paul’s patiently waiting erection.

He got another idea. He got some lube out of his gym bag and smeared it around her rosebud.

She got very angry. “I told you you’re not going to fuck my ass!”

“No, but the faucet is.” He pulled out the retractable faucet from its holder and put a narrow nozzle on the tip. “They say this is good to loosen up muscles and this should loosen up your ass enough to fit a truck in there. I think a couple of gallons of water should drown you from the ass end, instead of through your mouth.”

“No, no, I beg of you no! Put your cock in there.” He had his phone recording her saying this.

“Great you finally begged me to fuck your virgin ass. I got that recorded too.”

She trembled in anticipation but became disgusted with herself that she was actually excited too. Paul’s cock felt so good in her mouth and in her pussy, and she was salivating that maybe it would feel good in her virgin ass too. He slowly opened up her ass with a finger, then two, then three. He spread some lube on his cock and slowly started guiding it into her too tight rectum.

“Go slow Paul, please.”

“I like when you say please. That is a new word for you. Just relax. If you are nice to me, I will be nice to you.”

He put it in a little more and she started to feel pain but also a weird sensation as her ass started stretching to fit his penis inside her. He worked it in and out, going a little deeper each time. “How are you doing Julia? Is my little dick good enough for you now?”

Suddenly Julia’s resistance snapped, and she just wanted to feel his entire cock fucking her ass deeper and deeper. “Uh, huh,” is all she could manage to say and waves of emotion starting swirling around in her head. She had never had someone stand up to her and it felt good for once not being in control and to just let go.

She started bucking back against him as he thrust into her. She was still in great pain but didn’t care anymore. She wanted him to cum in her ass. “Please cum in my ass, pleeeaaase.”

“Well since you said please, hear it comes.” He started thrusting faster and faster and reached around to rub her clit. They both came in a scream with the sounds echoing off the tile walls.

He took the handcuffs off the tub faucet and she looked up at him shyly. “I really thought you were going to drown me.”

“Nah, just trying to give you an attitude adjustment.”

“Can we get cleaned up now?”

“Yes, my cock is kind of dirty. It would be nice of you to clean it off with your mouth.”

“But it was in my ass.” She caught herself as she spoke and realized that he could do anything to her if she disobeyed. She meekly opened her mouth and sucked his slowly deflating member until it was clean, and he patted her on the head as a humiliating gesture, as she smiled at him.

They got dressed and left the swimming center, with Paul’s buddy winking at them as they walked by. Julia was absolutely mortified, but Paul’s friend didn’t know exactly what happened. Before they got to their cars, Paul at first looked at her menacingly and said, “after our out of town swim meets on Friday, we are going to meet at your apartment to compare notes about our races. Then I am going to fuck the shit out of your mouth, pussy and ass all weekend along.”

She looked at him shyly like a puppy looks at their master for approval. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I hated it at first, but you made me cum so hard, but I have nothing to compare it to. Was I any good compared to other girls you’ve been with?”

“Julia, that was the best sex I ever had, and you could be the best girlfriend any guy could have if you just weren’t so ruthless and nasty.”

“You really mean that?”

“He kissed her on the forehead and whispered, “have I ever lied to you?”

Julia and Paul were both in a daze the next day from their night of passion, which was more like a battle of wills, or even more like a military battle. She had butterflies in her stomach every time she thought of him, and he started looking at her in a different way. Maybe there was hope for this cold, heartless bitch.

They both rested on Thursday and were ready for their races Friday morning. After their respective meets, Paul went to Julia’s apartment and she meekly answered the door. It was like she was another person, smiling, gentle and kind. “Come on in and tell me about your race. Let me get you a cocktail.” They sat with their drinks on the couch and he told her about his race.

“Julia, it was unbelievable. The anger I had for you when we were having sex made me so aggressive that when I raced today, I just thought about winning. I had my best race ever and came in first place! But then I thought about you and felt bad that maybe I had gone too far and maybe you are not that bad a person. You just have an aggressiveness that brings out negativity in others.”

“Paul, I had a great race too. You forced me to do so many things I had never done before, it made my mind think differently that instead of trying to calculate a strategy, I just went with my feelings and got into the zone where everything else just drifted away and I just focused on the task at hand. It was like when you terrified me that I was going to die, and I just had to focus on survival and was eventually able to focus on just our pleasure.”

Paul couldn’t believe what she just said. Maybe she had changed. “So, Julia did you win?”

“No, I came in second place, but my opponent was much stronger than me, so I was happy with my performance. I had a lot of fun though.” Now he knew that something had changed in her.

“Julia, can I ask you a question?”


“Why do you hate me so much?”

“I don’t hate you at all. I’ve been very attracted to you since the first time I saw you and wanted to get to know you.”

“You have a strange way of showing it.”

“I am actually very shy around people and lack confidence, and I overcompensate by being aggressive. I didn’t know how to approach you or even flirt with you to let you know I had an interest. Most guys ignore the tall girls and I didn’t know if you liked tall girls.”

“So, you treated me like crap all the time to just get my attention? I was very attracted to you too, but I am a little shy and thought you would turn me down if I asked you out. I love everything about you, especially your height. Girls who are short kind of turn me off because they look too young standing next to a giant like me. I just don’t like your aggressiveness.

“Paul, we both had communication issues for sure. But my strategy to get you to notice me seemed to work. But not in a good way at first, until I pushed you far enough to make you overcome your passive nature and choose me over all the other girls in the university. They all tell everyone how much they want to be with you.”

“Other girls want to be with me?”

“You have no idea how many.”

Paul started feeling drowsy and soon everything faded to black. He woke up and he was laying on his back handcuffed to Julia’s bed. She was sucking on his huge cock and as he was coming out of the fog of whatever she had put in his drink, she straddled him and inserted his cock painfully into her very tight snatch. She started riding him hard as he stared at her in shock.

“Julia, what happened? What are you doing?”

“I am claiming you and your cock as mine. No other girl is going to get near you,” she said in short spurts of words as she rode him like a pony. You broke in this pony all right, but now I want to break in my new big stud stallion.”

“Julia, please tell me you are going to be nice to me from now on?”

“Of course, I am silly. I want you to be my man. I only want us to be aggressive with each other when we are in bed.” She continued to ride him hard, as he slowly started heading towards an orgasm.

He smiled as he knew things would be different between them from now on. No more competition between them. As they reached orgasm, she bent down to kiss him and they both said ‘I love you’ at the same time, as they both came.

“Julia, you can let me out of the handcuffs now.”

“Only if you keep your promise to fuck my mouth, ass and pussy all weekend.”

“Okay, but we have swim meets on Monday. We are going to need some rest in between.”

“Okay. I’ll just leave you handcuffed all weekend, and you can rest while you fuck my pussy and ass and I sit on your face like this.” She straddled his face and told him to stick out his tongue and lick her pussy.

“Julia, I just came in your pussy. I don’t want to eat my own cum.”

“It’s just like after you ass fucked me and told me to clean off your cock with my mouth. Now please clean my cunt with your mouth. Pretty please with sugar on top.”

Paul smiled at the new Julia saying please, but also knew that it was going to be a long weekend with Julia. Hopefully though he would have a lifetime with her of a passive aggressive relationship, which always makes for a lot of fireworks.

“By the way, Paul. I was intrigued by you saying that your angry sex with me made you swim faster. I am going to try your approach and fuck and suck you really hard this weekend, so I feel very aggressive Monday and win my race. Maybe you will be worn out and come in second and I’ll be faster than you. I’ll be on top of you again.”

“Julia, if you keep making love to me like this you can be on top of me every day and night, in school, swimming or in bed.” He was glad that there was still of the old competitive Julia, but just enough to be tolerable.

She reached down and kissed him and realized he still had the cum in his mouth that he had licked out of her cunt. They both swallowed half of it and smiled at each other. It felt good that this was going to be an equal but passionate relationship going forward, and that angry times would be happy times too.