Swimming Pool Fun


Jade has some extra fun in the pool…

Jade swam every day to keep herself in shape and from the view of her poised at the diving board in a two piece it was paying off. She bent her knees and bounced twice on the board, the heavy weight of her breasts slapping against her chest and then leapt forward. Her athletic body twisted into a somersault and she entered the water without a splash to disturb the surface. She believed herself to be alone in the public pool since it was rather late in the evening and since it was January, also a little cold to be using the unheated outdoor pool. But, here no one ever bothered her and even the lifeguard retreated inside to a warm coffee once she realized how proficient a swimmer she was. So, imagine her surprise when she stood up, water streaming from every pore of her body to see another swimmer.

He looked around the same age as herself and was lean and tanned, clad only in a brief pair of shorts. His hair was matted down flat against his scalp and despite the wetness she thought it was blond. He was very attractive and she noticed after a quick scrutiny that he appeared to be watching her. Jade felt herself blush slightly and then dived beneath the water. When she came up again, her short dark hair in her eyes she saw that he was gone. Believing that he had retreated inside along with the others she swam to the end of the pool and prepared to turn and complete another length. She was surprised to see him stand where she had been a moment earlier looking at her still. He smiled at her, flashing a set of perfect even white teeth and she felt a familiar flutter in her tummy. When he climbed out of the water she saw the bulge in his shorts and felt a stirring between her legs. Knowing he couldn’t see her she lowered her hand and gently massaged herself through her skimpy bikini bottoms, biting her lip to prevent the moan that would echo around the area.

He dived in as expertly as she had and she watched him surface and clapped. She hadn’t been with a man for quite a while and even looking at his muscular physique and imagine it pressed against her was enough to arouse her. He swam over to her and smiled. “I’m Sean,” he said. “You are?”

“Very pleased to meet you,” Jade said. She held out a wet hand and he shook it, holding it a moment longer than necessary. She smiled at him. “Are you cold?”

“A little,” he said, his eyes glancing below the surface of the water at the full thrust of her breasts.

She lay a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it slightly. “I know a good way to warm up.”

“Swimming laps?” he suggested, his eyes twinkling.

She leaned forward and her damp lips pressed against his, briefly inserting her tongue into his mouth before withdrawing again. “Or something else.”

Sean smiled at her and then his hands grabbed her buttocks, pulling her through the water and into his arms. She felt her breasts mashed against his belly and could feel his rigid penis pushing into her flat stomach. She moaned as he kissed her and wiggled slightly, making him catch his breath. She grinned and ran her nails down his back, her tongue dancing with his. Her hands slipped inside his shorts and squeezed his firm butt, rubbing herself up against him. His large hands found her breasts and he squeezed her rubbery nipples, his lips moving down across her throat. She groaned quietly and her hands slipped around to massage his inner thighs.

Jade’s fingers encircled the swollen part of him from beneath and rubbed him gently. He moaned against her shoulder and pressed her rigid nipples so hard she jumped against him and squeezed him in response. Her hands made small quick strokes on his cock while he rubbed her breasts. His head lowered and she felt her bikini top pushed aside as his mouth encircled one rosy peak, licking it gently. She moaned his name as he pressed her back against the wall of the deep end. Her feet no longer touched the bottom and she was forced to kick her legs to keep afloat. He pulled her close and she wrapped her legs around his waist, the heat of her pussy pressed against his tummy. His one hand slipped inside her bikini bottoms and he rubbed the skin of her butt until she rubbed herself against him in response. “Now, please,” she moaned.

“What about condoms?” he asked.

“I’m on the pill,” she whispered. “Have you got any diseases or anything?”

“I haven’t had sex since my last medical,” he whispered and kissed her hard.

“Nor me.”

He pushed her back against the steps at the edge of the pool and she inserted her arms through the bars so she could hold herself up. She felt his mouth suckle at her breasts as his hands slipped off her bikini bottoms and threw them onto the side. She watched as his shorts followed and then felt him grip her hips. Jade felt him rub himself against her belly, teasing her until she begged him. Jade felt him lift her and then press his rock solid dick against her wet opening and thrust in. He began to pump, his movement slowed by the water. It built up a delicious sensation that had her bucking and moaning in response. Her hands clenched around the metal steps and she threw her head back. With every thrust the steps squeaked in protest and she was terrified that someone would find them – but, it added a thrill to the experience too. She felt his hot breath blasting out against her throat. He pounded her hard against the wall, lifting her up out of the water. The sensation of the cool liquid running up and down her breasts made her moan repeatedly.

Sean began to grunt and groan loudly, the sound echoing around the small area. Her whimpering gasps rose to mingle with his as her orgasm approached. She tightened her slender legs around his waist and squeezed tightly. Sean grabbed her ass in his hands and pushed them forward, grinding her down harder on his rigid cock. He pumped harder, grinding and yanking her down onto his swollen shaft until she almost screamed in ecstasy. She began to tense and he chewed on her nipples until she went over the edge. She began to buck and writhe and pound herself onto him, whimpering and moaning so loudly she knew they could probably hear her inside the complex. The convulsions ran like an electric current through her clitoris, making her shiver in pleasure. Her internal muscles gripped onto his penis repeatedly, driving him into his own climax. He moaned once and then thrust into her as hard and deep as he could. She felt warm spurts fill her inside as his hands clenched into fists and he groaned into her mouth. He pumped as hard as he could as he trembled and pulsed until they both fell back and relaxed.

She felt him slide out from inside her and she untangled herself from the steps. Panting he kissed her once more and arched a brow. “Same time next week?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she replied, grinning.

She climbed out of the water and pulled on her discarded bottoms, yanking them up and turning to smile at him. She waved once and then went off to shower…