Sue explained to me she was chaperoning two sports girls who had done very well in their just completed major event. “Because of their training regime they are sex starved, so I promised them an older, experienced well hung man if they did well. Can we make some mutually suitable arrangements?

And as their chaperone I want to watch, which is fine by them. They have been teasing me for days while they watched me in the shower.”

I am Jon, in my mid-thirties I moonlight as a high class gigolo. My clients have told me I almost nine-inches and thick, something I modestly mention on my website.

Sue greets me very effusively when I arrive at their five-star hotel. She is a few years older than me, wearing tight slacks and heels and I am pleased to notice she has a good, big, well formed ass.

“This could be fun for all of us, the girls really are sex starved,” she tells me as she looks me over. “And so am I, really starved. Come in and meet the girls.”

Tina and Janelle are both similar looking, taller than average trim, taut, very confident and athletic blonds in their very early twenties. They are both very attractive and dressed in short tight denim shorts and heels which highlight their wonderful thighs, obviously developed through their sport and skimpy see-though tee-shirts.

“Sue promised us an an older, experienced and hung man, we will take the older and experienced part at face value, show us if he is hung Sue.”

“Show him some skin girls, you need to stimulate him first,” Sue smiles.

“You first Sue, we like your naked body, you have been flaunting it for us since we arrived.”

Sue had obviously been planning for this moment as she asks the girls to remove her blouse, no bra, “Thirty six B,” she tells me with a huge smile as the girls slide her slacks down to her ankles, no knickers, and help her off with them, then help her put her heels back on.

Her naked ass is glorious and huge, though beautifully proportioned, an instant turn on for me. I want to have it and pleasure it before we finish today.

I enjoy watching the two girls undressing each other as does Sue as she watches closely. “Now show us if he is hung Sue?,” Tina teases.

I have an A-grade erection as I ogle a naked older woman and two naked younger girls. They all have beautifully trimmed pubic hair, something I always like. Sue plays the moment to perfection as she removes my shoes, shirt and trousers, my erect cock is bulging out of my g-string before Sue slowly slides it down to my ankles.

“Wow, your website promised almost nine-inches and thick, you have delivered on your promise,” Sue tells me with a tremor in her voice. “Have you ever seen or had that much cock before girls?”

Sue is obviously aware the effect her glorious ass is having on me as she whispers, “Kiss and lick my big ass for the girls. I have heard about your ass fetish.

“Have you ever watched a man kiss and lick a big ass before girls? He is very good. Do you like the girls watching you kissing and licking my big ass Jon?”

“Yes, I love it, my cock is throbbing.”

“Lay on your back on the bed Jon and one of the girls can fuck you while the other sits on your face so you can you lick her while I watch,” Sue whispers. “And I want you to fuck me later while the girls watch. Would you like to fuck me from behind with my big ass in your hands?

“Or would you prefer to fuck me first while the girls watch? Would you like that girls? I have been teasing you both for a week with my naked body. Why not some more teasing?,” Sue murmurs with a hand on my erection.

“Let’s watch you first, something new and very exciting for us,” they answer as one.

“That is awesome, he is huge,” Tina and Janelle mutter as one as they sit either side of me on the couch as Sue has two hands on my erection as she sucks it.

“Do you like that?,” she teases as she wraps a hand around my balls and licks them while she strokes my erection as the girls watch on, obviously an extra turn on for them, as it is for me. “Have ever watched a man having his balls sucked girls?,” she asks just before she swallows my balls in her very wet mouth.

“No, oh my god, that is amazing, you are giving us a sex lesson Sue, love it.”

“Fuck me and give the girls some more lessons,” Sue murmurs. ““Watch and enjoy girls, talk to me while you watch, I love another female watching me fucking, even better two females watching. And I am starved, I haven’t had a fuck for so long.”

“What would you like us to do while he is fucking you?”, Tina asks.

“Kiss me.”

“Now position yourself so I can lick your cunt while he is fucking me.

“Is that good? Have you ever had that before?,” Sue murmurs as Janelle kisses Tina passionately.

“Not while the person licking me was being fucked from behind. You are awesome Sue, fucking awesome and so is he. And I love the noise as he slaps into your big ass.

I can feel Sue tensing just before she moans, “Harder, harder, fuck me harder. So good, so fucking good,” and can feel her orgasming. “Don’t stop, show the girls how good you are,” as the girls watch me use and slide the full length of my erection into Sue.

“One more orgasm, then I want the girls to watch you masturbate and cum on my tits,” Sue tells me. It was a real buzz edging myself and masturbating with three females watching. “That is awesome, just fucking awesome, look at the veins in his cock,” Janelle and Tina whisper to each other.

“Glad you like it girls, he is awesome, fucking awesome,” Sue adds as she stands behind me and tongue kisses me. “Do it for the three of us on the count of ten, don’t hold back. …., nine, ten, now.”

“That really was something,” I tell them with a brand new smile in the afterglow as we shower.

“Can you get it up again for Janelle and Tina?,” Sue asks. Without waiting for an answer she holds my flaccid cock and commences kissing and licking it. Both of the girls are watching fascinated as Sue asks, “Have you girls ever watched a woman sucking a man to erection before? Is that a buzz for you Jon, two girls watching me suck you to erection? It’s a buzz for me, look how hard and big he is now.

“Lay on your back on the bed Jon. I want to watch both of you girls work on him. I promised you both an older, experienced well hung man for you to fuck if you did well. Turn me on again while I watch. Suck his cock while one of you licks his balls. Have you ever sucked a cock as big as that before? Look at the size of it, past his belly button, always a good comparison of size. Now his suck nipples while one of you sucks his cock.”

Watching and feeling two spunky, athletic, naked blonds in their very early twenties pleasuring me has me rock hard for them, especially with Sue watching and teasing her cunt lips with a finger tip.

“Now fuck him, you asked for a well hung man, he is ready and waiting for you,” Sue whispers.

“Kiss my ass just like you kissed Sue’s ass, I have never had my ass kissed before,” Janelle tells me as she positions herself so I can. At the same moment Tina is lowering her tight cunt onto my throbbing erection. Heaven as she lowers herself onto the full length of my erection with Sue and Janelle watching. She really is very good for a girl in her early twenties as she uses me.

“Sit on his face Janelle so he can lick your cunt while Tina is fucking him. Do you like him holding your ass like that while he is licking your cunt?,” Sue asks as Janelle and Tina kiss passionately. I can vaguely hear a whirring sound as I am aware of Sue using a vibrator.

“You girls are star performers, a huge turn on for me,” Sue tells them as they change ends.

Then Janelle whispers, “Fuck me from behind just like you fucked Sue,” as she puts her heels on and positions herself on the table just as Sue did. “Smear some oil on my for me Sue, just like we did for you?

“You told Sue her naked ass in her heels was fucking awesome, how about my naked ass in heels, is it fucking awesome?, ” Janelle teases knowing it is as I kiss it.

“Tell me, is it fucking awesome, is it?,” Janelle gasps as I grab her oily ass with my hands and slowly slide my erection all the way into her. I can see Tina sitting alongside Sue. They are tongue kissing passionately as Tina slides Sue’s vibrator into her.

I am slowly fucking Janelle with the full length of my erection. After what must have been ten minutes Janelle asks again, ”You haven’t told me, how about my naked ass in heels, is it fucking awesome?, really fucking awesome? Do you like fucking it with two people watching?”

“Yes, your naked ass in heels, is awesome, fucking awesome,” I moan as I thrust into her. One, two, three times, I can’t hold out any longer as my body shakes and I blow on her ass.

“Can you get it up again for me a third time so you can fuck me from behind with my big ass in your hands while the girls watch? What can we do to help you get it up again?,” Sue asks.

“Let the girls tease me while you watch.”

And we did.