The office fantasy

I walk into his office, partly to discuss work, partly to spend a few moments with him. He is sitting in his chair, busy, staring at the computer, occasionally looking down at the keyboard typing away. I wait, watching him, eventually he looks up at me, our eyes meet and lock for a few seconds. I am a sucker for him, his eyes, making me melt everytime. I see us in his eyes, the kisses, touches, and intimate moments we have shared.

Everytime I look at him, a vivid scene plays out in my head. I walk over to him, willingly lets me push him back in his chair. I climb on his lap, facing him, one leg on each side. His lap being my favorite place to sit. I lift my hands, placing them on the sides of his face, as I pull into him. Gently our lips come together, fitting like pieces of a puzzle, his meant to fit perfectly with mine. Tasting each other as we kiss, tastes like heaven to me. I feel so warm and wet between my legs, she has a heartbeat for him. I can feel him growing and throbbing for me. He pulls my shirt up and off, I do the same for him. He removes my bra, and sits back for a moment gazing upping my triple D breasts. He places his hands on my breasts, then taking them one at a time into his mouth. Sucking and pinching each one with precision, knowing just how to turn me on, and how much it makes my pussy wet. I love to watch him enjoy my breasts, such a beautiful sight. I need him.

We stand up, pulling off the rest of our clothes. He backs me against the wall, we kiss, our hands exploring each other. I break our embrace and kneel infront of him. I love his cock, the look of it, the feel of it, and the taste of it. He are nicely trimmed, I begin stroking him. His skin is so soft, but he is so hard for me. Gently I begin kissing and licking up his shaft till I get to the head. I take him in my mouth, slowly in and out, each time going a little deeper into my mouth till I can feel him at the back of my throat. I hear him let out a soft moan, this causes a surge of heat between my legs. I love to hear him vocalize his pleasure. I place my arms behind my back, interlocking my fingers, giving up control. He placees his hands on my head, tangled in my hair. He begins slowly, pushing his swollen cock in and out of my mouth. I taste him, his salty sweetness, my favorite flavor. He fucks my mouth like it’s his job, I feel his cock sliding down the back of my throat. Before long his thrusting slows and gets harder in and out of my mouth. He lets out a moan, holding his cock in my mouth as he cums down the back of my throat. Pulling slightly out of my mouth, allowing me to gasp for air. Slowly and gently he moves his cock across my tongue and lips. Willingly I lick and swallow every drop of him. He pulls out of my mouth, grabs my chin, lifting my head so our eyes meet. Looking up at him, he takes his still hard cock, and taps it on the side of my face a couple times and tell me I was a very good girl.

He sat back in his chair, I eagerly climb back on top. Sliding down on that hard cock slowly, my juices already dripping down the sides of it. Gripping every glorious inch after inch of that gorgeous cock as it slides into my warm wet pussy. Hitting so right, as I bounce up and down wildly yet rhythmically. Each time closer and closer to my climax. He places one hand around my neck, gently squeezing. Our eyes locked. A great wave of pleasure starts to engulf my body. As I start to quiver he pulls me close, his other hand on the other side of my face, and we kiss. Our tongues making love as he feels my pussy pulse and squeeze around his cock. We kiss for a couple minutes, till he feels my last pulse fade away.

He then then tell me it’s time for me to bend my ass over the desk. I do as I am told and bend over the desk, I like when he gets bossy. I lay my chest flat to the desk, arms above my head, and my legs spread apart. He comes behind me and smacks my ass several times. He spreads me open wider to view all of me. I feel his tongue and lips gently tasting my juices and kissing my swollen clit. He stands up and rubs his cock along my slit, rubbing all my wetness around, before ending his cock on my ass. I take one hand down and start rubbing my clit, little circles and long strokes. He knows how I love to be teased, so he gently pokes his cock at my ass, going a little bit deeper each time, till it finally opens up all the way for him, giving me another wave of pleasure that bathes my body. He has one hand gripped on my hip, the other with a fistful of hair pulling back at my head. I hold the desk with both hands, steadying myself. He thrusts strongly into my ass, and it’s not long before your are filing my ass full of your cum. You lay on my back with your cock still in me. As you catch your breath, you slide out of me, leaving my ass full of cum. You kiss me on the back of my neck and tell me you love me, then smack my ass one last time.

You sit back in your chair catching your breath. I try to stand, legs are shaky. You grab ahold of me to steady me. I turn around and sit on the desk, feeling all my wetness cover the desk top. We take a few minutes catching our breath, put ourselves back together. Then just before we leave you grab me one last time, one hand around the back of my head tangled in my hair, the other holding gently the other side of my face, and we kiss. Not just any kiss, but the most passionate kiss ever, a kiss to put all other kisses to shame. Our minds go blank, unaware of anything else, lost in the moment of just him and I. We pull back to catch our breaths, our eyes meet, both of us smile at the other, then our lips meet again.