The Protégé – Then Came four

I awoke from a sound satisfying sleep, expecting Cynthia and Stacey to be close at hand. Quickly though, the emptiness of the bed became apparent. Rolling onto my back, it occurred to me that Cynthia was most likely on her morning run. She never missed a day, even when she woke up with two eager pets ready to serve her every desire.

The sound of the shower let me know where Stacey was. I thought if I hurried, I could join her but as I rolled out of bed, I noticed a note on the nightstand.


I am off for my morning run. If you get this before I return, you are to clean up and be prepared for a rigorous day of pleasure. When you are washed, shaved and properly primped, you are to put on the outfits I left for you on Leasie’s bed.

The outfits came with very sexy matching panties, but I did not include them, as I am certain you both would have them soiled long before I could remove them later.

Be dressed and ready for inspection when I return. Also, you are not permitted to cum at any point for the rest of the weekend unless I give you permission. I have a surprise for you this evening and need you fresh and rested if we are to maximize our pleasure.

With Love,

Ms. Cynthia.

I ran quickly to my bedroom to see the outfits. A wave of wetness hit me when I saw two black lace French maid outfits placed on the bed. They had thigh high black lace stockings with waist high garter belts and clips. The outfit was a black silk, lace trimmed corset with two white lace ribbons running vertically up the front in line with each breast, the ribbon split into a Y at the base of the integrated bra.

The corset was trimmed in white lace at the top and bottom and had black thin shoulder straps trimmed in white. Finally, a white lace tiara head piece completed the outfit.

My heart raced at the thought of serving her all weekend in the uniform. I felt like a teen on prom night. I couldn’t wait to see myself in it and longed for the look on Cynthia’s face when she saw me in it. My pussy tingled and pulsed in excitement with each heartbeat. Cynthia was 100% correct. My pussy was wet just thinking about putting it on. The panties stood no chance.

Revved up, I ran to the bathroom in hopes of joining Stacey. I walked in to see her turning the water off as she finished her shower. Her amber hair contrasted remarkably against her pail skin, as it clung to her wet back ending mid shoulder blade. Her curved shapely body and full wide ass was glistening with water and my eyes were drawn to the dimples in her lower back over her ass cheeks.

I again marveled at the difference between her body, short, soft, curvy and thick and Cynthia’s, tall, firm, slender, super model bod. Yet they both excited me so much…

“Damn, I’d hoped to wash that beautiful back…” I said startling her. She spun around showing off her small shapely tits, and subtle pink areolae. I smiled and stepped toward the shower. Her dark freshly trimmed muff also stood in stark contrast to her white skin and pink labia peeked out through her glistening wet hair.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t wash yours Lecia.” She opened the glass door and welcomed me in.

As I stepped in, she pulled my head to hers and kissed me with probing tongue. The minty taste of her tongue reminded me that I had just woken up and she was likely getting a dose of morning breath from me. She gave no indication it was a problem and kissed me passionately as I caressed her naked ass.

She spun me under the warm water never breaking the kiss while her warm hands gripped my back and pulled me close. My heart raced as my best friend and I explored this new dimension of our relationship. My lips and tongue melt into her as I closed my eyes, lost in the moment.

As we kissed my hands explored her warm wet skin as the vision of Stacey in the maid’s uniform filled my mind. My pussy heated up, as her tongue swirled in my mouth and I imagined what Cynthia might have in store for us.

Stacey broke the kiss, stepped back and began to lather up the washcloth. “Turn around and place your hands against the wall.” She said like a police officer.

I did as commanded and she began rubbing the soapy rag across my shoulders and back. As she worked her way down, she moved in and placed her chin on my shoulder. She had to be on her tip toes to do it.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed about this Alecia Carmichael.” She whispered as the soapy cloth moved slowly side to side and down to my lower back. “I have dreamed of touching you, and exploring this beautiful body, wishing I could tell you how I felt, but afraid I would destroy our friendship. Longing to touch you and kiss you…” She kissed my shoulder as the soapy clothe caressed my ass.

I exhaled heavily and pushed my ass toward her, “Oh God, Stacey…”

“I love touching you Alecia.” Her cloth covered hand slid between my cheeks and down my ass crack before plunging between my thighs.

I groaned as my body stiffened letting her do as she pleased. The soapy cloth split my labia as she pressed it against me, rubbing back and forth from my asshole to my clit. The slippery soap film coated my pussy as she rubbed me, my moans growing louder, and my lower body tingled at her touch.

“Oh Stacey,” I squeaked as the cloth dropped to the floor and her fingers continued rubbing me.

She rose to her tip toes and kissed my neck while I leaned forward resting my cheek against the tile. My hands were pressed flat against the wall and fingers spread. “I love pleasuring you Lecia.” She said softly as her fingers slid into me. “I love being inside you.”

I squealed as her slippery fingers pushed deep into me. The warm water cascaded down my back and her breasts pressed against me.

“So warm and tight Lecia.” She moaned.

I was overwhelmed with excitement and in awe that I was on the verge of cumming after just few seconds of contact from my best friend. Just weeks ago, I had never given thought to anything like this with Stacey. Now I was gyrating my hips in complete surrender as she finger-fucked me from behind.

“Oh God Stacey, I’m gonna cum for you Sweet…”

He fingers withdrew completely and she slapped my ass. “We’re not allowed to cum. Did you not read the note? Turn around and let me get your front.”

I stood there in shock at the sudden emptiness, my pussy pulsing, so close to climax but denied, rudely and torturously. When I turned around, the devious grin on her face was priceless. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that…” I kissed her hard, leading with my tongue. “Big time!”

Then I held out my arms and let her wash me. She continued slowly and thoroughly, washing every inch of me, teasing my nipples with the warm cloth, surrounding my pussy but not touching it again. Next, she grabbed the razor and soap and proceeded to shave me very carefully. She started with my arm pits and when she finished lowered herself toward my legs.

She paused at my breasts and lick my pointy areola and stiff nipples. As she kissed and tongued me, I found my anxiety for having “missile tits” replaced by gratitude. While waves of tingling pleasure radiated through me, I was reminded, my protruding areola were more sensitive than the average flat ones. As she sucked my left one into her mouth and swirled her tongue on my nipple, I knew how lucky I really was. A jolt of electricity shot, directly to my clit.

Next, she dropped to her knees and sat on her heels as she meticulously shaved my legs. I smiled down at her as she worked.

“I could get used to this. Suddenly shaving is no longer a chore.”

She smiled back. “Me too,” she said as her hands rubbed up and down my leg checking for stubble.

When she finished, my legs she looked up mischievously, and pushed my thighs apart. “One last spot.” She said softly. Her soaped up hands began to rub around my pussy, preparing me for grooming. I closed my eyes as she slid between my lips again. “Quite lubricated… Now hold still, this is precious turf, I’m trimming.”

I spread wider and closed my eyes trusting her steady hand. She slowly and carefully groomed my pussy and when she finished, she soaped up her hand and inspected me completely, checking every nook and cranny.

“All done,” she sighed as two fingers enter me. Her left hand gripped my hip and turned me toward the shower, and she rinsed the soap off me. I leaned against the shower wall and let her fingers explore me once again. Eyes closed; I rocked my hips as she worked her magic.

“Lecia sweetie, I really need to taste your sweet pussy, just a little. Please remember our orders, we may not cum. But once I get a taste, I may not be able to stop. Whatever you do, please don’t cum in my mouth.” She grinned her devious grin and leaned in.

I pushed my pelvis out to meet her and felt a soft tender kiss on my labia. She planted several more up and down, circling my lips with her subtle kisses. When her tongue slowly slid between them, I gasped in surrender.

Her warm rough tongue slid slowly into me as her nose tickled my clit. My palms press flat against them tile on either side of my hips and I pressed forward against her. Her fingers gripped my cheeks and pulled me against her face.

“Oh Stacey, you feel so good,” my head rolled back, and her tongue took control of my body. I didn’t care that Cynthia might punish me. All that mattered was Stacey was inside me and had complete control of my mind and body with that hot probing tongue.

“Please Stacey, ah! I’m cumming!”

Her fingers gripped my ass hard and pulled tighter against her thrusting tongue as her wiggling head rubbed my clit with her nose. My hand gripped the back of her head and held her there. “Oh God, please don’t stop!” I yelled as the orgasm built like a water balloon ready to burst.

She groaned and shook her head rapidly, sending me over the edge. “OH, Yes! Stace-Y.” I grunted in rapid puffs.

My orgasm hit in pulsing wave of pleasure, my clit throbbing with each swell. As it peaked, I released my grip on her head, but she just pulled me harder against her wiggling her head wildly and moved her lapping tongue against my clit.

“Oh please, I can’t…” I started to plead but her lips and tongue were relentless. As second orgasmic tide overwhelmed me, I began to convulse in ecstasy shoulders lunging forward and back. “Oh! Fuck! Stace-y! Cum-ming so, Aaaahhh!”

My body jerked and I grunted uncontrollably while she continued her unrelenting stimulation. The orgasm seemed unending as I writhed with pleasure. Finally, unable to take another second, I pushed her head away, legs wobbling.

Stacey stood quickly and hugged me tight. I rested my chin on her shoulder, body limp and gasping for air. She slid her arms under mine and locked her hands behind my back as I caught my breath.

I spoke between gasps, “Oh my God! Stacey, that, was…”

“Amazing. I love pleasing you.” She kissed me deeply as I tasted my own cum. “This will be our little secret.” She said.

I giggled, “You don’t think she’ll notice?” I laughed and did the snore we used to do mocking our boyfriends falling asleep after sex. “I think I’m spent. I just came twice, harder than Prince Valium ever made me cum. I think twice matches his total for two years and you did it in two minutes!”

We laughed. Prince Valium was our nickname for the sleepy boyfriends, named after the sleepy character from the movie “Spaceballs.”

Stacey gripped my chin and looked at me with those bright impossibly blue eyes.

“Did I not warn you to stop me? Did I not say, whatever you do, please don’t cum in my mouth? I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“Yes, you did, but…”

“So, don’t blame me. Besides, I think one look at Ms. Cynthia’s ass, and you’ll be wetting your panties in seconds.” Said Stacey. Then, she tongue-kissed me and got out to the shower. “My work here is done, for now.”

I finished up washing my hair and toweled off. Then I primped and spritzed and got into uniform. Looking at myself in the mirror with stockings and garter, my excitement grew. Cynthia had awakened so much in me. I had never felt so alive as these last several months.

I thought about my unbelievable career success. I was further along in six months than I imagined in six years.

But as I stared at my ass, and felt myself heating up at the thought of being Cynthia Liebert’s horny slut toy for the weekend. I was terrified by the reality; I was happily risking the success I had strived for all my 25 years for the chance to be a submissive little slut!

I couldn’t wait for the look on Cynthia’s face as she saw me in the outfit. I spun around and admired Stacey’s work on my brown perfectly manicured muff. I put on the corset and tiara. It was embarrassing, just how excited I got looking at myself.

The white lace frill left just 1/4-inch stipe of tanned skin above my bush. I imagined Cynthia in front of me tracing that patch of skin with her finger as she licked her glistening lips. The top of the corset cut just barely over my nipples with a tiny hint of areola peeking out of the lace frill. It pressed my tits up and together accentuating them beautifully.

When I made it to the living room, Stacey was breathtaking. Her back was to me and the white lace at the bottom of the black corset just touched the top of her buns, with her white satin skinned ass fully exposed. Even after cumming twice already, I imagined walking up behind her and letting my hands glide over her cheeks while I kissed her neck.

As she stood in her stocking covered feet, it occurred to me. A man would have included stiletto heeled shoes with the outfit. Ms. Cynthia knew for comfort and… flexibility, heels would only hinder us.

When she spun around, her dark bush and light skin caught my eye immediately. I loved her curvy shape and white satin skin. The urge to drop to my knees and repay her for the earlier tongue lashing was strong. Her face lit up when she saw me, and I felt butterflies.

“You look so sexy Lecia,” she said stepping toward me.

Just then the front door opened, and Cynthia stepped through in her spandex jogging shorts and sports bra. Her toned stomach was exposed, glistening with sweat and there were spots of sweat soaking through between her thighs as the spandex clung to every curve. Her chest glistened and her nipples fought to escape the tight fabric.

“Well hello my pets.” She held out both hands, arms spread. “Come let me see you.”

Like two eager puppies we ran to Ms. Cynthia, each taking a hand. She extended her arms holding us away so she could look us up and down. “Beautiful ladies.” Turn and show me those slutty little asses.” She raised her arms and we spun like ballerinas. “Very nice,” she exhaled heavily as we turned back toward her.

“So, it’s time to decide. Who wants to eat my pussy first this morning?” She said as if she were truly pondering.

I yelled, “I do” at the same time Stacey yelled, “Me!”

“I was afraid of that.” Said Cynthia smiling. “Tell you what, I’ll take a shower and freshen up while you two try to work out an agreement…”

I cut her off “I want to lick your sweaty pussy right now Ms. Cynthia.” I smiled deviously at Stacey.

“No, no me first,” replied Stacey reaching for her waist band.

She held us back. “You horny little sluts! Look at you. You really want me sweat and all”

A unanimous “Yes.” reverberated through the room.

“Then get these clothes off me…” We dropped to our knees and pealed her shorts and underwear off her moist sweaty body in one smooth downward motion. She stepped out of them revealing her toned shapely legs and shaved pussy. My hands slid up her legs. “Easy my pets, don’t forget the top.” She turned revealing her round million-dollar ass.

Stacey stood up to help with the top, but my hands latched onto her ass as I leaned in and nibbled her buns.

“Ms. Carmichael you have a one-track mind.” She said in her schoolteacher voice.

Stacey, pulled the top up and off as she raised her arms, “Thank you Stacey. You take direction well…”

“Do I get a reward for good behavior?” She asked smirking at me.

She spun back around and looked at her as I watched from my knees, face to face with her pretty pink labia and hairless pussy. I fought the urge to dive in tongue first.

“How shall I decide?” She wondered aloud.

She looked down at me and held out her right hand. I took it and she guided me on my knees to her right. Then she held her left hand down with the left palm open to receive Stacey’s hand. “On your knees, please Stacey.”

I looked at Stacey and we smiled with excitement trying to imagine what she had in store. We were both enjoying the competition and either way there would be no loser today.

We looked up at her holding a hand in both our hands. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, her nipples small but quite stiff as I looked anxiously up at her. Even after jogging she was stunning with her sandy blond hair, pulled tight in a ponytail. I kissed her hand for affect.

“What shall I do with you?” She asked rhetorically.

Her eyes moved back and forth between us and her face awash in the pure joy of having two willing and eager pets at her command.

She looked to the sofa and back at us, then pulled her hands away. “I’d better sit down for this. Stay here for a moment my sweets.” She walked to the sofa and sat with her knees wide apart.

We remained on our knee’s eyes fixed on her glistening pink pussy lips and fully shaved mons. Her labia were slightly parted begging for my tongue tip.

Cynthia held her hands palms up on the outside of her knees. “Come to me pets.”

We eagerly crawled to her and took her hand in ours again. I was outside her right knee and Stacey outside her left, both eyeing the prize before us. “Is one of you willing to let your best friend go first or will we have to test to see who is more deserving.”

We looked at each other waiting for the other to relent, but neither did. After an awkward moment, she spoke up.

“Very well my pets turn toward me and spread your slutty legs.” She guided us to face her still holding our hand and pondered for a moment. Her head continued to bounce between us.

“Let’s see who is wettest, shall we?” She slid her feet on the floor between our legs and raised them up until her lower shins met our hot pussies. She slid them slowly up and down as we both sighed our approval of her touch. “Oh, my sluts, you are both so warm and wet, I just can’t tell.”

My gaze fixed on her labia as they moved ever so subtly apart and together with each stroke of her legs. She leaned her head back against the sofa and her ass rested on the edge of the cushion. Gently, she rubbed us while she pondered. Unable to resist, we began to move in time with her legs. I could feel the top of her foot touch my ass as I rocked against her shin and ankle.

“I’ve got it sluts!” Her smile brightened “Grab my leg and who ever rubs herself off first gets to eat my hot sweaty cunt. Sound good?”

Once again, a unanimous “Yes,” came from both our mouths

We looked at each other, smiled, grabbed her leg with both hands and began to ride her like a horse, trotting at first and rapidly moving to a gallop.

“Easy my pets. I’m not a wish bone to be split apart.” She teased.

We both quickly began to moan as she, once again, brought out an animal need to please her and ourselves at the same time. Her warm smooth skin rubbing my wet clit was remarkable, combined with the hard shin bone beneath rivaled any cock I had ever felt.

I tried not to think about the fact I had already cum twice. It was all about the competition and I needed to win. My moans intensified and I could feel myself building toward orgasm number three when a familiar voice startled me.

“What have we here Ms. Cynthia?” It was Rosario’s voice.

For the second time in twenty-four hours, a rude awakening from a surprise visitor pulled me back from the edge of orgasm. I felt Stacey jump, equally shocked. I had never told Stacey about Rosario, and suddenly regretted that deeply. How would she react to finding out I had fucked yet another woman? I feared not nearly as well as with Cynthia.

“Did I give either of you permission to stop?” Barked Cynthia, wiggling her legs to put us back on track. I looked at Stacey and she began to rub slowly, still somewhat shocked and confused.

“You’re early Rosario, welcome. Forgive me for not getting up but our horny little pets are seeing who can cum first. Winner gets to lick my sweaty pussy.” She leaded forward and tapped Stacey’s head. “This is Stacey, Ms. Carmichael’s best friend. Would you believe she’s a horny little slut, just like Ms. Carmichael?” Said Cynthia in her business meeting casual voice.

The expression on Stacey’s face was one of embarrassment and I was consumed by the fear this would all be too much for her. She looked toward Rosario who looked back with those hungry dark brown eyes and sexy smile.

“Pleasure to meet you Slut. I look forward to knowing every inch of you, um, um good.” She added her Cuban accent for a little extra heat and Stacey seemed lose all apprehension.

Apparently unfazed by the stranger referring to her as “Slut”, Stacey’s eyes closed, and hips moved toward gallop speed again.

“That’s it my pet,” Cynthia smiled at Stacey. “You really do want it don’t you?”. Stacey whimpered her agreement focused on the prize.

Cynthia continued talking to Stacey casually, seemingly oblivious to the fact Stacey was humping her foot like a deranged dog in heat. “Seems your bestie worked her magic on Ms. Rosario too. Like you and I, she fell victim to her charms.”

Stacey groaned as her hips continued to rock faster and faster. Realizing she was gaining the advantage, I began to rub in earnest, with a new level of excitement.

“Ms. Rosario, I take it you approve of our new pet?” Asked Cynthia.

“Oh, I definitely approve. Ms. Cynthia.” She sighed.

I felt Rosario’s hand caress my ass as she leaned in between us. Stacey’s moan let me know she was being touch by her other hand.

“Ms. Cynthia’s pussy is so pretty. Who wants it more?” whispered Rosario in a sensual voice. “It looks so soft and wet; I can almost taste it.”

We rubbed frantically and I could hear Stacey whimpering louder and louder.

“Don’t you want to feel your tongue slip between those pretty pink lips and taste her sweet nectar?” Rosario sighed.

Cynthia’s shin and ankle were wet and slippery from my steaming cunt juices and I could feel an orgasm building. “Oh God I want your pussy Ms. Cynthia, aahhh!” I squeaked. My hands pulled her hard against me, moving my hips at lightning speed. Stacey was fucking her leg so hard I could her the sloshing sound as she pounded her wetness against Cynthia’s other leg.

Cynthia’s tits jiggle as we jerked her legs, but my eyes remained on the prize. I watched her glistening lips as they slid up and down relative to one another and opened and closed with each tug.

“You little sluts are out of control. I can’t even keep my hand on your asses.” Said Rosario as her hands withdrew. “I think I can settle this.”

Rosario leaned in between us and extended her magical tongue toward Cynthia’s shaved pussy. I watched as Cynthia’s eyes widened in anticipation of meeting Rosario’s tongue for the first time.

Stacey squealed as Rosario’s tongue made contact, but I could not tell if it was in protest or ecstacy. I recalled how Rosario’s wonderous tongue felt both in my mouth and my pussy as I watched her take a firm heavy lick up Cynthia’s slit. When I heard Cynthia’s reaction I was quickly pushed over the edge and my orgasm hit home.

“Rose, ar, i o! Oh sweet, heart, Aaaahhhh!” Gasped Cynthia.

I wailed along with Cynthia and Stacey, who also joined into our ecstasy chorus. Cynthia’s body stiffened and her hips almost vibrated as she rubbed herself against the magical tongue.

I came watching Cynthia’s pussy lips envelope Rosario’s probing tongue as she lapped up the salty sweet mix of sweat and cunt cum. My whole body trembled as waves of pleasure enhanced by Cynthia’s moans moved through me. At the same time, I could hear Stacey, grunts of pleasure while she also came hard.

We continued rubbing ourselves slowly against Cynthia as her hands gipped Rosario’s head shoving her into her screaming spread cunt. Her upper body convulsed, and she groaned loudly, open mouthed in orgasmic bliss. Her leg pressed harder against me with each orgasmic spasm that continued for a full minute.

As it passed Rosario slowly lapped up her juices, then backed away licking her lips. As she did her hands returned to our asses and she ran her hands down our ass cracks. Her fingers moved from crack to clit and back spreading our juices as she stroked.

I released Cynthia’s leg as Rosario slid two fingers into each of us. “Oh, my goodness your little pussies are soaked,” she said slowly pumping us.

We rocked on all fours as she fingered us. Hearing Stacey whimper with pleasure as a mysterious stranger’s fingers probed her, quickly got me going again. I was excited to see she too wanted more of Rosario.

Rosario leaned in between us, still inside us. “They’re like little alligator pussies, clamped onto my fingers and not letting go.”

Cynthia leaned forward on the sofa. “Ms. Rosario, do you think you can keep our pets occupied while I take a shower?”

Rosario pulled her fingers out and stood up with Cynthia. “Oh yes, I can keep them busy.” She looked at Cynthia and put her hands on her waist. “But I must say, you taste delicious just the way you are Ms. Cynthia.”

They kissed and I watched Rosarios tongue lap against Cynthia’s lips before darting it into her mouth. Cynthia moaned slightly tasting her own juices and I again watched in awe, as Rosario’s aggressive tongue worked it’s magic.

I moved back to take in the image of Ms. Cynthia’s firm naked body pressed against Rosario in those olive skinny jeans and pink tube tank. I had made love to them both but watching them kiss for the first time as their hands explored one another brought on a mix of jealous fear and cunt tingling excitement.

They were both so incredibly sexy in their own way, I wondered how I could ever compete. Yet, as Rosario’s hands caressed that gorgeous naked ass and Cynthia’s hand kneaded Rosario’s cheeks through her amazing skin-like jeans, I felt a wave of heat rush to my exposed pussy.

After a long moment, they broke the kiss, looked at each other with surprised excitement and smiled. “Welcome home Rosario, such a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting you until dinner, but what a breakfast it’s been.” She caressed Rosario’s cheek and kissed her again.

“I see you’ve been busy.” Rosario replied as she looked down at Stacey and caressed her cheek.

“Yes, we have. These too have quite the appetite. May I suggest the double tongue treatment, its life changing. But I warn you once they get a taste, it’s hard to control them.” She leaned in for one more tongue swirling kiss and headed to her bedroom.

“Remember sluts, you may only cum with Rosario’s permission. You are to follow her every command. I’ll be back soon, so don’t wear yourselves out.” She said as she faded into her bedroom.

Rosario looked down at us grinning coyly. “What does she mean, double tongue treatment?”

Our hands lunged for her waist to remove the skinny jeans and show her exactly what she meant. She brushed us off and offered a hand to each of us. We took it and she guided us to a standing position, then put an arm around us gripping our bare asses.

She looked into my eyes. “Ms. Carmichael, I thought maybe I satisfied your appetite before I left, but I see your thirst is unquenchable.” She tauntingly feigned a kiss and turned away toward Stacey.

Her grin was remarkably sexy as her eyes widened. “You may have the most beautifully blue eyes I have ever seen.” She stared at her and they both seemed mesmerized. “Is that your true eye color Ms. Stacey?”

“Yes Ms. Rosario

I will be anxious to hear how Ms. Carmichael beguiled you Ms. Stacey. But first there are more urgent matters that need attending.”

Rosario squeezed her close and leaned in for her lip licking tongue kiss, that left me whimpering with jealousy. Her hand gripped my ass as she bent down probing Stacey’s mouth with that wonderful tongue. My eye’s closed as I imagined her licking my hot pussy.

She spun us around and slapped our asses, breaking her kiss with Stacey. “Let me freshen up and I will need you both on my bed when I call.”

I watched Stacey as Rosario grabbed her bags and headed to her room. Her eyes were locked on Rosario’s ass in the skinny jeans. “Oh my God, she is gorgeous.” She turned to me biting her bottom lip. “You little slut. Is there any woman you can’t turn?”

We sat on the sofa and I looked at her blushing. “I’m so sorry I haven’t had the chance to tell you about her yet. Cynthia ordered me to “take care of her” last week and…” I trailed of knowing I was transitioning from taking liberty with the truth and flat out lying.

“I’m sure she had to twist your arm.” Stacey looked toward the hallway to Rosario’s room. “Who is she?”

“She’s Cynthia’s housekeeper.” I replied.

Stacey smiled and waved her hand over her maid outfit. “I think that’s us now. How long have she and Cynthia been an item?”

“They’re not. At least not before today. Rosario caught her husband cheating last week. She called and Cynthia picked her up from her house. They got shit faced and one thing lead to another… I turned her gay! What can I say, I have that effect on everyone apparently.” I smiled playfully.

“Seriously though, she was lonely, feeling neglected and when she saw Cynthia and I together it touched something in her. Her curiosity was peaked and when she caught her husband with two teenage girls, she apparently decided to give up men, for a while at least.” I said sounding rather innocent in the whole thing.

It just seemed a little easier not to include the part where I started it by eating Cynthia’s pussy in front of her knowing she was watching. I also left out the fact, I taunted her while doing it, then stole her underwear while she pleasured herself alone in her bedroom afterward.

“When they came home drunk, Cynthia ordered me to pleasure her while she watched and then told me to take care of her when she had to leave last weekend. As you can see Rosario is not shy nor afraid to take what she wants.”

I was relieved the look on Stacey’s face was one of excited curiosity with no sign of anger or jealousy. Although, I had to admit, I was a little jealous after seeing how intently Rosario looked at Stacey earlier.

“You don’t mind sharing, do you?” Asked Stacey, with a hint of bratty sarcasm.

I hesitated, not sure how to answer. I wondered if maybe she was a bit hurt by all this.

“Stacey Honey, I hope I haven’t done anything to upset you…”

She leaned in and put her hand on mine. “Lecia, no, no, no. Are you kidding, this is?… I wish I had the words. Exciting, sexy, fun, scary, life changing, liberating all at once. I’ve never imagined anything like this. My heart is racing, and I’ve never felt this sexy, powerful, and aroused. I have no idea where this will lead but It’s the ride of my life, and I’m on till the end.”

Those blue eyes glowed with excitement, and I felt the same way. There was incredible power from giving pleasure to these three vastly different women even as they commanded me to do it. Knowing that my tongue or fingers or even a look could cause them to tremble or writhe with pleasure was an incredible high.

“It is a hell of ride.” I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. “We sure rode the hell out of Cynthia’s leg.”

Stacey giggled as we kissed.

“Are you ready my pets?” Said Rosario from the hallway.

We broke the kiss and answered in unison. “Yes Ms. Rosario!”

We entered the bedroom to the sight her on the bed wearing nothing but a white lacey bra and matching high cut lace panties. Here dark bush was silhouetted through the white lace. She lay on her back, shoulders propped on a pillow, arms out to the side, tapping the bed beckoning us to her.

“Please remove your clothes first ladies,” She smiled.

We complied and crawled on the bed one on each side of her. I got there first and leaned in for one of her sensual tongue kisses. She had the most versatile tongue I had ever experienced. She tasted me with each kiss, and I found it completely intoxicating. When she broke the kiss and leaned toward Stacey, I began to softly kiss her neck.

She whispered to Stacey in a soft sighing voice, “Hello beautiful; oh, those eyes…”

Stacey breathed deep and a jolt of warm wetness shot through my pussy as I could feel them kissing. Rosario’s perfume had a hint of sweet spice, the effects of which I could feel all the way to my toes. After a moment, Stacey joined me, smothering her soft shapely neck with gentle kisses and the occasional tongue tease.

My hand moved to her bra clasp and popped it free exposing her golden brown 34C’s. We each pulled the shoulder strap down her arm and she rolled toward me so Stacey could pull it off. I did the same on my side when she rolled toward Stacey. Then she settled back, and we kissed our way from her shoulders to her delicate breasts. Her back arched offering her nipples to our eager mouths. We worked them with our lips and tongues, and she rolled her head back in surrender. Our hands caressed her belly as her nipples came to full attention.

Rosario cooed softly and caressed our heads, “Such good girls,” she sighed.

Our fingers traced back and forth around her waist band causing her to lift her tight little ass off the bed. A rush of power shot through me as this beauty lying between us offered her most intimate parts to our wondering hands.

Rosarios knees were bent with her feet flat on the bed as she lifted her pelvis higher, begging for us to touch her hot wetness. I nibbled her erect nipple gently and as Stacey’s fingers met mine just below her belly button, we pushed downward under her waistband, penetrating her soft, thick bush.

“Oh yes, my pets, I need this, ah!” she barked from our fingers tickling the outer edge of her pussy lips.

We kissed our way lower and her scent filled my nostrils, causing a new tingling wave through my body. I moved to all fours and pushed my ass into the air as we worked lower on the bed.

“I’ve been thinking about your tongue all week Ms. Carmichael, and now I get two.” She inhaled deeply. “Ms. Stacey, did she tell you how she licked me to orgasm while her limo driver watched?”

“No, she didn’t,” replied Stacey. Her eyes widened as she looked at me smiling, never stopping her gentle kisses on Rosario’s belly.

Our pointer fingers touched as we slid them between Rosario’s soaked labia. “Yeesss!” she hummed as her body stiffened.

I slowly kissed along the edge of her protruding hip bone while our fingers gripped her waist band and pulled her panties off. We moved in unison sliding them up her hips and over her raised knees. When we reached her calves, she kicked them off and laid her legs flat on the bed.

Stacey and I moved a knee between her calves straddling her legs. As we kissed her pelvis, we stretched our legs out and moved our bodies between her spread legs. Once again, I was entranced by her dark unshaven pussy spread wide before us. I could hear Stacey breathing, apparently also mesmerized.

I gripped the back of her left knee and pushed her knee up and out while Stacey did the same to the right. Rosario smiled down at us, seemingly unfazed that she was spread wide, putting herself on full display for us.

Next, we kissed her inner thighs moving closer to the target with each kiss. I ogled the thick dark triangle of hair above her slit. The bottom point of the triangle seemed to end an inch below her clit. But beyond the triangle a ring of more spars black hair covered her lower pelvis, two to three inches of her inner thighs and the lower portion of her ass cheeks. The skin around her labia was a distinctively darker pink forming an oval about two inches wide around her moist cunt. There was a half inch wide hairless rim around her pussy lips and my mouth watered at the thought of tonguing my way around it.

I ran my fingers gently through her hair circling her labia amazed by the soft feel. I had gone to great lengths my whole life to keep myself shaved and trimmed, yet here I was staring at this beautiful natural pussy, overwhelmed by the urge to kiss every inch of her and feel the tickle of her hair on my face, lapping up her bitter sweet juices.

Stacey’s right hand slid around Rosario’s thigh and her finger pushed into the thick dark triangle. Then as if we had planned it, Stacey and I both moved in and gently licked our way up the little hairless valleys where her inner thigh met her vulva.

Rosario moaned her approval as our tongues teased her. In response, I moved closer running my tongue firmly up the hairless rim outside her left pussy lip. As I breathed her scent, I felt my pussy ache and my whole-body tingle.

Stacey followed my lead up her right side, our cheeks touching as we worked together to pleasure sweet Rosario. My left hand gripped the soft smoothness of her thigh while we continued licking. It was a heavenly feeling with my face sandwiched between Stacey’s cheek and Rosario’s thigh. Once again Stacey took the first plunge and licked up the center of Rosario’s slit causing a high-pitched squeal. I followed her and we began alternating licks, drinking in her heavenly juices.

“Oh, God ladies, that feel so, good!” she barked as her head rolled back and mouth opened wide. “Huh! Huh! Huh!” Rosario puffed like a choo-choo train, gasping with each lick. Her hips began to tremble and shake with excitement. “Oh God!”

Excited by her reaction we licked faster and harder until suddenly Stacey plunged tongue first into her cunt and we bumped heads. Then she turned her head sideways French kissing her pussy and giving me room to work her clit. I sucked it in and assaulted it with my rapid-fire tongue.

I could sense the gush of juices from Rosario, whishing I was in Stacey’s spot drinking them in. None the less, I was pleased to see my clitoral stimulation was pushing Rosario to a climax. As she began to cum her body stiffened and she rocked so wildly we struggled to keep her knees high and wide. Her cries of pleasure grew louder and more frantic as we relentlessly lapped at her. I thought I heard Cynthia enter the room which excited me even more. I raised up on my knees pushing my ass in the air for Cynthia’s benefit.

Rosaria had a handful of the comforter in each hand, cumming long and hard. The stimulation became overwhelming and she tried to twist free, but we held her in place, pushing her to the limit of endurance. Finally, she wiggled free and shoved our heads away panting frantically.

“And that Rosario, is the double tongue treatment.” Said Cynthia with an I told you so tone.

“Incredible!” panted Rosario.

“Most definitely,” replied Cynthia.

Rosario pulled us by the hand toward her head and we stretched out on either side of her. Then she gave me a deliberately slow lick-kiss combo, cleaning her juices from my face. As she did, I heard what sounded like a little slap on Stacey’s butt from Cynthia.

“Raise that cute butt form me sweetie.” Said Cynthia playfully. “I have something for our little pets.”

I heard Stacey gasp as Cynthia apparently inserted a finger. “Ms. Stacey, you are soaked again you horny little thing.” Stacey moaned in agreement.

“That’s it, get it nice and wet,” Said Cynthia sensuously.

I wanted to look but I dared not pass up on Rosario’s roaming tongue.

Stacey whimpered softly and gasped again.

“That’s it, relax sweetie. Once it’s in I want you to leave it there until one of us tells you to take it out, OK?” Cynthia said calmly.

“Uh huh,” whimpered Stacey.

“Good girl,” she said stepping around to my side of the bed.

I felt the slap and sucked onto Rosario’s tongue. “Ass in the air Ms. Carmichael.”

Rosario broke the kiss and began the treatment on Stacey’s lips while I spread myself wider for Cynthia. I kept my gaze on Rosario’s tongue as she kissed Stacey.

I whimpered as Cynthia slid a dildo slowly into me twisting as she went. “Ms. Carmichael, your little slut pussy is soaked and swollen Like you haven’t been properly fucked today. She shoved the little dildo in, and it was clear it was some kind of pussy plug as it got fatter and suddenly skinny before a flattened base plate pressed against my labia.

I pushed against her pressing it in all the way. Then, she tapped it a couple times teasing me and spun it back out. “Same rules apply Ms. Carmichael, you need to keep it in until you are told to remove it.”

Wondering what she meant since she just pulled it out, I gasped when she pressed and spun it into my ass, slowly but firmly. I felt a tinge of pain and nearly cried out. But when the body was in my sphincter was relived. I continued to kissed Rosario’s neck as Cynthia inserted the butt plug. Butt plugs were something I had heard of, but never had the desire use one before that moment. Once it was in, I could feel a little stimulation in my ass, I had not really imagined before.

Suddenly, Stacey and I both jumped as it began to vibrate slowly. “You little sluts like that in your asses, don’t you?” Asked Cynthia.

“Yes!” we answered in unison.

It suddenly kicked into high speed and we both groaned. “Yes what?” she said sternly.

“Yes Ms. Cynthia!” We corrected ourselves.

Somewhat to my disappointment she turned it back to low.

“Ms. Rosario, I have a control unit for you. This controls them both, so please feel free to make adjustments as needed.” Cynthia handed her a control and demonstrated. “This controls the speed, medium, high, off, low. And this one controls the frequency there are two settings.”

As she pushed the button the butt plug went up in intensity, stopped and back to low. It was quite a sensation as she put it through the paces. Then the frequency was another exciting change. When she pushed it, the sound went from high pitched supper fast to low pitched slower vibration and back again.

She took the control, changed the settings and watched our faces, smiling. We wiggled and jumped as she kept changing it. My pussy was soaked at the thought of them controlling our excitement level on a whim. The varying speed and frequency seemed to stimulate different nerve endings intensifying the effect.

As she played, Cynthia asked her a question. “Ms. Rosario, after watching that little session with you and the sluts, I was hoping you might let me borrow, Ms. Carmichael for a bit, while you get to know, Ms. Stacey a little better?”

She turned toward Stacey and looked at her hungrily. “That sounds fine Ms. Cynthia, thank you. Lay on you back please my blue-eyed pet.” Stacey eagerly complied.

“Come kneel before me please Ms. Carmichael,” Commanded Cynthia.

I quickly complied. As I turned toward her, I saw she had a red silk robe hanging loose revealing a two-inch gap from between her breasts all the way down to mid-thigh. The top of the robe clung to her nipples just enough to hide them. But seeing her like that made me want to kiss my way down her front, starting between her firm tits. I imagined kissing my way down past her belly button and finishing at her shaved pink pussy.

When I approached, she sat in a chair she had moved to the foot of the bed to watch them. As she sat, her knees pushed the robe open exposing her moist pussy lips. Then she slid the robe off her shoulders and pulled her arms through.

My cunt steamed at the sight as the plug slowly vibrated inside me. As I began to kneel, I glanced at Rosario and Stacey and froze at the sight of Rosario’s spread ass. She sat astride Stacey’s pelvis, knees pulled up beside Stacey and bent forward in a push up position. She stared down at her grinding herself against Stacey.

“I could get lost in those blue eye’s my pet.” She sighed and leaned in to kiss her. I imagined what she was doing with that tongue as I stared at her dark pink sphincter stretched between her round little buns. Her labia still glistened with our saliva as her cheeks clenched and relaxed. Stacey panted and whimpered in response.

“It is quite the sight Ms. Carmichael, but I need your attention for the moment. I’ll describe what’s happening as long as I can if that helps.” She smiled and spread her legs wider.

“Not necessary, I said as my mind locked on her shaved pink prize. I loved the curve of her glorious ass cheeks peeking out below her bright pink labia.

My hands slid from her knees on up her thighs while I leaned in and extended my tongue.

“Your lips are so delicious Stacey. So soft and warm…” Sighed Rosario.

My pussy throbbed as my tongue separated Cynthia’s labia. Her scent and flavor washed through me in a tingling rush of excitement. “Ms. Carmichael…” Cynthia whispered pushing herself gently against my mouth. I kept my eyes while my lips and tongue were in heaven pressed against her silky soft wetness. She felt so delicate and warm and her gasping whimpers seemed to transmit her pleasure directly to my own pussy. My hands slid under her thighs and around her hips so I could pull her tight to push my tongue deeper inside her. As I did, Cynthia’s eyes widened, and she smiled with pleasure.

Simultaneously, Cynthia let out a long heavy sigh and Stacey moaned more desperately. “Ms. Car, huh, micheal, your tongue is magical.” gasped Cynthia. “Rosario is tonging sweet Stacey’s…” She gasped as I sped up the pace excited by her narration. She continued, gasping between words. “…precious little nipples, AH!”

I wiggled my head rubbing her clit with my nose as I snaked my tongue into her smooth tight tunnel.

“Her fingers, ah, are circling her navel and Stacey, ah! Stacey is writhing like, Ah!” She stopped as I slid two fingers in and moved my tongue to her clit. My pussy was oozing as I imagined watching Rosario have her way with my best friend. All the while the butt plug’s tingling vibration continued to torture me.

Stacey took over the narrative, “Oh please Ms. Rosario, I can’t take any more. Pthose fingers inside me please.” She begged sweetly.

“Patience my little slut, anticipation is everything as Ms. Carmichael likes to show us.” Replied Rosario taunting her.

I watched Cynthia’s eyes as she observed them intently. Apparently speechless, her jaw was locked open and chest heaved as she panted and twitched. Her pussy was sticky sweet with a touch of metallic after taste. I could never get enough of her and continued licking and sucking, lapping up her juices. I felt incredibly powerful watching the frozen look of almost painful pleasure on her face.

“Oh yes, please lower,” begged Stacey.

I heard the bed shuffle as Stacey tried to maneuver her body to meet Rosario’s fingers.

“Your friend is very excitable Ms. Carmichael,” said Rosario calmly. Stacey whimpered in frustration. “Where would you like me to touch Ms. Stacey? Here?” She whimpered again.

Cynthia gripped the sides of her seat pushing her ass just off the chair as her cunt began to gyrate against my face.

“How about here?” Another frustrated whimper.

“Please touch my pussy Ms. Rosario,” pleaded Stacey.

Rosario continued to torment while I savored Cynthia’s warm wetness. My nose lifted her clitoral hood and wiggled against her stiff little button. Cynthia moaned, so I pulled her tighter against me and probed deeper with my tongue. “Oh Leasie,” She sighed.

“Yes, right there! Aaahhh!” Squealed Stacey as Rosario finally relented.

“Oh, Ms. Carmichael, your friend’s pussy is like a tight little furnace.” Said Rosario. “Stacey Sweetie, I feel your ass toy vibrating my fingers.”

Stacey responded with a series of high-pitched puffs. “Do you like that Sweetie?” Asked Rosario in a wispy voice.

“Oh God, Yes!” She answered loudly.

“Do you like it slow or do you like it fast and hard?” Panted Rosario.

“Oh, fuck me hard please!” Stacey voice cracked.

“Just like you Ms. Carmichael.” Said Rosario. I heard the sloshing sound of her fingers pounding Stacey and she wailed in a high-pitched rhythmic pattern sending chills down my spine.

I shoved my hands under Cynthia’s beautiful ass cheeks and squeezed them hard forcing my tongue still deeper into her hot pussy. Her hips bounced moving faster and faster, but I kept my grip, burying my face in that succulent cunt. I would have given anything for the remote control. If it were on high speed and low frequency, I would have cum without my pussy being touched.

“Are you cumming already, you horny little slut?” asked Rosario teasingly. Stacey’s continued screams of pleasure answered for her. “But I haven’t even had a chance to taste your succulent little cunt Stacey, and I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Oh God, I’m cumming right now Ms. Ros, Rosario!”

Taking her cue, I thrust two fingers into Cynthia’s steaming pussy while I latched on to her clit with my suctioned lips. Cynthia joined with Stacey’s screams as my tongue wiggled wildly on her stretched clit.

“Ok but then I’m gonna lick you till you cum for me again.” Said Rosario.

With those words, Stacey’s orgasm peaked while Cynthia succumbed to her climax as well. My face was drenched in saliva and cum as I felt a rush of warm pussy juices on my fingers and chin. My eyes fixed on Cynthia’s face; I saw her upper body begin to spasm jiggling her tits as her orgasm built.

The bed thumped behind me as Stacey surrendered to Rosario’s relentless finger pounding. I could only imagine the speed of her hand from the wet slapping machine gun sound.

My pussy throbbed more fervently when I felt the flood of creamy white ejaculate warming my chin. I released her clit and thrust my open mouth over her slit to catch it. At the same time, I moved my thumb to her clit and rubbed while I lapped up her hot cream. My head nodded and I whimpered “Uh Huh, uh huh,” into her cunt as she came in my mouth.

Cynthia’s head laid back, and her body stiffened while my tongue scooped her hot cum into my mouth. The feeling of power was incredible while her whole body convulsed with pleasure. I felt each spasm in my cunt as the butt plug’s constant tickle made everything more sensitive. When her climax passed, she collapsed her ass back to the chair and sighed in contentment. Her hand stroked the back of my head gently as she rubbed her cum drenched pussy against my face.

After a moment she pulled me up toward her head and we kissed deeply. I was relieved to be off my knees and the feel of her tongue swirling in my mouth quickly reminded me of the aching need between my legs.

“Thank you for cumming in my mouth Ms. Cynthia,” I said before kissing her shapely neck. It truly was amazing when her orgasms induced her white creamy cum. It didn’t happen every time, but when it did it was a special treat.

“Thank you, Ms. Carmichael…” Cynthia began but Stacey interrupted. Or should I say Rosario interrupted.

There was a loud moan from Stacey as apparently Rosario dove tongue first into Stacey’s spread pussy. I turned to look and saw Stacey laying on her back, legs spread and knees up. The back of Rosario’s head blocked the view of Stacey’s lady parts as she took a slow deliberate lick between Stacey’s legs, inducing another moan of pleasure.

“Ms. Rosario that feels…” Her head turned to the side and eyes closed enjoying that wonderful tongue.

I watched over my shoulder, a little jealous. Cynthia gripped my hips gently and turned my body to face them. Then she guided me slowly down to sit between her spread legs on the edge of the cushioned folding chair.

“Sit my pet, lets watch together. You don’t mind us watching Rosario make you cum do you Sweetie?” Cynthia asked politely.

Candy gave a long gasping sigh as Rosario licked again.

“Squeal once if you don’t mind and twice if you do.” Joked Cynthia as her hand slowly slid up my sides and wrapped around me.

Stacey let out one prolonged squeal in response.

When I sat, the pressure on the but plug increased shoving it in further. I relished the tingling effect it caused throughout my loins. Cynthia’s hands gently pulled me closer and caressed my mid-section. In response, I leaned back against her soft breasts. Their warmth against my back was heavenly, and her stiffened nipples poked gently below my shoulder blades. The magic hands slid slowly up stroking my breasts as I her warm breath sent chills down my spine.

My gaze was drawn to Rosario lying flat on her stomach propped on her elbow with her arms wrapped under and around Stacey’s thighs. Her hands gripped those silky thighs as she ate my best friend’s sweet pussy. Rosario’s ponytail gently swayed, tickling her back with each lick.

The shape of her shoulders and the curve of her back were incredibly sexy and soon my eyes reached her cute ass. Her legs were spread, bent at the knees, feet in the air gently rocking side to side. I could see her labia protruding from her dark bush, slightly separated again, pleading for my tongue.

My mind bounced from wanting my face buried between her silky thighs or pushing her aside to pleasure Stacey. But the feel of Cynthia Liebert’s warm gossamer skin against my back held me firm. And as her right hand touched my breast, I was more than content to stay right where I was.

Her left hand gently swirled over my belly amplifying the burn in my pussy. “I never tire of touching you Ms. Carmichael,” whispered Cynthia. “You are so beautiful.”

I sighed and melted against her, my hands touching the top of her thighs and my ass, her moist heat. Cynthia’s fingers thoroughly explored my sensitive areas. Her right hand circled one nipple then the next.

“You have turned us all into pussy hungry sluts Ms. Carmichael. Are you proud of yourself?” Said Cynthia, circling my belly button with a teasing finger.

I had never been more revved in my life. I starred at Rosarios round little buns, pink slit and dark little sphincter exposed before me. Stacey’s thighs gently squeezed her head while she ate her tender pussy. All of this while the sexiest body I had ever seen was pressed against me with her fingers circling my areola and torturously tracing the skin around my belly. To top it off, or should I say bottom it off, the vibrating butt plug continued its relentless stimulation between my legs.

“You are a temptress, Ms. Carmichael, and you pull us all into your web of lust and debauchery.” I could only whimper as I surrendered to her.

Stacey groaned in agreement while Rosario nodded giving Stacey extra pleasure.

“Rosie and I would like to thank you for bringing us another pet to help satisfy these desires you have awoken in us.” She kissed my neck and shoulders.

“My pleasure, oh fuck!” gasped Stacey writhing from Rosario’s masterful tongue.

Cynthia rested her chin on my shoulder and spoke in a calm voice. Her fingers electrified my body and the heat between our bodies seemed to be increasing by the second.

“Would you sluts like to cum now?” She asked turning the butt plugs to medium.

Stacey and I jerked in unison. I answered in broken puffs of desperation. “Oh, hoa, please Ms. Cynthia.”

Rosario raised her head, and I watched the look of great disappointment on Stacey’s face when she answered. “Yes please! Ms. Ros, Cynthia.”

“You had it right Sweetie. You should beg Rosie to make you cum.

“Yes please Ms. Rosario.”

“Good, then let’s review the ground rules shall we.” Cynthia’s finger ever so gently traced the outside edges of my enlarged pussy lips.

“Please,” I sighed rolling my pelvis hoping she would let me fuck her fingers.

You will wear your uniforms all weekend except when given direct permission from Rosie or me. “Yes Ms. Cynthia,” we answered together.

Rosie has the weekend off and you two will service our every need this weekend without question. The desperation of the moment overrode any tinge of resistance and we replied, “Yes Ms. Cynthia.”

“You may not pleasure one another unless one of us asks you to, agreed?”

“Yes Ms. Cynthia.”

She teased my labia with her fingertips. “Your little pussy is steaming hot Ms. Carmichael. How is Ms. Stacey doing, Rosario?”

“She’s wiggling like a horny little worm. What is it you need Stacey?” Asked Rosario teasingly.

“I need your tongue, please!” She raised her ass off the bed pushing her pelvis toward Rosario.

“You are ours for the weekend to do with what we will. Your number one objective is to pleasure Rosario since she has had a rough week. Your number two objective is to pleasure me. If you continue to perform well, we will reward you repeatedly and intensely. Agreed?”

Cynthia’s fingers never stopped moving and I completely agreed with her plan. As I was ready to answer, Stacey beat me to it.

“Yes, Ms. Cynthia, yes, yes, yes,” She answered enthusiastically.

“Yes Ms. Cynthia. Please make us cum,” I squeezed her thighs to emphasize the urgency.

“What do you think Rosario?” I felt Cynthia smile.

“Thank you, Ms. Cynthia. I’m so glad you brought me another,” she said before going back to work on Stacey’s hungry pussy.

Stacey moaned and I felt Cynthia’s Middle finger slide between my labia. “Ms. Cynthia…” my mouth opened, and I panted rapidly. “Hoah! y, yes.” I pressed my head back onto her shoulder.

My hips began to move making love to her fingers. “I’m inside you Leasie.” She said wispily. “You are so warm and wet. I love knowing I make you this way.”

I felt myself surrender to her touch completely as her finger slid slowly in and out then up and down my slit rubbing my clit before plunging back inside me. Her other hand rubbed my breasts gently.

I saw Stacey, with her hands at her sides gripping the bead spread and grinding herself against Rosario’s tongue. Rosarios hands caressed her breasts and stomach and her ponytail bobbed as she worked Stacey’s tight little pussy.

The vibration from the butt plug stimulated my lower body as Cynthia touched me. I felt a much-needed climax approaching and wiggled more frantically.

“Oh Ms. Cynthia, please don’t ever stop.” I begged gyrating my hips in complete bliss.

My heart raced as Rosario’s right hand moved to the remote, switching the vibrators to high. I could feel it all the way to my nipples and we both quickly began to sing out.

“I think Rosario just gave you permission to cum my pets.” Said Cynthia speeding up her hand.

“Oh God, Cynthia…” I squealed.

“Cum for us Leasie and Sweet Stacey,” she sighed.

My hips rolled like I was hula hooping, my ass rubbing against her silky thighs and steaming cunt.

“I’m cumming for you Ms. Cynthia, I love what you do to me. I love, aaahhh!”

My back arched pushing myself against her beautiful body. I jerked and twitched as the orgasm took control of me causing me to sing out. Cynthia Liebert brought me to the pinnacle of paralyzing pleasure once again.

I heard Stacey gasping as Rosario’s magical tongue brought her there with me.

“Ms. Cynthia, I, I love, you, so, much!” I screamed in broken gasps.

My body quaked as I submitted completely to Cynthia and the intense climax, she gave me.

It finally peaked and I could speak again. “Oh God, I love you all.” I said rocking myself on her fingers.

My body relaxed and I melted against Cynthia’s warm naked body watching Stacey spasm as Rosario’s ponytail thrashed wildly. “Ros, Ros, ario! cumming!”

Her ass raised off the bed and her hips bounced as she came in Rosario’s anxious mouth. Rosario clung tightly to her powerful thighs drinking in every drop of creamy nectar.

While Stacey caught her breath, Rosario slowly kissed her way up Stacey’s body and settled on top of her, kissing her mouth with swirling tongue. I watched, leaning against Cynthia contentedly as she gently kissed my neck and caressed my thighs. “Thank you, Ms. Cynthia.” I whispered.

“You are welcome Ms. Carmichael. Now my pets, I think I would like to have a little one on one time with Rosario. If you would put on your uniforms please, Rosario and I will talk while you make us lunch. Rosie sweetie, would you like to get a little sun time on the roof deck?” Cynthia asked as she put on the red robe.

“Yes Ms. Carmichael, that sounds great.” her sexy brown eyes were radiant as she rolled off the bed and smiled at Cynthia.

I moved to the edge of the bed, still collecting myself. Cynthia held out a hand and Rosario took it. Then she led her out of the bedroom. “Thank you, ladies, get yourselves in order and prepare lunch. We need to keep up our strength for this afternoon. I have a few surprises for you…” She said as they rounded the corner.

Stacey was still on her back propped up on her elbows. Though I was pretty spent after four orgasms before lunch, I couldn’t help but be taken, by my best friends cute sexiness. I crawled up next to her and we lay facing one another.

Looking in her bright blue eyes, I caressed her cheek and gave her a slow gentle kiss. “Are you still ok with all this Stacey?”

She smiled and raised both eyebrows. “I am very ok.”

I pulled her close and we continued to kiss and caress each other. Touching her was intoxicating. I could never tire of tracing her curves and feeling her soft smooth skin.

“Lecia Honey, we need to get dressed. I am starving and I can’t wait to see what other surprises she has. Rosario is a Dream. Are there any more ladies you’ve turned, temptress!” She wiggled her fingers like a witch casting a spell.

“I am quite certain there are no more, but I have only just begun.” I replied with a teasing slap to her hip before rolling off the bed. “Shall we freshen up and meet in the kitchen in ten?”

She bent down to pick up her uniform. and then gave a curtsy holding her bodice in her right fingertips and her stocking in the left. “Yes, Ma lady,” she bowed her head for added affect.

I did the same back. “Ma Lady”

We met back in full attire including stocking, and tiara. After I dressed, I had looked at myself in the mirror almost in disbelief, how my heart raced with excitement seeing myself in the outfit. I had never felt sexier and more alive, also never more terrified of losing everything. If this somehow blew up, I could lose my career and best friend, a terrible twofer. I reminded myself, Stacey and I already agreed we wanted to follow this adventure together to the end.

I stood behind Stacey and squeezed her full-figured buns. “You are quite the little tart Ms. Stacey. I could eat you up.”

“You do owe me two from this morning my love. But we have a couple extremely hot…” Stacey searched for the word. “…mistresses to attend and I am famished.”

“Me too,” I went to the fridge and looked in. “I wonder what Mistress Cynthia has in store.”

“I can’t wait. So, what do we have for lunch?” She came to look with me.

“I think we could probably make some wraps. There is turkey and ham and a bunch of fresh vegies for salad. Should we check with our Mistresses?” I mused at how much I liked the term mistress.

“That would be smart, would you like to go or should I”? Stacey asked with an excited tone.

“I can tell you want to, there are spiral stairs in Cynthia’s bedroom that lead to a hatch on the roof. They will be up there.” I watched her face light up as she went to serve the “mistresses”.

“OK, I’ll be back.”

I pulled out the ingredients and prepped, assuming our choice would be acceptable. A few minutes later she returned.

“Damn Lecia, they’re wearing matching red bikinis. They look amazing.” She shook her head. “Wow!”

“And?” I responded holding a butter knife one hand and tortillas in the other.

“Oh yeah, wraps are fine. And sweet tea. We will eat on the roof.” She moved closer to help.

“You smell wonderful Stacey,” I said breathing her perfume.

She looked at me with her bright blue eyes. Her face seemed to glow, and she smiled with joy from my complement. I wondered how I had been so blind to the beauty before me; inside and out. Knowing I was responsible for her bright contented smile and the hungry enchanted eyes, touched me deeply.

“I love you so much Stacey.” I leaned in and kissed her for a long moment. We simply melted into one another as butterflies filled my belly. We broke the kiss, lost in one another’s eyes.

She starred at me quivering slightly. “If you only knew how many times, I dreamed of hearing that. I love you too Alecia Carmichael.” Her gaze continued like no one had ever looked at me before. Then, only as Stacey could do, she used humor to bring us back to task.

Without breaking eye contact she spoke. “You really are a temptress Lecia, one look in those eyes and no one can resist.”

I made my eyes as wide as possible staring at her hypnotically. “I love you Stacey, now I want you to rub my feet, make lunch and carry me to the roof.”

“Kiss it Carmichael!” she said as she turned and slapped her fingers on her ass cheek.

“Gladly Ms. Stacey. But clearly my temptress charms have been wildly exaggerated. Now, right bun or left?”

“Both of course, if I’m not being to cheeky,” She giggled. “But seriously, let’s get this done. I can’t wait to peal those bikinis off.”

We focused long enough to finish lunch. I carried the wraps, and a fruit plate while Stacey brought the Tea and chips.

When we got to the roof, I understood her excitement immediately. They lay side by side buns up and red semi-thongs high lighting their tans beautifully. Cynthia’s round muscular globes stretched the fabric to its limit. I marveled how little the stressed elastic dug into her firm cheeks. Rosario had a more traditional pear shape but nicely rounded ass. Hungry as I was, I was tempted to toss the lunch aside and feast on warm buns.

“Lunch and tea are served Mistresses,” I said in my best Brit accent.

They rolled over and sat Indian style. Both had little to no tummy roll as they sat leaning forward. I was so jealous.

“I like that,” Said Rosario. “Mistresses.”

“Me too.” Smiled Cynthia.

“I must confess, Stacey came up with it,” I said as we set the food down in front of them and remained standing.

“Did she,” said Rosie smiling deviously. “We should reward her later.”

Cynthia nodded in agreement. “You may join us pets.” She waved her hands for us to sit facing them.

We also sat Indian style, but with no panties are pussies were quite exposed. I had to confess the warm sun on my spread pussy felt exhilarating. And watching their eyes bounce for Stacey’s pussy to mine and back again like kids in a candy store, made us both rather giddy.

As we ate, Cynthia informed us of a plan she and Rosario were working on.

“My pets, Rosario has agreed to be my house manager for all three homes, Miami, New York and LA. In that role she will travel as needed to be present when I am at one of the homes. So, you should both be seeing a lot more of her.”

“Congratulations Mistress Rosario.” Said Stacey.

I tipped a tea glass to her. “Congratulations Mistress. I do look forward to seeing more of you.”

Her grin was beaming. “Thank you, Me too.” her eyes scanned our spread legs.

“That being said, I trust you will extend your commitment to service beyond this weekend.” Cynthia looked at us hopefully.

Stacey looked at me bright eyed. We both nodded subtly until we knew it was mutual. “Yes Mistresses.” We said in unison.

An idea struck me. “Mistresses, I have a bid in on the penthouse apartment in 71 Broadway. There are 5 bedrooms, and it is close to the office. There would be room for all of us.”

Cynthia looked at Rosario, then at me. “You’re asking us to live with you in New York Ms. Carmichael?”

“Yes Mistresses.” I smiled feigning a blush.

“I love it when you call me Mistress.” She looked at Rosario again. She smiled her approval.

“To clarify ladies, you would be our full-time pets?”

Before I could even look to Stacey she answered. “Yes Mistresses.”

“Yes Mistresses,” I concurred looking hungrily at them.

“How can we reject such an invitation Ms. Carmichael?” Said Cynthia.

Stacey whispered, “Temptress Alecia, strikes again.”

Cynthia replied, “You’re correct Ms. Stacey, I only wonder who she has in mind for bedroom number five.”

“I’ll never tell.” I licked some strawberry off my fingers suggestively.

The temperature on the roof seemed to be heating up as we finished lunch. Stacey and I cleaned up as Rosario and Cynthia sunned their front sides. When we returned, I could not help but look at their exposed bellies and think of the kissing them and tasting a hint of their salty perspiration.

Rosario propped up with her elbows behind her back, smiling at us. “Stacey my pet, I think it’s time for your reward.”

“Thank you, Mistress Rosario.” She emphasized the word mistress, the use of which earned her said reward.

She nodded toward a large leather handbag on of the lounge chairs. “You get first pick from the toy bag over there.”

Stacey almost ran to the bag, spread it open and smiled. “Oh my, thank you so much mistresses.”

Cynthia propped up beside Rosario on the king-sized lounging pad watching Stacey’s reaction.

Stacey pulled out a big black strap-on dildo. “Just one?” She asked jokingly looking at Rosario.

“For now, my slut! The weekend is still young.” She joked back.

Then Stacey put the dildo back in the bag and routed around in it. After a moment, her face lit up and she pulled out a device I could never had imagine. It was a strapless pink vibrating dildo. There was a shorter almost egg-shaped fitting for the mistress to insert. From there the dildo had a U shape, except on the other leg of the u were two cocks. One 8 inches long, 1 inch diameter and the second about 5 inches long, 3/4 inch diameter.

I was confused but quickly surmised how it worked and was instantly jealous. I once had Cynthia’s sliver bullet in my ass and the thought of both holes once…

She pulled it out and began to rub it while she smiled naughtily. “I’ll try this one.”

“Excellent choice Stacey, bring it to me, my pet.” Said Cynthia in a wispy voice.

“Your turn Ms. Carmichael, how will we play?” Said Rosario, staring at me with her mesmerizing brown eyes. She made me instantly wet with just a look.

I went to the bag and pulled it open. There was a half dozen or so dildo’s of varying sizes and shapes. I pushed the oversize black one aside thinking to myself, “Monster cock is the last thing on my mind right now.” But then I saw the one I wanted. It was purple and strapless. This one had a larger cock shaped probe for the mistress with a very sharply turned U and a slightly larger cock for the pet.

The sharp U would make the cock stay tight to her body and point almost straight up. She would have to have her body pressed firmly against mine to get that cock inside up both, and that sold me immediately.

I held it up and smiled as Rosario. “I would very much like you to fuck me with this Mistress Rosario. Please Mistress.” I asked meekly.

“Since you asked nicely, I would be happy too, Ms. Carmichael.” Her eye penetrated directly to my heart and it fluttered in response. “I will need you to remove that uniform my pet. I want nothing between us.”

Stacey knelt next to Cynthia and was gently caressing her belly with the rubber dildo, tracing the waist of her bikini as she leaned in for a kiss. I stood before Rosario and pealed down my bodice exposing myself completely. Cynthia had the highest roof in the immediate area and a five-foot wall around the perimeter of the roof that kept me from the line of vision of any nosey neighbors. But as Rosario showed me with the limo driver last week, a neighbor watching would not have deterred me, from my mission to pleasure her.

“Were going to need our little sluts to wet our pussies first please.” Commanded Cynthia.

“Yes, My Mistress.” answered Stacey as she straddled Cynthia legs and pealed down the red bikini bottoms.

I followed suit and Rosario held my toy for me while I slid her bottoms over her shapely hips, down her sexy legs and off. Her golden skin was beautiful too look at, and I wanted to kiss every inch of her. As I held the bottoms it was apparent, they were already damp. I looked at her hungrily and brought them to my face. I breathed her scent and closed my eyes.

Stacey wasted no time and was between Cynthia’s legs hungrily running her tongue the length of her shaved pussy.

“Mistress Rosario you seem quite wet already, but I think it’s better to be sure.” I leaned down and lay on my stomach as I settled between her silky thighs and split her dark pink labia with my salivating tongue.

The sun felt wonderful on my backside as I savored Rosario’s sticky sweet cunt. She and Cynthia moaned softly petting our heads as my bestie and I licked them into a steamy wet frenzy.

Stacey and I would have happily tongued them to climax and devoured their juices, but they pulled us off and handed us our toys. We rose to all fours and sucked the mistress ends of our respective dildos. Then we began to wiggle them in. I could not resist pushing the little silver button at the bottom of the U that activated the vibrator mechanism.

Rosario gasped and quickly reached down and turned it back off. “You naughty little slut. Only I decide when to turn it on. For that you will need to be punished and the vibrator stays off today.”

“I’m sorry Mistress Rosario I was only trying to pleasure you; I wasn’t being greedy.” I pleaded. “I’ll make sure you cum twice, three times whatever you want. Please I need you to fuck me with the vibrator turned on. I’ll do anything you want.”

She looked down at me and took pity. “Ok Ms. Carmichael, but I decide when to turn it on and you cum only when I say.”

“Thank you, Mistress Rosario, thank you.” I said while I worked the dildo all the way inside her.

I pulled it back out to the tip and pushed it slowly back in. Encouraged by the way she rolled her hips I continued sliding it in and out. When it was fully inserted, the purple cock protruded tightly parallel to her golden-brown stomach ending just at her belly button. With her full black bush, the cock really looked like it was part of her. I felt the urge to climb on top her and ride the purple dick until my cum coated her silky belly.

Stacey removed her face from Cynthia’s shaved cunt and began sucking the Mistress end of the three headed dildo. My eyes darted from Rosario’s beautiful naked body to Stacey work the dildo into Cynthia.

The two heads destined for Stacey’s tight little holes stuck almost straight out. When it was in Cynthia, I realized Stacey was either going to get fucked from behind or take the thicker cock in her ass and I didn’t think she wanted that.

I quickly directed my attention back to Rosario. Her symmetrical tits rolled slightly as she let her upper body collapse back on the bed. I sensed she might be close to orgasm already and felt a rush of excitement. My Mistress was losing control and I wanted to take it.

I noticed the U of the strapless was so tight that as I worked it in and out of her, it rubbed her clit as well. When I looked closer, I saw a series of little ridges in the right spot to do just that. The design was ingenious. The mistress would be equally stimulated if not more than the recipient pet.

When I picked up the pace and increased the pressure on her clit, Rosario almost sang with pleasure. The devious part of me wanted to push the button and send her screaming over the edge, but I could not risk punishment.

Her hips raised slightly off the bed and when her flat stomach began to quake and knew I had her. “Mistress Rosario, are you gonna cum Sweetie,” I asked innocently.

Stacey was now deepthroating the anal cock while Cynthia fucked her mouth with a hand on the back of her head.

Rosario’s eyes closed, and chest heaved with each gasp. “Yes, you’re gonna make me cum if you don’t stop and just push it in. Don’t, ah! Don’t you want me to fuck you?”

“I think you need to cum first Mistress,” I teased fucking her faster.

Stacey was now sucking the vaginal cock, getting it lubed for her pussy. Cynthia and Stacey both watched as I pushed Rosario over the edge.

“Did your husband make you cum this easily Mistress?” I taunted.

“Oh God no, Alecia, I’m cumming.” She squealed as her body tensed.

Her hips rocked and body writhed as her orgasm overtook her. I watched her hip bones protrude and recede from her quivering stomach relishing the feeling of power I felt as her body surrendered to me. I gripped the purple cock and held it fully inside her as she rolled herself against the clit stimulator to maximize her climax.

When her orgasm passed, I released my grip and stretched out next to her and caressed her cheek. “Isn’t that better, Mistress Rosario?” I kissed her gently.

“You really are a Temptress Ms. Alecia,” she returned the kiss.

“That’s it sweet Stacey, show me those slutty little holes my pet.” Said Cynthia as she stood on her knees and positioned herself behind Stacey.

I looked to see Stacey on all fours, leaned forward resting on her elbows with her ass in the air while Cynthia lined up the duel cockheads with Stacey’s orifices.

Rosario pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me straddling me on hands and knees. The purple cockhead touched her bell as she hovered over me. She leaned her head down and kissed my left breast gently sending a familiar rush through my pussy.

“Ok sweet Stacey, are you ready?” asked Cynthia.

“Yes, Mistress.” Her voice cracked.

“Good, sweetie just relax, I’ll take it nice and slow.” Said Cynthia soothingly.

Stacey dropped her head to rest it on her forearms and slowly pushed herself against the advancing dildo.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you Sweetie?” Asked Cynthia.

“Yes, Mistress Cynthia, please push in all the way. Ooooohhhhh,” she sighed.

I listened as Rosario’s wondering tongue began its work on my sensitive nipples. “Such pretty tits Ms. Alecia,” she whispered between licks. My back arched in response, pressing myself toward her. The tip of her ponytail hung over her shoulder tickling my skin as she kissed and licked my nipples stiff.

Then she kissed her way up to my neck and shoulders as I brought my knees up, positioning myself to receive her purple cock. Stacey’s moans grew louder as Cynthia began to pump her harder. I needed to feel the hard rubber dick inside me and slid my hand between us to guide it in.

Stacey’s screams of pleasure grew louder, and I grew more desperate. I pressed the tip against my steaming labia and wiggled it up and down my slit to work it between my engorged lips.

Cynthia began to grunt as she fucked Stacey hard. “You like having both your little slut holes filled don’t you Stacey?”

“Yes, Mistress, ah, pl, please fuck me hard. Make me your slut.” She panted heavily.

“Are you gonna cum with my cock in your ass?” groaned Cynthia.

I needed the cock inside me, but Rosario teased me and refused to let me put it in.

“Yes, pound my ass Mist, ress. Oh God it feels, Aaaaahhhhh!” Stacey screamed much too loud for an open roof on the beach.

“You need to keep it down, Sweetie,” Said Cynthia anxiously. “Ms. Rosie could you please stuff those bikini panties in her mouth?”

“Yes Ms. Cynthia.” Said Rosario.

I was frustrated further when she stopped kissing my neck and leaned over to find the panties and stuff them in Stacey’s mouth. When she did, I could sense Stacey’s screams going to a new level, thankfully muffled by the mouth full of bikini.

Rosario continued to taunt, pressing the head against me then pulling it back when I tried to push it in.

“Please Mistress, put your cock in me. I need you to fuck me, please!” I was in a frenzy hearing the slap of Cynthia’s pelvis on Stacey’s ass as her muffled moans continued.

When I thought I couldn’t stand another second she finally pressed it slightly in and when I pushed back, she mercifully held steady. Frantically, I impaled myself on the rubber rod trembling as the eight inches slowly filled me. When it reached the hilt, Rosario began to slowly roll her hips fucking me slowly.

My head rolled back, and I moaned with pleasure as she resumed kissing my neck. Lost in the feel of her skin against mine, my hands caressed the soft skin of her back and shoulders as her tender lips and warm breath tickled my neck. Then, Rosario looked at me with those hypnotic brown eyes. Her hips moved with rhythmic fluidity that washed through every cell in my body. She smiled when I released a deep sensual moan through my trembling lips. As she moved the satin skin of her soft stomach brushed against mine sending a deep tingle to my loins, that I had never felt from any man. Our breasts brushed together as the hard rubber cock slid relentlessly in and out. Her dangling breast swept gently across mine. She felt so soft and delicate against my rough stiff nipples. The wave of pleasure through my body from her steady paced gyrations seemed to push everything else away. I was vaguely aware of Stacey’s gagged blissful screams, but the warm softness of Rosario’s delicate skin as she pushed deep inside me built a powerful wave of ecstacy that held me firm in the grip of passion between us. My trembling body and desperate moans signaled to Rosario of my imminent climax and she returned my earlier taunt.

“Are you going to cum already sweetie,” she teased copying my innocent tone.

“Oh yes, you’re gonna make me cum my sweet mistress.” I sighed as my hands gripped her ass.

The feel of her hips rolling magically in my hands as the purple cock penetrated slowly but relentlessly had me to the edge. Then she lowered herself down resting on her elbows and used my earlier words against me. “Did your boyfriends ever make you cum so easily Ms. Carmichael?”

My voice cracked as I tried to respond, “N, nev, er! Ah!”

My voice was high and loud as my climax built and control was lost. Rosario thrust her tongue into my mouth muting my euphoric cries with her magical tongue. Her hands gripped my face holding me to her as I came in convulsive waves, whimpering into her mouth. She ruthlessly kept those hips rocking as I tried to wiggle free. When the orgasm finally peaked, she slowed the pace, and I became aware of Stacey’s animal like pants. She too was recovering from a powerful orgasm.

Rosario broke the kiss and looked down at me smiling, moving the cock ever so slowly inside of me. “Did you like that my pet?”

“Oh my God yes, thank you Mistress Rosario. Thank you.”

Our bodies were covered in sweat as the Miami sun beat down on us. A feeling of euphoria engulfed me as I looked in those brown eyes.

Suddenly Cynthia broke the silence with a mischievous voice. “And the vibrators weren’t even on…” I heard Stacey squeal followed by the hum of her toy. “Oh, God that feels quite good.” Cynthia said excitedly.

Rosario’s eyes widened and she shifted her weight to one side to free up a hand.

“Are you gonna turn, oh?” The vibration took my voice. I could only groan as the cock vibrated my lower body. After a few seconds I could speak again, “You did. Oh. fuck you did.”

She began to pick up the pace, fucking me from the push up position. The vibrating cock slid in and out my soaked distended cunt with slippery ease.

“Oh, fuck Stacey Sweetie, this feels…” Cynthia exhaled heavily and squealed in slow deliberate breathes.

“Please fuck me Mistress Cynthia. Fill my slut holes please!” Stacey hummed.

My clit seemed to electrify my entire pelvis and my ass tingled like never before. When I opened my eyes and saw the look or ecstacy on Rosario’s face I knew another climax was coming fast. Her mouth hung open and her eyes locked shut as she released a guttural moan from deep in her abdomen.

She had added a tiny hula roll to her hip motion that must have brought the vibrator into maximum contact with her clit, because with each roll she groaned deeper, causing a convulsive twitch in her lower body.

The fluidity of motion in her hips was unreal as she thrust the cock hard and deep into me each time, maintaining the hula roll with each plunge.

Stacey moaned wildly into the bikini bottoms and I pressed my mouth against Rosario’s shoulder to mute my own blissful screams. As the orgasm once again overtook me, I managed to grunt out a few words. “Fuck m, me hard mist, ah!”

I had to bury myself against her to stifle the volume as I came with a death grip on her ass. Her upper body jerked in time with her deep groans as her mouth hung fully open. Feeling her cum so hard along with me was indescribably intimate. As her climax took control her lower body froze, apparently on the sweet spot, while her upper body spasmed in slow rhythmic waves that seemed in synch with mine.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me again kissing my neck as we breathed together. I began to wiggle as the ceaseless vibration irritated my spent clit. Rosario mercifully hit the button and then slid the dildo out of both of us, before rolling off to my right. She lay on her back, legs spread, arms over head panting with a contented smile.

On my left lay Cynthia who removed the dildo and laid it aside. Then she rolled toward me. “Seems our pets like their toys.”

I lay on my back soaking in the sun and nodded. “Thank you, Mistresses.”

Rosario and Cynthia rolled on their sides facing me and each kissed a cheek.

Cynthia rested her head on my shoulder and snuggled up to me. “Ms. Carmichael, as I lay hear thinking about what you have done to all of us, I can’t help to think back to that fateful day we met. I find it terrifying to imagine this was all part of your plan before I entered that elevator.”

While she spoke, Stacey had pressed my legs apart and laid between them on her back with her head on my pelvis like a pillow.

I grinned the most devious grin I could muster and said nothing. Rosario slid up against me with her head propped on her elbow, looking at me questioningly. “Do you think she could be that devious Ms. Cynthia?”

In response I locked eyes with her and did my best predator stare. Her expression changed from humor to concern, nevertheless, she leaned in and kissed me passionately. After a moment, she broke the kiss and grinned “Such a ruthless temptress. Who can resist?” She kissed me again and then lay her head on my other shoulder.

“I surrendered years ago.” Sighed Stacey. My pussy tingled from the vibration in her neck when she spoke.

What I would have done for the nerdy guy from IU’s spy drone at that moment. I could only imagine the image from above. I lay there in the sun, naked except for the stockings from my uniform, the sexiest most powerful woman on wall street on one side, a sexy Latin beauty on the other and my gorgeous blue eyed bestie in a slutty maid uniform using my muff as a pillow.

As the hot sun slow roasted us, I looked back at the past several months and replayed in my mind the events that lead us hear. I could not have even conceived the chain of events that led us hear, let alone masterminded them. Lucky for me, if I had it do over, I would not change a thing.

I could feel them all breathing slowly drifting toward contented sleep. My arms wrapped Rosario and Cynthia as their heads nestled my shoulders. Stacey’s neck nested on my pussy as she lay with an elbow draped across one of Rosarios and Cynthia’s leg, holding us all together.

I smiled as I watched the gulls flying over and recalled my dad watching reruns of The A Team. In the spirit of Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, I said softly. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

They all stirred and Cynthia, spoke with her head still on my shoulder,” I knew it, Ms. Carmichael, I knew it.”

“Evil temptress,” Sighed Rosario sleepily.

Stacey nodded. “That she is, but it feels so good.”

Cynthia and Rosario nodded gently in agreement.

A few minutes later, I sensed them all sleeping or on the wispy edges of it. My eyes closed as the feeling of warm contentment filled my body and I drifted off to the rhythm of their breathing.

The End.