The step daughters revenge


My stepdaughter is a beauty and I can’t deny I’ve always fantasised about fucking her but I didn’t think it would happen like this….

I swear I heard the door creak! In front of me Elaine, my mistress, is bent over on her hands and knees with my cock balls deep in her pretty little asshole but I cannot concentrate on the tight warmth that is surrounding my raging hard on. My wife said she would be out for the day and her daughter, Alisha, my stepdaughter has hardly been in all week even though she’ll be back off to university in a few days so the house is definitely empty yet I still can’t shake the feeling that someone has seen us!
“You feel so good.” I hear Elaine moan into the pillow and my mind is right back on her, pounding deeper and deeper. Elaine loves her ass being fucked and I love giving her what she wants.
“How has your day been honey?” My wife asks when we are seated around the dinner table later that day. Alisha has decided to put in an appearance tonight, dressed in her usually skimpy jeans and low cut crop top.
“Not too bad darling the usual. I spent most of the day in the office writing and filling reports, boring boring boring. How about you?” I’m used to going into family mode after emptying my load into another woman, I’ve been doing it for years although I’ve only been fucking Elaine for the past few months. She is amazing though, definitely a keeper. She let’s me do things my wife would be repulsed at.
My wife smiles as she dishes out the lasagne she had made earlier that day. “Yes much the same. Do you remember Edna from accounting?” I nod and prepare myself for the usual ramblings of her day. My face keeps the interested expression and I nod when needed but in my head I’m thinking of Elaine and how many fingers I could fit in her tight little cunt.
“Don’t you think that is disgraceful darling?” Her question brings me back to the present and I have to guess at what my wife is talking about.
“Yes dear.” I agree with her. Alisha shoots me a smouldering look that shoots straight to my groin. She has always been a beautiful young girl and I must admit as I have watched her grow into a woman there have been many times I’ve wanted to fuck her senseless. Her long auburn hair flowed down to the small of her back where a tattoo of a purple butterfly always drew my attention. Her peachy little ass was out of proportion with her big tits but that only made her hotter to me. That said, she has never liked me much so her dirty looks no longer take me by suprise, I’m more that used to both them and her snide comments.
“He’s not even listening mom!” Alisha squeals obviously able to read my mind better than her mother. I wonder if she reads my mind when I’m mentally stripping her and thinking of all the ways I could make her moan for me.
“Alisha!” Her mother chastises. “Of course he is listening, aren’t you darling?” She turns to me and I smile sweetly.
“Of course I am Darling!” Alisha just scoffs and begins eating her dinner.
Later on I’m sitting at my desk when there is a knock on my study door.
“Come in.” I call sure it is my wife. I don’t bother to look up from my Laptop screen when the door opens and then swiftly closes again. It isn’t until I notice the lightly tanned, toned legs sidling up to my desk that I realise it wasn’t my wife knocking but Alisha!
“And what can I do for you young lady?” I ask even though I know just what I could do for her or should I say to her? As I lift my gaze to meet hers I take in the deep red oriental style kimono that adorns her slender body. Beneath the thin silk I can only imagine the beauty that lays there, untouched and calling for my touch.
“I know.” Alisha says simply. My heart races at the thoughts of what it is she could know. There are many things I keep from my wife. The brothel I have been running since we married, my many sexual conquests that I have claimed over the years but surely she couldn’t know about any of this? I have been way to careful! Quickly I decide that before I say anything to drop myself in it, I need to know for definite what she thinks she knows.
“What exactly is it that you know Alisha?” I close my laptop and give her my full attention.
“I know that you have been fucking around behind my moms back” she spits out with a face like thunder. My back stiffens and I feel as though the air has been sucked from the room as I study her pretty heart shaped face. Her face is set hard but there’s a glint in her eye that tells me she has more on her mind than who I’m screwing.
“Alisha, I have no idea what you are talking about but I think you should quit whilst you are ahead!” My voice is louder than I had intended and I’m hoping and praying that my wife doesn’t hear us.
Alisha’s head falls back as she let’s out a bitter laugh. “Don’t lie to me Graham, I’m not a child anymore!” Her kimono shifts slightly revealing the slip of blushing skin between her perky breasts. The sight causes a stir in my suit pants and I hope she can’t see my growing erection. All of a sudden I feel as though the heating has been ampt up to the max and I can feel a bead of sweat trickling down the back of my neck. As much as I would love to bend my stepdaughter over my desk and have her coming for me over and over I know that it is wrong. I know I shouldn’t have these thoughts and I curse myself for not being able to stop the throbbing in my boxers. Loosening my tie I look her dead in the eye.
“You’re delusional!”
“I saw you! I saw you fucking her!” Alisha shouts loud enough for the neighbours to hear.
“Keep your fucking voice down!” I can’t afford for my wife to hear her! What would she do if she found out? Divorce me no doubt and she would be entitled to take everything! No that can’t happen, I can’t let all of my hard work go that easily! “Fine! Fine you saw me so what? What are you going to do about it?” I relent.
Alisha thinks on this for a moment before she saunters over to the mini fridge I had built into one of the far side cabinets. Bending over she retrieves a can of coke giving me more of an eyeful than I can handle. Her pretty little ass peaks out at me making my already solid cock so hard it aches. Surely she can feel the cold breeze? Twisting my head a little I can see the deep pink of her opening and its with a racing heart I realise she isn’t wearing any panties! Alicia spins around and I snap my head up straight. My heart is beating so loud I’m sure she can hear it! Did she see me? Her rage seems to have subsided a little as she cracks the can open and I take that as a good sign!
“What does that slut have that you can’t find at home Graham?” she questions, continuing as though there had been no pause in our conversation.”
Her question catches me by suprise and for a moment I really think about this. Oddly, that is a question I’ve never asked myself. Although my wife isn’t very adventurous in the bedroom I must admit she does still know how to make me come for her. Hard and fast. So why have I been fucking other women since the day we married? “I don’t know.” I answer truthfully. “I honestly don’t know.”
Again Alisha let’s out a bitter laugh. This time her kimono doesn’t slip but falls completely open! For a moment I’m mesmerized. Her beautiful tits look a perfect fit for my hands and thoughts race of them in my mouth. The cold air from my floor fan must be chilling her softly flushed skin because her nipples are pert and standing hard. My gaze runs over her flat stomach, the faint outlines of a six pack a tribute to her hours spent in the gym, Then further still to her pubic mound where a neat little landing strip has been carefully waxed leaving the rest smoother than I have ever seen! To myself I think about how much I’d love to land there then tearing my gaze away and turning my head, I chastise myself. This is your wife’s daughter! Having private thoughts is one thing but to sit here gawping at her?
“What’s the matter Graham? You don’t like what you see? Is it just the women in our family that can’t quite do it for you?” Alisha laughs.
At first her comment shocks me but then thinking rationally I know she is only saying it to hurt me, she wants to get me back for fucking around on her mom and who could blame her? I know I would be mad as hell too!
“Don’t be stupid Alisha! you’re my stepdaughter for goodness sakes!”
“Don’t take he moral high ground with me.” She hisses. Slinking back to my desk she sits on the edge, so close to me that our legs are touching. Thank goodness she has covered up! I don’t think I could take anymore blood leaving my brain!
“Tell me Graham. If my mom was fucking you better, would you still be fucking around?” She asks so matter of factually, I’m momentarily taken aback. I have no idea where the hell she is going with this so I answer honestly.
“Probably not.” Having her so close and knowing the only thing that separates us is a flimsy price of silk is driving me crazy and I know there is no chance she can miss the obvious buldge between my legs.
With a sly smirk she nods. “That’s what I thought ” and without another word she is straddling me, her lips crashing into mine. My brain turns to instinct mode and I can’t stop myself from reacting. Her tongue darts in and out to meet my rhythm whilst my hands slide over the soft silk that contains her beauty. A low moan escapes her lips and reality slaps me in the face. What the fuck am I doing? This is Alicia for fucks sake! The girl I have raised since she was twelve! I try to turn my head but she grabs fitsfuls of my hair and uses it too keep me in place so I remove my hands from her firm ass and push her away.
“What the hell are you doing Alicia? Get off of me!” I growl. She doesn’t listen, instead she pulls my head back so hard that I don’t have time to tense. My head juts back and she leans in so close that I can taste the coke on her breath.
“Do you want mom to find out that her perfect little husband can’t keep his dick in his pants?” Alicia smirks, slowly grinding circles against my ever hardening cock.
Averting my gaze I shake my head knowing how that would end, my house my career, everything gone.
“Good. Then you’re going to do as I say aren’t you?” She snarls.
For a moment I consider just throwing her away for me but then what? What is she going to tell her mother? I have no doubt that she will tell her mother something, the dark glint in her eye and spiteful grin confirms that for me but what did she see? Am I willing to take that risk? Bringing my eyes back to her my resolve hardens as I ask.
“What do you want from me?”
“Well,” she raises her eyes to the ceiling in exaggerated contemplation. “Firstly I want you to stop fucking all of those little whores behind mommies back. I think she deserves better than that don’t you?”
I ignore her question. “And?”
“And” she smiles. “And I want you to fuck me instead.” She says calmly.